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Local ET Contact Activity

Local ET Contact Activity
By Ed Komarek
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I have discussed in some previous writing some of the local ET activity in my area. Years ago I developed my own personal intelligence gathering network locally that at one time was bringing in about a couple of sightings a week over a 50 mile radius from my home near Cairo Georgia. When I started going out and researching these, what I call collateral sightings, I found that sometimes the collateral sightings lead to a contactee that was a source of those sightings. Some of these contactees that have ethical ET contact became my friends over the years and we share information between us. Mostly this detailed information was not to be disclosed to the pubic for ET security reasons and for the security of the contactees.

Recently things have begun to change for the better and my contactee friends are becoming more forthcoming for a couple of reasons. One reason seems to be that world governments have been breaking their promises to certain ethical ET groups to openly disclose extraterrestrial reality to the public in a controlled manner. There has been a lot of foot dragging over the years and the ETs have given the world governments an ultimatum either to disclose or they will do the job for them. A recent increase of ET activity worldwide seems to back up this assertion as well as what seems to be a corresponding increase in world government disclosure.

A second reason for a more forthcoming release of information from my contactee friends seems to be that warfare between their human and humanoid ET friends and a reptilian race is heating up over the future of this planet and some other worlds as well. I was recently surprised to learn that there really is something to these, outrageous speculations of reptilian carnivore ETs eating human and other animals from earth. I was told by a contactee that large numbers of people are going missing around the world. It would seem that these reptilian ET predators are living off the land so to speak when they are here.

Recently on 2/25/08 I visited some contactee friends of mine who live near Moultrie Georgia for some discussions and some sky watching. I also got to see some video tapes of different ET craft that have been taken recently by a contactee friend. One tape was very good showing what the ET humans call a five seat star-tracker craft coming overhead just over treetop level. It showed a good view of the undercarriage. The center of the saucer was bright white but out toward the edges there were other lights going on and off and that also illuminated the undercarriage. These lights were going on and off so fast that they change from pause to pause on the video recorder. This video is as good as anything on the net and we may try to get it onto the internet.

Sky watching that evening was also very interesting with a UFO flashing on its main lights quickly a couple of times to just let us know it was there. The ETs had to back off because there were so many fighter jets in the area. We watched a couple of fighters for a couple of hours looping back and forth over some chicken houses where craft have been video taped. Then they both traveled to the north and soon after that a huge craft of some kind came by flying toward Moody Air Force Base with a fighter escort of 8 to 10 craft trailing behind it. That was really interesting. The military jets do their best to harass and threaten my contactee’s ET friends in a game of cat and mouse which is really unfortunate but has been going on for a long time.

While at my contactee friends house we shared information that I will provide below. I left a printout of my e-book with my friends to give to the ETs when they were through with it. I am hoping I may gain face to face contact and be allowed to write about it in the future. My friends and I discussed amongst ourselves information on several ET races to which they were familiar. One friend said he was familiar with 5 different human or humanoid races and one reptilian race and knew about three other human races but only indirectly.

I would like to point out some interesting observations relating to my contactee friends. Two of these friends have relatives in the military and or the intelligence community that are involved in classified projects involving extraterrestrial reality. One of my friend’s biological father was Sam who I refer to in the Eisenhower Briefing article. These ET contact networks intersect not only through civilian networks and military networks but through generations of people as well.

Even more fascinating it would appear that we are all linked through reincarnation networks as souls incarnate together and the lives of individuals from different world intersect. I thought it interesting that a contactee on the Open Minds Forum said he remembered the time before he was born and was shocked that he was going to be born into a primitive world this time around. Of course all of this is just too much from some UFO investigators and enthusiasts to handle but that seems to be the big picture that is developing. I have discovered that a person will only get as far in this field as his or her own mind will allow.

The following is the information I received while visiting my contactee friends. I cannot verify the information personally because I have not had face to face contact with the ETs myself but rely on second hand information. I would like to point out that I just try to report on what I learn and am not interested in arguing with those who have closed minds. If one wants to stay on the level of chasing sightings that is fine by me. Some of us however have the mind to go deeper and we follow the collateral sightings of witness to the people the occupants of the craft are interacting with.

Recently on The Open Minds Forum I saw were a neophyte was bemoaning the fact that they wished stuff was happening in their area just as around Stephenville Texas. The truth is that these contact networks intersect throughout society and chances are there is a contactee or two in your local area right under your nose that you don’t know about. It takes interest, an open mind and persistence to find these people. In my case it has taken most of my life to get this far. Hopefully others can build on and follow my trail so as not to have to reinvent the wheel. I also think that now that things are opening up more real contactees will be coming out of the closet and on to the internet.

The information bellow follows from my discussions with two of my contactee friends with some information relayed through one friend about another that was not there. This article is subject to revision for any errors I might have made.

1. The Setorians: These are contactee K’s ET friends that are short and barrel chested. Three of us saw their ship come down over a swamp and K met with them a short time while a contactee friend and I got close but no face to face contact. Two of the craft followed me home to see where I lived because I saw them cross the corner of my 60 acre property at the time when I arrived home that night. This happened in the early spring of 1992 I think. I have more written about them elsewhere in my blog. They are from about 7 light years away.

2. The Gorgon: These are fairly friendly humanoid ETs that speak with a bark, ears stick way out, have a squarish head, silver helmets, wear orange boots and breathe air and sometimes breathe some kind of liquid with green particles.

3. The Tytrains: All three of my contactee friends have these ETs as friends especially two brothers whose first names start with A. There are also two sisters one whose name starts with S. The sisters are more recent arrivals and one was injured in a battle with the Reptilians but is okay now. The men are muscular Hercules types five and half to six feet tall and the S one of the females is about five feet three inches tall. The men are around 800 years old, don’t leave fingerprints, are sexy, both men and women are vegetarians and come from the direction of the Horse Head Nebula. They are 4-5 light years away. These distances seem to be very close so I wonder if these distances are correct.

I was told a story by contactee M that contactee K told her. ET A and at least one other maybe his brother beamed down into K’s house and got stuck there for half a day because of some Air Force jets. They had a little party and drank some beer and had a good time. Finally a wrist band on ET A started beeping and they were able to beam out of the house. Contactee M says that K told her that the ship had to be exactly 300 feet above the house to do this and a blue beam was used in this instance. M says the beams can be different colors, blue, yellow and white I guess depending on the kind of ship being used.

