Monday, May 15, 2006

Proposal To Exopolitics Institute

I propose that the Exopolitics Institute formally adopt a toolbox of investigative and analytical models and procedures for the proper and ethical evaluation of exopoitical reality. I suggest we begin this process with the formal adoption of The Model of Intelligent Diversity and The Full Spectrum Model Of Witness Evaluation. The need for institutional conceptual clarity has become apparent from debates between Dr. Michael Salla, Dr. Steven Greer and Michael Horn.

1. The Model Of Intelligent Diversity
This model supposes that there exists in the universe a great diversity of advanced intelligent life with a wide range of agendas, motivations and ethics. Furthermore some of this life comes to earth using advanced technology and interacts with humanity.

2. The Full Spectrum Model Of Witness Evaluation
This model supposes that the human psyche is fragile and an encounter with exopolitical reality greatly disturbs the human psyche causing psychological disorders that obscure and distort the core experience of the witness and the perceptions of the witness evaluator. If either the witness or evaluator deny bias in their perception of reality this in itself an indication of psychological disorder.

I believe that the Model of Intelligent Diversity is the best model that is most defensible by the totality of the facts presently available to us.

In regards to The Full Spectrum Model Of Witness Evaluation, I believe this model is far superior to the True-False Model Of Witness Evaluation which does not account for psychological fragility in both witness and evaluator and invites abuse of the experiencer.

Zen For The Intelligence Community

By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely

A background in both the natural sciences and in religion can been extremely useful in the gathering, analysis and modeling of exopolitical reality. I was born into a family of well know and respected ecologists where I received a good background in the natural sciences at a very early age. My study of religion developed later in my early twenties following a existential crisis that forced me to educate myself in the nature of self and reality. I have intuitively always attempted to mentally grasp the biggest picture possible of life so as to able to guide my actions and the actions of others in a constructive manner.

Correct intelligence collection, analysis and modeling are as essential to the study of ecology as they are to the intelligence community. The ecologist attempts to grasp a understanding of the natural world just as the intelligence analyst attempts to comprehend a understanding of human world. Since humans are a part of nature it stands to reason that human culture can be understood using the same basic tools or concepts as used to understand the natural world.
If I sit out on my back porch and observe the life around the pond, I am using the same tools of observation, data collection and analysis, and modeling that a intelligence operative and analysis uses when steping into another culture. Just as the ecologist must remove himself from his human culture and programing to understand nature, so to must the intelligence individual step out of his culture leaving the comfort and safety of the embassy enclave for he rigors of the culture he is attempting to understand and model.

The first step toward understanding nature or another culture is to get out of ones own shoes and into the shoes of the other, a very difficult task. The process is greatly assisted by religious understanding. Zen Buddhism and Taoist thought provide very useful insights into the importance of self understanding to the understanding of both natural and human culture.
So just how does one step out of oneself and into nature or another culture. The first step is an awareness of just how we have become embedded or indoctrinated into the culture we are in and what is it that keeps us stuck in our self and our culture. I believe this involves the mental dialogue that is constantly going on in our heads. We share mental self and cultural reinforcements continuously amongst those we associate with and over time this mental dialogue can become a impediment to observation and analysis of ourselves, nature and human culture with disastrous results.

In order to step out of ourselves and our culture we must exert discipline over the mental dialogue of culturally reinforcing views and beliefs constantly streaming through our minds. This mental dialogue separates and distorts individual and collective perception of the outside world and keeps the individual or collective bottled up in their own mental imagery and in a state of conflict inwardly and outwardly. An extreme case of this are people with mental illness walking down the street constantly talking to themselves, oblivious to their surrounding.
Zen Buddhism and teachers of meditation understand this problem with the ever present mental dialogue and work to develop techniques and disciplines to deal with the problem.

The most useful techniques are techniques that focus the mind on one thing and hold it there. One learns through these techniques how to slow down and even drop the mental dialogue resulting in great clarity of perception, observation, and analysis of both oneself their surroundings. In other words one learns how to step out of themselves and their culture and into a greater reality unencumbered by preconceived notions and beliefs tied up in the streaming mental imagery. One really has to look no farther than ones own self to understand and resolve problems of the individual and of humanity.

I strongly believe that as more people grasp what is right before them, closer than even their nose, then the futile chase for that ever elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will stop. The problems of humanity will begin to abate as we learn to stop seeing our own reflections superimposed on our surroundings both natural and cultural. This would be a great step in our human evolution and great boon to both our political and exopolitical understanding.

The Evolutionary High Road

By Ed Komarek
( 5/8/06 )
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In the 1950's treaties seem to have been made in secret under the highest security between the United States Government and one or more extraterrestrial races. The late colonel Philip Corso, the author of the book, The Day After Roswell, believed these treaties amounted to a conditional surrender by the U.S. government in the face of technological power far superior to anything at the time. These secret treaties have also been discussed by retired CIA operative John Lear whose father created the Lear Jet Company. The suspected existence of these treaties seems to be well known in certain secret circles. What is not as well known is that overtures by more ethical races were turned down as has been pointed out by John Lear and others.

What the American and world public needs to know is that collaboration with less ethical races and rejection of the advances from more ethical races set humanity off on the low road of evolutionary development that has continued to this day. The gist of what happened in the 1950's is that the U.S. and world governments had a choice to begin a process that would bring about world peace and a more civilized enlightened society or to continue down a less civilized path by continuing the arms race and international conflict. The choice was between good advise or technology. The military industrial complex chose technology. Thus began a culture of fear, lies, intimidation, great secrecy and greed that continues to this day and now threatens our very ability to remain independent and free.

Of course all is not lost as it would appear to those caught up in the web of deception and deceit facing a cunning, ruthless and technically superior foe. While those still living who were involved in the poor judgement calls of the 1950's may regret their decisions, the die has been cast and it is up to a new generation to set things right. The way out will not be easy because many have become complicit in the culture of fear and lies and so fear exposure.

What the people of the world need to know is that there is a way out of the current exopolitical disastrous situation and that is for all good men and women to come together and dedicate themselves toward dismantling the culture of excessive secrecy, lies and fear within the highest levels of government, the military and the intelligence community. We can reverse our destructive devolutionary course over time and get our evolution back on track to where it needs to be.

I applaud the efforts of all people outside of government working for disclosure but we must not forget the many men and women within government and the military who are quietly, outside of the public domain, doing the best they can to turn the tide. These men and women get little respect for their efforts and are instead blamed for the mistakes made by the past generation and misguided individuals of this generation. The blame for the current exopolitical quagmire rests squarely on the shoulders of the citizenry as the leaders of a nation or of the world are themselves citizens and reflect the level of consciousness of society as a whole. A great step toward optimal evolutionary growth can be the dissolution of the present culture of excessive secrecy, deceit, lies and fear that is so prevalent amongst world leaders and the military and intelligence community in particular. Its going to take everyone working together to resolve this exopolitical evolutionary disaster of which no one is without blame.