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Housecleaning Exopolitics

Housecleaning Exopolitics
By Ed Komarek
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Over a number of years now I have written a large number of articles on exopolitics that detail some of the concepts and provide some of the evidence for those concepts. While I think the general concepts are sound I do realize that the overall database is extremely polluted by all too human frailties and government counterintelligence operations. I think its time to start thinking about how to drain the swamp or clear up the pollution in the lake.

I just reported on a longstanding feud in the exopolitical camp between warring contactee advocates that shows very clearly that a failure to deal with underlying issues results in needless and wasteful conflict. The issue that this conflict is really about is how to we determine what is real and what is not. We do have some tools at our disposal to separate the wheat from the chaff it we can muster the collective will to address these issues. In this article I attempted to begin a conversation by suggesting some ways and procedures that might be used to discriminate between the real and the unreal. Now please try not to laugh, of course it’s not so funny when it is happening you!

It’s been my personal experience that alleged real contactees are very publicity shy and this seems is in accordance with the covert nature of the extraterrestrial-ultra terrestrial presence. People that truly run across a extraterrestrial engaged in some sort of activity have a hard enough time of it if they go public, but someone that really has ongoing face to face contact has some very serious issues to contend with should they go public.

I think this refusal to go public involves the security of the ET’s covert operations and government surveillance and counterintelligence operations being run on the extraterrestrials. It’s dangerous enough to become embroiled and trapped in a conflict between feuding countries let alone getting in the middle of a conflict between world governments and the extraterrestrials.

We now have a new tool or concept at our disposal that can be used to easly separate real film and video from fake film and video. This concept causes me to think that there are very few if any public contactees that are real and not hoaxing especially when pictures are involved. This is a important post of mine that I quietly slipped into my blog without much fanfare. Now why did I not think of this? :-)

I also believe that there are real abductees with missing time but they are few in number as compared to the large numbers being reported. I think it is entirely possible that many abductees are either engaged in self deception for psychological reasons and needs or have been unconsciously and subconsciously mislead by amateur abductee investigators and researchers using hypnotic methods to try to gather more information on the alleged abduction.

Anybody who has studied memory knows that memory is very malleable, changes over time and is very much subject to being changed by subconscious forces of the individual, researchers and general societal conditioning. The use of hypnosis to extract hidden memories may in many cases do more harm that good to both the abductee and the researcher by confusing both. Of course if psychological problems arise or erupt from the experience then it makes since to contact a qualified professional psychiatrist or psychologist with experience in abduction cases.

The subconscious of a person in a hypnotic trance will as often as not create a false memory to substantiate a researchers conscious or unconscious belief, need or desire rather than present a true memory of the event being investigated that might run counter to the investigators own conscious or unconscious beliefs. Today a person with missing time can not help but be exposed to abductee culture through the media, movies, UFO conferences and personal contact with others that have been so exposed. I think that the early data gathered before this abductee culture developed might be less tainted and distorted than the data gathered in recent times.

I do believe there are real abductees with missing time and physical scars to prove it, but these real abductees might be much less that ten percent of the total database of abductees. I know from my personal experience as a UFO/ET investigator doing lectures at places with a captive audience like Rotary Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs that out of fifty people there will be two or three that will tell me of a good sighting.

I might have to run through 500 people before somebody tells me in confidence that they had missing time and scars. When they do confine in me they usually say that no way do they want to remember what happened or go public. They just as soon forget and get on with their lives. This personal experience makes me extremely skeptical of speculations as to up to a billion people being abducted.

I realize this is not going to make me any more popular with abductee constituencies as with contactee constituencies but its just my opinion at present and only time and very good scientific research under very rigid scientific protocols will be able to give us some accurate numbers. In my opinion we really don’t even know the extent of our ignorance let alone what is really going on because of all the pollution in exopolitics and the UFO/ET field in general. Or maybe I am just getting a little jaded and cynical in my old age. :-)

I don’t see how we can get much further in exopolitics unless we can attract more scientific attention and have the government stop lying and disempowering the public. I think there is movement on both fronts but it’s much too slow a process to move society back on the evolutionary track for a much better world.

