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Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate?

Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate?
By Ed Komarek
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There has been quite a bit of debate recently within the UFO/ET community as a whole and exopolitics in particular about cooperation with mainstream media’s seemingly orchestrated UFO/ET disclosure process. Some folks believe that they need to tone down the extraterrestrial angle so as to play into the mainstream media’s disclosure or propaganda operation as an initial first step toward public recognition of exopolitical realities.

Other folks believe collaboration with mainstream media is similar to collaboration with an occupying power and that collaboration only strengthens the occupier’s position and weakens the resistance to occupation. I am reminded of the struggle during World War Two in occupied France between the Resistance and Nazi collaborators. Some of the French people decided to collaborate with the Nazis and accepted occupation as a reality that was there to stay and decided to cooperate so as to ease their suffering under occupation. Other French people argued against his and created the resistance that eventually helped free their country from the tyranny of the Nazi occupation.

Over the past several months there seems to have been a shift in tactics by the mainstream news and entertainment propagandists in regards to UFO/ET realities promoting a more open acceptance that UFOs are indeed real and that what they really are is unknown. This would represent a change of propaganda policy instituted at the highest levels of government and supported by the special interests that control government and who own most of the mainstream media. These new developments encourage more people in our field to seek to cooperate with those that maintain the UFO/ET cover-up in the hope that this is a first step toward full eventual disclosure.

The apparent shift of tactics by the propaganda press from flat out denial and ridicule to a more benign acceptance of UFOs is sure to continue and expand the debate between those that favour collaboration and those that favour resistance. It is certainly a step in the right direction that much of the mainstream media seems to be cutting back on the use of depreciating words and phrases like, UFO buffs, believers, crackpots, amateurs, conspiracy theorists, lack of evidence, lack of credentials etc. we should not let our guard down. The propaganda game may only be moving from denial to spin where the occupiers continue to remain in the driver’s seat gaining strength as more collaborators hop on board.

Many of the public are now becoming aware and understand that entrenched special interests have gained secret control over global governments, mainstream media and finance. This secret elitist control could be rightly called an occupying power. Even more disturbing yet much harder for the general public to understand are the many reports now coming to light of secret extraterrestrial alliances and treaties between these various very secretive and deceptive elitist factions. It would appear that secret alliances have been made not with just one ET race but with several different races of a similar predatory mindset as the entrenched interests that govern earth in secret and behind closed doors. This should come as no surprise as it seems to be a universal law that like attracts like. Such an alleged alliance between ET predatory special interests and earth human predatory special interests could be the driving force behind the covert implementation of a sophisticated global Orwellian world order.

So if the above is indeed true then we could say that we are experiencing a secret covert gradual occupation and takeover by as yet unknown extraterrestrial powers aided and abetted by our own home grown elitists. If this is true this would certainly be high treason of the most serious and dangerous kind putting all of humanity at risk of enslavement and eventual overt occupation.

Many would wonder how can we to fight against this kind of sophisticated very advanced psychological and technological attack. Fortunately there is hope because the universe seems to be a very diverse place where evolutionary processes of competition and cooperation play out in many diverse ways just as here on earth. I have taken it upon myself to identify and focus on those extraterrestrial races that favour cooperation over competition and predation. I am well aware of the predatory ET races and their treasonous global entrenched autocratic allies. However I feel hope and salvation from such an enveloping dark future lies with the more cooperative and ethical races particularly the celestial humans in which we seem to have much in common.

The best that I can tell is that some of the celestial humans, the same as recorded in ancient religious texts in both the east and in the west, are not party to and do not cooperate in the covert enslavement of humanity. Perhaps religious people may be the first to catch on to the overall state of affairs because sacred texts like the bible outline the struggle between cosmic intelligences of both predatory and cooperative nature. In the end times the struggle comes to a head with the predatory both exposed and defeated.

The problem is that the bible was written thousands of years ago and extraterrestrial reality was perceived in a more primitive way than in our modern enlightened scientific time. The bible seems to have gotten it right but now needs to be updated and brought into alignment with modern scientific discoveries. What was known in the past as the heavenly host can be more accurately described as the extraterrestrials of modern times. Just as in the past, the struggle between cooperative ET species and predatory ET species continues as to the fate of earth and its humanity continues to remain in the balance.

We each have to make our individual decisions as to cooperate or resist the enveloping Orwellian occupation. In order to do that we need to understand the environment in which we are operating and choose accordingly. It’s a fine line between cooperating in a public disclosure process being orchestrated by an occupying power and not having our actions strengthen that covert occupying power. As UFO/ET disclosure and its spin progresses we all have to continuously monitor the situation and adjust our actions accordingly. The last thing we want to do as the collaborators in France did, is strengthen the occupier.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Lifeline To A Youth In Distress

Lifeline To A Youth In Distress
By Ed Komarek
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Many young people as they are growing up begin to feel the suffocating effects of our modern autocratic materialistic culture in their early teens. In a few years some find themselves falling into a painful and horrible existential crisis, where life as they know it is just not worth living and they begin to contemplate suicide. In my early years I was no exception.

There came a time, a cross roads, when unless I could envision a brighter more expansive future I was ready to die. It was at this very critical juncture a door opened and the vast awesome nature of the universe began to pour into my mental and emotional conceptual and perceptual prison. It was very confusing at first as I worked to sort out the real from the imagined. I realized right away I needed some kind of roadmap to carry me through to eventual stability, happiness and peace of mind.

I latched on to some very fundamental equations as to the nature of life and living. Some I discovered from investigation and research and some came to me out of the blue. I realized that anomalies were windows into a more expansive reality and by pursuing them I could know that reality.

I understood that to know this more expansive reality I would have to stop all lying, even cumulative little white lies, because one cannot know truth without being truthful both to others and to oneself. Lies no matter if they are just for entertainment purposes, fracture the personality, and destroy integrity. Lies are poison to the truth seeker.

I realized that the means dictates the end result and that a destructive means could not in the long run give a constructive end because the means and end were in reality one. A destructive means creates an eventual destructive end even if in the short run it may appear otherwise.

I realized that I most likely was an eternal being inhabiting a body to gather knowledge and experience in a very advanced virtual reality setting. Today with modern virtual reality games it is easy to see that it won’t be long before our civilization we will have the capability to create and live in simulations that will be indistinguishable from reality as we know it. I also realized that if this was so, it would be pretty stupid to commit suicide because then I would have to come back again and again to deal with this destructive habit and that it might take very painful experiences to break his habit.

I realized that emotional states both constructive and destructive were like places and that by pursuing certain disciplines like meditation I could alter or move from a destructive depressive state to a constructive mental and emotional state of great beauty, happiness and peace of mind. Meditation is difficult to begin with because the restless mind out of control does not want to be disciplined, but over time one can get control over ones mind and emotions just as one learns to control the body as a little child.

I found out that I had to pace myself and put my live on an even keel, a gradual psychological incline. I realized that the body was a machine and that if I used up a lot of energy then later I would have a collapse until my body built up its power once again. The way to go was to level off the manic – depressive cycle and work for a gradual progressive beneficial psychological state else I would be trapped in this cycle.

I realized that while some psycho-active drugs could open windows into higher states of consciousness they could never be used to access those states of existence permanently and continued use would destroy both body and mind. I had to find a natural way through meditation, love and other disciplines to establish myself in higher states of consciousness. After a few years work on myself I was able to do this and have never looked back.

