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Exopolitics: Counterfeit Contactees

Exopolitics: Counterfeit Contactees
By Ed Komarek
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People who claim contact with friendly extraterrestrial beings are commonly called contactees, a term that first came into being as far as I know in the 1950’s with the widespread public and media controversies around several prominent controversial contactees including George Adamski and Howard Menger. Later in the 1960’s the word abductees came into widespread usage due to a rapid rise of abduction cases publicised by the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction case. Those who research both contactee and abductee cases have had to deal with fraudulent contactees and abductees.

Before I go any further and as usual I must make this disclaimer. I don’t negate the abductees and abductee research. I have concentrated my attention on contactee cases because I feel there is great benefit from studying this sometimes neglected area of investigation and research. Abductee researchers while they have been of great benefit to abductees, seem to have a strange myopia when it comes to friendly ET contact, believing that only unfriendly or indifferent contact is real. By concentrating on friendly contact I try to compensate for this, in my mind, a glaring conceptual error on the part of abductee researchers.

I prefer to think about delusion, imagination and outright fraud in contactee and abductee cases as a spectrum that begins with, true face to face contact - telepathic contact - imaginary contact - delusional contact, and ends with fraudulent contact. True face to face contact backed up by testimonial and other evidence and fraudulent contact backed up also by testimonial and other evidence are pretty clear cut. The grey area in between the two polarities is much more complex and difficult to understand.

To make understanding even more difficult the investigator of contact and abductee cases also has a spectrum range beginning with the investigator that believes just about anything told to them - to the investigator that believes all of these cases are imaginary or fraudulent. Every investigator has a bias based upon personal psychology and past experience. These biases filter or color witness testimony and evidence presented.

I have been studying contactees, abductees, researchers and investigators, active in the public domain for as long as I have studied UFO/ET. I then compare this with my personal experiences with both contactees and investigators and arrive at what I hope is something close to the truth. It really takes a lifetime of work in the UFO/ET field to begin to tackle the realities and unrealities involving extraterrestrial contact.

This idea of contactee legitimacy is very controversial not only in the mainstream but very much so in exopolitics. Most people are heavily emotionally invested, be they contactee or investigator. I am sure to have just about everybody jumping on me for even trying to tackle this very sensitive area within the exopolitical community. It’s a lousy job but somebody has to tell folks what they don’t want to hear.

I have found it very interesting that controversial contactee George Adamski was on to this problem of counterfeit contactees as early a 1955. On page 64 of Lou Zinsstag’s book on Adamski it refers to an article written by Adamski in Flying Saucer Review with the title, Flying Saucers Versus The Supernatural. It was written in 1957.

Adamski says, “…. Many advocates of the supernatural base their arguments on the tremendous speed necessary for interplanetary travel. They triumphantly point out the fact that anybody of flesh and blood could not survive at these speeds.” “…. Now, consider the possibility of free flight through space in craft not confined to an orbit. This is our ultimate goal. So why try and wrap those people who have already reached that goal, in a cloak of mystery? Why would a “spook” need a space craft??” “….. Promises (of a spiritistic nature) are near-to never kept. But these promises do not come from the brothers. They all come through mediums who do not understand themselves or their mind, nor what they are tuning into. Instead of receiving messages from the brothers as so may claim, they are but hosts to impersonators ….to discarnate entities.”

In the same year 1957 a correspondent in Germany received these lines from Admaski; “…. May I give you here a word of caution that you might find yourself involved in unnecessary problems at some later date? In this country and I understand, throughout the world, many people are now claiming contacts with the space people through mediumistic channels. But the space people have told me on numerous occasions that because people of earth have little understanding of themselves, they have not used such channels for communication. It would not be wise. Thus, the entities who speak through mediums, according to my information are nothing but impersonators. This is not to belittle mediums in any way, but it is to say that most of them have much to learn before they can be sure of just what they are receiving and from whom and where.”

Lucy McGinnis said Adamski told her this in December of 1955; “Mr. Adamski is constantly endeavouring to keep the reality of the visitors on a physical basis. People must be made to understand hat these people are human beings, of flesh and blood, not disembodied entities. It is too bad that so many of the spiritualists have discarded their “Indian Guides” and replaced them with space people. This is so confusing in the minds of many people.”

Lou Zinsstag goes on to say, “Indeed the lunatic fringe gave George Adamski a lot to do for the rest of his life. More than anything else, the messages propagated by mediums in those later fifties put brakes, again and again, to his work’s expansion.” Lou goes on to say. “Already in 1959, he had often hinted at a dangerous anonymous silencing agency at work, sustaining the mediumistic theories and propagating them through secret channels without being themselves related to such groups. The duty of this agency was, so he said, to dispel the growing apprehension of people of some consequence in science and industry and to kill their interest in UFO reports. It was their business to blur a dawning image of a new form of energy coming our way, displayed by space craft in our own atmosphere, apparently without using our kind of fuel, nor our newly developed expensive flight technics. “Their apprehension is well founded”, he added, “They have good reasons to propagate the spiritistic explanation.”

In the field of exopolitics even today as in the 1950s investigators and researchers are plagued by counterfeit contactees and their networks. Our problem is analogous to that of a secret service investigator who has to spot and deal with counterfeit money. Some counterfeit money is poorly counterfeited and easy to spot, but other counterfeit money made by experts is very difficult to spot. It takes a skilled and trained secret services employee to spot very good counterfeits and sometimes even the expert gets fooled.

Counterfeit contactees fall into several categories just as Adamski pointed out. 1. A sincere honest person with an overactive imagination who may or may not have had some kind of contact or other event that triggers the imagination. 2. The sincere but deluded individual unconsciously seeking attention and power over others. 3. The contactee impersonator out to make a buck or a sceptic out to make a fool of a believer. 4. Counterintelligence operations intent on disrupting and contaminating public understanding of contactees and contactee networks by supporting and publicising counterfeit contactees.

Exopolitical investigators and researchers today mostly have only to deal with the first three categories as far as I know in regards to contactee cases. Counterintelligence operatives were a problem in the 1950s and the damage done has continued into the present. This residual disinformation and propaganda effect is still very prominent in the minds of establishment UFO/ET researchers causing them to shy away from contactee cases. As far as most establishment UFO/ET researchers are concerned, if the contact is friendly, then it can’t be true.

General disinformation operations through tabloids like the Weekly World News with their atrocious fabricated stories are the more sophisticated evolution of the trashing of contactee testimony. This seems to be good enough to maintain this residual propaganda effect from the 1950s counterintelligence operations in the minds and emotions of establishment UFO/ET investigators and the public. Exopolitical investigators have broken down this mental and emotional obstacle and now not only actively investigate contactee cases, but search them out as well.

Counterfeit contactees with an overactive imagination may have actually had a real experience of some sort that stimulated their imagination to a point where their imagination runs away with them. This type of counterfeit contactee is the most numerous and they very sincerely chat and discuss their experiences with others across the internet trying to figure things out. They are often sincere and can be loving people and as a rule are not dangerous. These folks are often shy at first to discuss their experiences but usually get over it and even become chatter-bugs over time. I usually consider these people well meaning and harmless and I don’t try to rain on their parade, because sometimes they do have real experiences amongst all the mental and emotional chatter. One could say that these folks are just too open minded and will believe in just about anything at the drop of a hat with little power of discrimination.

The counterfeit contactee who is sincere but deluded is another matter altogether. Captain Robert Collins, author of Exempt From Disclosure, recently stated that he had been threatened by these types. Sometimes a real contactee will turn into a counterfeit contactee of this type as well. This type of counterfeit contactee is a very closed minded individual who has all the answers, and who has trouble listening to what others have to say. They rant on in long diatribes of so called “channelled messages”, dredging up all kinds of stuff from the depths of their subconscious. When criticised they and their followers can become very hostile and even dangerous. They sometimes go off the deep end and if they are charismatic they can carry other people over the cliff when making dramatic catastrophic predictions that don’t come true. Other people who believe in them can become very disillusioned and leave the UFO/ET field altogether when these people crash and burn.