The Tytrains mother ship is about the size of three football fields. The star-tracker is one of several types of ships that are kept on board the mother ship. If there is a mechanical problem or if jets get anywhere close the ship will automatically return to the mother ship. Usually at least two scout ships travel together one to keep a eye out for our military and one for the meeting. Some scout ships are the size of a auto and only carry two people others 5, 6, 8, or more.

The Tytrains and some of the allied groups are fighting the Reptilians in what is increasing being called a war over who controls earth and some other worlds as well. My friends say we will have to fight them also and we must win. I was also told the Stephenville Texas sightings are part of an ongoing program in which they are connected.

4. The Fytrillons: Related to the Tytrains, they have a bad body odor; they are human looking and have little buttons on their finger tips.

5. Reptilian races: The size ranges from three feet to eighteen feet, have scales under one half inch, human shaped bodies and head but with an alligator like snout and teeth, recessed ears, vertical pupils, and originate from the direction of the Cats Eye Nebula about 12 light years away. They are carnivores, only eat meat some of which are humans and are responsible for many missing people around the world. They are a militaristic violent race and are extremely dangerous. Contactee L is rather upset as are his ET friends as at least one Reptilian ship has been sighted locally. The friendly ETs have no fly zones and if one of these reptilian craft is sighted in one of these zones they will be shot down if possible no questions asked!

(Disclaimer: All to often UFO/ET investigators because they are concerned about their credibility don't report all that they have been told about a case. They report the sightings, interview the witnesses, and decide what they wish to report as credible information, and the rest they just sweep under the rug. This results in a certain shallowness of perspective and investigation common to mainstream UFO investigators.

I too am concerned about my credibility. In a case such as the one above that sounds like something out of Babylon Five I remain somewhat skeptical but feel I should report it, not sweep it under the rug. Because I have known these contactee friends for years and have had personal sightings of craft when I have been with them, I feel an obligation to report so that others may confirm or refute this information. Hopefully over time the facts will fall into place and what is just imagination can be discarded.)

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Sixty Years of Tyranny

Exopolitics: Sixty Years of Tyranny
By Ed Komarek
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Thomas Jefferson swore eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man. If Thomas Jefferson was alive today to see the destructive effects of 60 years of public brainwashing in regards to extraterrestrial realities he would be appalled and very hostile indeed. Jefferson would have been intelligent enough to understand that the UFO/ET cover up has been devastating to both humanity’s overall well being and the earth itself. He would have declared the cover up of extraterrestrial reality an abomination imposed on the world public by the most powerful, prideful, arrogant and conceited of men.

On every day in almost every home the television brainwashing machine runs very expensive ads by the energy industry and energy companies that say they have the solutions to global warming and environmental destruction in general. What a joke, it is this very industry that has played a major role in created the devastating environmental problems by suppressing exotic cheap non polluting energy in the first place. Now that the energy companies have created the problem of environmental devastation they propose to offer ineffective solutions to further destroy society and the earth.

As early as the 1950s contactee George Adamski already knew who was behind the extraterrestrial cover up and why. He had this to say. “It is not the people who are afraid of flying saucers but all indications show that the money pots of the world are. For, just think of the effect, once the propulsion power of these ships becomes known – a power as free to everyone as the breath we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world!”

So even at this early date it was already understood that the way some extraterrestrial spaceships are powered provides for an abundant cheap energy source that would clean up the environment and end global warming almost overnight should it be publicly available. Also the way ET spaceships fly by using anti-gravity fields would send all transport through the air eliminating all the expensive and environmentally destructive roads, bridges, tunnels, parking lots etc. Today if not for the 60 year old cover up we could be living environmentally friendly lives as far as our energy needs and public transport are concerned. Big oil is the problem not the solution and it must held accountable and responsible for its part in the UFO/ET cover up because of its role in suppressing new energy technologies.

The other entrenched industry that along with the energy industry that is most responsible for the UFO/ET cover up is the military industrial complex that rebuffed relations with more peaceful evolved ETs back in the early 1950s. This industry not only profits from conflicts, war, and terror but many now believe that this industry is behind the manufacture of war and terror so as to advance its nefarious interests causing extreme destruction to the whole of humanity. I believe that instead of making peace with the more ethically evolved ETs and end national and global conflicts this industry resisted the peaceful ET overtures in favour of alliances with less ethical ETs just like themselves and have put all humanity in peril of being colonized or worse.

Of course other entrenched special interests have been involved in covering up extraterrestrial reality. Establishment religious and scientific institutions have also played there part in covering up the truth, but I do believe that it has been the energy and arms industry that are the most responsible. For this reason I believe exopolitics needs to work to broaden its political base to include environmental and peace activists. Peace activists are beginning to catch on the secret nefarious activities of the arms industry to promote war and terror. The environmentalists, however, seem to be behind the learning curve when it comes to understanding how the energy industry has created global energy dependence through the suppression of advanced ET energy technologies.

All public interest activists must come together to understand and end the UFO/ET cover up for the good of all humanity and for the earth itself. Sixty years of tyranny have taken their toll on our society as it becomes more Orwellian and environmentally destructive every day. We must all collectively understand that the root causes of societal degradation through war and terror and environmental degradation through polluting energy lie in the very secret cover up of extraterrestrial reality no matter how strange and outlandish that may seem to some. Only when the bodyguard of lies, the wall of ridicule and denial around the UFO problem is comprehended that this tyranny over the mind of man can be lifted and actions taken so as to free ourselves and our planet from the enslaving hand of entrenched corporate interests and their elitist masters.

I look forward to the time when corporate environmental activists like Ralph Nader inquire into these matters. This insidious cover up this tyranny over the mind of man is so entrenched that it’s going to have to involve many segments of society for us to regain control over our personal and collective destiny. We can’t simply do this job on our own in the UFO/ET field. We must broaden our political base to include as many different elements of society as possible.

The arrogant, conceited, economic and academic elitist leaders of the world must be held accountable by the people and made to stop making the same old lame excuses for their undemocratic and tyrannical actions. Knowledge of extraterrestrial reality rightly belongs to the people. Sixty years has been more than long enough to acclimate world populations. Elitists have proved through 60 years of destructive action that once again Thomas Jefferson was right when he said, “I know of no better repository of the truth than with the people.”