I can only hope that something radical and unexpected will break the impasse and help us get back on track and off the catastrophic path we have collectively set for ourselves. The failed policy of non-disclosure was implemented over 60 years ago by the nations of the world and only begrudgingly are the nations now beginning to rethink this policy and move slowly in the direction of disclosure. That’s not good enough.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

UFO/ET Signatures

Exopolitics: Real UFO/ET Craft Leave Propulsion-Motion Signatures
By Ed Komarek
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I would like to make the exopolitics community and the UFO/ET field in general aware that if any intelligent person has access to very good scientific data on anomalous aerial objects and a good understanding of the physics involved, they will be able to spot fake UFO pictures for themselves. A general knowledge of these developments amongst members of the UFO/ET community is going to stand exopolitics and the whole UFO/ET community on it ear soon.

Everybody should begin to prepare for this. This does not affect the very basic assumptions of exopolitics but it will clean up much of the pollution in exopolitics and the UFO/ET field that swirls around photographic evidence that supports UFO contactee-abductee claims, cults and UFO/ET witnesses in general that is very damaging to our field. It’s also going to expose the inexperience, naivety and poor judgment of exopolitical researchers who have very strongly defended some of these hoaxes and cultists.

In the future any potential hoaxer better think twice about using fraudulent photographic evidence in supporting nefarious secret agendas of self promotion, exploitation and victimization of honest sincere people. The most effective damaging hoaxers and cultists are those that seem sincere, kind and compassionate at least on the surface. Let the public beware.

Anybody that fakes a picture, be it a contactee-abductee or anybody else will be able to be exposed as a fraud so many of exopolitics sacred cows past and present like Adamski, Menger, Fry, and today’s Billy Meier and Ed Walters are going to go down as hoaxers of fake photographs. This also includes the Fake Turkish video that claims an occupant inside. On the other hand I am told that a recent video that has been taken in Mexico is real because the anomalous phenomena associated with the object makes that clear.

The problem we have in exposing hoaxers is that all these exopolitical sacred cows have constituencies that will fight back against anyone who tries to expose them. For this reason I think a team approach would be good on our part so that no one member takes all the heat and the scientists involved can concentrate on their own scientific research without being trashed for their efforts to clean up the pollution in the public domain.

The ability expose fake pictures and hoaxes will be easy because real UFOs of advanced technological origin have very obvious magnetic, gravity and time compression and other "signatures", if they show the real thing close up enough to see detail. These signatures will be impossible or very difficult to fake even if the hoaxer has access to the scientific data. It seems that much respected researchers with backgrounds in the intelligence community know this, but do not tell the public, because it will screw up their counterintelligence activities regarding fake photo analysis in support of those they know are hoaxing photos and some that use fake photos as evidence to create contactee-abductee cults.

Any intelligent open minded person with at least some background in magnetism, gravity, plasma and theories related to time compression or even quantum mechanics can easily learn to see for themselves that the phenomena associated with a real anomalous aerial object is incredibly complex and detailed to the experienced eye. The experienced scientists in matters such as these are able to point out these effects to any open minded layman who has as least some knowledge of physics. It’s that obvious.

I agree with these scientific researchers as to the dangers of exopolitics as a legitimate filed of scientific study but I also believe there are opportunities related to exopolitics. I now know from hours and hours of conversations that honest scientists with access to the data have the ability to discriminate between real and fake UFO images.

I am confident for several reasons that this ability to clearly determine hoaxing of photos is real. I agree with these researchers that the UFO/ET community is a seething polluted sea due to human deceptions and counterintelligence operations designed to keep things that way. I hope those with insight might do something to clean up that pollution, but I am told the real evidence will take care of that, in and of itself, to those who want to be objective and don't make a religion of contactee claims, etc.