The contactee or abductee impersonator is an insincere con artist and different individuals may have very different motives and agendas. This could be a person out to make a buck at the expense of others or it could be a sceptical individual or group who decides to make a fool out of an investigator or other believers. John Mack an abductee researcher was targeted by not one, but a well organized group of people connected to a well know sceptics group, The Committee For The Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal whose name is even a lie. They have counterintelligence connections and are connected to SETI an organization that uses the illusionist’s art of misdirection and outright debunking in the mass media to propagandize the public in regards to extraterrestrial life. Abductee Ed Walters also has had counterintelligence operations run against him when he got to be too well known in the mass media.

Contactee impersonators seem to be much rarer than abductee impersonators because to date contactees have remained pretty much discredited because of counterintelligence actions taken against them in the 1950s and 1960s. As we in the emerging field of exopolitics become more credible we can expect to have done to us what abductees and abductee researchers have experienced in the past.

So with all these counterfeit contactees running around trying to get attention on the internet and elsewhere, the logical question is how does one spot a true contactee? I have found from personal experience that nowadays, unlike back in the 1950s true contactees keep a very low profile. The main reason for this as I have explained in other articles is that the human ET’s tactics have changed from open overt contact in the 1950s to much more covert contact that continues to this day. This could be beginning to change.

I started running into real deal contactees when I created my own intelligence gathering network in my local area and started to seriously investigate UFO sightings many years ago. Because I was persistent and open minded, I discovered that most of these sightings were collateral sightings, made by ordinary people going about their ordinary business. The deeper I dug and the more involved I got, allowed me to track these collateral sightings to some very discrete individuals at the very bottom of the social economic ladder. I generally made a pest of myself and gained the confidence of these contactees and even had sightings of my own. It often took years to tickle information out of these people and sometimes they would get quite upset if I got on to something that I was not supposed to know about.

The human ETs that run these networks of contactees keep close tabs on their contactees telepathically and also use implants if permission is given. The contactee knows from moment to moment just how much and what they can talk about. If they do talk too much then the contact will be discontinued and the damage will be slight to the ETs programs because nobody is going to believe these contactees anyway because of their low economic and educational status. I have discovered that human ETs when they infiltrate our society have made very effective use of class barriers and other social constructs, so as to maintain security and integrity of their infiltration operations.

I remain at the edges of these networks and there is much my contactee friends have told me that I cannot talk about, but lately it would seem things are changing. I am not sure exactly why. Maybe it’s because disclosure is quickening and the release of information about ET networks can move forward at a faster pace to keep up with overall disclosure and provide overall balance. I also think that the ET’s overall security situation and the security of their contactees is improving. Military resistance to their activities seems to be on the decrease perhaps due to an overall policy shift at the highest levels of government. All I can say is it’s about time!

In a nutshell, if the contactee is hard to find and difficult to crack, then the contactee most likely is the real deal. If the contactee seeks publicity and seems credible then the chances of the contactee being the real deal decreases considerably. That’s not to say that all public contactees are counterfeit. It’s just that its going to be tougher to tell the real thing from the counterfeit and its going to take a long while, of wait and see, to see how the case falls out. Deceivers usually begin by making small mistakes and if they get away with this they can become overconfident and really make a big mistake exposing their fraudulent activity for all to see. All I can say for those investigating over the internet is buyer beware. J

If you are really interested, sincere and have the patience, build up your own intelligence gathering network in your local area. Then as I said before, track the collateral sightings until you find the embedded contactees. If you are really good and you can keep your mouth shut, you might just meet an extraterrestrial. My contactee friends tell me that the reason I have not met an extraterrestrial so far is because I can’t keep my mouth shut either. Of course they are right. J But who knows, I am learning to better keep confidences as I age, realizing that even ET’s have their own security concerns and operations that could be disrupted by a careless comment broadcast by me all over the internet.

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Some Friendly, Some Unfriendly Human ETs

Some Friendly and Not So Friendly Human ETs
By Ed Komarek
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Some Friendly and Not So Friendly Human ETs

I have a particular and abiding interest in what appear to be several races of extraterrestrial humans that look so much like us that unless one is well informed they would not be recognised for who they are. I believe these ET humans began infiltrating our society in a substantial manner in the 1930s and have continued to build up their numbers on earth to this day. From all the evidence I can find, both in the public domain and from my personal experiences with contactee friends, it would seem that these types have been having high level official contact since the early 1950s and that continues to the present day. I write about this and provide cases in other of my articles. In the later part of this article I will review part of the Brazilian Antonio Villas-Boas human contact case that was written up by Fontes, the Brazilian UFO/ET researcher, even though it was a less than friendly encounter.

Along with continuous official contact, these ET humans have been having and still are having very substantial continuous contact with large numbers of ordinary earth humans all over the planet. The only difference between what is going on now than in the 1950s is that the human ET’s are much more careful and discrete about who they contact and why. They seem to prefer the power of telepathic suggestion over physical contact most of the time. This I believe has been due to the extreme resistance to their infiltration activities and their very overt push for open interaction with humanity in the 1950s. As I said in other articles they have had to change tactics. They went from a quick short term approach that failed, to a much longer approach toward full disclosure that seems to be working.

I have elaborated in detail on the reasons for this much more discrete approach in other of my articles. Some of these human ET races are almost like us physically and are very considerate, kind, loving people who look out for the interest of others at the same time they look after their own interests which are very substantial. Others are not as friendly as the Fontes case suggests. I think we affect their society in ways that we can only begin to understand because some seem to live close by in our solar system mostly in parallel 3D worlds just like our own, but just on different 3D frequencies. It would seem that not only is gravity holding things together in our 3D universe but it seems that gravity is also holding together other 3D worlds nested alongside ours and around other celestial bodies.

While we are not consciously aware of these other worlds we nevertheless are unconsciously communicating and affecting these other nested worlds through telepathy or quantum entanglement. It seems that our thoughts and emotions affect these other human races both consciously as well as unconsciously and some physical processes also affect them like the setting off of atomic bombs that disturb magnetic and gravitational fields. For all of these reasons they have had to intervene in our affairs for their own self interest. This is what contactees have been saying since the early 1950s to the present time and is confirmed by my personal experiences over the years while on the fringe of a contact network. I never met one of these folks but I did see their craft twice. Once when they flew in to talk to a contactee deep in a South Georgia swamp and later that night when two ships followed me home to see where I lived.

Respected investigators like Captain Robert Collins (retired) author of the book, Exempt From Disclosure, have a tendency to downplay both the contactees that claim contact with these friendly ETs, but also those researchers like Bill Hamilton that have been researching and investigating these ET’s since the 1950s. This seems almost to be a replay or continuation of the Major Donald Keyhoe scepticism of the contactees in the 1950s. Bob blows off Bill because Bill still believes in Dan Burish which most of us think is just a low level con trying to make a buck from Hollywood. I think Bill has just become too invested and trusting of Dan Burish, but this is no reason to discredit Bill’s investigations that cover a much longer period of time than Bob’s 22 years of investigations in and out of the military.

Bill might is wrong on Burish but I believe Bob is even more wrong in discounting Bill’s extensive experience in the UFO/ET field and his contactee contacts over the many years of his life. If Bob Collins has high level enough contacts, then maybe he is just not asking the right questions of his contacts, and maybe they aren’t volunteering information that they feel is not in their interest. It may be in Bob’s contact’s interest for him to stay focused in a particular clump of trees and not get a better perspective of the whole forest. It’s always been the military’s interest in general, to focus on ET threats anyway and this skews the military perception of the situation.

