Friday, September 21, 2007

The Fulford Revelations

The Fulford Revelations
Asian Secret Society Challenges Illuminati
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Alien Seeker News Article The Fulford Revelations

If the Fulford revelations and public challenge by a secret Asian society to the secret ruling families of earth is real, then we could be on the verge of truly unprecedented change and transformation. (See 110 page transcript of 6 hour interview by Jeff Rense. Part 1 Part 2 ), Part 3

Benjamin Fulford claims to be a member and spokesperson for a secret Asian society determined to stop the implementation of plans for very large scale mass genocide by secret world elites around the planet and in particular Asia. Fulford says that the secret Asian society is in particular targeting the American elite, the descendants of the Robber Barons of the 1800's, who did not disappear but simply went underground after they had established control over finance and the American economy by the early part of the 1900's.

Fulford is an author of over 20 books in Japanese and an ex Asian bureau chief for Forbes magazine. He makes the astounding and unprecedented claim that a secret Asian society has been secretly watching the American and European ruling families consolidating power over earth's humanity. This secret Asian society has been watching as these secret elites developed and implemented plans to subjugate all of humanity into a sophisticated slave society. Fulford says the thing that galvanized the secret Asian society of 1.8 million gangsters and one hundred thousand assassins into action was the implementation of a plan by world elites, Global 2000, to reduce the Asian population by as much as 80% through the use of bio-weapons and other methods of mass destruction. This Asian society believes that the SARS virus was introduced into Asia and was a genetically engineered virus made to kill almost exclusively people of Asian descent. The picture of the dead from SARS virus in Canada seem to confirm this view says Jeff Rense.

Even though there is little mention of UFO/ET in this long interview, it is, in my estimation, of great importance and interest to the field of exopolitics. People like myself and Dr. Michael Salla who also has a paper on the Fulford material believe that it is these very same secret world ruling families that have implemented and maintained the UFO/ET cover-up. Celestial visitors have been perceived to be threat to the elites because, they the ET's, are interfering with the elites plans of complete total dominion over the masses of humanity. I believe celestial visitors are mostly friendly and wish to have more open contact with earth's peoples but are being prevented from doing so by these sophisticated gangster families that now seem to be secretly ruling the world. I believe it is up to earth humanity to deal with this problem, because something like Star Trek's prime directive is in effect, that limits the actions of the cosmic visitors.

I believe that Fulford rightly points out that the secret societies, like the Masonic Order have ancient roots, and that many of the secret ruling families of today that use secret societies have ancestors that were Babylonian slave driver tyrants. (Some of us suspect that the lineages may go further back to a time where feuding human extraterrestrial families made themselves out to be gods and harmfully interfered in human evolution on earth. It may well be that some human extraterrestrials today are trying to straighten out problems that their ancestors were responsible for.) Fulford notes that when a ancient pastoral people in Babylonia, a society of farmers, were invaded by a pastoral people the Hixsoth, the Hixsoth discovered that people could be herded and exploited like their sheep and so began a process of subjugation that has become more and more sophisticated over the centuries. In early times slave masters controlled their slaves by controlling the food supply, today people are controlled secretly by controlling the money supply, wages and the use of sophisticated forms of Freudian/Pavolian mind control.

Today UFO/ET disclosure is accelerating and I suspect this disclosure coincides with a decline in the power of the world's ruling families as more people get on to them. Fulford points out that the world's ruling families are becoming desperate as they lose control and are taking extreme measure to reestablish their control. It is a very dangerous time for all of humanity and people need to be paying attention to what Fulford is saying. I believe it will be well worth everybody's time to read the Rense interviews of Benjamin Fulford as well as work to verify this material to see if it is truly authentic.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Do We Inhabit A Simulation?

Do We Inhabit A Simulation
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Article Do We Inhabit A Simulation?

The article by this NY Times reporter stimulated my thinking further on this subject of our living in a artificial virtual reality or simulation. The author makes a good case that within fifty years or more, simulations could become indistinguishable from reality if one were embedded in one. Furthermore, he makes the case that there could be far more artificially created simulations than realities and so the chances that are we are living in a simulation today could be high.