It has occurred to me that their might be bright aspiring young students and their professors studying in the fields of aeronautical engineering and or physics who might be interested in gathering and processing data on real UFOs as part of their academic studies. It just might be that we will have to grow a new generation of scientists interested in exotic space propulsion systems that are willing to follow established scientific principles and protocols in the study of UFOs.

What our society needs are aspiring young scientists who are open minded enough to gather and study data on UFOs in order to gain new insights that they can then apply to current and future development of exotic space propulsion systems and craft. It may even be possible to assemble a team of aspiring young scientists who can coordinate their activities with older scientists already involved in such activity.

Perhaps a first step toward assembling such a team of students would be gather together a database of real film and video on UFOs from the Internet with the help of the older scientific team. If the students could assemble a list of links to film and video publicly available on the Internet the older scientific team could get things moving by culling out the fake material. Once the students have a database of real UFOs to work from then they will be able to have the ability to do their own culling with the assistance and advice of the older team of scientists.

This might be only a first step in the study of the evidence if the younger team members are inspired to broaden their approach and involvement to go out into the field and gather their own scientific data for processing and study. This might also have an added benefit by stimulating the interest of their academic teachers to take a serious look at the data already scientifically recorded. I believe that some great advances in physics and aeronautical engineering can result if both young and older scientists will just seriously study and gather data on UFOs.

If there are students or their professors who might be interested in a project such as this they can contact me at I can’t guarantee the support of the scientists now involved in the study of anonymous aerial objects but there has been expressed a interest in educating young people in the scientific investigation of UFOs. In regards to professors they also may want to contact me if they have an interest in activities that might inspire their students to higher levels of achievement.

Exopolitics Dispute

FIGU Barbarian Invades Exopolitics Institute Camp Forcing Angry Debate on Exopolitical StandardsBy Ed Komarek
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I have been watching a developing feud amongst well know exopoliticians, “civil society advocates”, that include Dr. Michael Salla, Paola Harris and contactee Alex Collier VS FIGU’s very “uncouth” and “uncivil” Michael Horn the “alleged” official representative of contactee Billy Meier. The conflict has now drawn in exopolitics Canadian international lawyer Alfred Webre into the fray. The lurid details are being published on Michael the Barbarian’s web-page who in spite of spears to the front from Michael Salla and Alfred Webre and multiple stabs to the back by Paola Harris carries on as happy as a pig in s—t.

The feud seems to have reached a fever pitch recently with threats of lawsuits and the trading of accusations in this one-sided four to one fight against the invading Barbarian from the north, Michael Horn. International Italian exopolitician Paola Harris now loudly demands that Michael Horn desist his rude and uncivilized behavior. One cannot help but wonder how long it might before, “Michael the Hun”, is accused of being a certified intelligence agent provocateur.

Mrs. Harris has kindly taken issue with my rough draft statement and I have edited out apologize and replaced it with desist. It would appear from this statement that Paola is being caught in the cross fire between the two Michaels. Mrs. Harris says, "I do not demand any apology, Never did as I do not write to him...Why would I?This is the truth.... Where do you see that I ask for an apology since there IS NO EMAIL Exchange...Except to CEASE and DESIST! I have never called him.."an agent" I JUST IGNORE him so I do not know where you are getting these words you are printing. Maybe from Dr. Salla...not me!

I don’t think that Michael Horn is an agent provocateur which some might think who have not familiar with this feud between Michael H. and Michael S. and Paola Harris since the formation of the Exopolitics Institute. I believe it was my friend and ORTK co-founder Mike Jamieson who pointed out very early the cultist tendencies of Michael S. and Michael H. in the early period of the Institute. At that time Michael J. had recently just freed himself from the Bubba Free John cult and was on an angry cult busting spree for awhile.