Once I dropped out of society to live a simple frugal self sufficient life, I had the time to do all this inner work and so cleaned up my act mentally emotionally and physically. It was at this point that I was fully prepared to search out the unknown, create a positive vision and then live out that vision.

In my later years in old age I am trying to get down into print something of what I have learned so that future generations can benefit from my life’s experiences and have hope that they too can have a bright future if they are willing to build it. I built my thinking and my life on the shoulders of those that came before and it behoves me in my own small way to do what I can for others yet to come.

Yes our civilization is in decline and many are being crushed, but what does not kill us can make us stronger. We can collectively change the dark Orwellian future created by past generations before us to a future that is bright, happy and bountiful. It will be the new generation that will have to turn things around one individual at a time.

(Note: This article is in response to a young man who contacted via the Internet who is going through very difficult times. I hope this article will be useful to him and others of his generation who read it. I have been diverging of late from strictly exopolitical writing but its all connected. This young man is having anomalous experiences and is trying to make sense of it all. I think we, in the exopolitical field, need to address ourselves more to the youth of today who will inherit the mess we are now in. This article is to help if possible.)

Where Are The Virtuous Simulations?

Where Are The Virtuous Simulations?
By Ed Komarek
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It would seem that the youth of both yesterday and today begin learning on their own by trial and error, first using their creative abilities in destructive ways that makes a mess out of their lives. It is only with time and painful experience that young people may begin to turn away from using their creative abilities for destructive pursuits and apply themselves constructively. Of course many will fall by the wayside or else become entangled in the prevailing autocratic dog eat dog culture as they mature and have families to support.

I wish to address those youth of today who are experimenting and playing for hours daily with virtual reality simulations. It seems to me that young people are preparing themselves for a world where simulations will be perceived to be just as real as the reality in which we live. Somehow which I do not yet understand, artificial simulations will be integrated into reality in the future in a way that will create a new or many multiple realities that are a composite of both reality as we know it and artificial reality.

This emerging human evolutionary trend is pointing in the direction of what I call a super-civilization or others call a hyper-civilization. Many of us are already speculating that we are a primitive proto-civilization embedded in a vast complex of super-civilizations. These allow us to exist at their discretion and only allow limited and gradual contact so as to not destabilize and destroy our emerging primitive society. Obviously we seem to have the protection so far of a least one benevolent super-civilization or else we would be gobbled up and enslaved by a malevolent one if what we see in nature around us is any guide.

It may well be that our kids creating and living in virtual reality are on the verge of breakthroughs that make them co-creators of reality itself. At this point we consider ourselves living in a real world that somehow nature or God created and we just play the game as it has been set out for us, not thinking that we have the ability to change the reality game in any drastic way. Humanity seems to be on the verge of something very big and it already is creating a huge generation gap between the young and the old.

From what little I have observed of today’s youth and their obsession with Internet virtual reality games is that most of these games seem to be oriented around destruction and violence and seem to bring out the worst in people. I think this is pretty much an outgrowth of their involvement in societal decline and the lack of understanding as to how to channel creative abilities in more beneficial and positive directions. Some of these virtual reality programs represent or simulate very violent and denigrating events and present a very dark and dangerous vision of future society.

So I have to ask. Where are the simulations that promote virtues rather than vices and that work to simulate and create a bright future? My guess is that they are coming as more of our youth realize the harm they are doing to themselves and others by indulging themselves in programs that strengthen vices and weaken virtues. It’s a dark Orwellian future the kids are creating and it is following along destructive guidelines presented by their parents in real life. It’s a dark sophisticated future extension of a dark present and past.

So you young people this is my challenge. Is this going to be good enough for you? You are peering into the abyss through your simulations. Is this the future you want to create for you and your family after you grow up? If this is not what you want then you need to make a major course correction soon. Do you really think that this is all harmless entertainment, the lies, the deception, the selfishness, the violence or are you falling into a dark future that your parents and you have created for yourself?

If you have looked into the abyss and don’t like what you see then start building simulations to live and play in that promote virtues like love, compassion, peace, trust, truthfulness, integrity, care, clear thinking, mental and emotional discipline etc. Because wither you realize it or not you are building your future right now and you will have to live in it when it arrives. You have the creativity and the power and I suggest you use it constructively. It’s time to wake up from your simulated dark dreams to create a bright new world for yourself and the rest of humanity don’t you think?

Communication or Just Creative Writing

Communication or Just Creative Writing?
By Ed Komarek
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Everything has its season and the day will come when the righteous shall inherit the earth. What has been foretold will one day be. The destroyers of the earth secretly, craftily and methodically build illusionary power, dark castles in the sand. All will one day come to naught. The tide will rise, the sea will come rushing in, and all will be washed away. A new day dawns on earth and in space from a night that many thought would never end. The light of a rising sun shines upon both heaven and earth exposing the machinations of the destroyers and the righteousness of the creators. The streams of love and compassion will flow once again on earth.

True power resides in the hands of the righteous, the truthful, the honest, these qualities endure. Secrecy, stealth, deception are the tools of the predator and only build cyclical illusionary wealth and power, always subject to periodic collapse and renewal. True power abides it’s time and chooses the time and place to act, to shine, to illuminate, to expose. The righteous quietly observe and prepare for the time when the predator moves and is fully exposed.

The earth and its mankind are imbedded in universe of higher and lesser intelligences all with different motives and agendas, different strategies for the satisfying of need and desire. The situation on earth is complicated by the fact that earth’s mankind is not evolving on its own but is being influenced by other cosmic intelligences for different ends.

A battle, a cosmic struggle has been going on for a long time in both heaven and on earth as described in religions of both the east and the west. The struggle is an enduring struggle between two competing universal strategies one of competition and predation and the other cooperation and mutual benefit. This struggle is at its most intense on emerging worlds and civilizations, these are the front lines of the struggle and this is the position of earth and its mankind.

These are the reasons why mankind has had to suffer alone for so long. Responsibility for the current situation is only partly in the hands of mankind because other more advanced races are involved. There are those predatory extraterrestrial races that have secretly made contact with entrenched planetary special interests and have created unholy secret alliances that are not in the interest of all of mankind.

These secret alliances are also not in the interests of those extraterrestrial races that choose cooperation over competition. It is not the way of the righteous to make such secret alliances and so the benevolent extraterrestrial races must act in ways that are compatible with righteous action. The most powerful weapons of the righteous are exposure and revelation but these must be used in a precise and timely manner.

These are the reasons humanity continues to suffer greatly because the benevolent races must wait for the right time to act. It has not been easy to patiently wait. The ethical races also suffer for this. All will be made clear in time as the time for waiting has ended.

(Note: I wrote this after a Internet contact called me that has been following up on much of my material for months to verify it for himself. He as some experence in politics and the media and was involving himself with the Texas sighting case. He tells me human ETs that look just like us visited him and told him that he was a good student but he needed to back off and chill out for awhile. He says he was not supposed to contact anybody about this but just had to tell me.

I have talked to this person several times over the past months by phone as he got up to speed on things. I find this is a interesting verification of my material. When I write something like this it does not seem to be coming totally just from me but I remain somewhat skeptical and am not holding my breath that the ETs are about to break the coverup as they seem to be indicating.)

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Into The Abyss

Into The Abyss
By Ed Komarek
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In previous articles I have speculated that what really gives rise to civilizations is a burst of creativity, innovation and individual liberty. In turn these three things lead to a concentration of power in the hands of established entrenched interests during the rise and the maturity of a civilization. Finally the entrenched special interests suppress new innovation, creativity and liberty resulting in societal decline and collapse. I think people in general are beginning to realize that American and global civilization as a whole is already well into decline and unless we can reverse this natural cyclical process our civilization will collapse into an Orwellian dark age.