My thinking is that all the evidence accumulating with OBE's, NDE'S, reincarnation, UFO antics, etc. could be pointing to the fact that we could be living a simulation created by a very advanced super-civilization. For quite some time I have been thinking that reality seems to be a school that uses both carrot and stick to push individual consciousness and character forward. If we fault the lessons rather than learn and adapt we suffer, but if we learn the lessons we more forward into more and more satisfying lessons. That's the way it seems to work to me.

A very advanced super civilization could use simulations to great advantage. It could be used for the reformation of criminals for instance. :-) Other beneficial uses might be historical research, entertainment, character development, ethical development etc. On the other hand less beneficial uses have surely been thought up by our military. Simulations for interrogation, entrapment, enslavement. For instance could a simulation be cast upon a battlefield and so overlay the true reality? Even more disturbing are there cosmic predators prowling about the universe that might use simulations and virtual reality fields to catch and hold individuals to bleed them of their vita mental and emotional energies. So if one were to determine if indeed one was in a simulation or virtual reality field it might be very important to figure out just what kind of simulation one were in. :-) It's a brave new world out there. :-)

I think simulations have exopolitical ramifications. If we were to be living in a simulation how would that understanding effect our understanding of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood and the super-civilization that could be creating and maintaining the simulation? Could some advanced intelligent beings, citizens of advanced civilizations move in and out and otherwise manipulate our simulated world from time to time to study and tweak it from the inside as well as outside. Could some other ET's be more or less stuck in the simulation like we are and have to enter at birth and exit at death?

So can we determine if we are in a advanced simulation and if we can what might we do about it? The answer to this question is going to take much more brain power than I am capable of so best bring in other perspective to move this line of thought forward. Anybody want to elaborate on this?

UN Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens?

U.N. Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens?
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Article U.N. Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens?

I would like to suggest that a tribunal similar to the one now in effect in regards to crimes against humanity in the Hague be created to investigate and prosecute claims of crimes against aliens and claims of alien crimes against earth humans. Such a tribunal might also be expanded to include earth human to earth human crimes in cases involving the extraordinary alien-earth human situation. This is a issue that involves all of humanity and as such I believe that the UN would be the proper authority to investigate and prosecute. Until such time of public disclosure, secret classified tribunals staffed by people of conscience, should vigorously investigate and prosecute claims of alien - human crimes and work to see policy implemented that protects the civil liberties of both aliens and humans involved in secret classified activities.

I would like to suggest that I believe that only a small fraction of earth humanity and small fraction of alien life is responsible for crimes incurred and being incurred in the past and present. The evidence suggests that a ongoing low intensity conflict between earth humans and other extraterrestrial life forms on and about earth is real. The secret elite factions who are violated the civil rights of aliens and humans in secret ET programs to shoot down, capture, interrogate, torture and murder aliens need to be identified, isolated , defanged and then prosecuted.

In this paper I would like to concentrate on the importance of holding the few humans and factions responsible for alleged alien crimes responsible and accountable for any and all crimes against aliens that have taken place in the past and into the future. Most of us realize that America's image around the world has been severely tarnished. I would suggest that the same has been the case in regards to alien life in our cosmic neighborhood. Crimes against aliens even if they take place in secret and out of the public eye are crimes nonetheless and give all of earth humanity a black eye.

If the evidence now emerging is true, American and other militarties around the world are involved in crimes against aliens that could make earth civilization a pariah civilization in regards to the celestial neighbors for a long time to come. Do we want to be a designated a North Korea, a terrorist society by the rest of the cosmic neighborhood, leaving us no choice but to associate with other terrorist alien civilizations?

We all are responsible if we unknowing or knowingly allow criminals to control, dictate and implement dangerous and unethical policies at the highest levels that involves the abuse of our neighbors. Most of the German nation did not know about the concentration camps till after the war ended, because the abuses there were highly classified. As a whole society they were held collectively accountable by the rest of the world because they should have known and made it their business as good German citizens to know.