My guess as to what is going on is that Michael Horn being, a intelligent person behind all the bluff and bluster, is becoming subconsciously aware but is not yet conscious, that he has been victimized by the FIGU cult and in order not to deal with that is subconsciously misdirected away from the source of the victimization into attacking vigorously the cultist tendencies of Michael Salla, Paola Harris and Alex Collier. I would be interested if Michael Jamieson would agree?

My hunch is that the reason feuds such as these go to this extreme is that all the parties involved refuse to admit and correct error. Each party in a conflict attracts and psychologically projects to the other the error in each that is being denied. Over time the intensity of the conflict escalates as error is compounded upon error and hopefully before violence erupts, at least one party to the conflict catches on to what is happening and the conflict recedes.

I would think that Dr. Michael Salla would be the first to catch on as he has experience in mediation and conflict resolution if he would only admit to his own cultist tendencies and lack of experience in the UFO/ET first pointed out by Mike Jamieson many years ago. I think Michael deludes himself into thinking he is some kind of authority on exopolitics but compared some UFO/ET scientists he is in kindergarten. I know Michael well enough that all this is very emotionally disturbing to him because he believes in civil society but does not recognize that he is projecting into Michael Horn his own suppressed not so civil angry inner barbarian. It’s the same with Paola Harris. This is just my considered opinion of course.

On the other hand I think Michael Horn is suppressing his more kind gentle civil nature that I know is not far beneath the angry crusty surface features of his subconscious. In a conflict like this everybody is right and everybody is wrong. The problem all around is that all the parties in this conflict have in some degree an underling dishonest subconscious that drives our collective self delusional violent human condition. But heck what does Ed Komarek know, he’s is no psychiatrist, right?

Well anyhow so much for psychoanalysis, back to the task at hand. Controversies in the UFO/ET community do serve to highlight underling unresolved issues that tend to get swept under the rug in more peaceful times. Michael Horn has been bringing up issues in this dispute that center around the need for some sort of vetting of contactees and abductees as well as exopolitical qualifications amongst investigators and researchers.

Michael Salla has also brought similar issues of exopolitical peer review and policing in the exopolitical field that suggest that academics, himself included, are the more qualified to sit in judgment as to the qualifications of exopoliticians and the vetting of contactees. Dr. Michael Salla offers through the Exopolitics Institute courses on exopolitics and how to qualify to be an extraterrestrial ambassador.

Dr. Salla charges a considerable sum of money that has elicited recently an article by Billy Cox in a mainstream Florida newspaper. In turn Dr. Salla has vigorously attempted to refute allegations. I briefly entered the fray with an, I told you so email, not being able to resist my better instincts.

Michael Salla says, "As for the Billy Cox and criticism of the Certification program, my rebuttal is here: Michael Salla also offers the following link for publication in regards to his position on Alex Collier. "

Alfred Webre was singled out by Michael Horn for publishing tabloid like articles in the Internet media that have little evidential basis like, NASA to Bomb the Moon, Reverse Speech proves Obama to Disclose, and One Billion Abductions Worldwide. Other investigators outside of exopolitics have expressed to me their dismay over this sort of behavior from Alfred who can write very well written articles involving the UN and UFOs.

Alfred Webre vigorously disputes this accusation. "I would take issue with the characterization in your article - that my articles for are "tabloid-style"These articles are intentionally written in popular journalistic style for a mass media on-line newspaper and vary between 750 and 3000 words. I stand behind all of the science in the articles. I am reaching the mainstream with these articles and last month my verified statistics showed over 100,000 readers.

My articles were the highest ranked Political Examiner articles in the USA."
Michael Salla has also been accused of writing articles with little evidential backing that serve to compromise the credibility of some good scholarly articles that he has written and published. This all raises the minds of many the issue of the ability of some exopolitical investigators to discriminate between well documented UFO/ET cases and cases with dubious value that are most likely hoaxes."