A free, open, and truthful society is a civilization on the incline that produces abundance and sharing but when entrenched interests become predominant they foster a culture of secrecy, lies, information control and excessive regulation that creates scarcity, favours selfishness, and sets the civilization on the path to collapse. To make things even worse the decline accelerates because mutual competition and predation increase because of the rapidly dwindling resources. This makes it very difficult to turn things around.

A society, a civilization is composed of individuals so it is really the individuals that are responsible for the direction a civilization takes. If the citizenry value truth and love of others then these interests move the civilization forward but if the citizenry come to value comfort, entertainment, propaganda more highly, then this leads to decline and collapse. The direction a civilization takes is dependent on what kind of system the citizens collectively buy into and maintain.

People that believe they are better off or have no choice but to participate and perpetuate the furtherance of entrenched special interest control, secrecy and propaganda are building the chains and shackles that bind them in autocratic servitude. The entrenched interests that are the strongest and most predatory are going to pay the best wages and hire the most creative and innovative people. In a sense the most successful predatory established interests hijack the best and brightest to use them to subjugate other populations and interests within society.

Entrenched interests use two primary means to ensnare individuals and deprive them of their liberty so as to use them for their own ends. The first is to gain and maintain control over governments from the local level to the global level. The governments then become the instruments of social control through law and regulation. This is a pretty much straightforward and obvious process. The second means of control is much more devious and subtle and that involves the use of propaganda and other mind control techniques to gain control over individual minds. Often a person victimised by mind control can not even fight back because they don’t realize that that their mind has been hijacked.

Most of us are aware that democratic control over government laws, regulation and taxes has fallen into the hands of entrenched special interests that have little interest in the needs of the people. We think that at least we still have control over our own minds but do we? Trillions of dollars are spent by governments and private interests so as to better propagandise the public. Governments and their entrenched special interests masters have a lockdown on the mainstream media and use it as a powerful tool to propagandise the public through news and entertainment channels.

The Orwellian future that we have so feared has arrived and we stare into the abyss. We are ensnared in a sophisticated predatory net cast by entrenched special interests that use the iron hammer of government control and finance and velvet hammer, propaganda, to subjugate and mould world populations into a old world feudal order repackaged and sold to world populations as the new world order. The only thing new about this new world order is that it is an incredibly sophisticated Orwellian feudal order or global plantation the likes of which have never before been seen.

We are really in big trouble and we all need to be thinking about how we are going to extricate and free ourselves from this. On a personal level and perhaps the most effective level we have to cut our over consumption and be less materialistic. By doing this we don’t have to work so hard and have to settle for a job supporting one of these entrenched interests that is enslaving us all. In cutting consumption and having less children then we have more time to think things through, involve ourselves in politics, and find media that will provide us with the truth not propaganda. When we get our personal lifestyle sorted out then we can start taking action to dismantle established interest control over society. In fact just living a simpler lifestyle with undermine entrenched industries by taking back financial power to oneself.

One thing that I have learned from involving myself in local politics is that we can’t battle special interests over specific problems as we will eventually loose. The only way is to war against and break up the special entrenched monopolies just as our trust busting forefathers have done in the past. We have to identify special interest vulnerabilities then focus our attention and power to those specific areas.

The main instrument of special interest control is finance and the first order of business is to eliminate the private central bank of the United States the so called Federal Reserve. President Andrew Jackson destroyed the emerging central bank the United States Bank back in the 1830’s because he rightly saw a central bank as an instrument of elite entrenched interest control. Then the banking monopolies have to be broken up. A second order of business should be to expose and break up the mainstream media monopolies that serve as instruments for private and government propaganda used to control the unsuspecting minds of billions of people worldwide. We need to shift our attention away from the mainstream media and to the more at present free emerging media of the Internet.

A third order of business must be to dismantle and eliminate the unconstitutional illegal secret government that has hijacked the constitutional legal government of America. If we are to revitalize American and global society we have to break up and destroy all unaccountable to the people entrenched interests that secretly control government and media nationally and globally.

If we can begin to do these things then we have a chance to reverse societal decline by freeing up the individual to use creative, innovative talent not to destroy society but to build society to ever greater heights. We can build a truly new world order based on a bright future vision not the dark Orwellian vision the entrenched interests have in store for us.

Living Free In Societal Decline

Living Free In Societal Decline
By Ed Komarek
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I think most people recognize the fact that global civilization is on the decline even though they don’t understand the fundamental causes for that very well and what they can personally do to arrest the decline and possible collapse. Creativity, innovation and pursuit of liberty have in the past given rise not only to today’s mature civilization but have also sown the seeds for decline and even collapse. Positive forces give rise to negative entrenched predatory special interests which in turn harness individual and collective creativity and innovation for use as predatory self interest rather than the common good. Citizens either are unaware of how they contribute to collapse by assisting through predatory self interest or they feel they have no option but to support predatory established interests because of the high wages, health insurance and other benefits.

In this essay I try to assess the situation and then provide possible solutions to our predicament including my own individual solution for my own personal freedom of body, mind and soul. It’s my and the older generations responsibility, benefiting from life’s experiences, to pass on the torch to the younger generation by sharing concepts and solutions developed over our lifetimes. Because of our relative short lifespan relative to more universal standards, about the time we humans begin to catch on to things we die and often much of what we have learned has been lost to the next generation. This slows our evolutionary development. Until such time that we can increase our lives tenfold we must rely on passing on what we learn to the next generation in order for our humanity to evolve further. Once we can suppress aging, the transference of experience should become less of a problem and in turn give rise to other problems arising from how we use our extended lives for better or worse.

It is becoming increasing obvious to me as I enter old age contemplating the rise and fall of civilizations that creativity, innovation and liberty outside of the predatory interest is a threat to these interests and is suppressed. With age I can begin to grasp the big societal picture and see that entrenched, local, national and global interests have gained a large amount of control over governments and media. Both big government and mass media are now the instruments of the entrenched interests used to rule rather than serve the people. Individuals and populations worldwide are increasing feeling caught in a pincher between the iron hammer of government control and taxation that enslaves the body, while mentally feeling ensnared and suffocated by massive amounts of government and business propaganda dished out on a daily basis in the mainstream news and entertainment media.

George Orwell’s dark future of a modern sophisticated feudal society has arrived and has become encapsulated into the global elite’s vision of the new world order. The so called new world order is nothing other than a simple repackaging of the old feudal order for modern times. The new world order as envisioned and implemented by the entrenched interests is an autocratic global plantation system of masters and slaves. Money, its supply and restriction, becomes the new control standard, the new carrot and stick for the new sophisticated Orwellian global plantation.

The entrenched established interests and the elite that run them control finance and the banking system through the central banking network, thereby ensuring unaccountable to the people special interest control over all aspects of people’s lives. President Andrew Jackson for all his faults saw this threat with the developing Robber Baron United States Bank in the 1830’s and broke this developing central bank but it was established once again by the old Robber Baron families in the early 1900’s.

