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Alien Perspective (Part 1)

An Alien’s Perspective (Part 1)
By Ed Komarek
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There is such a large amount of witness and whistle-blower testimony supporting extraterrestrial reality accumulating on a daily basis that often old cases that are relevant to today’s issues get lost and need to be resurrected. Dr. Leo Sprinkle discovered some very good contactee and abductee cases in the 1970’s one which involved an elderly lady named Ida Kannenberg. This lady seems to have been extensively and with great detail monitored for many years by an extraterrestrial civilization in preparation for much more extensive contact to come. The monitoring was so extensive that an entity that Ida called Hweig became a constant companion in her mind. Ida’s first physical encounter came in 1940 and the mental telepathic contact began in 1968 at first causing so much confusion that she contacted Dr. Leo Sprinkle for regressions.

The reason I think this 40 year old case is important is with the perspective of hindsight it is just or more relevant today as it was 40 years ago. This contact happened long before the advent of the Internet when computers were not part of most people’s everyday life. It did anticipate the Internet and our era of mass global communication and its role in bringing society together including our divisions and conflicts. It also anticipated the emergence and misuse of powerful mind control technologies in the hands of governments and other organizations.

The portions of this account are quoted from the book, Extraterrestrials Among Us by George Andrews. I think this Hweig account really does a very good job of answering the question: Why has extraterrestrial activity and interest been so extensive over the past sixty years? Quotes from the Ida Kannenberg case follow below.

“There is the problem that everything I can see, he can also. Not only Hweig, but his immediate crew. Since their observation is through technological implants, the whole scene can be played upon a screen, like our television.”

“Hweig is an enormous tease. I suppose it does get boring listening in to me 24 hours a day, though sometimes he takes a vacation for a week or more and someone else monitors.” “There are several things I can do to drive Hweig up the wall. If I sneeze or whistle, he will say, “Please warn me when you are going to do that. A sneeze sounds like thunder, and a whistle pierces my eardrums like a dagger.””

“In the beginning of our association Hweig terrified me with his explanations of who and what he was, and what he intended to do. I was afraid that my mind was going to be taken over by an alien personality. However, after more than four years of this constant telepathic contact, I feel very much myself. Even more so, for I know myself so much better. I have had to face up to myself.”

“With mechanical devices that permit mind invasion and control, an alien civilization could conduct any kind of surveillance, and there would be no defense against it. The aliens can do this now. How long before Earth science can do the same? Or can they do it now? Can the aliens be Earthians?

I am not trying to “scare talk”. I am trying to relate what has been done to me by persons who seem compassionate and responsible. Can this be done in the near future by others who may be neither compassionate nor responsible, who would be utterly reprehensible? It is time to study what this type of mind control is all about, beginning with those contactees who have experienced it.

Hweig told me that he and his colleagues are trying to prevent mind control from becoming established here on Earth. It is because this type of invasion is fast becoming possible from other sources, perhaps right here on Earth? Would mind invasion by terrestrial governments or organizations be carried out with the same ethical and moral responsibility and codes of dignity that the UFO mind invasion has demonstrated in my case?”

“I ask Hweig, “Why is there this influx of extraordinary help at this particular time? Why now? Hweig’s answer: “At this time mankind stands in dead center of the crossroads of human endeavor. I do not mean anything so simplistic as a single crossroads, but a convergence of many roads, each seductive in itself. A compromise must be made and maintained if the current world civilizations are to endure. The compromise must react onto many levels of human activity. World government leaders are struggling to find compromises on a political level, but the everyday people of the world must find their own ways of compromise on an individual level, such as levels of personal beliefs, as well as many other kinds. The metaphysical cores, not the histories, of all religions should be studied, and the psychological needs that shaped these beliefs. Only on that level can compromise be found, and until then the fires of war will continue to brutalize the human race.”