As I have said from what my contactee friends have to say, seems to support what the contactees of the 1950s were saying about these usually friendly human ET’s. Of course they may not seem so friendly to the military if the military is taking pot shots at them. If the roles were reversed I don’t think we would be very friendly if we were being shot at either. I must once again say for the upteenth time, lest I be misinterpreted once again by other ET investigators, I do not negate unfriendly or indifferent contact just that I believe that this particular group of ET’s have the most to offer us. For this reason I am slowly narrowing my focus down to this very limited group of friendly and sometimes friendly human ET races.

Bill Hamilton has some information that seems to be verified by my contactee friends as well. On page 38 of Bill Hamilton’s book, Cosmic Top Secret, he gives a description of the slight variations between us and the friendly ET humans. Before this he also talks about how the uniforms reported by various contactees both well known and not well known are very similar as I have talked about also. A contactee friend told me the other day some other detailed information, for instance, that the ETs in this network don’t leave fingerprints because they don’t have the swirls we have on their hands. I checked around on the internet and this was confirmed by Bill and another person who said that this was also in the book, Stranger At The Pentagon, by Frank Stranges. I blew Frank off years ago when I had him as speaker at a conference I hosted in Tallahassee, but now I really have to rethink my position.

Here is what Bill Hamilton has to say in his book; “ The human-like, or Nordic, aliens bear specific differences from our own species. Several contactees have mentioned that Nordics have very symmetrical features; their skin is clear and almost translucent; their irises may be gold in color or contain golden flecks; their fingers are flexible in the backward as well as forward direction suggesting more pliable bone tissue; and a surprising perfection of their phenotype: they are never reported to be fat, too thin, or ugly and their hair, teeth, nails and eyes appear to be free of defects. It’s as if they had perfect control over their genetic breeding. They have no trouble breathing our air or walking in our gravity. In fact, they appear to be so at home in our environment that many could take up residence among us and not be recognized for who they really are. The Nordics talk as we do, but are reported to have a sing-song voice when speaking in their own language. They demonstrate remarkable telepathic prowess. Often they will answer a contactee’s questions before it’s asked.”

What really got my attention was this report of a sing-song voice that was told to me just recently by a contactee friend that until I read this I had not ever heard about before. So folks how about cutting Bill some slack. He has also had personal experiences that he believes resulted from his early study of contactee cases but he has been reluctant to talk about them for obvious reasons. I have pointed out that the most public contactees are just the tip of the contactee network iceberg and if folks would treat both contactees and contactee researchers like Bill Hamilton a little better they might really learn some very interesting stuff. I myself have been working around the edges of these contactee networks just like Bill has been doing even longer than I and Johnny come lately’s like our friend Bob Collins. J

Just so that people like Bob Collins will feel better and for those folks that are new to the field, I would like to include an old human contact case from 1957 that most old timer folks will remember. The following ETs look quite a bit different than we do, but seem to be close enough to us to be genetically compatible as indicated in this account. The account that I have before me is in the book, Flying Saucers, by Coral Lorenzen. This account if true, involves some not so friendly ET humans on a mission involving an experiment to crossbreed one of their race with one of ours. While it is obvious that these ET’s were indifferent at best we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions as regards their whole race. Some of our own people have done much worse than this and abusers are common throughout our whole race. Maybe this race is really much like our own. These ET’s seem to have had a job to do and they just did it without much regard for Antonio’s feelings. Maybe they were just following orders.

There is a long description of this Antonio Villas-Boas case from Brazil in the Lorenzen book. I am not about to type all this in and it might already be on the internet anyhow. Antonio Villas-Boas was cultivating a field on a tractor when he was run down and captured by four small men that came up to about his shoulder. The first one grabbed him by the shoulder and Antonio in a state of panic gave this man a push that sent him reeling and started to run but was attacked and grabbed by three more men of slightly larger size. They lifted him up and dragged him back to their ship. He yelled and cursed and cried for help. When they got to the machine he was lifted up and shoved up a ladder which was very difficult because the ladder was flexible and was made for only one person at a time. (Note there is a lot more detail in all this and I am just giving a brief description of this case.)

There is a detailed description of the ship but I am not going to get into all that either. He said that the little men when they talked amongst themselves, they sounded like dogs making little howls that varied in pitch and frequency. (Note this is like something that I heard when I saw this craft and followed a contactee back into the Georgia swamps but did not get to the action because a friend of mine was freaking out and the strange howling sounds did not help me to move forward either. Try to imagine a dark swamp full of poisonous snakes in the middle of the night with something very weird going on and you should get the picture.) After this howling talk amongst themselves, the little men forcibly undressed poor Antonio and smeared a liquid all over his body as he struggled and screamed.

Antonio was taken to a squarish room where blood samples were taken with two very think rubber like pipes that took blood but only leaved a area that itched and burned later. (Many details are omitted as to the dress and description of occupants of the craft.) He got sick, was left alone for awhile in a room until a nude ET woman walked in. Here I quote from the book starting on page 69, of all pages. J “She walked slowly and seemed amused at Villas-Boas’s open-mouthed amazement at seeing her. Her blonde, nearly white hair, big blue, slanted eyes and even features contributed to an unusual beauty. The hair was smooth, not very thick, less than shoulder length and was parted in the center and turned up slightly at the ends. She wore no makeup, her nose was straight and small and her face fine-boned. The contour of her face, which showed very prominent cheekbones and a severely pointed chin, as well as slit-thin lips, was the only outstandingly unusual features. Villas-Boas noted that the prominent cheekbones made her face appear to be very wide, even wider than that of an Indio native (Brazilian). The woman’s body was well built with high, separated breasts, small waist, flat belly, well developed hips and large thighs. Her feet were small, her hands long and narrow. Villas-Boas estimated her height to be about 4 feet 6 inches, he being about 5 feet 5 ½ inches. He later deduced that she was probably the smallest of the five “men” in suits who had been the first to grapple with him in the field.

The woman’s purpose was immediately evident. She held herself close to Villas-Boas, rubbing her head against his face. She did not attempt to communicate in any way except with occasional grunts and howling noises, like the “men” had uttered. A very normal sexual act took place and after each one she breathed with difficulty. After the second act the woman began to shy away from the man and he became a little annoyed at this. The howling noises she made during the togetherness had nearly spoiled the whole act for they reminded him of an animal. At no time would she allow him to kiss her and his overtures in this respect were met by a gentle bite on the chin. Some of the physical features noted by Villas-Boas were the woman’s very light skin, freckled arms, and deep red pubic and underarm hair which contrasted vividly with the almost white hair of her head.

As soon as the woman had repelled Antonio, the door opened and one of the men came and called out to the woman, who turned to Villas-Boas, pointed to her belly and, smiling a little, pointed to what he thought was south, then left. He thought this meant that she would return to take him with her and gave him much food for agonizing fear for some time.”

This whole case is very detailed from start to finish. The whole case in its entirety is a 23 page report which was submitted to APRO by Dr. Olavo Fontes, Professor of Medicine at the Brazilian National School of Medicine. It includes a verbatim report given to him by Villas-Boas and recorded by journalist Joao Martins and translated by Mrs. Irene Granchi. This case is typical of the extremely detailed work of Fontes whose briefing by American intelligence agents is in another of my articles. I see from a quick check on the Internet that there are many accounts of this case but I have not been able to find the complete 23 page report. This site has more details and some illustrations for those with more interest in this case.