The issues and accusations raised by Michael Horn have stimulated counter accusations as to wither Billy Meier’s FIGU is a cult. One source of mine close to the action tells me that Billy has three wives and that there are allegations of child abuse at Billy’s farm. This source tells me that the occupants of the farm are required to sit naked together for an hour a day to meditate but I don’t know if this involves the children. I was sent an article by this source, on cults in Switzerland, which indicate cults are running rampant in that country.

Michael replies and says, "To report anonymous rumors about a "cult" is neither courageous nor accurate. it's simply cowardly and defamatory. Let your source step forward - as I have done with "exopolitics" - and make his, substantiated, claims openly. I've known these people for 10 years, recently back from another visit I couldn't find a "cult"."

Hopefully some good will come out of his feud when folks settle down to think about the issues involved and seriously attempt to resolve issues both in exopolitics and with FIGU. Now maybe its time I scramble up on the bleachers, having said my two cents worth, with the rest of the onlookers to see how this show plays itself out while attempting not get speared or knifed in the process.

Now really, all humor and entertainment aside, this kind of behavior amongst exopolitical researchers, hurts the emerging field of exopolitics and those quietly working to do credible work for the greater good. These failures by some prominent exopolitical investigators to deal with these issues turn the public away from exopolitics so that they are apt to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It also causes researchers quietly doing exopolitics to avoid being associated with the name exopolitics.

I hope over time to see less self promotion, snake oil and hoaxing and more serious research, introspection and better policing of the field to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let’s deal with and implement solutions to the issues involved rather than to continue this infighting. Why make it so easy on real CIA counterintelligence operators in the UFO/ET field to sit back and laugh at how we do their work for them without them even having to lift a finger.

I would like to add a few suggestions for those exopoliticians who would seriously deal with the issues being presented above. 1. Create an impartial scientific board of inquiry outside of the UFO/ET field. 2. Have this board of inquiry supervise a polygraph test and a detailed background check on the alleged abductee-contactee with this evidence available to both supporters and detractors. 3. Have the alleged abductee-contactee present before the board evidence of contact and argue their case in favor of being an abductee-contactee. 4. Have a skeptical detractor advocate present before the board to present evidence as to why the person is not a legitimate contactee-abductee and allow cross examination of the alleged abductee-contactee. 5. Have the impartial board of inquiry deliberate on the evidence and issue a statement to the public and the press that would rate the validity of the alleged contactee-abductee on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the least credible and 10 being the most credible.

Appended to this statement would be a transcript of all testimony during the hearing as well as the deliberations of the board to ensure transparency and so the evidence complied can be used for further arguments in the court of public opinion. It is my opinion that this kind of fair and honest inquiry would clear the air considerably as to the validity of the abductee-contactee experience. I wonder just how many contactee-abductees would even go so far as submit to a polygraph test let alone go before a board of inquiry. I don’t think the number of alleged contactee-abductees would be very large and a lot of useless static would be removed from the investigation of alleged contactee-abductees.

I am not saying this is the best way to go about trying to cull the self-deception and outright hoaxing that is rampant in the UFO/ET community but it could form a basis for a more honest discussion and less infighting in the UFO/ET community and could even be applied to witnesses to alleged extraterrestrial phenomena.

I would like the reader to know that there is now another very good way available to us to detect hoaxing of film and video in the UFO/ET field. Because of my involvement with a scientific team it is necessary for me to clear with them any of my articles on their activities. I have been allowed to publish the following article on UFO/ET Propulsion-Motion Signatures that allow a informed scientist to easily discriminate between fake film and video photographs of UFOs.

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Ray Stanford (Part 1)

Conversations With Ray Stanford (Part 1)
By Ed Komarek
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I had a marathon phone conversation with Ray Stanford that lasted around eight hours the better part of a day. Ray is now seventy one years old and had a severe heart attack some time ago. As far as I know there is nobody in the world who has done as much of the hard science on UFOs as has Ray. His lifetime work of capturing UFOs on film and with scientific instruments is unprecedented. Most of us that have been in the UFOET field for awhile know of some of Ray’s earlier work a little of which is on the Internet. and

In this long conversation, Ray got me up to speed and expressed to me that he has continued this work quietly and out of the public eye. He explained to me in great detail something of his large body of solid scientific evidence, not only as to the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft and occupants, but detailed scientific evidence as to the nature of the craft and the propulsion systems involved. He tells me he has close up photos of occupants in crafts that have never been made public. He has offered to brief me on this evidence if I can make it to Washington DC where he now lives.