“I ask Hweig, “Why has all this come into focus right at this time?” Hweig reply’s, “For the first time in the course of this round of civilization, world-wide communication has brought all the differences of belief and activities into a coherent area of observation. Patiently many individual researchers in many lines have been digging into their respective studies. With the advent of computer technology, all of those separate researchers now can be brought under one roof, so to speak. They can be analyzed and studied on a comparative basis. Religion, for example, must be compared to mathematics. Does that sound silly? It is salvation! Archaeology must be studied in relation to electro-magnetic waves. Only with computers can such comparative studies be adequately carried out. And they will be. This is the direction in which you and all contactees are being guided: toward the sharing and comparing of information, which can then become a common basis for understanding.”

There is some other very good material in this account like, “About 80% of all UFO abductions and personal contacts are the result of hypnotically induced illusion and hallucination.” Hweig gets into a lot of detail on this as to how this is accomplished but this is better left to part 2 of this article. I don’t think one can get a clearer forthright representation of an alien’s perspective and motives than this and this case has withstood the test of time. This account makes even more sense today than it did at the time when the abductions were just beginning to be publicly acknowledged.

Ida says prophetically, “While we older folks have been the experimental trial-and-error stage of the Ufolk mind invasion, our young people will be next. With their thinking powers numbed by constant frenetic entertainments, aided and abetted for some by alcohol or drugs, their minds could become so benumbed and bewildered that any type of mind invasion, alien or Earthian, would be a cinch.”

Alien's Perspective (Part 2)

An Alien’s Perspective (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

This is a second article in a series that features a contactee-abductee case of forty years ago. It is even more relevant today as it was forty years ago because it has withstood the test of time with revelations that have been supported by 40 years of human experience. These Hweig revelations come from an alleged entity co-inhabiting the mind of an elderly lady named Ida Kannenberg. Well respected UFO/ET researcher Dr. Leo Sprinkle did the investigation and regressions on this early abductee-contactee. Please see the first article for more details and perspective on this important case. Alien Perspective (Part 1)

In this article I would like to quote from the Hweig material in its discussions of just how alien mind control and abductions work and are carried out. Keep in mind that this case started with physical contact in 1940 and was ongoing even before Betty and Barney Hill abduction case of 1965 when the abduction phenomena achieved wide public awareness. Following this remarkable clear, detailed and concise description of alien mind control techniques and technology is an equally clear account of massive ET intervention by many extraterrestrial races obviously intended not only for our benefit but theirs as well.

This case strongly supports my contention that emerging space-faring races such as our own present critical challenges to the existing universal order. A societal intervention on such a scale as described below obviously requires considerable cooperation between extraterrestrial races and large amounts of resources. Still such an intervention would be a bargain when compared to having emerging space-faring warlike races such as our own disrupting the rest of the civilized neighborhood in the future.

There has been lots of talk as to what ET may want from us and what we can offer them. I think peace/security is just as high on the ethical ET’s agenda it is with us and is just as strong a motivator for a massive intervention intent on promoting positive evolutionary actions. I also expect that there are emerging races where the interventions have been less successful and that these less civilized races are resisting interventionist activity by the more ethical civilized races. For these reasons the stakes seem to be very high for each newly emerging space-faring civilization as well as for the well being of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood. Quotes from Ida Kannenburg continue:

“Now I, Hweig, will dictate as you, Ida, have no way of knowing how to interpret these events and scenarios.

First, we must emphasize the necessity to read the following in its entirety, as we can give the total story only bit by bit, and later bits will clarify earlier bits that might discourage the reader if he be not forewarned. Therefore please be patient, ride all the way through with us, then judge according to your own understanding.

About 80% of all UFO abductions and personal contacts are the result of hypnotically induced illusion and hallucination.

Those that perpetrate this hypnotic state and its seeming events are unseen but present within the room, car, or otherwise near the contactee. This unseen presence is often felt by sensitive persons—and all our contactees are MOST SENSITIVE—as a pressure in the atmosphere immediately surrounding them. The presence is projected by technological means much beyond the powers of your own people at present. This indicates the presences are those alien to you, and not of your normal every-day earth person no matter how advanced in any science, technology, or psychic ability an earth person might be. The alien presence has powers far beyond anything you might dream of.