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A Tale of Two SETI

A Tale of Two SETI
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News A Tale of Two SETI

For the serious UFO/ET investigator that wants to understand the past history of the UFO/ET cover-up there are two books that are must reads. One is Flying Saucers From Outer Space by Major Donald Keyhoe and the other is Flying Saucers Serious Business by the famous radio broadcaster and reporter Frank Edwards. It’s the book by Frank Edwards that should be most of interest to the serious SETI researcher because it recounts the early history of SETI and its creation and infiltration by UFO/ET propagandists such as Frank Drake and Carl Sagan. It will more than sow the seeds of doubt to any SETI honest scientist or enthusiast as to the true nature and purpose of SETI the so called, ‘Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

The truth is that there are two SETI, one public and overt, the other covert and classified, that goes right back to SETI’s beginning as Project Ozma. Edwards’s states on page 82: “In the early winter of 1959 I reported over the Mutual Network that the giant radio telescope being built at Green Bank, West Virginia, by the National Science Foundation was to be used in search for intelligible signals from outer space. This was promptly denied, of course, for government agencies dislike having anyone beat them on their own news releases.

What happened at Green Bank? The Green Bank’s station’s work was officially known as Project Ozma … with a bow to the mythical Wizard of Oz. Its first Director was the noted astronomer Dr. Otto Struve, who described it to the newsmen as a “long-range program” which can mean many things, of course. At that time Struve’s assistant was Dr. Frank Drake, who later succeeded Struve at Green Bank.

Let it be noted that at the inception of Green Bank Dr. Struve devoted considerable time to stressing the importance of the work to be done there, including what he referred to as the great benefits which would result from communicating with a more advanced civilization.

But in 1961, less than two years after it opened with such fanfare and such an expenditure, the public was told that Project Ozma was no more – kaput! – finished! To make the puzzle more puzzling, Dr. Otto Struve ran under his own goalposts. This time he indicated to newsmen that the project was of little value,”

On page 83 Edwards continues, “Once again, as was the case with the officially reported closing of Air Force UFO programs, this project was not closed at all. It was merely transferred quietly to a new location, in this case to Puerto Rico.” “The metallic bowl in the mountains of Puerto Rico near Arecibo, began operations in 1964. It was merely the transplanted version of Project Ozma, but this time its findings were classified and concealed from the public.”

Edwards goes on to discuss how in the waning days of Project Ozma at Green Bank signals were picked up from Tau Ceti that drew great mainstream media attention. Frank Drake disclosed this information to the press but when questioned later he said a new release will be forthcoming from the National Science Foundation but it did not happen. It was soon after this that Project Ozma was secretly transferred to Puerto Rico. From this we can see that not only was Project Ozma, the precursor to SETI, involved in classified work as well as public deception but so was the National Science Foundation.

Further on he gets into how Carl Sagan was publicly discussing the possibility of alien bases on the back side of the moon before he suddenly began to debunk UFOs when he replaced UFO/ET propagandist and well know Harvard astronomer Dr. Donald Menzel as the preferred mass media debunker of UFOs. Menzel’s name later appears on the famous MJ 12 documents when they are leaked into the public domain. Menzel even had a UFO sighting of his own that he had to debunk. In Keyhoe’s book on page 14 is a description of Menzel’s sighting. “At another point the astronomer admitted he was mystified by two discs he’d seen in New Mexico. “Both disks shone with a slightly bluish light.” he said.” Keyhoe even after detailing how wrong Menzel was about various sightings in his book nevertheless showed how wrong, he Keyhoe, could be by stating that the thought Menzel was sincere. The only reason I bring this up about Keyhoe being wrong is because it would seem that Keyhoe was willing to give the debunkers far more slack as far as their sincereity as he was willing to give the contactees at the time.

Edwards had this to say about Dr. Sagan; “In December of 1962 at the convention of the American Rocket Society in Los Angeles, the speaker was Dr. Carl Sagan, the advisor on Extra-terrestrial Life to the Armed Services. Dr. Sagan told his audience that mankind must be prepared to face the probability that we have already been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe – and that they have – or have had – bases on the averted side of our moon.” Carl Sagan’s later propagandising activities were exposed in the McDaniel report by Dr. Stanley McDaniel in regards to the face on Mars. I am not going to make the same mistake as Keyhoe.

What is so very enlightening about Edward’s book is that he clearly shows the infatuation of some of these big SETI names with the tricks of illusionists and also with the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Remember the little man behind the curtain moving the levers to the great and powerful Oz. All it took was a little dog pulling at the curtain to expose him. I wonder it that thought ever occurred to these little men with gigantic egos involved in SETI and also, The Committee For The Scientific Investigation Of Claims of the Paranormal, whose very name is a lie. This so called, “scientific committee” does no scientific investigations. They tried it years ago and got caught in deceptions yet they promote their propaganda in most major bookstores around the country through the magazine the Sceptical Inquirer.

It’s easy to go back and connect SETI and the “Committee” through key figures in both organizations. The “Committee” is just a privatization of the official debunking by the Air Force that was so prominent in the 1950s. The “Committee” at its roots is no more than a CIA counterintelligence operation in my estimation, as is the Weekly World News, that creates these silly fabricated ET stories available at every supermarket checkout counter. The Weekly World News was founded by intelligence agents and between it, the “Committee” and SETI, the denial and ridicule of the UFO/ET subject continues to propagandize scientists and journalists, as well as general members of the public.

I have proposed for years that the public SETI program is nothing but a cover program for the real SETI program and is itself nothing but an exercise of the simple concept of misdirection promoted by illusionists. SETI propagandists say; Look, look, ET is way out there on the other side of the galaxy, not right here in your backyard. Don’t believe your lying eyes, we have the credentials, don’t listen to those silly UFO buffs! The sad thing is that a simple illusionist’s trick of misdirection has worked so remarkably well to fool the public and honest SETI scientists and enthusiasts for so many years.

Nothing serious is going to come out of the public SETI program until the honest people in SETI catch on to the propagandists in their mist, those famous little men and women with fancy credentials that pull the levers behind the curtain of secrecy. As I have said before, just about every institution on earth has either participated or is complicit in the UFO/ET cover-up. I grew up in a family of scientists and I know that there is nothing an honest scientist hates more than a scientist that participates in deception of other scientists. When the exopolitical cover-up breaks, all hell is liable to break loose in the scientific community and on the SETI scientists. I wonder how long it is going to take for honest scientists to pull their collective heads out of the sand where they have been so firmly placed by SETI and other media propagandists over the years.

Where Do ETs Come From

Where Do Extraterrestrials Come From?
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:
Alien Seeker News Where Do Extraterrestrials Come From?

Those of us deeply involved in Exopolitics realize that humanities understanding of matter and gravity is very limited. What we consider to be the material universe seems to be but one small subset of a much greater context that can only vaguely be conceptualized. Those of us that have a deep and abiding interest in intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting our earth are a bit ahead of the physicist’s learning curve. We are dealing with visitors that not only have a very advanced understanding of physics, but also make practical use of that physics to travel through not only space but dimensions as well.

The early contactees were heavily debunked because their extraterrestrial human contacts said they came to us from inhabitable planets in our solar system. If the debunkers and sceptics had not been blinded by their scepticism and had studied the contactee stories in a little more depth, they would have been able to see that there was much more to this than meets the eye. Most of the time the extraterrestrial humans just did not volunteer additional information because of the contactees limited understanding of the universe and in particular our solar system. Still, one can see not only in the early contactee literature, but the mainstream UFO/ET community as well, speculations that much more was going on here. It all boils down to the open minded researcher-investigator being able to ask the right questions.

Early mainstream UFO/ET investigators like Otto Binder were already speculating about the ability of craft to materialize and dematerialize right in front of witnesses. One page 163 of his book, What We Really Know About Flying Saucers, Otto states; “The above two phenomena – of saucers that “fade” from sight and the cloud-wrapped cigars that seemingly form out of mists- can both be interpreted as a physical object “materializing” and later “dematerializing” in the earths skies, rather than “flying” here from some remote point in the universe.” He then quotes a booklet called From Other Worlds, by Beckley and Gallant. “The UFO’s and related phenomena may be coming from a world having an octave higher degree of vibration in relation to ours. This could be very possible indeed, involving the concept of “worlds within worlds” one interpenetrates the other.”