It now should be obvious to the reader that in order to stop the decline and impending collapse of society we need to envision and implement a societal organization structure superior to the autocratic systems of social control that is presently in effect. Furthermore we need to in furtherance of a bright future vision need to access the weaknesses of the entrenched interests responsible for societal decline and collapse. It should be noted that the nature of a cloud is determined by the nature of the individual droplets. The same is with a society of individual intelligences, when individual people change those changes the nature of society. Societal reform can be affected through a combination of self improvement and discovery and societal action. It is imperative that those with personal understanding and societal understanding combine both avenues when involved in activism for social transformation.

For most of my life I have concentrated on personal understanding and avoidance of societal autocratic subjugation. It is only now in my later years that I am attempting to share my lifetime of experience and personal development with others so as to pursue an activist approach toward social transformation. Others having become involved in activism in early years might not seek personal understanding till their later years and on the Internet both evolutionary flows combine for the benefit of all.

The way I have attacked autocratic subjugation has been to embark on a lifestyle of low consumption early in life. Not only does this dropping out of an oppressive system weaken the system, it also allows me to live a life that is my own, allowing for personal liberty and free thought. My personal approach has been to not participate in social systems of mutual predation and the way for me was to cut consumption and opt out of the system. Another way to opt out of the system would be to make a large amount of money quickly then opt out of the system living more affluently on the income generated. The danger in my method is that I retreat out of the system and later in life not communicate my experiences into effective action later in life. The danger of the second method is that the person gets trapped in a consumption trap where affluence and family require continued autocratic system participation and focus.

In my case early in life at the age of 17 I traveled to Alaska from the deep south to go to college at the University of Alaska where I dropped out in a couple of years to pursue my bliss and personal understanding. In the summers I worked for Alaska Department of Fish and Game, then joined the teamster union and ended up working three summers on the Alaska Pipeline for Big Oil, one of the most powerful entrenched interests of modern times. By investing that money and living very simply I bought my freedom for the rest of my life. This a avenue or exit from decline that young people are in a good position to take advantage of early in life but once family and other responsibilities are incurred it becomes increasing more difficult to take this approach to personal freedom.

I realized in my early years through numerous camping trips with my family to the western states, Alaska, Canada and Mexico that I could live and be happy with very low consumption. When I went to Alaska on my own I noticed that many people lived very simply and happily in small cabins in very extreme temperatures with low fuel consumption and independent living through self determination. I saw that my friends could live very comfortably in only 150 square feet of living space. The kitchen was in the corner, a table with chairs by a window, and a loft upstairs for sleeping. The added benefit was that it was easily to keep clean if one made sure all the necessities had their place and were put back in place after use so that the living space did not get cluttered up.

I also realized early on that paying rent was just throwing money down a rat hole so to speak and that the way to go was to buy land and build a small cabin and housing costs were saved for the rest of one’s life. If I wanted to move I could sell at a profit because of appreciation and improvements to the land and move elsewhere to begin the process all over and accumulate a small income so with low overhead my life was my own to do what I wanted. Today I live on little over an acre with two cabins that I built myself, one I rent out and one I live in. Both cabins are about 300 sq feet each. So not only do I have no rent from the property I also get an income and this combined with other small investments in land and in stocks I live and travel on a monthly income ranging from 500 to 800 dollars.

I use a laptop computer to write on, and travel about 5 miles to Cairo Georgia in winter to connect to the Internet, and in the summer about 10 miles from my 150 sq foot camp house on a trout stream in North Carolina. I have a trailable 25 foot sailboat under my shed that I put in the water on the Gulf Coast that I bought off the Internet for 3500.00 dollars. In the past I have lectured on UFOs in the old USSR, spent time in India, hiked through England and Scotland, to the Big Island of Hawaii a couple of years ago and am about to embark on more world travel soon. All of this I do very frugally on a shoe string by mostly camping and hiking. I have proven to myself that I can live a very diversified life with most of my needs and desires being met on very little money.

By living simply and frugally I weaken the established order in two ways. Entrenched interests need high consumption so as to force people to work and support entrenched interest control. The most predatory organizations pay the best and get the most innovative and creative minds to support predatory actions against other special interests and world populations in general. Entrenched interests need bright well paid wage slaves to further their dark and predatory visions for humanity and for this reason these interests press for increased and excessive consumption so as to force people into service to maintain excessive lifestyles.

By failing to participate at least for very long I weaken special interest control that uses high consumption as a control mechanism. This is why we are bombarded daily by hours of commercials and government mass media propaganda in the news and entertainment media to spend spend, spend without thinking! Corporations and governments say spending is good for the economy and heaven forbid if people quit spending recklessly why we would surely be in a depression they say. They could be right if people started dropping out quickly either from personal choice or out of economic necessity and there would be plenty of pain to go around. Those hurt the most however would be those that have the most to lose and that would be the entrenched interests. It’s going to be hard for older people set in their ways, but perhaps the younger generation can grasp and act on these concepts by getting on a beneficial course early in life.

The second thing about my approach to social transformation and with the help of the newly emerging Internet, I can with my time and limited resources, reach out to the rest of society to provide concepts and insights gained from my lifetime of experience. We can’t live free or find liberty unless we can gain the conceptual framework or situational awareness of our precarious position. In order to act we must understand the situation or our actions will be ineffective or come to naught. I believe now that in a way the Internet can be though of a kind of stop gap method of life extension because once ideas reach the Internet they can live on, even though the individual giving rise to them is gone.

Any approach to individual and collective social transformation requires that the individual extricate themselves as individuals and groups from the autocratic regime collapsing world society. Personally I don’t see how one can support an autocratic regime while at the same time undermine it. It’s just too easy to get started with high ideas only to find that on the road to truth and freedom somehow one gets sidetracked. Instead of becoming freer the individual becomes even more captured and subjugated by the surrounding system the longer one stays in it. So many of the sixties generation has such high hopes only to slowly see them fade away as they fell back into the autocratic system.

I am reminded of the prophetic book by Ray Bradbury called Fahrenheit 451, where the hero finally finds freedom and emerging transformation not in the collapsing Orwellian society but outside of society, on the fringes. I am not saying my way is the only way, far from it. All I am saying is that this way seems to be effective, self sustaining and personally enlightening. I find myself happy, satisfied, and at peace with myself and in my small way can contribute to society in a positive and transformative manner in my later years.

Are We Losing Our Minds

Are We Losing Our Minds?
By Ed Komarek
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In other articles I have discussed that while most people are aware of how government control over their lives cuts their individual liberty, innovation and creativity they often do not realize the degree government and private propaganda has over their minds. Today we swim in an ocean of incessant propaganda generated and distributed through mass media news and entertainment outlets.

I have written about how entrenched special interests bring down a mature society causing it to decline and even collapse. Government oppression through regulation and taxation is overt and easy to see and understand even though it is difficult to escape. However government and private established interest propaganda is often very covert and deceptive and can attack the unconscious mind even without conscious knowledge. The sad fact is that in today’s Orwellian society we are all being brainwashed and that we knowingly and unknowingly contribute to our own mental subjugation and societal collapse.

In a way just about everybody uses propaganda, a combination of truth and lies, to persuade others to do what they would not ordinarily do on their own. People individually and collectively push images of who they are and what they are about, some which is true and some that is not. When individuals join entrenched predatory interests either wilfully or unwilfully they collectively pool their talent to prey on other interests and populations as a whole. Individuals work together to propagandise and prey on other individuals and groups. This is easy to see from the private commercials in media outlets where the viewer is encouraged to desire and buy quickly so as to not clearly think things through.