It is necessary for the alien presence to be in close proximity to the contactee. By close we mean VERY CLOSE, almost within touching distance.

This presence, being almost pure energy, need not be in any one particular form, but can attain any form or abstraction desired. Black and white pinwheels, balls of light, fireflies, revolving disks, any form may be utilized to come momentarily into the vision of the contactee. We call this a semi-corporeal form or semi-physical state. Or the presence can remain totally unseen, in the state that is similar to your out-of-body experience, though the essence of that presence is of a more powerful energy than the essence of your out-of-body state. However, this is the closest analogy we can find to describe this energy state.

It would frighten you spitless, as you say, Ida, to know how many times you have been surrounded by alien presences. The knowledge of their extent of control over you would further alarm. This goes for all contactees of similar events.

For this reason, the potential alarm, we conceal the facts just given and instead perpetrate an illusion of physical aliens who seemingly come into the contactee’s presence, or bring the contactee into theirs, knowing you can accept and interact with physical beings in a less frightened and more objective manner. Yet we wish to get across the idea of VERY ALIEN personalities, therefore we do not offer the visualization of your own kind of form, even though many of us are precisely your kind of form.

To feel you were being contacted and perhaps controlled, by unseen forces would throw you into a panic, perhaps beyond acceptance. But to deal face to face with physical beings, no matter how alien, would eliminate some of that panic. At least that is our proposition, and this is why these illusory beings appear.

Not all contactees or abductees face illusory personages. A very few are quite physical and quite “real” as your term realness.

The illusory beings are the semi-corporeal selves of very real physical beings, who are at that moment existing in another area of being, and are quite busy doing something else physically, but are aware of what is happening in and to their semi-corporeal self.

This is certainly confusing. Let us recapitulate. The unseen presences are there through technological means. They induce hypnotic illusion of abstract forms or hypnotically project the semi-corporeal forms. These latter are projections of real beings who are somewhere else physically at the time. They use projection “copies” because some time in the future these physical originals may find it necessary to interact with the contactees in a wholly physical manner. It would then seem to be an on-going experience.

Let us reiterate for clearness: A corporeal flesh-and-blood person so projects himself in an unseen state through technological means that the enters into close presence of a contactee, or abductee, and is then able through his own psychic power to gain hypnotic control over that contactee when said contactee is in a relaxed state. If the personage were present in semi-corporeal or corporeal state, he could control the situation equally well.

The contactee, being already in a relaxed state, is readily accessible to the hypnotic form of control.

What transpires thereafter is all illusory or hallucinatory, unless there is a need for physical interaction. In such a case the contactee can be conducted aboard a physical craft where the physical interaction occurs.

By physical interaction we do NOT include examinations per se, as these may be of either category, physical or illusory.

Why should it be necessary to go through so much physical effort when illusion will serve the purpose of the Planners just as well? The psychological reaction of the contactee and the mental and the emotional results of his scenario, both to himself and to his audience, are what it is all about. If the same results can be obtained through hypnotically induced illusions as through physical action, then the illusion is chosen.

We are saying things backwards and forwards and inside out so that, hopefully, no ambiguity remains.

The presence in the room or car or wherever with the contactee can be felt as an oppression, a “thickness in the air”, as one contactee described it. The contactee begins to breathe in a more shallow manner and to feel closed in, or caged, or captured, or unable to move.

The presence is the energy essence of a real corporeal being, who through technological devices sends his energy self, in a state relative to the out-of-the-body state, to this place. Since he is not a psychic master, he is not able to send his energy essence through his own psychic power, but must depend on technological devices.

The energy essence encloses the WILL of the presence, who is elsewhere physically, but is linked through mind stuff to his energy essence and will.

And that human being is so restricted by moral and spiritual law he cannot, dare not, serve as an evil power. He carries out instructions received from higher natures, and by higher we mean more knowledgeable, more powerful, and more responsible. He is further instructed to use the most compassionate modes of interacting he can devise.