Mass Media's National Security Collar

Mass Media’s National Security Collar
By Ed Komarek
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In previous articles I have discussed mass media lapdogs that refuse to investigate or promote discussion on extraterrestrial realities having been brainwashed by Big Brother to keep their collective heads firmly embedded in the sand. This group includes mainstream newspaper editors and reporters who consider open debate on the subject taboo in their newspapers fearful of the ridicule surrounding the subject. There is however another group of mainstream broadcast media lapdogs like Larry King and news wire lapdogs like Reuters and The Associated Press who dance to the national security’s pied piper script of supposed gradual UFO/ET disclosure.

In recent months many in the UFO/ET field have been encouraged by newswire promulgation and reporting of UFOs and less trashing of UFO investigators and the UFO subject to the degree they have in the past. Even more interesting Larry King has aired several programs on the subject following up on some reporting he did many years ago. After all these years one would expect that Larry King knows plenty about this subject but can only play to Big Brother’s disclosure script because of his national security collar and short leash.

I have even heard that some in the UFO field have agreed to water down their reporting in order to gain access to mainstream media programs such as Larry King Live. It’s bad enough that Larry King and other media lapdogs are constrained by national security collars and short leashes but having our own compromise themselves to collaborate for media attention is also troublesome. I have likened this situation to occupied France in World War Two where French citizens collaborated with their Nazi occupiers. The truth is that for 60 years the public has been under an occupation of sorts as to extraterrestrial reality by Big Brother’s global entrenched interests.

Of course the UFO/ET cover up is just part of the elitist global control that is destroying not only our human freedoms and liberties but our global environment as well. Every day adults and children spend hours in front of their personal brainwashing machines. In childhood at a very early age the children are indoctrinated through the so called “education system” to be good servants and slaves to the local, national and global elite. When the children grow up as adults they are integrated into an autocratic system of elite control, a master slave society where the toughest meanest gangsters rise to the top of the chain of command and determine the flow or resources and the need to know.

Some people are gradually waking up to the seriousness of our precarious situation here on spaceship earth. What we really need now in the field of exopolitics is fewer sheep studying UFO/ET reality and more activists doing something about the cover up. We are in desperate need of people who are willing to sacrifice their individual comfort and resources for the good of the whole in the cosmic rights movement, just as the leaders of the civil rights movement did in the past.

My father was considered by some to be the father of fire ecology, a man who I used to think was obsessed with fire and the ending of the Forest Service’s Smokey the Bear anti-fire program that was doing so much damage to the natural environment. But in a large part due to his doggedly persistence and lifetime dedication he was able to facilitate a sea of change in society’s collective attitude toward fire and the natural world.

As I age I can finally understand his obsession with fire because I find myself doing exactly the same thing in fighting for the people’s right to know about UFO/ET reality. History has shown over and over again if people will quit wasting time complaining, refuse to go to the back of the bus, and just get to work, even one person can move mountains if they dedicate their lives to what they want to accomplish.

Young people should not be satisfied with just being another sheep, going baa, baa the world is going to hell! Young people need to do something about elevating human consciousness and cleaning up this planet because they are the ones that are going to have to live on it in the future. I believe a person can do no better than to help end this insidious 60 year cover up of extraterrestrial realities that is stifling humanities evolution and contributing to the national and global entrenched special interest’s social and environmental destruction of this planet.

I would like Larry King and other mass media personalities who are talking about extraterrestrial realities to show a little backbone and stand up to entrenched interests who use national security as a cover, a mechanism for Big Brother’s elite control. Do you really think that entrenched interests will ever release control if you and other citizens do not stand up for the people! This UFO/ET disclosure script is a farce, just more elitist manipulation, it’s been going on for 60 years and nobody is the better for it and it can go on for another 60 years unless like Rosa Parks you refuse to shut up and go to the back of the bus.

Mass media lapdogs need to quit playing to the disclosure script that the national security establishment controlled by entrenched interests is hawking, and be a true leaders, public watchdogs, not just another media lapdog tied by Big Brother’s apron strings. Control over disclosure needs to be put back in the hands of the people where it belongs and out of the hands of the special interests.

Larry King, become an activist, take back your government, your world, from the entrenched interests that are destroying humanity and nature, the biblical destroyers of the earth. No matter if one is religious or secular, stand up and fight for a new heaven and a new earth, don’t expect it to be handed to you on the propagandist’s silver platter. If you are religious then know that God helps those that help themselves, if not then just drop the God and fight for the truth so that you may be free.

UFOs and Global Warming

UFOs and Global Warming
By Ed Komarek
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Environmental activists might wonder what in the world do UFOs have to do with massive global environmental degradation in general and global warming in particular.
Many of us in the UFO/ET community are beginning to make that connection and as that knowledge spreads beyond the UFO community environmental activist leaders will begin to grasp the connection.

The fact is that environmentalists are well behind the learning curve as compared to world peace activists. We in exopolitics now realize that there have been two major national and global entrenched interests that stand out in suppressing extraterrestrial realities. One is the fossil fuels industry and the other is the arms industry. We now realize that in the 1950s if ET reality had become public knowledge both these industries would have been devastated just as had the gas light industry when the electric light bulb came into widespread use.

These industries as well as other special interest came in early to suppress extraterrestrial knowledge out of self interest once the military and the intelligence community understood the situation. This has resulted in a 60 year old cover up and propaganda campaign of denial and ridicule that has brainwashed world populations placing them in denial of extraterrestrial realities.

Many who have had sightings dismiss them and refuse to believe their lying eyes. Anybody who doubts this or that national security issues have and are being used as a cover in order to suppress UFO/ET reality really ought to read at least one good book on the subject like, UFOs and The National Security State, by Richard Dolan. Nobody wants to believe that they have been brainwashed but it’s the sad truth that most of the public has been so victimized.

One of the first questions that the brainwashed public and environmentalists are going to ask is so what if UFOs are real and aliens exist, I don’t see how it’s affecting me, our society and especially the environment? To ask such a question in the first place is a sad commentary on the present dire situation of widespread global warming and degradation due to the widespread use of fossil fuels. While world peace activists are beginning to realize that world peace would destroy much of the arms industry the environmental activists still have their collective heads in the sand.

The truth is that the way the ET spaceships are powered with almost unlimited cheap power can be used to drive our civilization with little environmental effects. The oil industry relies on scarcity to control the price of oil and make trillions of dollars at public expense but all that would have been wiped out with cheap abundant energy. Also we would not have global warming and other environmental degradation that so threaten us and our planet if cheap non polluting energy had come into widespread use by the 1960s as it should have.