On the other hand private and government media propaganda is much more covert and subtle as it works to collectively dumb down and brainwash the population. This really struck home to me a couple of days ago when I heard a news story of a recent lecture and visit of Dr. Kevorkian to Tallahassee Florida. People that came mostly agreed with the idea of assisted suicide for the terminally ill, but many were appalled and very upset with some of his other views.

One that set off the audience the most was when he said a hero is one who shows exceptional bravery and by that definition all the men and women going to war in the Middle East were not hero’s as the media continuously presents, but in fact were just doing their jobs. Wow, I thought to myself here we have a real heretic, a free thinker, willing to speak and act his truth no matter the consequences, even jail time. I thought what a rare individual in today’s society where most folks just want to be comfortable and entertained and so try not to offend even when it is important to do so.

I think what Dr. Kevorkian was really saying was that young people and those that push them to go to war in the present situation should be considered unthinking fools. This for giving up their lives at such an early age for no good reason and their parents and supporters are fools as well for supporting such a foolish, deadly, wasteful and misconceived war supported by the entrenched oil interests, the defence industry and the nation, Israel.

Dr. Kevorkian seems to be right again because these three predatory interests in combination seem to have got us into this foolish war and the propaganda pushed by this administration has been shown to be outrageous and false. Somewhere someplace people are involved in creating and pushing this hero propaganda through the mass media and this false idea that by not supporting the war, people are letting these hero’s down. Many people would as soon as kill the messenger than wake up to the fact that their minds have become infested with propaganda and that they no longer think for themselves but for entrenched interests.

If any of us and perhaps even Dr. Kevorkian smugly think that they themselves are not being brainwashed, then they are just as guilty as the accused. We are all being brainwashed by our autocratic Orwellian culture in many different ways, some of which each of us is not going to be aware of. Nobody should be so arrogant as to be smug about the sanctity or their own minds in this global sophisticated feudal society that we now find ourselves in.

While the pro war folks have bought into this Republican administration’s propaganda and the special interests that have put this administration into power, there are just as many propagandist special interests behind the Democrats. I have a couple of liberal free thinking friends of mine down at the gulf coast involved in environmental issues who are quite aware of propaganda’s impact on people and don’t watch television because of media news and entertainment propaganda.

Yet even they are part of a large group of people worldwide who have bought into 60 years of government propaganda that extraterrestrials are not visiting our planet and that any discussion of the subject is silly. I am having a very tough time convincing them to just look at the evidence and to consider the incredible amount of damage done to society by the UFO/ET cover-up. They like other propagandised individuals entertain the idea that aliens might exist, but ask so what? I find myself trying to explain that some of these same entrenched special interests behind the fossil fuels industry and the defence industry are secretly building vast wealth and power over world populations from secret special access to extraterrestrial knowledge, while at the same time they press governments to maintain the denial and ridicule of the subject amongst their respective populations.

The recent accounts of the passage of a craft a mile long and a half mile wide over Texas ought to be a wake up call to the propagandised public as to extraterrestrial activity or the military power of a tremendously powerful secret space fleet in the hands of a secret government presently unaccountable to the public. Time is running out and people really need to cut through the propaganda and get too the truth soon. More information as to the Texas sightings can be found here. as well as my article on the secret space fleet here, America's Secret Space Fleet? .

I have no illusions myself as to the danger of propaganda as I am sure that I as well as everybody else is being victimized by propaganda daily. I certainly was victimized in the past as a young man living in the south where I adsorbed racist views from the southern culture. It was only when I went to Alaska and developed a friendship with a person whose parents lived and worked for the UN in Africa that I was able to break free of the racist propaganda. None of us are immune from personal propaganda or collective special interest propaganda. We are all to a greater or lesser degree under the propagandist spell and the sooner we recognize the fact the sooner we can begin cast off this insidious form of mind control and build a better future for ourselves.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exopolitics Book

Thanks to Manuel Lamiroy the reader can now print out a draft copy of my Exopolitics book off the Internet at the site below.

As of 5/12/08 I am waiting for a edited copy of my book soon from Jim Magee. Hopefully we will also have published copies available at some point in the not to distant future for those who want this. Hopefully the published copy will be cheaper than the expense of printing it out.

I am hoping to have the book translated and published in many different languages. I am not interested in making money but in having the widest possible distribution of the book around the world. I am trying to effect a postive change in mass consciousness in regards to extraterrestrial reality and to do that I need to reach large numbers of people.

This does not mean that folks in other countries that are willing to help out in translating and distribution are so restricted. All I ask is that the translated version be reasonably edited and accurate and also be available on the Internet for free reading and printing along with the English version. For anybody that can help please email me.

For those who want to help out, here is a article explaining my ideas for the article and e-book distribution in different languages around the planet. Exopolitics Safety Net

The free e-book is here:

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ET Reality and Societal Collapse

ET Reality and Societal Collapse
By Ed Komarek
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One of the major stumbling blocks that I come across in regards to informing the government and mass media propagandized public on UFO issues is exemplified in a question I hear a lot from lay people. The question is, "So what if extraterrestrials are real, what difference does it make if aliens exist? I don't see how any of this is effecting or going to effect me for better or worse?" Questions like these are always in the back of my mind as I try to do my part in fighting for the peoples right to know the truth about extraterrestrial realities. In this article I try to point out that UFO/ET reality is a significant contributing factor to global and national societal collapse and that effects everybody! Also if you think that you are are not a victim of government - corporate media propaganda you should take the time to read the following lengthy and well documented article.

There have been many reasons cited by historians for the decline and collapse of civilizations. Most of these reasons could be considered but obvious triggers to the decline and collapse such as invasion from outside with the real cause in my opinion being the growth and corrupting influence of internal entrenched established interests and institutions. Because of the numerous secondary and symptomatic reasons presented its easy to overlook this most fundamental factor.

It should be obvious to all that as civilizations mature and begin to decline there is a corresponding rise of entrenched special interest and a loss of individual and collective civil liberty, freedom, happiness, innovation and creativity. Civilizations are founded upon innovation and creativity and a surge of innovation and creativity is what gives rise to a new civilization and is what sustains it through maturity and into old age.

The real reason civilizations decline and collapse is that they sow the seeds of their own destruction in that creativity and innovation build established entrenched institutions and interests that then begin to suppress new creativity and innovation when this threatens special interest control and influence over civil populations. This suppression undermines the very creative and innovative foundation of the civilization resulting in a decline and perhaps even a collapse of society. I would suggest that the UFO/ET cover-up is just another major example of the suppression of individual and collective creativity, innovation, civil liberty, freedom and happiness within society by entrenched special interest.

Creativity and innovation arise in populations because people develop a curiosity and a desire to understand the truth about their lives and their environment. The wisdom and understanding gained from this search for truth leads to advances in technology, science, religion, medicine etc. This leads to a general prosperity and the rise of a civilization and the creation of great accumulated wealth for both individuals and institutions. When a civilization reaches maturity it become comfortable, healthy and with less time being spent on general survival considerations more time is left for socialization and entertainment. This in turn sows the seeds for the inevitable decline and possible eventual collapse because innovation and creativity in the populace that supports the society begins to wane in favor of comfort and entertainment.

The people in a mature society end up not having to work so hard because they are living off those that came before and soon they come to value socialization and entertainment more than work or involving themselves in politics, innovation and other creative pursuits that advance a civilization. Comfort and entertainment become the main concerns of everyday life and as society declines; people cling ever tighter to comfort and entertainment and willingly give up their civil rights, creativity and anything else for these things. The tyrants of ancient Rome before the fall were fond of saying, give the people “bread and circuses” and they will be compliant and not rebel. Today it’s the same thing; money, entertainment, obedience, and propaganda are valued more highly than truth, innovation and creativity.