Non-understanding, haste, error of judgment, misreading of contactee’s reaction, as well as many other factors can impose a task on the controller that he may be less than perfectly equipped to handle. Remember he is only another human being trying to do a very difficult job. He is working with persons as alien to himself as he is to them.

The presence of the controller is never seen by the contactee unless it is necessary to attract his attention, or to rivet his mind into a single point. At such a time abstract designs or evasive objects, usually circular, are used. Other times the unseen presence can be felt or sensed by those most sensitive to such emanations of energy.

The condition and reaction of the contactee decides whether or not the presence is to be seen in any form or to remain unseen.

Many contactees have mentioned the “feel of an evil presence”. The presence is NOT EVIL, but is part of the UNKNOWN and does take CONTROL for a few moments, and from the arising fear and apprehension the contactee interprets “evil”.

The contactee response to the sense of being controlled is entirely according to his own nature and character. One resists and tries to struggle, one weeps or screams, one jeers, or even giggles. In the response, its kind and degree, the controller reads information it is necessary for him to know in order to continue into the future. The preliminary or initial scene is thus an act of getting acquainted, each measuring the other’s potentials. Furthermore, the controller is just as much “on the spot” as the contactee, for he too is undergoing a training session, and is being weighed and measured by his instructors.

From his own psychic and trained abilities the controller then conjures up the appearance of apparent personalities who seemingly take charge of the scene. These are appearances of substance, but not true corporeality. We refer to them as semi-corporeal. They are projections of real persons who are to be physically met in the continued scenario of the contactee.

If footsteps sound, temperatures change, and there are NO SUDDEN TRANSITIONS in the scene, the event is entirely physical. If so, there are noises, odors, the sense of touch as well as vision. Touch does not mean pain; pain is psychologically induced by the contactee through fear.

There can be a shifting of states, a moving in and out of states during the course of a single event, so a single event can be a very complicated affair. Each would have to be minutely inspected and analyzed to realize these changes. At this moment such a scrutiny is not important and would only obfuscate this recital.

Thus we see MIND TRAVEL as well as OUT OF BODY TRAVEL can be induced from outside the contactee.

It is within this framework that the building blocks of the individual myth are found. When we realize the changeable conditions of the contactee/abductee event, we can begin to understand why the scenario itself is so very difficult to grasp as reality. But in comprehending these varying and shifting states, the interpretation of the building blocks becomes much easier.

By symbolic event we do not mean symbols such as a cross indicates a good guy and an x a bad guy. We mean the contactee is put through an event that is NOT TRUE in its content, but its psychological effect symbolizes one or more of the following ideas. These events and the ideas they symbolize are the building blocks of the structure. Depending upon the cultural experience of the contactee, the following ideas are presented in various manners:

Ideas presented in the Scenario of Recognition: 1. of civilizations existing on other planets 2. of civilizations existing of fantastic technological achievements 3. of civilizations existing of tremendous scientific knowledge 4. of civilizations existing with people of various natures who have knowledge of all kinds, medical, artistic, cultural, etc.
Ideas presented in the Scenario of Biological Intervention: 1. of cross-breeding with alien races 2. of giving of ovum or sperm for breeding experiments 3. of implantation of sperm or fertile ova 4. of taking of cells for examination, experimentation, or for cloning 5. of interference with mental input conscious recall, memory 6.of implantation of technological devices for later use
Ideas presented in the Scenario of Initiation: 1 of an unseen secret organization of good will and benefit 2. of inspirational aids to solve problems and difficulties 3. of secrets of the past to be found anew 4. of promotion of societal contacts leading to cooperative efforts 5. of monuments of good endeavors recorded in lost places 6. of destruction of powerful deterrents to human/earth collaboration
Ideas presented in the Scenario of Self-development and Self-awareness. 1. of offering new personal insights 2. of strengthening stabilizing beliefs 3. of offering new projects 4. of analyzing life-evaluations 5. of value of self-freedom 6. of support of person’s intentions/ambitions

There are many other scenarios and parts thereof, and those can each or all merge one into another. In order to analyze them at all, we have to dissect the living form. We come to rejuvenate the Earth, and to aid in the evolutionary development of man.”