The other environmental factor is the way UFOs or flying saucers move both through the atmosphere and through space using electromagnetic and anti-gravity propulsion. Environmental activists if they think this through will realize that all the environmental degradation from car pollution, highways, bridges, power lines etc. would not have happened if our personal vehicles used electromagnetic and anti-gravity systems. We would be traveling through the air using non-polluting ZPE energy.

Environmentalists should team up with exopolitical activists and peace activists and other activists even in the health industry because an end to the UFO/ET cover up would drastically and fundamentally change our world for the better. Environmentalists need to realize that all these things touted by industry like solar power, wind power, geothermal energy etc. to end global warming and other degradation just won’t do the job and will only strengthen the established interest control over energy and peoples lives.

Just these two factors, cheap abundant pollution free energy and anti-gravity technology out of many others I have yet to discuss, can transform our society quickly and profoundly. Environmentalists are well aware of how conventional technologies and some not so conventional technologies have been suppressed by the oil industry so maybe young bright minds can make the conceptual jump I am suggesting so that they can join and help us to end the UFO/ET cover up.

(Note: This article is one of a series of articles addressing different factions within society as to the need to understand extraterrestrial realities and ending the UFO/ET cover up.)

Health Activism and UFOs

Health Activism and UFOs
By Ed Komarek
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In the article Environmental Activism and UFOs I discussed the reason environmental activists should come on board with exopolitical activists to end the UFO/ET cover up. In this article I would like to address the health activists and why they also should join with the UFO activists to end the exopolitical cover up of extraterrestrial reality. The first question that the health activist is going to ask will be similar to what the environmentalist will say. What do UFOs have to do with health issues?

Some issues would be easy to understand if there was open public contact with advanced extraterrestrial races. For instance more advanced races might be willing to assist us to cure disease. I would not be surprised if extraterrestrial medical technologies are not already being covertly interjected into the medical community just as they have been into the electronic and defence industries. As to just how this is done I suggest the reading of the book, The Day After Roswell, by Col. Philip Corso who was involved in this process. In this way entrenched special interests have made in the medical industry huge sums of money the same as they have in other industry monopolies.

There is one area that I would like to talk about that had not entrenched interests suppressed extraterrestrial realities for their own benefit and at public expense, we would all be so much better off. This area is life extension. Some of us exopolitical activists understand that many ET groups live to around a thousand years of age. If this information had been shared with the public in the 1950s as might have been possible if world leaders had not rebuffed these more benevolent ETs in favour of less friendly ETs our medical industry would have been transformed.

Just think what knowledge of life extension would have done not only for quality of life but what a dent it would have put in age related diseases. Age related diseases drive up the high cost of health care making huge sums of money for the special interest drug companies, insurance companies and the medical monopoly in general. These entrenched interests have now become so strong they join the fossil fuel industries and arms industries monopolies in devastating human society.

While it would seem that it would be the fossil fuels industry and the arms industry that are primarily behind the cover up it should be easy to see that the medical establishment has a lot to loose if and when the UFO/ET cover up ends. The truth is that just about every institution on earth is going to have to restructure post cover up. It should not be hard to see why world leaders who take their marching orders from global entrenched special interests are dragging their feet on ending the cover up of the truth that has now been going on more that 60 years.

This whole issue is not about national security at all, because entrenched interests have created this fiction to hide from and manipulate the public. I suggest the uninformed reader read UFOs and the National Security State, by Richard Dolan if they doubt this. The declassified documentation is all there.

I would hope that heath activists, environmental activists, political activists, religious activists will break through the sixty years of public media brainwashing so that they can join the rest of us to end the insidious cover up of extraterrestrial realities. We have already lost so much over the years and we must not wait for disclosure to come from world governments because it’s never going to happen that way unless it is on their terms. The public must take control on its own terms or things won’t be much different post cover up as they are today because of a probable negative spin designed stampede the public ever deeper into special interest control.

(Note: This article is one of a series of articles addressing different factions within society as to the need to understand extraterrestrial realities and ending the UFO/ET cover up.)

Religious Activism and UFOs

Religious Activism and UFOs
By Ed Komarek
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Both secular and religious people have been drawn to exopolitics and the UFO/ET field in general. I think the reason religious people seem to be ahead of the curb of say the environmentalists, is that those that really study religious teachings can see that the same sort of thing that was happening thousands of years ago and recorded in religious texts is still happening today. Truly religious people understand that religion must keep up with modern day advances in knowledge and truth and so these modern ideas pose no threat to their religion.

Modern thinkers and activists can see that the people thousands of years ago were involved in extraterrestrial reality and that this reality shaped the religious thinking that continues to this day. The only difference was that thousands of years ago people were less sophisticated and had to use their limited means to try to understand fantastic things. For those with open minds it can be seen that heaven meant outer space and Gods and demons were terms the people used to try to differentiate between those ET races that were benevolent and helpful and those that were not.

Open minded religious thinkers and activists don’t cling to the past when confronted by modern day knowledge and reality but instead incorporate new understanding and knowledge into their religion. Today so much more is known about soul reality and extraterrestrial reality that it is a shame that so many religious people remain in denial of facts that now support their faith. Of course new truths are problematic for many because they seem to be in conflict with archaic truth expressed in ancient religious texts. The real truth is that truth is truth and will always be truth, but perceptions do change with the times. So there really is no conflict as far as truth is concerned only how truth is perceived.

So it would seem that religious people that can differentiate between truth and perception have a leg up and are ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding extraterrestrial realities. Still the truth can be harsh and disconcerting to those who strongly adhere to belief and faith when faced with evidence that require a change of perception and perspective.

New truths or new perspectives are opening up in modern times that are very exciting and enlightening and are enhancing religion to a point where old out moded religious perspectives and established institutions seem quaint and primitive. Religion is very much alive and flourishing in modern times and those activists that can make the grade are leading the others, if abet reluctantly, into the religions of the 21 century.

Religion concerns itself with ethics and values and the life of the soul in and out of its mortal habitation. So much work has been done studying out of body experiences, past life experiences, extraterrestrial reality and soul reality. We can now begin to see that eternal life and mortal life is so much more than can possibly still be imagined. It just boggles the mind and the more one knows the more one realizes how much one really does not know.