Ray says he has briefed many high level scientists over his lifetime involved in both classified and unclassified research in plasma dynamics and electromagnetic propulsion systems and they have been amazed at the hard evidence he has accumulated. He discussed this all with me in great detail giving names, dates, places and names. He believes and I agree that there is nobody in the public domain anywhere that has as much hard evidence and detailed scientific knowledge and understanding as he has of anomalous aerial objects or AAOs, as Ray prefers to call what he has been tracking and how they operate.

Ray’s experiences with the UFO/ET community have been disappointing to him partly because the community is so infiltrated by the intelligence community and that a number of “researchers” work directly or indirectly for the CIA and other intelligence organizations. He shared with me his very detailed experiences with well-known persons in FUFOR and some other UFO organizations.

Ray and I believe that these organizations on the surface appear to be supporting serious scientific investigation of UFOs but in fact are working covertly to do everything they can to misguide UFO studies away from hard data monitoring (with instruments such as recording gravimeters, recording magnetometers, high-resolution cameras, spectrographic cameras, etc.).

We both believe establishment UFO/ET organizations are deliberately diverting public and scientific attention into less productive avenues such as trace-case studies and anecdotal accounts provided by civilian investigators or by government releases. Ray and I both agree there is very little hard serious scientific research going on in the UFO community, in a large part because of the intelligence community infiltration and the effects of counterintelligence operations. This clarification document provides evidence that the CIA has overall control in intelligence gathering and counterintelligence involving the UFO/ET subject.

Ray also shared with me his experiences with contactees such as George Adamski when he was a young man. At the time he believed in the stories of Adamski and misinterpreted his early UFO encounters in a contactee context. He was quickly set straight when Adamski confined in him the details of how he was hoaxing UFO photos and the fact that he had never had physical contact with alien craft or with their occupants. Such experiences with Adamski and with other “contactees” like Dan Fry and George Van Tassel, Ray says, taught him to be very skeptical of contactee claims.

Ray has spoken out about both CIA infiltration into UFO research and hoaxing by leading contactee figures so it’s understandable that he is not very popular with many in the UFO/ET community establishment. It’s interesting that in my earlier years I too identified and spoke out against many of these same leaders for running counter-intelligence operations against the UFO community and the public at large.

Ray told me in detail his personal conversations and interactions with these leaders. Ray said, “One very well respected researcher when confronted even confessed to accepting $20,000 from a well known alleged hoaxer and then defiantly announced that he would soon be paid much more money by the alleged hoaxer to support his claims, photos, and videos, and that it was none of Ray's business.”

(Some may think Ray a bit hard in some of his accusations but that seems to be because he has seen so much of it and we are dealing at his time with simple surface features. Ray says he once asked Wendelle Stevens why he was publishing material that he knew was hoaxed. Wendelle honestly replied, “There is no money in exposing hoaxes.”) :-)

Regardless of what this respected Gulf Breeze investigator’s true intentions were, I see at least a perception of a serious potential conflict of interest and scientific impartiality problem regarding the validity of the investigation and the investigator’s character and motives in pursuing that investigation under such circumstances. I hope a convincing explanation is forthcoming from this researcher, meanwhile I will move up to the bleachers for the show. :-)

(Readers should keep in mind that there is much more going on here than meets the eye and that this is only one small tip of a very large mostly CIA intelligence iceberg in which I am jerking a few intelligence operative’s chains and they know who they are. Some UFO investigators should be questioned carefully if they have ever been involved in CIA UFO/ET counterintelligence operations in the UFO/ET field in general and specifically against other honest UFO investigators and researchers. My guess is that the silence may be deafening. :-) )