In a sense we can say that the people of a society in decline are rapidly losing touch with reality because they value comfort and entertainment over truth and liberty. Everybody lives and parties for today with little regard for tomorrow and when tomorrow comes there is a day of reckoning. Neither a society or a person can go for long out of touch with reality before something bad happens where both society and the individual are forced to either get back in touch with reality or else. Reality checks like recessions and depressions and wars come as a society evolves but become increasing more severe as a society devolves into a decline and even collapse, if the people don’t rise to the occasion.

Another interesting feature of a societal decline is that the news that people get from their social environment becomes increasing laced with entertainment and propaganda as the sources of news are concentrated and taken over by established entrenched special interests. Special interests become so powerful, controlling and predatory that they intrude in a massive way into the everyday affairs of individuals suppressing individual creativity, innovation and liberty through not only government but by pushing propaganda through the news media as well. The established interests, institutions become stronger and more predatory upon the societal populations and the populations become ever weaker. Unless there is some sort of correction to the decline the net result will be collapse.

Young, strong vibrant, creative, innovative societies embrace change and flourish while societies in old age suppress these positive factors. It just so happened that the extraterrestrial neighbors came knocking when American and European societies had matured or were on the decline. The entrenched special interests became very threatened in the 1950s and began to vigorously suppress the truth of extraterrestrial reality to the people around the world at the same time they worked feverishly to secretly use extraterrestrial knowledge to strengthen themselves at the expense of the rest of society. This in turn has in my opinion hastened the decline of mature North American and European civilizations worldwide and has suppressed the rise of young emerging Asian civilizations.

The recent open political UFO/ET discussions in the Japanese Parliament were in my opinion indicative of a developing secret power struggle between east and west over the suppression of ET technological innovation for the private sector by North American and European countries. This power struggle between east and west seems to be reaching a crisis point as Ben Fulford former Asian Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine has indicated. The newly emerging civilizations in Asia are embracing technological innovation and creativity and can see the value and competitive advantage that open knowledge of ET reality can bring to their growing civilizations. While European and North American societies resist, propagandize in the media, and generally suppress the knowledge of ET realities we can expect the newly emerging societies to embrace these realities as the truth about extraterrestrial realities becomes more widely recognized.

Today we have a classic case of older mature societies on the decline coming up against the power of newer emerging societies. Something has got to give. It is the entrenched European and North American interests that have the most to lose from open understanding of ET reality and are the ones primarily behind the UFO/ET cover-up.
The North American and European entrenched interests include: The fossil fuels industry that suppresses cheap energy technologies reverse engineered from ET technology that threaten their energy monopoly. The military industrial complex suppresses reverse engineered ET technology for global military advantage. The industries and corporations with special access suppress ET technology and knowledge because they want to continue their special access monopoly that is making them trillions of dollars through exclusion of competition.

It’s becoming increasing obvious that the real reason there is a UFO/ET cover-up is that extraterrestrial reality is really going to shake up and advance society tremendously. A huge surge in creativity and innovation will be unleashed and this will be bad for the entrenched interests worldwide mostly in Europe and North America and very good for the emerging societies of Asia. I believe it is this inevitable shift of power to Asia that western elite interests fear the most and open knowledge of extraterrestrial realities will only accelerate this shift and hasten the decline of western societies and the rise of the eastern societies globally.

America's Secret Space Fleet?

America's Secret Space Fleet?
By Ed Komarek
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A very considerable amount of evidence is accumulating in the public domain indicating that the Americans have a very advanced space program and space fleet that is highly classified and is soaking up trillions of American taxpayer dollars. (See Linda Howe's article ) It is alleged by insider whistle blowers that much of the exotic technology of this fleet comes from reverse engineered extraterrestrial technology and that the public NASA space program is just a expensive cover program.

None other than Ben Rich (See ) the now deceased director of the highly classified Lockheed Skunk Works (See ) made a number of statements over the years confirming the existence of a secret highly classified space program. Not long before he died he said. "“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity….. anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”In 1993 a couple years before he died he gave two lectures and slide presentations. One was at Wright-Patterson AFB and the other was at the UCLA School of Engineering Alumni speech and at the end of the show he said the following, "The U.S. Air Force has just given us a contract to take E.T. back home" He also said "We also know how to travel to the stars" and "It is time to end all secrecy on this as it no longer poses a national security threat and to make the technology available for use in the private sector." He said that their were technologies that are 50 years beyond even what we could possibly dream of.

What really got people like myself interested in this alleged secret space fleet was the case involving the computer hacker Gary Mckinnon who said he saw secret rosters of off world officers when he hacked into American military computers. (See and )Since then other Whistle blowers have been coming forward like Richard Sauder in this interview by Linda Howe. (See ) Whistle blower Clark McClelland ( See ) is know for his interviews discussing UFO activity around NASA facilities and has also mentioned a secret space program.

Recently an inventor using a special amplifier on a small telescope was able to take detailed videos of the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. But he also saw a lot of other hardware floating around that is not publicly know. (See ) It does not take a rocket scientist to see that a very advanced secret space program and fleet is is very real possibility and it is time to think about the implications of this. Is such a secret program a threat to civil society as some would suggest? What are the implications of having this kind of power in the hands of the corporate elite rather than the public at large? Can such a fleet be used to stage a false flag alien invasion so as to effect massive political change across the globe? These are all questions I believe we will all have to come to grips with in the not to distant future.

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Advanced OS For A Super-civilization

Advanced OS For A Super-civilization
By Ed Komarek
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In prior essays I have speculated that a model for a more advanced organizational system for human society might be found in the way our bodies are organized and maintained. I also speculated that nature is evolving our society into a super-civilization with our developing technology being the infrastructure that will organize and sustain people the same way cells are organized in a body. In order for such a very advanced society to develop and function there must not only be the technological hardware but also the software as well. There must be a standard operating system that will organize and coordinate people throughout the societal network just as is now the case in computer networks and the Internet.

I have speculated that the Internet is a rudimentary nervous system in an early stage of development that is already organizing individuals into specialized groups and integrating them together. I have predicted that these loosely forming Internet groups are coalescing in much the same way that cells clump together in early embryonic formation. I believe this kind of individual human differentiation is the same evolutionary process as that of cell differentiation and will lead the creation and maintenance of what could be called a super-civilization or stellar civilization. Such an advanced organizational structure will be far superior to our present primitive autocratic organizational structure that mimics the pyramid food chain of nature where individuals exist in a state of competition and mutual predation. In order for our civilization to evolve further there must be more cooperation and less competition or we simply can’t get much further without collapsing because of internal conflicts.

What I would like to see is a group of people come together from different disciplines to explore and elaborate on this idea for a standard operating system for a super-civilization. I can see that the fleshing out of this rudimentary concept and its possible implementation will require coordination between computer programmers, computer scientists and social scientists. Such a group could explore ways to create not only the software and the hardware but also how to restructure society through the implementation of such an advanced system.

It’s clear to me that the operating system must be individually orientated so as to enhance individual virtues and discourage vices while at the same time maximizing individual innovation, creativity and liberty. There must be a creative real time dynamic between the individual and society that will allow for individual liberty and freedom on a continuous moment to moment basis while at the same time continuously supporting society as a whole. Certain rules of individual and group conduct must be permanent and inviolate as those protecting individual human rights and liberties, while others must be flexible and dynamic to accommodate the rapidly changing dynamics between individual and society.