The perspective that is coming into view is one of vast complexity and wonder. Many very diverse and similar life forms move between corporal realities and eternal reality. The manner of individual choices and movement seems to be just as vast as there are individuals. These truths may be disconcerting to religions of the west where reincarnation was suppressed by the orthodox to the point of murdering millions of free thinkers, or heretics. Those that believed in a personal relationship with God and reincarnation were exterminated in the west but not so for the eastern religions which have embraced reincarnation, self development and personal responsibility.

The modern religious perspective now coming into view is that individuals move into corporal realities and put on bodies and then lose them just as a person puts on and takes off a suit of clothes. The reason souls incarnate into bodies is for the same reasons that virtual realities are being designed today even though in primitive form.

A body is needed to negotiate and interact with a virtual world for both entertainment as well as education purposes. When one lives and finishes a life one moves on. From both a modern understanding of eternal overall reality and extraterrestrial corporal realities it can be seen that not only does a individual incarnate just on earth but elsewhere as well and in both primitive and advanced stellar societies depending on what needs to be learned.

Religious activists and secular activists find themselves drifting together in the field of exopolitics unified by a common goal to understand exopolitical truths and to end the insidious UFO/ET cover of extraterrestrial reality by established interests. Both religious and secular realize that this cover up is extremely destructive to humanity and to the environment. Religious and secular activists realize that the cover up favours unfriendly or demonic extraterrestrial races and impedes the more ethically advanced races being able to help us.

Religious people see these less ethical races as satanic, the losers in a battle in heaven long ago and secular activists see these less ethical races more ecologically as predatory races in conflict with more cooperative races in the universal drama of nature and evolution. Both religious and secular understand that these less ethical races collaborate or even maybe control world governments and the mass media, pushing us all into an Orwellian world of suffering and slavery.

Still the scriptures hold out hope for the oppressed and say that this fall into destruction will fall back onto the destroyers of the earth and their best laid plans will come to naught. Finally in the end times the more ethical races will appear when mankind has had its fill of violence, suffering and the predatory ETs and will lead the way to a new heaven and a new earth. We activists realize regardless of background or religion that the secret, deceptive UFO/ET cover up is inherently destructive and must be ended as soon as possible for the good of all humanity.

(Note: This article is one of a series of articles addressing different factions within society as to the need to understand extraterrestrial realities and ending the UFO/ET cover up.)

Who Lands First?

Exopolitics: Who Lands First?
By Ed Komarek
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There seems to be some debate within exopolitics as to which ET groups contacted earth officials first, those that were more enlightened, or those that were more control orientated. I think an even more interesting discussion and debate in the future might revolve around which groups, the controllers or the liberators, may first openly disclose themselves to the global public.

Of course the exopolitical situation may be much more complex than such a black and white perspective. Still for arguments sake we could break down some of the extraterrestrials critical to our future into two such groupings. There do seem to be some ET races than have an interest in controlling and colonising us who appear to be in conflict with other ETs that would allow us independence to think and act for ourselves.

If we are to believe biblical scripture it will be the controllers who will openly contact mankind first so as to finally establish a global elitist Orwellian world government. Things seem to be moving in that direction rather quickly. I found it interesting that high level contacts of Dr. Michael Salla recently stated that a high level UN meeting was recently held involving extraterrestrial reality. It was stated at this meeting that the controllers would make open contact in 2017. I found it interesting that the word controllers were used in reference to ETs in these high level discussions between the representatives of many nations.

I have been aware for a long time that ET races are a mixed bag with some much more enlightened than others and that the more enlightened ones don’t have much interest in involving themselves in earth human internal conflicts. Neither do they approve of the manipulation, secrecy and deception being used by the entrenched interests that control world governments and the mass media in an attempt to create an Orwellian global order.

People with religious background should not have much trouble with such scenarios involving constructive and destructive ETs because the religious texts from around the world describe extraterrestrial interactions both destructive and helpful in ancient times. It does not take much of a leap for religious people to understand that the end times of the Bible might be playing out now in this modern time. Much of what was foretold did not make much sense until this modern day.

Miracles like the virgin birth can now be explained by modern technology and people are being raised from the dead on a regular basis in these modern times. The fiery chariots that transported Ezekiel and Mohammad now can be understood as extraterrestrial spaceships. Many of the gods and angels of the bible both good and evil were of human form and some could even interbreed with mankind.

The bible tells of a battle in heaven or outer space where the victors defeated Lucifer and relates that this battle continues to play out between these two opposing forces over the fate of mankind. The evidence accumulating within the UFO/ET community seems to indicate that this biblical account is a simplified version of a very complex exopolitical reality not much different to that being played out international politics.

I think it’s going to be anybody guess as to which extraterrestrial groups make open overt contact first as it might be that the groups themselves are unsure of what the chain of events might be. I believe that the secret deceptive UFO/ET cover up plays mostly into the hands of predatory extraterrestrial races. Still if the predatory races believe that the more enlightened races are going to disclose first then it might be in the predatory races best interest to move first and solidify there grip on humanity in preparation for the enlightened groups arrival.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mass Media Lapdogs and UFO/ET Reality

Mass Media Lapdogs and UFO/ET Reality
By Ed Komarek
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At the height of widespread UFO activity in the early 1950s an interesting film emerged out of the entertainment industry called The Day The Earth Stood Still. It is widely recognized that the mainstream media and the entertainment industry collaborate with the American government in areas considered important to National Security. The collaboration has been well documented in time of war but is much less understood and documented in peacetime.

Even though the United States government officially denies that UFOs are a threat to National Security its own declassified documents have proved otherwise. (Read UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan.) There has been a longstanding and prolonged collaboration between government, the media and the entertainment industry just as in a time of war so as to maintain the 60 year old UFO/ET cover up. Today the UFO/ET cover up is not really about issues of national security even though in the early years of the cover up a case could be argued for that. (See the The 1958 Fontes Saucer Briefing )

Today what the UFO/ET cover up is really about is protecting national and global entrenched interest control over world populations under the cover of National Security. If Klaatu the lead character in the Day the Earth Stood Still were to land today on the White House lawn his reception would still be the same as it would have been in the 1950s. Only today he would be surrounded by tanks placarded with the names Exxon, Halliburton, Blackwater, Merck, Citibank and the planes and predators flying overhead would seen to belong to Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

The sixty year suppression of extraterrestrial realities in the public domain has proceeded while at the same time entrenched special interests have feverishly worked under the highest levels of secrecy and need to know to use extraterrestrial knowledge to strengthen their control over world populations. The entrenched interests know from crashes, shoot downs and interrogations that the extraterrestrial intent is to one day openly contact humanity and they want to be prepared to protect their interests regardless of the interest of the public as a whole. I believe they intend to do this even if martial law has to be declared and any remaining liberties and freedoms destroyed.