In support of this interpretation Otto cites a 1944 Foo Fighter case. “Then came the most astonishing thing, as he reported later at the intelligence briefing. His right wing went directly through a cluster of disks with absolutely no effect on engines or plane surfaces.” Next he cites a 1959 Russian report: “One of our pilots flew right through a giant “fire-ball” UFO. When given a searching examination afterward neither he nor his machine was found to bear the slightest trace or mark.”

Cases such as the above as well as the ability of ET’s to walk through walls at will, but still appear just as material as we are when touched, indicates to me that this is not some kind of stealth technology but truly a material frequency changing technology. I would hope that if I or somebody else who might get into a conversation with a ET should be sure to ask the right questions this time to get down to the bottom of this matter. I also suspect that by this time high level insiders should know what is going on and perhaps those who have contact with these insiders should also be sure to ask the right questions.

If I understand Contactee Howard Menger correctly, his ET friends have told him that our individual selves minus our body transmigrate and incarnate in these various material dimensional worlds around heavenly bodies in a way that links all cosmic races together. Is this some form of quantum entanglement? It would seem that advanced cosmic races have figured out how to use advanced technology to move physical bodies from one dimension to another just as the disembodied travel. I realize this is really far out for some but it reminds me of what a high powered lobbyist friend of my sister told me after her death. He said a friend of his family was very high up in government investigations of UFO/ET and this person said that it is all greater than anyone can possibly imagine.

I did a word search on gravitational dimensional shells and interesting enough came upon articles by the Canadian Scientist Wilbert B. Smith from the early 1960s that were a bit too technical for me.
This was the very same man that was involved in Project Magnet and who made inquires in the U.S. and publicly stated that the subject of UFOs was classified above even the atomic bomb. It would seem that the Canadian and U.S. governments were onto this idea of multidimensional frequency shells around heavenly bodies as long ago as the 1950s.

This whole idea about gravity being so weak has puzzled physicists for a long time and some have speculated that it was weak because it was leaking into other dimensions. I go a step further and speculate that gravity may be holding matter together in different dimensional or material frequency zones around heavenly bodies. Such an idea would go a long way toward explaining that ETs travel both through time and space but also through dimensions. This has got to be a very complex situation where ETs really could be coming from habitable material frequency zones or shells not only about heavenly bodies including the sun but also heavenly bodies in solar systems across the universe.

Intuitively pondering upon this subject, I believe that the space ships don’t actually dematerialize into another dimension from our dimension but rather they stay of a material nature when they phase shift. What I understand to be happening is that the powerful modulated magnetic fields around the ship disassociate the craft and occupants from the three dimensional material field in which it is embedded. Once this happens the ship and occupants then phase shift into another dimensional 3D material field where they then appear to materialize as they reduce the modulated magnetic fields allowing the ship and occupants to become fixed or imbedded in that new material field.

Apparently the same thing happens when an intelligent being becomes disembodied; it is no longer embedded in the material field in which it was born. The disembodied individual then can move between dimensions until it again is born into or constructs a body that is once again embedded just like a ship on a particular material plane. Out of habit and interest the individual may continue to incarnate into the same material plane or it may even incarnate in many different material 3D dimensions, shifting from one place to another as desired. The only difference seems to be that with a body the individual remains fixed in its 3D space while a ship with occupants can move from one material plane to another.

It is evident that the public is so far behind in the understanding of these matters that post disclosure, its going to take quite awhile to catch up. The best I can do at this time is just to provide some direction for specialists to pursue once they are able to cut through he UFO/ET propaganda that blinds them from investigating UFO/ET cases. It is the generalist’s job to try to accurately grasp the big picture, or over all outline, and the specialists job to fill in that outline accurately.

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Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes

Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes

For once the mainstream press played it straight in regards to the extraterrestrial situation. The Washington Press Club UFO briefing was well attended by members of the press and the widespread coverage of the event was for once fair and honest. There seems to be a change of policy in regards to UFOs where the mainstream press is “allowed” to be more fair in its coverage of these matters. One reporter was said to exclaim, “Why have I not been told.” Another said, “I thought we were not supposed to talk about this.” Another said, “That’s changing.”

The coverage of the Washington event was a breath of fresh air across the dung pile of lies and deceit propagated against all of humanity by autocratic elite institutions worldwide. Every autocratic institution on earth will be found be either directly responsible in the UFO/ET cover-up or complicit in it. It will be the press, however, to whom the public will feel the most betrayed, for it is a free press to who the public trusts to tell the truth and be the public safeguard against tyranny. It is a free press who must stand up to the truth and investigate till the truth is exposed. A free press does not publish nor promote a propaganda mix of both lies and truth calling that fair play so as to avoid serious investigation and the exposure of deception.

The reasons for the 60 year accumulated “bodyguard of lies” is not that the public can’t handle the truth, as world autocratic elites institutions would have you believe, but that the elites themselves cannot handle the truth. It was the World military and economic elites that panicked in the 1950’s not the people when extraterrestrial races became actively and profoundly involved in humanities affairs for reasons of both self interest and humanities interest. The 1958 Fontes Saucer Briefing

As early as 1955 much maligned by the press, controversial contactee George Adamski knew the real reason for the UFO/ET cover-up. He sums up in one short paragraph, just who was behind the cover-up, as well as the public betrayal by the press. He said. “…it is quite understandable, for the ones who control the press and all outlets of information fear the truth, so they keep it from the public the best way they know how. They are the people that control the monetary system of the world, so your nation would have the least amount of information on the subject that is world wide. That does not mean that the activity of the space people is less there than elsewhere.”

In response to another question this same month of 1955 he said, “…Just think of the effect, once the propulsion power of these ships becomes known – a power as free to everyone as the breath we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world! And it seems as though it were these who have put censorship on the truth, whereby publications are no longer free as they previously were. All these branches in the media business must have money to continue.” Wow, no matter if one believes George Adamski to be on the level or not, he sure hit the proverbial nail on the head as early as 1955 as to who is behind the cover-up, why there is a cover-up and how the cover-up is being maintained.

My father fought against Smokey The Bear anti-fire propaganda all his life and warned the keepers of Yellowstone National Park that they, through the suppression of light natural fires had created an unnatural condition that one day would result in a catastrophic wildfire. What is so ironic was that the very same incompetent people that created the unnatural situation tried to undo it by attempting to control burn themselves, but do to inexperience and the same stupidity that got them into the mess, let a controlled fire get away and burned Yellowstone to the ground. Today Yellowstone is recovering and its forests have been renewed but in a most unnatural and unnecessary manner. I have previously stated that I believe the same sort of thing is going to happen at some point with the UFO/ET cover-up where the truth will spread like wildfire through the 60 year accumulation of lies and deceit surrounding the cover-up. We could be getting close to that point today.

It would seem that at the same time that public contactees worldwide were being attacked and harassed by the press at the behest of military and economic interests, secret meetings were going between extraterrestrials and top governmental officials and scientists. Film Of 1954 ET And Eisenhower Meeting? It looks like Eisenhower was meeting with human extraterrestrials at least as early as 1955 as were government scientists and engineers about the same time. Where was the free press, those so called public watchdogs! The lap dogs were and are safe and secure in the warm financial beds of the worldwide economic elite that’s where!

The people of the world are rapidly losing confidence in all worldwide institutions and for good reason. The people have been betrayed by their autocratic leaders worldwide, humanity is entering a dark age, atomic war is still a possibility, and the environmental degradation caused by overpopulation and the use of fossil fuels is destroying the planet. It’s all happening because way back in the 1940’s and fifties the truth about extraterrestrial interventions in our societies was rigorously and vigorously suppressed. It could not have happened if the press had not betrayed the people’s right to know. When the cover-up breaks, and one day it will, just as surely break as Yellowstone burned, what excuses will the press come up with for their betrayal and failure of the world public?