Once the concept gets fleshed out by the group then experiments could proceed on the Internet with individual volunteers participating in small scale social experiments. This would serve to further refine the concept and implementation of the operating system software being developed. At this point perhaps a super-civilization game could be constructed in which individuals across the globe could participate and provide input into the process. At some point this game could then become integrated into real life.

To Hell With The Mainstream

To Hell With The Mainstream
By Ed Komarek
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Mainstream politicians, media, corporations are always talking about the need for change, unity and new ideas and that these things are to be found in the mainstream. It’s all just so much propaganda because the mainstream is not where new ideas, change and reform originate from. Mainstream society is like a muddy southern river where the mainstream is forever getting clogged with silt, logs, vegetation and other trash in general. In the same way mainstream society is clogged with entrenched special interests, corporations, institutions that may talk change and new ideas but in fact suppress change and new ideas because this innovation and creativity threaten these entrenched established interests. The mainstream would have you believe that they are the solution but in truth they are the problem.

So what does a muddy southern river do when the mainstream clogs up? It creates a secondary channel on the fringe that cuts off the mainstream into an oxbow and the secondary channel becomes the mainstream for a time before it also becomes clogged and is cut off by the ever flowing water. It’s the same with a society, the answers to the hard questions, the creativity the innovation comes from the fringes of society. It is on the fringes of society that a new channel forms allowing free flow of information that has become suppressed in the mainstream. Of course the new channel has to cut through a lot of crap and many secondary channels become dead ends but it is here where the future of society rests. I believe the rapidly evolving Internet is such a secondary channel fast to become the new mainstream.

Haven’t you ever wondered why the mainstream corporate media and other entrenched established interests deny, ridicule, and generally suppress the fringe elements of society? New creativity , innovation, thought, that rises up into mainstream society is first ignored if possible by established interest and their propaganda media outlets hoping that these things will just dry up if they are not given attention. If that does not work then the propaganda presses begin rolling to discredit and nullify innovation, creativity and change. It’s all crackpot they say. The established interests fear and instinctively know that new innovation and creativity will give rise to competing interests at best and to their own extinction at worst.

The truth is that creativity and innovation dry up in the mainstream for reasons I have mentioned so the big lie that mainstream government, industry and media would have you believe and act upon is that the fringe is frightening and worthless place so the reasonable public has no need to go there for new ideas or innovation. But some of still do go there in spite of the propaganda, ridicule and fear mongering heaped upon us. We look at the mainstream and find it is already panned out, corrupt and in a state of collapse. We have nowhere to go but to the fringe to look for new ideas, innovation and answers. Some of us are cutting a new channel that will one day replace the main channel. We are still, small weak but our powers are growing while the mainstream societal power is strong but growing weaker.

All through my life I have studied anomalies to the established world view because I have seen that anomalies are the windows and doorways into a hugely expansive world view full of new ideas, creativity and innovation. Early in my life I settled into a study of extraterrestrial realities now called exopolitics. I have endured the ridicule from the mainstream propaganda media who are the propaganda lapdogs of the established entrenched interests. These interests have been hugely successful in suppressing extraterrestrial realities to the general public while they feverishly exploit these realities to strengthen their stranglehold on national and global society.

The fringe certainly has its share of wild speculations and conspiracies but there really are real truths and conspiracies as well a bright new ideas, concepts and answers to society’s problems here. I see it in my field of exopolitics and other fields as well such as alternative medicine that has been so suppressed by the drug monopolies and other health care monopolies. I see it in innovative new energy technologies that are vigorously suppressed by big oil resulting in extreme environmental destruction and global warming. Mainstream global society is collapsing under its own corrupt weight but other streams are beginning to flow outside the mainstream and one day some of them will become the mainstream of the future.

So don’t let your curiosity be stifled, through ridicule and fear. Embrace don’t shun the fringes of society. Learn to discriminate and mine the ore for the nuggets and the diamonds. If you do you will be richly rewarded. You worldview will expand and you will break the mainstream chains if you persist and are reasonable. A bright future will open up before you and for society as a whole if you take the time to investigate the fringes of society. It is on the fringe that the future awaits us all.

The Real Threat To National Security

The Real Threat To National Security
By Ed Komarek
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I would suggest that the real threat to national and global security is not terrorism but global entrenched special interest control over populations worldwide. In fact the terrorism threat appears to be managed by the global elite through government and media as just one more sophisticated means to control and subjugate civil populations. The rise of global civilizations in the western world in the past 200 years has given rise to entrenched special interests and global elite that are intent on turning the planet into a global plantation with them the elite, as masters, and everybody else including the Asian societies as servants and slaves. This elite vision of a new world order is just the old feudal autocratic order repackaged for modern times. Let there be no doubt about it, the so called New World Order is a dark vision for all of humanity and if fully implemented could lead to a dark age for global society.

This dark regressive vision of a global feudal order was conceived by western wealthy autocrats in the 19th century and has been propagated through the corporate owned and controlled mainstream propaganda press globally. There is a huge amount of resources being mobilized to force this dark vision upon global society. I have previously discussed in other articles how vibrant civilizations emerge and rise on innovation, creativity and civil liberty, but decline and fall when innovation, creativity and liberty is suppressed by elite entrenched special interests. I have suggested that the very qualities that give rise to a society or civilization contribute to an eventual decline and fall because these qualities not only build a civilization but also build entrenched special interests. It is these entrenched special elite interests that are the main real threat to a society with all other threats both inside and outside society as secondary.

It is clear that entrenched elite special interests have learned to manage both real and imagined threats to national and global security so as to enhance their power and control over civil populations. The net result is the destruction of individual and collective civil liberties and the suppression of individual and collective creativity and innovation so necessary for a vibrant civilization. In the 1830s President Andrew Jackson recognized that concentrated wealth in the hands of the few was a threat to the republic. The newly emerging robber barons of the age of industrialization had formed what was becoming a central bank that was privately owned, but deceptively called the United States Bank.

President Andrew Jackson recognized this bank for what it was, a powerful instrument of special interest social control not accountable to the citizenry. Andrew Jackson set out to destroy this bank even when the robber barons contrived a panic that led to a depression to stop him. The contrived panic and depression backfired and the bank was closed. It was not until the early part of the 20 century that these same robber baron families became strong enough to once again institute a central bank now deceptively called the Federal Reserve Bank.

The so called “independent” Federal Reserve Bank, other “independent” central banks around the globe, all now work together with the newer “independent” World Bank and so have become a powerful, unaccountable to the citizenry, mechanism of global social control. These powerful private banks support the dark “new world order” vision of their fore fathers from the time of Andrew Jackson. Are these banks capable of triggering a depression or even instigate a Third World War to further their interests? You bet they are.

What seems to have been overlooked today but surely was not missed by the people of the 1830s was that the economic elite and their entrenched interests had no respect for individual life and liberty except for themselves when their interests were threatened. The elite of the 1830s had no compunction against triggering a depression to further their interests after all. There is a long history of massive destruction of life and property by elite entrenched interests.

The Roman emperor tyrant Nero was suspected of ordering the burning of Rome so as to expand his palaces which he was quick to do after the fire. Hitler ordered the burning of the Reichstag so as to foment hatred against the Jews. Tyrants can’t rise to power and do horrible things without the support of entrenched interests. After all wealthy Americans played a large part in rearming Germany after the First World War. Today it is alleged that not only do special interest profit from wars by funding both sides of the conflict but set about to contrive wars and other forms of conflict like terrorism so as to further their entrenched interests.