On the other hand I believe the extraterrestrials are well aware of the intentions of the entrenched interests and covertly work to slowly acclimate the public to their presence. If my hunch is correct the ETs are letting the entrenched interests play out their Orwellian hand until it begins to collapse under its own corrupt weight. Today the global elite’s nefarious activities are becoming exposed and their plans for world dominion are being undermined by a growing awareness by the public as to their true intentions. My best guess is that the ETs have had a 60 year old plan of their own in place, to deal with the entrenched interests and are only now making a accelerated move toward disclosure as the Global elites best laid plans for the human race begin to fall apart.

As the elite’s plans are exposed in the international arena they are even now being forced to accelerate the playing out of their nefarious hand in the exopolitical arena. This before the public and the media have been properly brainwashed into believing that the extraterrestrials presence is a threat and so should look to world governments for protection and accept their dark Orwellian vision for humanity. Contrast the evolution of movies from the Day the Earth Stood Still though Close Encounters and ET, to the rabid demonizing of extraterrestrial reality in modern movies, Alien and Independence Day. Is this really just harmless entertainment or is the entertainment medium being used to convey a message?

I believe that the final straw that will break the back of the global entrenched interest’s plans will be when the mainstream media finally begins to extricate its collective head from the sand where it has been solidly embedded for sixty years. I hazard a prediction that if the national and global mainstream media finally awaken and begin to occupy their proper role as public watchdog rather than special interest lapdog things could be very interesting indeed. I would not be surprised that extraterrestrial over flights by mile long and larger spaceships now occurring over less populated areas worldwide such as in Stephenville Texas, will become more frequent and over more populated areas.

Mainstream media interest will end the cover up of the existence of extraterrestrial life and will usher in a new more overt period of conflict between the entrenched interests and world populations. While I do not think the elitist’s nefarious plans will work it is possible that at the very least the American government will attempt a false flag operation of a ET invasion in order to totally clamp down on the American people with martial law before the more friendly ETs force final disclosure.

If most ETs really are friendly and in overall control with only a few ETs in collaboration with the entrenched interests, then perhaps the situation as portrayed by the movie the Day the Earth Stood will not happen. If we are lucky the vision of a new heaven and a new earth as foretold in scripture could indeed take place.

We could have a planet fuelled by abundant cheap non polluting energy the same kind of energy that fuels ET spaceships. We could have a planet without cars, power lines, highways and bridges brought about by the introduction of anti-gravity devices. We could have a planet at peace without wars and an arms industry exhausting and wasting precious resources. We could have a humanity where our life span is greatly expanded resulting in little illness and the damaging effects of old age thus eliminating much of the medical and drug monopoly. We could have an enlightened humanity ready to reach out to the stars not to invade and conquer, but to seek knowledge and understanding as envisioned in the Star Trek Series.

In the 1950s if those that supported disclosure had won our world could have been a much better place. But rather than look back crying over spilt milk we must now attempt once again to get it right this time and not take the path as was predicted by the Day the Earth Stood Still nor be brainwashed by modern day demonizing of extraterrestrial reality as presented in the movie Independence Day.

The reader should seriously consider if the presentation of extraterrestrial realities in mainstream news and entertainment really is just harmless fun, or has there been a 60 year covert hidden agenda in play. Today as in the 1950s the mainstream media plays an important complicit role in maintaining the UFO/ET cover up. We can always hope that now and in the future the mainstream media will finally stand its ground at this late date and refuse to fold under the false banner of National Security and government inspired denial and ridicule of the subject.

We can only hope and pray that the mainstream media will finally extricate its collective head from the sand to finally rid us all of this insidious government cover up of extraterrestrial reality once and for all. Until such a time writers, myself included, will continue to inspire open public debate on extraterrestrial realities throughout the internet.

Currently I write for the OpEd News, The American Chronicle and The Canadian National Newspaper among others. This will serve to further erode and undermine the credibility and reader base of establishment media that refuse to investigate and report on extraterrestrial realities and other taboo subjects of grave importance to the citizenry. By such measures we believe that the mainstream media will one day out of self interest be forced to act in the public interest and finally help us end the UFO/ET cover up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where Is Our Rosie Parks?

Where Is Our Rosie Parks?
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

For sixty years the mainstream media has been used as a tool to propagandise and brainwash the public in regards to extraterrestrial realities. Serious high quality evidence is available in books and on the Internet for those who refuse to be victimized. The problem is that the public has been so brainwashed that instead of studying the evidence when confronted by people that are informed, they continue to make the same old tired arguments and ask the same old questions instilled in them by a half century of brainwashing.

The brainwashed public repeats over and over the same old tired refrain, show me absolute proof, when everywhere there is an abundance of proof? They say so what if aliens exist I don’t see how that is effecting me, when they are being massively effected from the price of oil to global environmental devastation to their own mental health.

Leaked and declassified government documents as well as military whistleblower testimony from highly credible politicians and military officers is ignored. For the UFO flap of 1952 alone, piles of documents have been declassified showing high level military and government officials secretly covering up the sightings over Washington while at the same time they are lying profusely to the public.

When witness testimony is always questioned and degraded why is not government credibility and debunking placed under the same kind of scrutiny? Highly credible witness testimony backed up by very good video of extraterrestrial craft is ignored or dismissed as fake. Other world governments are releasing declassified documents at a very rapid rate and cooperating with the citizenry on UFOs. Why is the American government holding back?

The sad truth is that no amount of evidence seems to make any difference to an American public in deep denial. Is the American public going to ignore the evidence until huge craft fly over our most populated cities as they have been doing over remote areas like Stephenville Texas? Is the public going to be unnecessarily scared and stampeded right into the hands of entrenched predatory global special interests? Shouldn’t we be at all concerned that our population has been weakened and dumbed down by those prepared to use the 60 year extraterrestrial cover-up to take full advantage of such a momentous event at public expense?

Until the public and mainstream reporters and editors are able to understand the process of their victimization in detail, the public will continue to be manipulated by world governments through the centralized and consolidated mainstream media. The technique being used by agents of the government is relatively simple. On the one hand the idea is to have agents stimulate reporting on extraterrestrial realities in the news and entertainment media as desired until a designated level of interest is created, then have agents suppress that reporting and interest in the mainstream media before things get out of hand and people begin to free themselves from the propagandist’s spell. In this manner people are being herded just like sheep to think just what and how much the controllers pushing the propaganda what them to think.

The claimed purpose of the so called government acclimation program is to “gradually acclimate the public to extraterrestrial realities slowly so nobody panics.” The real reason for the program is to delay the inevitable disclosure as long as possible, so as to continue to strengthen special interest control over global populations. Just as with the lobster in the pot, the public slowly weakens as the temperature rises. Democracy degenerates while tyranny grows ever stronger around the globe and in America.

One would think that 60 years would be plenty long to acclimate the public, so just what is really going on. Why was a reporter for a local Stephenville Texas Newspaper just fired for her reporting on UFOs in the local area not all that far from President Bush’s ranch in Crawford Texas? Why are witnesses now being threatened in the Stephenville area? This is not an isolated situation. This kind of thing has been going on for sixty years and as the media becomes more consolidated and centralized it becomes easier and easier for government to propagandise the public and censor reporters and editors who report on UFOs.

Those of us old timers in the UFO/ET field remember how a local independent newspaper in Gulf Breeze resisted government suppression efforts in its reporting of UFOs. It ended up with the paper being bought out so that they would no longer publish what its citizens were seeing in their skies. The people had to go to a local shopper to get the word out but that was not nearly as effective as the mainstream paper that was once on their side. The military tried to confiscate Ed Walters photo’s when Ed Walters was a principle witness and when that did not work their debunker shills began a campaign of dirty tricks against him.

What ever happened to freedom of the press? Did any other mainstream newspapers seriously inquire into all the uproar and worldwide publicity over the thousands of sightings at Gulf Breeze? Of course not, who’s going to stand up Uncle Sam when Uncle Sam cries National Security! When it comes to the most misused word in the English language, National Security, the mainstream media grows quiet or even ridicules the UFO/ET subject and demeans the investigators as they have been ordered to do.

The mainstream media lapdogs fall into line marching to the National Security propagandist’s pied piper’s beat. It really makes those of us that are aware of this public brainwashing sick in the stomach. We try to do what we can through alternate media but there is no way we can stand up to this massive well funded 60 year public brainwashing campaign against the unsuspecting general public.

The reporter for the Stephenville paper says she just wants to get on with her life and never wanted to be the news. That’s the whole problem, when the heat is on everybody just falls in line like a herd of sheep. Where is the Rosa Parks of today’s cosmic rights movement? Where is a reporter who will refuse to be silenced!

The truth is that the mainstream media is the news when it comes to extraterrestrial realities. Until some of the mass media wake up and resist overt and covert manipulation, they will just continue to be the government lapdog rather that the people’s watchdog. Is there really any independent mainstream free press in this country anymore? Are there any reporters and newspaper editors that will take the heat and stand up for the people’s right to know the truth?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Getting The Public To Take Exopolitics Seriously

Getting the Public to Take Exopolitics Seriously
By Ed Komarek
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Accurately gathering information on extraterrestrial societies and their interaction with earth humanity is really no different that gathering information in other disciplines. A good scientific investigator works from a solid as possible evidentiary foundation but that is not enough. A good investigator must have the intelligence and intuition to draw the right conclusions from the data available and also use this intuition or remote viewing sense to find even more as of yet hidden evidentiary information. Growing up amongst some of the leading ecologists of the day prepared me for my exopolitical studies.

Anybody can gather information, but making sense of it and drawing correct conclusions that adhere closely to reality is a different matter altogether. I think that people who rely on information gathering alone or intuition alone diverge far off the mark. On the one hand we have scientists who rigidly adhere to factual information but rarely discover anything really new and on the other hand we have scientists that intuit information that is a confusing mixture of partly true and partly false. I believe there must be a proper balance between facts, evidence and intuition. A good investigator and analyst strikes this proper balance either through personal investigation or by knowing the investigators well that collect the information.

Recently one person on the Internet made the point that the public investigation of extraterrestrial realities was no different than in the 1600s during the voyages of discovery. When people began to come back from China and Japan many doubted the stories for good reason because many people exaggerated their stories for effect. I think the breakdown of belief would be similar to that of those who have had or think they have had extraterrestrial contact.

Some people will believe everything, some will believe nothing except were there was some physical proof and maybe doubt even that, while a very few would study carefully all the stories and compare one to the other looking for similarities. Some of these few might even travel to see for themselves so as to confirm personally much what they already had summarised from the study of the stories and the people that told the stories. So in a sense only a very few would ever be able to understand and know the whole picture until later when so much information and evidence becomes publicly available that no one could doubt the realities involved.

Things are no different today because some people are traveling into the depths of space and into other dimensions, parallel worlds, while others are in great secrecy learning about extraterrestrial realities from crashed craft and the occupants of those craft. Stories get exaggerated and distorted in the telling as a great many people who either deceive others deliberately or deceive themselves by grabbing hold of a tiny bit of evidence and make a mountain out of a molehill of it.

Uninformed and propagandised readers when faced with such a complex situation wonder how in the world they are going to find out what is really the truth. All I can say is begin by reading books that are well written and informative such as, UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan, that are backed up by the governments own declassified documents. Or books by well respected and highly regarded individuals such as The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso. Then get out in the field and onto the Internet and join a UFO group so as to verify from personal experience what has been read. There is a lot of work to do because the stakes are high.

The toughest thing I and others in the exopolitical have to do is to get an uninformed and propagandised public to just study the evidence and inquire. Much of the mainstream media and newspaper editors in particular find the subject taboo and refuse to publish articles because they think their papers credibility will be affected by an open public discussion. Those editors that have had the courage to publish have been surprised by the interest in the UFO/ET subject and that instead of lessening credibility find that quite the opposite is true and that their papers circulation increases.

Newspaper editors and publishers have become the most propagandised of the public because of a steady stream of UFO denigrating propaganda to their papers that originates out of the major news wires from Washington DC and several of the largest newspapers in the country. I have a friend who edits several small newspapers and he used to run local articles on sightings and other strange phenomena. People on the street would stop and complement him on his articles but all it took after several months was one anonymous letter to his boss to shut him down.

There is a chain from editor to publisher and only one person in that chain who disapproves will cause the article or news to be rejected and an open public discussion suppressed. If it was not for this there would be a Dear Abby column on UFOs in major papers around the country because of widespread public interest in the subject. As it is readers have to go elsewhere and on to the Internet to become informed.

The effect of 60 years of government brainwashing is to so dumb down the population that they either think the subject is silly or that even if true they have no need to be concerned because they are not being seriously and profoundly affected. People are being seriously and profoundly affected on an everyday basis by extraterrestrial realities and the suppression of the knowledge of those realities, from the price of energy at the pump to their emotional and mental well being.

Friday, February 01, 2008

From Patriotism To High Treason (Part 1)

From Patriotism To High Treason (Part 1)
By Ed Komarek
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In a previous article, Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate? , I came down very hard on those entrenched special interests that I believe secretly have taken control of extraterrestrial affairs and have made treasonous treaties with various predatory ET races. None other than Ben Rich past head of the Lockheed Skunk Works said that the situation had been privatized and that it would now take an act of God to end the cover-up. The uninformed can be expected to throw up their hands and say, how can you even make such a silly statement, its not even proven that aliens exist, let alone that they have secret treaties with various global governments and the special interests that control those governments.

All I can say is, do your homework, because I write for those that already know extraterrestrials exist or at least want to know what that means if aliens are really real but only are later to be publicly proven to exist. Only the foolish disbelieve in the intelligence of the battlefield and walk right into a gun emplacement not believing until the evidence hits them in the chest. This is exactly the position many of the propagandised public are in. Are we to wait for the predator's jaws to snap shut before trying to act?

Col. Philip J. Corso’s book The Day After Roswell clearly describes the detailed history of American and Russian involvement in extraterrestrial affairs. From his own personal experience and now declassified and leaked documents we can see how the cold war and a extremely limited situational awareness by the military and government planners of exopolitics, set the stage for a Orwellian future and occupation by predatory alien races.

These military men like Philip Corso uniformly feared the extraterrestrials, considering them all hostile, and through low situational awareness set the stage for what they most feared, an alien invasion and occupation of the earth by certain of the predatory races. Corso and his fellow military men were very smart and clever strategic planners but they were no match for the predatory alien races that knew them better than they knew themselves and so have turned the earth human mind against itself and against free society. Corso and his fellow military men thought that they could and did fight the predatory ETs to a standstill in the 1980’s using the predatory aliens own technology against them.

Corso said on page 4 of his book, “So we used the extraterrestrials’ own technology against them, feeding it to our defence contractors and then adapting it for use in space-related defence systems. It took into the 1980s, but in the end we were able to deploy enough of the Strategic Defence Initiative …. And in the end, we not only outlasted the Soviets and ended the Cold War, but we forced a stalemate with the extraterrestrials, who were not so invulnerable after all.” I have not found anywhere in Corso’s book where the military or Corso even considered the possibility that their minds and actions were an open book to the predatory aliens and the aliens themselves orchestrated the stalemate in the 1980’s of their own design.

I think that the alien mind had created an appearance of a stalemate, hoodwinking the military. For those that prided themselves in strategic and deceptive thinking it’s a mystery to me that such an obvious scenario did not enter their minds. To the predatory aliens, technological power was inferior to mental power and they used our military’s belief in technological power as a mechanism, a means of control to feint a stalemate. It seems to me that the predatory aliens got what they wanted all along, secret Faustian agreements and alliances with global autocratic entrenched interests that further allowed them to infiltrate and subvert our society through these entrenched interests.

To make matters worse this predatory alien scheme also put those extraterrestrial races that are benevolent, our potential allies at a disadvantage. On top of everything else the benevolent races had to contend with a well armed America's Secret Space Fleet? subtly directed against them. It’s obvious to me that the predatory ETs were not only more technologically advanced that us but their mental powers and strategies of deception, infiltration and occupation are also more advanced. Military leaders and planners have seriously and I hope not fatally underestimated through poor situational awareness, predatory alien power and influence over earth human society.

It should be obvious that a UFO/ET cover-up and suppression of public knowledge of extraterrestrial affair is part of the creating of an environment of fear, deception and control that was planned from the beginning by predatory alien races. Predators need secrecy, stealth and deception to capture prey and it is exposure that they abhor and avoid until the final fatal pounce.

Corso’s book provides an excellent historical narrative as to how our global culture was being subverted and occupied in an Orwellian fashion prior to the secret alliances and treaties of the 1980’s. Still even Col. Philip Corso alludes to secret alliances and treaties that world militaries and governments were trying to establish with the predatory aliens. On page 157 Corso says, “I knew, even though I was no longer in the army in 1969, that our success at lunar exploration had demonstrated that we were exercising control and that the EBEs would not have free rein over our skies. It also demonstrated that if there were any deals to be made, any proxy relationships to establish, the Soviets were not the ones to deal with.”

It’s a very simple and efficient process to grow a powerful mechanism of social control within a society one wishes to control. The first step is to create a climate of fear and secrecy subverting, openness, freedom and liberty, the very qualities needed to fend off such a predatory attack. With little effort the military, government and corporate media become mechanisms for the installation of an Orwellian world order with the aliens at the top of the control pyramid. It is the aliens themselves that ultimately will determine the need to know, the flow of information, and control the resources to the rest of the world population through control of financial networks. The slave master controls the slaves by limiting education and the supplying or denying of resources to the overall population.

In my opinion the predatory ETs wanted global militaries to circle the wagons and build up a secret space fleet by creating a fake war with them. There was no stalemate as Corso believed; it was a contrived stalemate so as to use us against the more benevolent ETs who would not make secret alliances and agreements. The upshot is that we are in fact protecting the predatory ETs who have alliances with us against the cooperative ETs who will not compromise their values and methods by making deals in secret. Now that global powers have the secret space fleet the predatory ETs are free to concentrate on creating alliances with global elitists so as to use the global predatory entrenched interests as the alien’s planetary global plantation managers.

As I said before it’s a mystery to me that this simple scenario has been neither seen nor understood by world governments, military and mass media and perhaps even the global special interests themselves. Maybe it is because all the hubris, greed and fear obscure the truth to the elitists or maybe entrenched special interests worldwide are committing high treason by knowingly collaborating and facilitating a predatory alien Orwellian creeping occupation of global society. In the 1940s the subversion of society started off with fervent patriotism from people like Col. Philip Corso and now has possibly progressed to high treason as elitists knowingly cooperate with the predatory extraterrestrials to create an Orwellian feudal control over world populations.