The worldwide press have said, when polls show17 percent of the public have seen UFOs, don’t believe your lying eyes. The public trusted and believed. They trusted what their leaders and the press said over what they saw with their own eyes. Of course some people caught on to the deceptions and have waged an insurgent information war for the public’s right to know the past 60 years. We have been called every name in the book by the press. Those of us that have stood by the truth no matter what, have been called kooks, fools, believers, buffs, amateurs, crackpots etc. all in an effort to discredit us and our struggle for the peoples right to know. We are all sick of the mainstream press and we are sick of this devastating to humanity extraterrestrial cover-up. When will it ever end!

1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 3)

The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 3)
By Ed Komarek
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In this third Contactee Movement article I am still quoting from Lou Zinsstag’s book George Adamski, Their Man On Earth. I would like to move on to other contactees of the 1950’s but there is so much good material in this book. This book was copyrighted in 1990 and hopefully I won’t get into trouble by quoting from it so extensively. The book says, “Extensive parts of this publication may not be reproduced for sale without written permission by the publisher or the legitimate heirs of the author.” This book is published by Wendelle Stevens but as I am not reproducing this for sale, I hope Wendelle won’t mind me promoting his book. I have a phone number of his around here someplace and if I can find it I will try to get in touch with him.

It’s pretty obvious from the material in this book that George Adamski was more of a political person than Howard Menger and worked closely with the American intelligence agencies. On page 44 we have the following: In 1959 Adamski said that his relationship with the intelligence agencies began in 1949. “In 1949, some military persons came into the café at Palomar Gardens and asked him to photograph what was going on in space.” Adamski said, “I believe that our government deserves all the true information of a clear-cut nature that it is possible to give, because the better we are informed, the better we are prepared for anything that might come.” It’s really a national disgrace and a shame that he was treated so badly by those same intelligence agencies that he had helped. Many of his best pictures and movies were never returned either.

Here is another quote from an Adamski letter that shows how important and concerned the human ET’s were with atomic atmospheric testing. I have presented evidence on my blog of two crashed spaceships from the early 1950s that got their human occupants fried from being too close to these explosions when they went off. Dr. Salla is going to like this: J

“….Four of the top men from the Guided Missiles Research Center in California interviewed me and asked me this question: “How can space ships go through a cloud right after an atomic explosion without being affected?” I said, “How would I know.” “Well, we know that you know”. “The only way a man would know would be, if he was in one of those ships to know just what takes place. Do you mean that I have been in a ship and I should know?” “We know that you know”, was all that they said. Well, then I told them just what the answer was, and they said it was good.”

On page 51, it says that in 1955 Adamski wrote a letter to a trusted friend Mr. Ragaz. This letter shows that already at that time Adamski knew who was behind the cover-up and who it was that was afraid and who could not handle the truth. “…. It is not the people who are afraid of flying saucers but all indications show that the money pots of the world are. For, just think of the effect, once the propulsion power of these ships becomes known – a power as free to everyone as the breath we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world! And it seems as though it were these who have put censorship on the truth, whereby publications are no longer free as they previously were. All these branches in the media business must have money to continue.”

In response to a similar question from Lou, Adamski states, “…. It is quite understandable, for the ones who control the press and all outlets of information fear the truth, so they keep it from the public the best they know how. They are the people that control the monetary system of the world, so your nation would have the least amount of information on the subject that is world wide. That does not mean the activity of space people is less there than elsewhere. This monetary group may even go so far as to place people in your organization …”

On page 59 Lou discusses a personal contact with a spaceman. “Suddenly, I saw a man entering the door farthest away from where I sat. He drew my attention at once because he looked fresh as a daisy, happy, and very healthy. His face had a beautiful sun tan, and his step was quick and elastic. He had deep blue eyes and high cheek bones. He looked foreign and I though that he might be a Norwegian, or a Canadian. His dark blond hair was kept backwards. He wore a white shirt with an open collar, quite unusual for a theatre visitor in the early sixties. His jacket was blue and his trousers grey, a bit too short for his legs as I noticed. There was something in his gait which struck me as odd as I saw him meandering through the groups of people standing in his way. But the oddest thing was that, from the first moment, he never looked at anybody else but at me, smiling broadly and very friendly.

I thought that he was taking me for somebody else and tried to avoid his eyes. But I simply couldn’t, I had to follow him with mine. His smile was constantly increasing, his whole face was smiling and there was something like a victorious touch in his expression as if he wanted to say: “At long last, I tracked you down and here I am.” It was so disconcerting that I could not help smiling back which was very unusual. Suddenly, the world “alerted” came to my mind probably because he looked so wide-awake and happy. And it was this word which make the “penny drop” in my head and now that he was quite close to my table, not more that three meter away, I forcefully threw the thought at him, formulated like something as “Are you or are you not a spaceman?” And as soon as the stranger saw the thought dawn on my face, his smile increased and his eyes sparkled beautifully as if to say: “At long last, she has got it finally”. And he nodded his head clearly, several times, his smile vanishing for a moment. Slowly, he turned around on his heels while with his arms and hands he made a gesture which underlined the head nodding, and very quickly he left through the next door.”

All these contacts by others like Lou clearly show that the ET’s were dealing with a lot of people not just the most public contactees. The rest of the book gets into what appears to be Adamski’s dementia either induced or natural that became obvious with the Saturn report and lead to the break up of the contactee network. I saw this sort of thing happen to my own father where in his early seventies he suddenly began to exercise poor judgement, had a bad car accident and then died over many years piece by piece from multiple strokes. Some seem to think that Adamski was abandoned by his ET friends but I think this was something natural that even they could do nothing about.

Adamski’s mental deterioration coincided with elite military and economic interest exertion of fearsome pressure on the public contactees worldwide and on the contactee movement as a whole. I think the ET’s changed their tactics at this point and backed off realizing that it would take a much more time consuming and sustained effort to reduce the resistance to their activities before they could move forward once again. I think that the time has now come and as I have previously stated, exopolitics represents part of this second push toward full disclosure of their presence. I believe their strategy is and has been to overtly work with the world’s autocratic elite while at the same time covertly and discretely working with ordinary people in preparation for full disclosure.

We on this planet can thank our lucky stars that these friendly human ET’s seem to be exerting the most overall control over developments on his planet. If some of these less friendly races were able to become dominant we would be really be in much more trouble that we are now. We could end up colonized and enslaved; the militaries worst nightmare of the 1950s would have come true.

If you ask me I think we owe this group of friendly ET’s a debt of great gratitude. Certainly they have been working in their own interest as well as ours but in a win – win manner. I believe if it had not been for their infiltration and intervention, the autocratic military and economic elites of this world would have made this planet uninhabitable by attacking each other with nuclear weapons by now. Even today the world elites are still trying their best out of greed and fear to create environmental collapse abet at a much slower pace than atomic warfare. This sorry state of affairs reminds me of an old Star Trek episode where a bunch of gangsters were running a planet requiring an intervention by the crew of The Enterprise.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 2)

The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited, (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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It has been apparent to me for some time that the evolving exopolitical movement of the new century has its roots in the contactee movement of the 1950s. It’s important for us to understand those roots and the underlying evolutionary forces that drove the contactee movement of the 1950s and which is also driving the resurgence of UFO/ET activism in the new century. I recently wrote an article on Howard Menger and am now working my way through one of my old books on Adamski. It’s called, UFO---George Adamski, Their Man On Earth, by Lou Zinsstag.