There are some of us within the military and intelligence community that would have us give blanket immunity to earth's citizens that have abused aliens or other humans in regard to the alien matter. I believe a more partial immunity with some consideration for times and conditions would be much more just and applicable. Criminals in our courts rarely get consideration for the often despicable things that have happened in their past that led them to become criminals. It would seem that only the elite criminals get special consideration as in the latest pardoning of a high level official convicted of perjury. What this does is create two different rules of law, one for the elite and one for the ordinary people. Of course this then leads the average citizen to lose of confidence in their leaders and in government in general. The rule of law must apply equally to all regardless of social status, race or other considerations.

Remember, just because you don't know or don't want to know of any atrocities occurring does not mean that they are not occurring. It's your responsibility as a good citizen to be vigilant and not go into denial when evidence surfaces. You are responsible as a human citizen and a citizen of your country to immediately investigate even the hint of wrong doing. Many Germans were aware of the rumors, smelt the smoke but instead of investigating chose our of ignorance or fear to deny the rumors to their detriment and the detriment of the German society.

Today disclosure is happening with facts and rumors everywhere in abundance throughout the Internet and elsewhere that atrocities against aliens have been and are being committed. Today billions perhaps trillions of dollars of taxpayer monies have been pouring into Star Wars exotic weaponry by the out of control military industrial complex. Is this really a missile defense shield or are the weapons being developed to enforce a new version of manifest destiny? Has a dark vision in America's history been resurrected within the military industrial complex that now lay claim to the earth, its surroundings, the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe regardless of the claims other races have on the earth and the rest of the universe.

You as a citizen of earth and earth humanity have not only a right to know, but you have a obligation to find out the truth. A good citizen's responsibility is to discover and promote truth and not hide you head in the sand and blame others for any atrocities that have or are now happening in regards to alien life. We suffer now and will continue to suffer as individuals and as a society for the destructive actions of elite classified factions involved in alien affairs. In the end when disclosure become public knowledge will you be as the propagandized German citizens who were marched through the concentration camps to see the truth of their ignorance and inaction.

Below are a few cases out of many of alien abuse and potential alien abuse by world military forces. If folks run across more cases let me know and I will add them to this file.

Ft. Dix Alien Shooting

Tau Ceti Alien Abuse Case

Russian Alien Shooting

1950's Attemped Montana 1951shootdown and Iran shoot down order

1970's Ellsworth AFB Alien Shooting (Bottom of Page)

March 1997 Attempted Shootdown Of UFO

1952 American Shootdown Order

1989 South African UFO Shootdown

STS 48 Proable Star Wars Attack On UFO

Comments from Alfred Webre:

Ed - Hi! Thank you for your insightful and important post on "U.N. Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens?"As you know there are different venues and formula for achieving a resolution of past injustices, and making way for the release of advanced, fuel-less non-polluting energy technologies now sequestered in the national security state, and public disclosure of secret human-ET liaison programmes that may be 6 decades old by now.

One of these venues is the War Crimes Tribunal; Another venue is the Truth-Amnesty- Disclosure Process. This is the start of a fruitful discussion.Below is a video that illustrates some of the problems in another area - 9/11 - in attempting to get war crimes restorative justice through established institutions like the International Criminal Court, which are controlled by the permanent war economy and hence This is where Citizen's Tribunals come into play, convened under the authority of natural law, and which prosecute war crimes - genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggressive war. A case can be made that the war by the US (and allies) against ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations would qualify as a war crime against humanity.

Although video is of a speech announcing the Citizen's 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal, many of the same principles would apply to a Citizen's Tribunal for Exopolitical War Crimes. I remain skeptical that the U.N . would be serve as a responsive venue for such an ET Tribunal at this time. We citizens have to form our own Institutions.Cheers! Alfred Alfred Webre Announces the International Citizen's 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal. Alfred Webre at the 2007 Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference -- "International Citizens 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal" Watch on GoogleVideo: at 9/11 Tribunal Website:9/11 War Crimes Tribunal:
Announcement Of 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal