Thursday, November 02, 2017


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     What musician Tom DeLonge is doing for UFO/ET disclosure is simply amazing.   I have been following his efforts for about a couple of years from where he was just hinting that he was involved in something really big.  Now he has followed up on his promise involving disclosure by breaking the news to the public in a big way with a public presentation involving high level members of several different military, intelligence and security agencies. 
     According to an interview on the Internet he is now involved with members of Congress.  Tom points out that this all began with him getting involved and getting permission from one secret group involved in UFO/ET to begin the public disclosure process.   It was when he went public with his fictional book that led to an interest and involvement of other secret groups.  Now with recent meetings with members of Congress even they are becoming involved.  His message to all involved in the secret extraterrestrial projects is that he is providing a service to both them and the public at large.  Maybe as I point out below its more than that it’s a higher consciousness lifeline.
     What Tom has accomplished so far is awesome and phenomenal.  He has provided a service now formalized as a To The Stars Academy that has already established a network of open communication channels or conduits between a number of compartmentalized highly secretive groups working in both civilian and military agencies and now members of Congress.  He has just or more importantly provided an open channel from all these secret groups to the public.   I fully understand that he has and is maintaining confidences with individuals in all these groups sharing only to the public what they allow in order to protect the interests of these sources. 
     Of course this is frustrating to some who lack patience not understanding why he cannot become more forthcoming on a number of issues.  Besides this, Tom has to deal with a contentious polarized UFO community and public who have been under attack by elements of these same groups working to maintain a UFO cover-up now for over 70 years.  Add this to a public that have been so lied to and manipulated by both government and mainstream media that poll numbers on public trust are at all-time lows.  This in turn has led to the public proliferation especially in the social networks, of government and private conspiracy investigations and reporting that ranges from solid factual reporting to completely unfounded speculations, misrepresentations, and even deceptions by bad actors promoting agendas other than the truth.
     In sifting through the public material Tom is providing we can perhaps begin to understand the motives and agendas of those in the black world who want disclosure.  First, I thought it very telling that one of Tom’s sources met with him initially in a two day friendly interrogation in a hotel thinking that he might be another Snowden who could potentially unleash a truth conflagration among the public.  This encounter suggests that one motive for a controlled disclosure by these very smart high level individuals is concern for a possible even probable uncontrolled UFO/ET truth conflagration.  With the world afloat in lies and deception and trust in governments and other institutions at record lows any of a number of ignition sources could ignite an uncontrolled truth conflagration involving disclosure.
     It’s speculation on my part but his hinting that the operatives are stressing the importance of consciousness in these security issues and that predatory ETs might be faking crashes to accelerate technological developments for nefarious purposes is suggesting the following speculations may be real. Tom’s US security operatives could be savvy to additional factors that could fuel an uncontrolled truth conflagration at any time.  Could it be that factors are in play like predatory ETs fueling global and national polarizations and conflict to benefit at some future date their predatory agenda by completely destabilizing global society?  What if the asymmetric warfare between Russia and the US were to continue to escalate well beyond election interference to a point of desperation for Putin?  Putin might calculate that he could drop the UFO/ET cover-up information bomb on western societies with much more damage from the resulting truth conflagration in the more open democracies that in the controlled societies of Russia and China.   
     The security people seem to see a need for a service that can provide a controlled burn in a field of lies and deceptions accumulated over decades to reduce the fuel load as in wildfire mitigation.  For both wildfire mitigation and UFO/ET disclosure doing a controlled burn requires great skill and an element of risk that a controlled burn can easily get out of control and turn into an unstoppable conflagration.   A catastrophic reset, while rejuvenating in the long term, has very disruptive damaging consequences in the short term.   A controlled reduction in forest fuels in light fire ecosystems and a controlled reduction in lies told to the public is a preferable outcome.  This is something that those of us in the public also need to understand as well as those working secretly on ET projects. 