Lou was a friend of Adamski, and the niece of Carl Jung. She was a contactee herself, but only one of many contactees in a network of which Adamski, Howard Menger, George Van Tassel and Daniel Fry were the most publicly prominent. It is becoming very clear to me that this earth human network was linked in a very complex way to a very large extraterrestrial human network. While several contactees were very public, there were a large number of other contactees that worked behind the scenes and that had more limited contact with the various ET humans. I think it is a mistake to concentrate on just the public figures of the contactee movement of the 1950s because they represent just the tip of the iceberg. This is another one of those situations where it’s easy to obscure the totality of the forest when viewing the forest through several prominent trees. It’s the nail that stands up the highest that feels the hammer or the highest tree that get hit by lightning.

Likewise it’s the contactee or UFO/ET investigator that is the most prominent that feels the brunt of the mainstream propagandist and the critically biased uninformed UFO/ET researcher. It’s interesting to see how mainstream propagandists attacks in the 1950s on the most obvious contactees then led to further attacks by UFO/ET investigators and groups like NICAP on all contactees. Donald Keyhoe and NICAP felt the whole UFO/ET field was being discredited by the contactees when in fact the real culprits were the propagandists supported by the military and economic elite. I have experienced this phenomena myself when I was involved with Operation Right To Know and I see it beginning to happen again today in exopolitics.

As I work back through material and memories accumulated through my lifetime, the overall picture of ET human interactions is beginning to take shape in my mind. While I never have had direct contact with ET humans I have nevertheless felt a telepathic affiliation all my life. In investigating UFOs in my local neighborhood I have found myself on the fringe of a human ET network that seems to be dealing with the same human ET’s of the 1950's but in a much less overt manner. The very same things that were going on more overtly in the 1950's are still going on covertly. It’s clear that contact has not dissipated since the 1950s but simply had to go underground due to worldwide autocratic military and elite resistance. Contact may have covertly accelerated.

This is the way things look to me right now. The rapid advances in technical knowledge in the first part of the twentieth century led to space travel and the atomic bomb. The human extraterrestrials who had been monitoring developments on earth became very concerned both from self interest and secondly our interest as well. It became clear to the extraterrestrial humans that something had to be done about earth because we earth humans had become a clear and present danger to their societies in way that we can only begin to imagine.

Starting in the 1930's the extraterrestrials began an accelerated push to deal with the danger and had planed on a rapid overt intervention to get earth humanity back on the right track. Unfortunately for humanity as a whole and the ET’s as well, things were much worse here than was initially realized. Widespread military and elite autocratic resistance began to emerge in the 1940's and accelerated in league with the ET’s intervention. By the late 1950s it was evident to the ET’s that there would have to be a change of tactics and a much longer covert approach to extraterrestrial contact and intervention.

Being that these human ET’s seem to live to be about 800 to 1000 years old, the time span of this intervention is really still quite brief for them. Because of our much shorter life spans the transition seems to us to be taking a very long time. What the ET’s seem to have decided to do is to wait a generation or two for our societies to adapt to their presence and for the elite fear factor to dissipate before they made another more overt push.

I believe the rapid emergence of exopolitics is this second push toward overt contact by the human extraterrestrial races. So far I don’t see the severity of resistance that was evident in the 1950s and I think this is due to covert behind the scenes interactions with autocratic world leadership to dissipate that resistance. It seems to have worked and world elite autocrats and military leaders seem to be relenting and slowly dismantling the institutions that were behind the resistance effort. The reason that I am so interested in these old contact cases that involved official interactions with human ET’s is that I am told they are still ongoing to this day and the ET’s are getting tired of the foot dragging by high officials in government, the military and in industry in regards to the cover-up. It would seem that the ET’s are themselves adding to the pressure to disclose by threatening to once again go publicly overt if officials don’t fess up. J

A second complicating factor was when the human ET’s stood down; a gap opened up that allowed less friendly ET’s to establish contact with governments in the 1960's. This resulted in the acceleration of the abduction phenomena where people were being treated the same way we treat lab rats. These new ET relationships involved Faustian agreements that were really not in the interest of the elites or the public. In the early 1960's Adamski alluded to this about the time of his mental deterioration and dementia. He said a new group of ET’s had taken over. This new group of ET’s interacting with world autocratic leadership is pretty well outlined in the Robert Collins book, Exempt From Disclosure.

Coinciding with this new push by human ET’s we seem to have a reduction in abductions that may mark a reduction in the involvement of world governments with the less friendly ET’s. What it looks like to me is that autocratic elites have had to learn the hard way that resistance to the friendly ET’s was not in their interest nor in the interest of humanity as a whole. At this time it is quite evident that world autocratic elites have not only suppressed human evolution on earth endangering humanity itself, but have even put the whole planet in danger of environmental destruction. World elites really have no option but to cooperate with the friendly human ET’s wither they like it or not. It is becoming obvious to us all that world leaders have failed their respective publics and really screwed things up on this planet in the past century.

I seem to have some guidance as I work back through my memories and my accumulated literature on UFO/ET. I have always been interested in the big picture and it seems to be coming into focus. In order to understand the present, we need to be able to understand the past and how things got to this point in our history. I think it is my job to help out in this process by conceptualization of the situation and then to publicize these concepts and evidence on my blog and perhaps later in book format. In the previous article I took a new look at contactee Howard Menger and his contactee and ET networks and now I want to take a new look at George Adamski and his networks.

The book UFO… George Adamski, Their Man On Earth is written by Lou Zinsstag an associate of Adamski and a contactee herself. The book I have is one of those books published by Wendelle Stevens that is not widely known. It is obvious that Lou Zinsstag is very intelligent and I see from this book that well know author Tim Good has spend a lot of time working through her files and even co-authored a book with her. There is some really good information here, just not on George Adamski, but on those other not widely known contactees that made up the network. As I said before I think it is a big mistake to only concentrate on the most public contactees that made up these networks.

Every person has their frailties and propagandist-debunkers are very good at finding error in one person of a network and then using that to debunk the person and the whole network. I find that most establishment UFO researchers, with people like Timothy Good being an exception, have fallen under the propagandists spell, woven so many years ago. I have heard a lot of people popping off publicly discrediting these early contactee networks when they have not really studied them in any depth and are only regurgitating the propagandist’s line. Or that they are relying on a personal experience, a partial truth that is out of context with the totality of the situation. If Tim Good spent years trying to get to the bottom of the Adamski case and failed, then we aren’t going to get to the bottom of it either until the UFO/ET cover-up ends and the U.S. government opens its files. Anybody who says they have, are blowing smoke.

In the Lou Zinsstag book is a description by Adamski of the dress of his extraterrestrial contacts that matches those of other contactees like Howard Menger. On page 24, “I saw no zippers, buttons, fasteners or pockets of any kind, nor did I notice seams as our garments show. It is still a mystery to me who this garment was made” … Not only does this fit Mengers’s accounts of the space suits but other cases like the one I have about the humanoid that died in Sweden.

On page 25 is a reference to an official scientific interaction with a human ET in the 1950s. It would seem that the Eisenhower meetings were not the only official covert meetings with human extraterrestrials at that time, top scientists and engineers were meeting with the extraterrestrials as well. The first reference is detailed in a letter from Waveney Girvan, dated September 17, 1962. “… a colleague at the office where I work … approached me with a sensational story. She had not previously realized that I was interested in the subject. Her brother, she tells me is an extremely important expert with one of our famous aircraft firms. Five years ago, he was invited to the United States with several of his colleagues in the industry to inspect a landed saucer and meet its pilot. He went, and the pilot was exactly as G.A. has described such a person; He communicated by telepathy and he told those assembled that beings like himself had infiltrated among us. In other worlds, I have confirmation that G.A. is telling the truth. From that follows – van den Berg is telling the truth and that his invention is the most important of all time. I am redoubling my efforts to bring this man to England first rather than to the United States.”