Ray also mentioned a well known and respected so called “scientific researcher” with CIA connections whose history goes back to the days of NICAP, when pressured by another person at a 1987 FUFOR meeting, about funding for the joint MUFON-FUFOR 1987 international symposium at American University admitted that a sum of over $100,000 came from a known CIA front organization in Alexandria, Virginia. Ray even named the corporation and told how he had verified that name and the corporation's CIA affiliation by a Ph.D. who the corporation had attempted to hire. This was also confirmed by a retired employee of the NSA, and by others who are familiar with this CIA front corporation.

I have realized over the years how simply pathetic the situation is in the UFO/ET community being infiltrated to this degree, being betrayed and sold out by its own trusted leaders who are being bought and paid for by the CIA-MJ 12. (Ray is skeptical about the leaked MJ 12 documents, and refuses to get sidetracked by public debate on such matters.)

In the case of infiltration into UFO skeptics and UFO/ET investigators groups, I believe that both sides are being covertly manipulated to create a constant state of turmoil and conflict within the overall community. One shutters to think that this same sort of thing is going on not just in the UFO community but with the media, entertainment industry, scientific community and national governments. MJ 12 and the respected scientist Menzel started infiltrating and running counterintelligence operations in the scientific community to dupe scientists about UFO in earnest as evidenced by this MJ 12 memo.

Naturally all this has left Ray very disillusioned with the UFO community, but he does keep up with developments on the Internet. He very strongly believes that the best route for him is to quietly present his evidence directly to the scientific community using established scientific protocols. If he wanted to, he could raise havoc with CIA-MJ 12 intelligence networks in UFO community that have worked to contain his scientific work over his lifetime.

Ray seems to have a photographic memory and he can rattle off names, dates, places and detailed conversations just as well as he can describe the details of UFO events he has recorded with his instrumentation. In the case of Adamski and Uri Geller he was able to even able to mimic their voices. Ray detailed to me some very extraordinary experiences he had with Uri Geller, that have been published in various publications. Uri and one of his managers tried to talk Ray into working for him because Uri’s powers were dramatically expanded through some kind of psychic chemistry between the two. Ray refused, “saying he had more important work to do than just going all over the world with Uri, working as a "psychic battery"”.

(Note people not closely associated with Ray are sometimes prone to denigrate Ray’s scientific work because of his open discussion of his many remarkable contextual psychic experiences over his extraordinary lifetime. This is an area that I hope to publish in more articles. I have had an additional 4 hour conversation discussing these psychic experiences as this article was being edited by Ray.

It is and will be easy for the uninformed or marginally informed to dismiss these experiences as fraudulent or nuts but I find them fascinating in fleshing out the vastness of the contextual reality being experienced. This is not just about nuts and bolts craft and occupants but much more. I think Ray rightly feels his scientific work should stand independent of his personal experiences and on their own scientific merit regardless of his many fantastic personal lifetime experiences.

The separation of an individual’s scientific work from personal experience and belief is established scientific protocol. Advocating the mixing a scientist’s personal experience and beliefs with that person’s scientific work to discredit the scientific work is acting in a very unscientific, reckless and deceptive manner.)

It was obvious from the long conversation that Ray’s many-decades work in obtaining UFO hard data acceptable to mainstream science, and his preparation to present it to the scientific community, have not been liked by one or two individuals and groups that we agreed have past and/or present connections to the intelligence community. He was told in 1975 (at the Fort Smith UFO conference) by Phil Klass, that he, Ray, was the only person (in concert with Ray's organization) doing the kind of work (with instrumented UFO hard-data monitoring) that could potentially cause him to loose his (Klass's) bets that no scientifically acceptable evidence of alien technology visiting earth would ever be obtained.