Obviously this is an alien’s perspective acting from the position of controller whose perception can be expected to be disputed by those abductees and contactees being controlled. I suspect that the motives and agendas of various ET races while they have an altruistic bent nevertheless have their own self interest bias that they like us may deny even to themselves. Perhaps in some fundamental ways alien psychology is not that different from our own.

This gives me hope that a better relationship between us and them is possible as we develop the ability to gain a more equal footing in our relations with the more ethical of the space-faring races. I expect we will find that the true perspective lies somewhere between our perspective and theirs. Even they state that they too are learning even though the relationship with us is very one sided with them in control of the relationship.

I am also encouraged by the understanding that both controller and controlled are equally bound in states of lower consciousness. For this reason they must allow us to evolve in our relationship to them in a more equal and balanced manner in the future if they are to liberate themselves as well as us from lower consciousness states.

It’s as if we all stand on the rungs of a ladder with those immediately above reaching down and pulling up those immediately below. Those close above and below are evolutionary close and entangled with each other while those farther away up and down the rungs are less directly entangled.

This ladder symbolizes the evolutionary flow from lower consciousness states to higher states of consciousness brought about by mutual cooperation and sharing of love, respect and information. The way to ones own salvation as well as personal and collective evolution is to reach up to those above while at the same time reaching down to assist those below.

I think it was no accident that in 1967 as a young man of 17 I stumbled across a small new age bookstore in downtown Fairbanks Alaska in the bitter cold of an Alaskan winter. I was forever changed by the experience and felt somehow that I had found my way back home. It was here that I was first exposed to both extraterrestrial life and self improvement at the same time and throughout my life both have been intimately entwined.

Life Is The Teacher

Life Is The Teacher
By Ed Komarek
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Most of us grow up with faulty life perspectives that we have learned through our social environment. Over the course of our lives some of us through years of introspection and contemplation have been able to make corrections to this faulty programming. As a young man I was able to benefit greatly from those that had passed on their knowledge of life and living to the next generation. In my old age I too have come to realize the importance of passing on important knowledge so as to benefit the evolution of humanity.

In a nutshell the most important concept both for individual and collective evolution is to understand that life is our teacher and that life is an advanced school of higher learning. Unfortunately many of us don’t have this understanding of reality and so we gain little benefit from life. We find ourselves overwhelmed by suffering, drowning in destructive emotions and thought. Peace of mind and happiness elude us and we find ourselves chasing the rainbow for that ever retreating pot of gold.

It really does not have to be this way. We can change the faulty programming of childhood and even the faulty programming of society as a whole. It takes will, dedication and perseverance to better ones own self and it takes many such people over many generations to evolve society. We do this the same way changes in raindrops make for changes in the nature of a cloud. The way to improve society is to improve ourselves as individuals.

Before we can change ourselves and society we must first become aware and face up to the truth of just how bad things really are. The first step in the process toward healing and wholeness is to admit to ourselves and to society that we really don’t understand life at all. We must consider the possibility that this could be the reason we suffer and are unable to find true peace of mind and happiness. We stumble through life bumping into each other hurting ourselves just as do very young children getting to know the physical world. Once we understand and admit our position of ignorance then we can begin to navigate away from that position to a more beneficial position through experimentation and trial and error.

Self work is a lifetime process and is not easy because it takes a lot of effort to undo erroneous habits of thinking and feeling consciously and unconsciously learned since birth. The more one repeats something the more engrained that something becomes be it either constructive or destructive. Therefore we can easily become discouraged and give up on ourselves before we hardly get started with self improvement. The thing to realize is that while reform starts slowly it accelerates as new positive habits are repeated and erroneous habits of thinking and emotion are dropped.