Lou says, “The second came from our friend John Lade, Adamski’s first co-worker in Great Britain. It was a copy of his letter addressed to Richard Hall, then secretary of the organization NICAP, Washington (President; Donald Keyhoe). The letter says, “Waveney Girvan wants me to tell you that we had a leak of information through a man who a few years ago was called to an international meeting on your side to view a saucer, of the type resembling two saucers one above the other. The pilot (who was longhaired, ski suited, and of distinctly Aryan appearance) addressed the gathering of scientists and aeronautical experts telepathically and we are told that it was an extraordinary experience to hear the audience break through the silence by laughing together sometimes thus proving that they were receiving successfully.

However, as the pilot proceeded to describe the motion power of the craft the audience lost grip and even the most advanced scientist present could no longer follow the concepts offered them.” Lou wrote a letter following up on this. “On April 4, 1963, I wrote a letter to Henk Hinfelaar in New Zealand , in which I stated: “… They (Waveney and John) are still trying to get into contact with the airplane engineer whose sister talked to Waveney. As it came out, she should not have done this and is now strictly forbidden to do it again; Her brother signed a silence warrant in the U.S.A.” There is more material in this book that shows that the engineer in question had to deny the event ever happened.

Another very interesting alleged official meeting crops up on page 37. This is reference to an Adamski related event where a pilot and plane was picked up in mid air and sucked into the hangar of the extraterrestrial craft. Hmm, I guess I better type in this account on page 36 before I get to the official scientific meeting on page 37. Lou says, “This just the record, and for my own satisfaction. Mrs. Wissler gave a detailed account of a most remarkable story which, as far as I know, never went into print.”

“Among others, Adamski told us the story of a pilot whose plane was stopped in mid-air while an enormous cigar-shaped space ship with a large hangar door opened, approached his plane and sucked it in. The men in the space ship (who said they were from Venus) showed the pilot around and were very friendly. They spoke in perfect English, telling him that they were observing, in growing numbers, the inhabitants of this Earth and all their actions. They pointed out their concern with our Atomic bombs and said that they would never allow our planet to be capsized by them, because such an event would disturb the magnetic fields in the whole solar system (not only ours) and might lead to heavy disturbances on their own planet.

After having spent more than two hour in the ship, the pilot asked the men for some kind of written evidence as an explanation for the lost hours in which no fuel was used in his plane. They not only complied with his wish but asked him to hand out their manuscript to the high personality in the Pentagon (name withheld by G.A.). The pilot stood by, watching them put up a long and carefully written letter. He was told that the one-page page letter was full of information and that every single one of their symbols was full of meaning, because they were not single letters but rather whole sentences. These symbols consisted of small circles, about the size of a German Pfennig (smaller than a penny). The circles were filled in with lines, dashes, dots, rather like hierographic signs, reminding the pilot of Egyptian, or Indian, writings. One little circle was close to the next. The pilot watched the men putting down the signs, a procedure which took the better part of half an hour.”
Adamski continues, “This letter was brought by the pilot to the Pentagon, as suggested, and he asked for a few copies for himself. He got four of them; one for himself, one he sent to the President (Eisenhower), one to the Pope (Pius XII), and one for me. A few months later he came to Mt. Palomar to hand it out to me. He had read my book and believed what I said. I had to give him my promise never to reveal his name.” A copy of this ET letter was circulated and viewed by others.

This was not the only incident of a pilot visiting with George Adamski and giving out detailed information. On page 34 of Lou’s book is another very interesting account of an official scientific meeting involving extraterrestrial humans. Lou says, “Lucy McGinnis wrote to Captain H.C. Petersen, our co-worker in Copenhagen. It was published by Henk Hinfelaar in New Zealand, in June 1960:”

“…. The incident to which I believe you have reference took place about seven or eight years ago – maybe longer, I forgot the year although I well remember the time the report was given to G.A. A young pilot who had been to the café a number of times and had talked with G.A., came in for lunch one day. This man told G.A. that he was in a hurry, but had something he though G.A. would be interested in knowing. He then told about piloting an American plane to Australia where he landed on a vast airport, but did not give detailed information as to its location. He said that a gigantic spacecraft was already there. He was introduced to a group of scientists from other planets ad told he was to take them to a scientific meeting in Scotland. The reason for them having to travel in one of our planes was that there was no landing field in that part of the world large enough to accommodate their ship.

The young man told G.A. that all of these men were very good looking, friendly, and intelligent. He liked them very much and was very impressed by them and their conduct. He remained in Scotland with his plane while the visitors attended the conference. Little publicity was ever given to this scientific conference although, we are told, scientists from every nation in the world were also present. When the conference ended, the young man returned them to their ship in Australia, then returned to the States. He told G.A. that he had come to see him immediately but was leaving again the same evening for another flight.

Naturally, many of our memories have faded through the years. We cannot give you this young man’s name because G.A. made a practice never to ask the names of people giving him information, although many showed him their identification and credentials. He deliberately forgot their names, because he never wished to in any way endanger them for their information given him. This was easily done in a café where hundreds of people from every part of the world came and went, month in and month out.”

Miss Wissler’s notes continue: “Later on Adamski said that there was already a lot of proof in the Pentagon (for his statements), hundreds of pieces of evidence being stored away and hidden in a special part of the building which could be entered by only two or three people. He maintained that nobody at the Pentagon denied the existence of UFOs nor denied them to be in possession of proof. Yet, he said, they think it wise to let the truth come out only slowly, in small amounts, for better adjustment not only of the people but also of the industry …” Lou says, “Today, this statements sound rather naïve but we have to remember that it was made in 1959, when things looked much brighter for UFO researchers.” It was about this time that Adamski was severely threatened and he talked about being encircled. This was also the time that his mental state began to deteriorate and the contactee network he was involved in began to break down and fall apart. This seems to coincide with the breaking off of contact with his ET friends. Maybe one day the whole truth will come out about what really happened to humanity and the world at that time.

I think that my regular readers can begin to appreciate that there is a shared responsibility for the past and present undesirable extraterrestrial – earth human situation. The human ET’s seem to have acted aggressively without enough consideration of the possibility of an extremely negative reaction by elite autocratic world military and economic interests. They failed to properly access the feeling of fear and helplessness of the military, as well as the entrenched autocratic economic interest’s greed for money and power over their fellow human beings. For this reason they had to adjust tactics at the end of the 1950’s and become less overt and more covert in their interactions with earth’s humanity.

On the other hand earth’s economic and military elite are also responsible for the past and present undesirable situation in that they have suppressed and propagandized their respective publics in direct violation of humanitarian and democratic values. There is simply no excuse for their violent repressive tactics against the ET’s and the general population of this planet. Their actions have been criminal and barbaric. It is not that the public can’t handle ET visitation and infiltration; it’s the elite that can’t handle the interactions and interventions for reasons of fear and greed. The mass media also has a shared responsibility for the present undesirable situation in that they allowed and participated in propaganda operations against the public for the past 60 years making them not public watchdogs but elite lapdogs.

Recently there has been some encouraging news. Rather suddenly some critical elements of the mass media, major newswires and major newspapers have begun to play it straight about the UFO/ET subject. This seems to indicate a change in policy at the highest levels of government. Let’s hope this lasts. If the media is “allowed” to play it straight, the cover-up cannot last much longer. Of course they may not really be playing it straight quite yet if ever. The media lapdogs will continue to propagandize the public by misleading partial releases of information to the public. I expect the propaganda press to continue to support existing national and international institutions and to rationalize their and the world government despicable actions against ET’s and humanity as a whole through misleading partial releases of information. Tigers don’t change their stripes easily. I see it as my role and the role of my associates to keep all culpable institutions feet to the fire and to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the public.

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