In these more sophisticated times entrenched interests push for excessive government regulation and laws that intrude into the lives of citizens, suppressing creativity, innovation and liberty. At the same time they propagandize the pubic through their corporate controlled mainstream media to give up their civil rights so as to become obedient servants. The use of the mainstream news media and the entertainment media to incur mindless consumption and obedience to authority is extremely distressing to those who value freedom of thought and individual liberty.

It is also distressing to see how the mainstream media propagandizes and demeans those people who seriously try to unravel and expose fraud, corruption and special interest control over populations by labeling them conspiracy theorists. Of course there are excessive imaginary conspiracy speculations rampant, but what does one expect of a population that has become extremely distrustful of all authority because of very real secrecy, conspiracies and cover-ups by governments and media controlled by entrenched interests. One might even suspect that entrenched interests would not be beyond covertly supporting outlandish conspiracy speculations so as to then rile against them.

While the public does not quite understand the process of their enslavement through government regulation and mainstream media propaganda, they nevertheless feel a great unease and foreboding. They know deep down in themselves that their society is on the decline and that their individual situation is becoming ever more precarious. The public realizes that government no longer works for their individual interest as it should but for wealthy individual and corporation interest. Widespread apathy and fear for the future abound on an everyday basis. Life for the average person becomes more and more of a struggle as populations at the grass roots increasing feel the burdens increasing being shifted onto their shoulders from those higher up the social ladder. Corporate leaders gain ever increasing salaries and tax benefits at the expense of the rank and file who find their wages falling, and taxes rising behind the ever rising cost of living.

The sense of societal collapse in evident not only with peoples worldwide but is ever evident in the increasing rate of environmental destruction. Historians have cited environmental destruction as a main factor in societal collapse but to me this is only a symptom of the broader trends in humanity including that of increasing special interest control over governments and populations. Global warming can be directly related to the global fossil fuels monopoly that suppresses innovation and creativity in the energy industry that could lead to alternate clean cheap energies.

Those with an interest in national and global security should look very closely at the real threats to national security exercised by the global elite special interests and keep their eyes on the ball regardless of the antics and manipulations to distract them. The global elite have their people and their loyal servants throughout all governments, intelligence agencies, media both public and private, looking after their special interests undermining the public interest and national security. The global elite are creating a wide swath of destruction across society that is the most massive and all encompassing national security threat every faced by humanity.

If the citizenry of the United States and the rest of the world do not wake up to the real threats to global security then society will continue to erode from within and without. Human global civilization and the global environment are both in severe decline and directly linked to entrenched special global interests. We like Andrew Jackson should again recognize the threat and make war against those who are bringing about worldwide societal collapse. It’s very difficult to create and implement a bright vision for our future until we expose the obstacles to that bright vision and redirect global resources away from the elite’s dark, regressive, repressive, feudal vision for global humanities future.

Creating A Bright Future (Part 2)

Creating a Bright Future (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

In the article, Creating a Bright Future (Part 1) I proposed that a model for a more advanced societal organization structure could be found in how our bodies operate. Single cells in a body cooperate together for competitive advantage over single cell organisms and other multi celled organisms in the environment. All the cells in a body are well taken care of in a remarkably equalitarian manner with resources allocated according to he needs of both cells and the body as a whole. Cells that don’t cooperate go it alone, or in general become predatory are destroyed by the immune system, neutralized or excreted from the body. Such an advanced equalitarian system as in our bodies provides a higher standard of living, greater individual security and much higher efficiencies that an autocratic system of mutual predatory social control provides.

The body is really a very advanced complex networking organizational system composed of myriads of smaller networking subsystems all integrated and functioning together as one conscious being. I have proposed that this is exactly the type of social organization structure that humanity is evolving into. The Internet is the overall technological network matrix through which individual humans are networked together in real time creating myriads of virtual networks or societies. I believe what is happening to human society follows the same organizational natural process that gives rise to more complex substances, life itself, and finally multicelled organisms with one mind and body.

I have proposed in other articles that what humans collectively are up to consciously and unconsciously is that we are creating a super-organism or super-civilization composed of billions of individual humans. Right now this is mostly an unconscious process with nature or God if you like being the primary driver of human evolution to this super-civilization organizational state of complex unity. We can however move things along more rapidly once we become conscious of the process. When we do this we take the responsibility of our future from nature or God and place it upon ourselves.

I think it’s about time that the computer technocrats start thinking about all this and start consciously developing a societal super-civilization networking operating system that fosters cooperation, love, respect and other virtues amongst the civil population. This operating system must at the same time discourage predatory practices and other vices by individuals and groups within the civil population that try to regress back to the more primitive system of autocratic feudal organization. In other words the regressive, repressive feudal old world order repackaged as the new world order must be stopped in its tracks. In its place must be substituted the more advanced system of social organization that I am talking about here. I hope what we are seeing today is the last gasp of the old feudal order rather than a global fall into another dark age.

Just as individual droplets determine the type of cloud so to we individuals collectively form our society. We clearly have a clear choice ahead of us. We together have a choice to move to a truly higher economic, political, social order or to regress back through societal collapse to a degenerate form of the old organization autocratic order. The way this degenerate autocratic order is shaping up today is to become a sophisticated version of the old plantation system of a few wealthy elite global masters and many servants and slaves. It will like the old plantation system use fear as the prime motivator of social control except that mass media propaganda replaces denial of education, and money replaces bread for those who cooperative and the whip for the uncooperative.

We can, using partly the power of the newly emerging Internet, stop this new old world order dark vision from becoming a reality and start substituting a brighter vision. It would seem that the hardware is rapidly falling into place that can support this brighter vision of the future. What we now need to do is start building the super-civilization operating system needed for our advancing civilization. I suspect the people that will start building this super-civilization operating system will fall out of the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics. It’s up to people like me in my own small way to point out the direction to a bright future for global society.

It’s a David and Goliath struggle but like little David I believe we do have natural evolutionary process on our side, or God for those that think in religious terms. The huge accumulated entrenched interest resources of the old world order seem insurmountable like Beast of the Apocalypse, but what seems like a invincible monolith power is really very severely strained by internal conflicts and extensive corruption. It’s an organizational structure in severe collapse with a very dark vision for mankind’s future, a future full of sophisticated forms of fear, suppression, violence, enslavement, propaganda and war.

In the past those who supported liberty, innovation, and general creativity were able to defeat entrenched special interests by embracing advanced technological innovations of the time. The steam powered printing press allowed the abolitionists to flood the south with anti-slavery printed material. Andrew Jackson for all his faults pushed back for a time the plans of the wealthy elite to create a central bank that was undermining the very foundation of the Republic. He lead the creation of the Democratic Party and appealed directly to independent farms and business people across the republic using advanced media and systems of communication. When the wealthy elite ridiculed and labelled the Democratic Party the Jack Ass party he turned the tables on the propaganda press and their ridicule and adopted the Donkey as the symbol of the Party.

Creativity and innovation can counterbalance the raw financial power of elite entrenched interests and monopolies. History has shown that when the internal corruption brought about by entrenched interests sets society on the road to collapse the populations can rally and with the assistance of new innovations and creativity stop the slide and reverse course. It’s been done many times before and we can do it again. Once people look down into the abyss and see the horrible future presented, they can and do turn things around just in time.