     Secondly Tom’s sources are suggesting that they feel that it’s been a good thing to suppress public awareness and consciousness of the UFO/ET situation for the past 70 or more years because of very real threats posed by some predatory ET groups involved in “resource extraction” that involves not just the earth but us earth humans as well.  I can understand that their intentions as security professionals have been sincere and have some merit.  However my father was fond of saying:  “The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.”   Still the suppression of public consciousness in the public domain is similar to suppression of fire in light fire ecosystems ultimately having catastrophic consequences.  The U.S. Forest Service in the past decades had a long standing policy of fire suppression that now has led to very catastrophic conditions and fires in the United States.  The same underlying theme of suppression and conflagration runs through these two very different situations suggesting an underling dynamic common to both.
     At this point I am wildly speculating that in a rather strange convoluted twist of asymmetric warfare with predatory aliens that the security services are realizing that if you can’t beat them at their game or playing field, maybe it’s best to change the game to one you can win.  It seems that some of the smartest of the security professionals are being driven to change tactics in favor of openness rather than secrecy to reach out to the public for help in confronting a destructive truth conflagration they have unknowingly helped engineer that will benefit the predatory ETs in the near future.  Has Tom just thrown them a lifeline?   What if these same security people have begun to realize that they have unknowingly played into the predatory ETs hand whose real intent is to polarize and destabilize humanity when unity and stability will be needed the most?  What if there is really not a technological solution to this problem but only a consciousness solution or perhaps both? 
     What if, while desperately preparing for an unwinnable conventional fighting war with the predatory ETs the past 70 years, the ETs have really been involved in asymmetrical warfare against humanity with their end game now in sight?  What if the predatory ETs have really been covertly maneuvering the security agencies into going down a technological dead end and to promote a cover-up attacking public consciousness the past 70 years?  What if the predatory ETs have been secretly using asymmetrical war to polarize and destabilize humanity and humanity’s ET allies to prepare to gain total control over earth and humanity in the near future?    
      If these wild scenarios have merit are the security services going to be too late in reversing the catastrophic downside of truth suppression when government trust and cohesion is going to be needed the most?  It’s now up to the public to try to forgive those who with the best of intentions have been attacking and victimizing the public and the UFO community perhaps under nefarious predatory ET management?  The public needs to do this for the good of all as our collective and individual futures may depend on it.   I think there is a place for you and I in this struggle if you and I like Tom can grasp and validate this concept putting together the pieces of a very complex and convoluted exopolitical situation.
     Aside from a better understanding of the black world’s motivations and agendas I am also very comforted to see that Tom has developed a decent understanding of humanity’s place in the scheme of things as do some of his sources.  If you can’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together you will not and cannot understand what is happening now and in the future.  If you don’t get it you will find yourself polarized and in conflict with yourselves and others on ET issues adrift in a very dangerous convoluted exopolitical future. 
     If you realize that not only is the universe vast but also its teeming with intelligences, many who are very much more evolved than mankind, and others who are coming here to prey on us involved in resource extraction.  I remember very well as a young man looking up into the stars at night and receiving the remarkably honest telepathic communication to the question, “Who are you and what do you want?”  The answer was a rather disturbing, “We are as to you as you are to your garden.” The message did not indicate that the sender was evil only that they like us are apex predators.  One needs to consider that apex predators evolving into space from their home planets to tangle with other apex predators from other worlds is not rare but more the norm and it takes time to become more evolutionary civilized and altruistic.  
      Therefore it behooves us to cultivate allies among the more mentally, emotionally and spiritually evolved beings, even while we struggle against predatory ETs.  We cannot do this if we are focused exclusively on either threats or opportunities.  There also must be a basic balanced understanding to humanity’s cosmic exopolitical situation.  Our overall situation seems rather similar to that of a country in civil war attracting the interest and activities of powerful outside actors who also have interests in that country thus contributing to the intensity and destructiveness of that conflict with Viet Nam and Syria coming to mind.  I found it very positive that Tom DeLonge gets this and even has used the same Syrian analogy that I have been using.
     I suspect that elements of our secret government are gaining such an exopolitical perspective and see the need for unity, public openness and truthfulness, in order to better ally ourselves with other races coming here that already put a high value on virtue.  Such allies and potential allies will much better be able to help us evolve in a positive manner if we stop playing the predator-prey game and begin a much more altruistic one that can help us transcend the ongoing conflict with other apex predator species like ourselves.  A general hostile attitude on our part will encourage hostile interactions with other hostile species and force a general withdrawal of altruistic forces leaving us helpless before other more technologically advanced predator species.