When we understand that life is both our teacher and school we should not be satisfied with anything less. No matter if we act at any particular time as teacher or student we are all learning life’s lessons. One most important first lesson is that the unwary student of life must be careful not to be captured by any individual or group of individuals professing to be teachers with the ultimate knowledge. The truth is that only life has the ultimate knowledge and wisdom and no one individual or group may usurp that. We can certainly learn from the wisdom of others but at the same time we must understand that being human we all harbor secret agendas and many that profess to be teachers are predators preying on the less knowledgeable.

Life is a series of lessons moment to moment, day to day. The important thing is not to fault the lesson but to learn the lesson and move on to more and more satisfying and fulfilling lessons. If we fault the lesson we are not able to learn the lesson. We then continue to suffer as the lesson repeats itself over and over until we learn it and by so doing move on to the next lesson. In this series of articles I will present to the reader a lesson to be learned and then provide commentary on that lesson.

Adversity As Teacher

Adversity As Our Teacher

The Loss of A loved One
By Ed Komarek
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One of the most difficult lessons we all must learn is inherent in the loss of a loved one. I guess that this is such a difficult lesson because it takes some very basic knowledge of life and living to be able to learn from this lesson. Many people end up devastated or damaged for life because they are unable understand this kind adversity. We have been programmed to inherently consider the loss of a loved one as a bad thing, an adverse experience that harms rather than helps us evolve.

We either become stronger through adversity or we become crushed by it. Adversity is a powerful and profound teacher but only those who have become strong through self understanding can profit rather than be crushed by this severe teacher. With a proper understanding of life one is able to personally benefit from adversity rather than be crushed by it.

To be able to profit from the loss of a loved one we must first be willing to consider and ask questions like: Why is this happening to me? Why this very difficult lesson now? What can I do to transform my admittedly destructive response to adversity into something positive? Is this something I am willing to allow myself to do for my own personal growth and development?

If we can say get ourselves to answering these questions in the affirmative then we are on a path toward greater learning and enlightment. We can then ask another set of questions to be answered in the affirmative. Why do I suffer? What is the root cause of suffering?
For those that have had some experience with eastern teachings like Buddhism the answer is attachment causes suffering. More correctly the inability to detach from people and things causes suffering. Therefore the remedy is to practice detachment.

This can best be explained by using a movie analogy. When we first come into a theater we are aware of the theater and the seats and that we are about to watch a movie. If the movie is good we soon lose consciousness of ourselves, the theater, other people etc. and begin to participate in the movie as reality. For all intents and purposes just as with a good book we have had our consciousness moved from one reality to another. We may become so involved in the movie that we become overwhelmed and participate in the emotions and thought of the lead character. In a sense we become that character until the show ends.

There are few of us who at certain points during the movie pull back and ask the question: What is this character and movie teaching? Why am I here? What am I trying to learn from this? What is the lesson? Instead most of us become captured and owned by the drama into which we have become immersed. It is only after the movie is ended that we begin to think once again think and feel for ourselves and contemplate what we have just experienced. Only when the dream or movie is ended to we experience detachment, reflection and learning from the experience.

It’s important to understand that it is possible to wake up, detach and reflect on the experiences being presented by life as they occur. We can do this to free ourselves from any suffering we may find ourselves in and substitute a harmful reaction with a positive one. If we can stand back and get perspective we can then make an effort to change the negative reaction to the experience and sometimes even the experience itself. Most people often become overwhelmed by the experiences being presented to them in life and loose their free will and control over their mind and emotions, just as do the people in the movie theater.

Waking up in life or detaching from life from time to time can allow us control over our negative reactions such as to the loss of a loved one and even transform other relationships that we still have through this loss. We can come to appreciate what we still have rather than suffer a loss for what we no longer have. In fact by remaining stuck in suffering we shut ourselves off from our social environment making life difficult not only for ourselves but for others as well.

So the lesson being presented by life through the loss of a loved one is to learn to let go of the departed so as to love and embrace those entering into your life. If you study life carefully you can see it’s like you are on a moving train with an endless set of experiences and lessons entering into and leaving your field of view. You may even come to consider the possibility that life is a sophisticated virtual reality program, an allegory, a story that teaches. Nothing is really lost and everything is to be gained from a proper positive attitude toward life and living.