Ray thinks he can succeed in bringing the instrument-recorded evidence collected over several decades to the scientific community and that it could usher the scientific approach to physical UFO studies into mainstream science. On the other hand Ray says some of his evidence (relevant to UFO intelligences and their possible significance to humanity) is very disturbing and that he has serious questions about its disclosure. He and I argued back and forth over the points pro and con for disclosure intensely at different times in the phone conversation.

Much of Ray’s personal experiences will, by his own intention, only be published after his death and I am sure that what he has to say is going to make for some very interesting and controversial reading. Meanwhile he hopes to present his propulsion-diagnostic, instrument-recorded evidence as soon as is practical in a credibly scientific manner to the scientific community. I for one hope he is able to do this and he should have the support of those of us who truly work for and understand the need for disclosure. I hope my friends and associates at OM will open a channel of communication with Ray and support him any way possible.

Ray Stanford has begun to put some of his data up on the Internet at the following site for those who are interested in real scientific UFO science.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Security Threats

Catastrophic UFO/ET Non-Disclosure National Security Threats
By Ed Komarek
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All of us are plagued by short sightedness and government policy makers are no exception. Policymakers involved in creating and implementing super-secret extraterrestrial policy since the Truman administration, have been quick to justify and rationalize the non-disclosure of extraterrestrial realities. The short term justifications cited for non-disclosure have evolved from simple public panic in the early days of the UFO cover-up to major disruptions in our social-political-economic systems and organized religion. Concerns have also been raised as to the importance of keeping extraterrestrial technologies out of the hands of terrorists.

As far as I can tell very little attention has ever been given to the long term National Security Threats involving non-disclosure. These threats revolve around the suppression of human evolution on earth through the denial of positive ethical extraterrestrial role models for our civilization while at the same time policy makers seem to have covertly become entangled in unethical unsavory relationships with some less ethical extraterrestrial races. There also seems to have been very little discussion of the very detrimental long term effects of lies and deceptions perpetrated on society necessary to maintain a long term UFO/ET non-disclosure policy.

An interesting example of how non-disclosure policies may have had disastrous effects on human evolution and national security is the so called, “burned memo”. This MJ 12 memo seems to implicate MJ 12 as playing a role in the great American tragedy the assassination of JFK. I would appear that JFK may have become aware of the potential catastrophic dangers posed by the covert extraterrestrial non-disclosure policy and attempted a end to the UFO/ET cover-up.

Highly respected major academic think tanks like the Brookings Institution have failed miserably in recognizing the long term catastrophic consequences of a long term non-disclosure policy that has now lasted over 60 years. It would appear that academic think tank research and conclusions have tailored to support and rationalize false assumptions inherent in an already developed but not well thought out secret extraterrestrial policy. There seems to have been few with the courage to challenge, confront and enlighten policy makers as to the long term catastrophic dangers involved in non-disclosure.

From the very beginning as indicated in leaked and declassified documents the public has been patronized, disempowered and generally been held in contempt by civilian and military leaders in charge of secret extraterrestrial non-disclosure policy. The running of counter-intelligence operations against he public to maintain non-disclosure seems to have started as early as 1947 as indicated in the Twining White Hot MJ 12 report. Another MJ 12 memo has the first head of the CIA Hillenkoetter congratulating MJ 12 member Donald Menzel for his newly published counterintelligence debunking book on UFOs and mentioning the breakdown of NICAP that was later shown to have been aided and abetted by the CIA.

What is so amazing is that the Truman and Eisenhower administrations seem to have been oblivious to the long term evolutionary consequences of non-disclosure to humanity. Perhaps they just assumed that non-disclosure would be temporary and never believed there would be or should be a long term UFO/ET cover-up. What ever the reasons for not realizing the long term national security threats of non-disclosure, all administrations have initiated and nourished a destructive, even catastrophic process that has been maintained to this day. Like any bad habit a destructive process such as this once initiated, gains momentum over time and is very difficult to stop.

At this late date global civilization’s very existence is being threatened by runaway overpopulation, environmental degradation, poverty and war. There seems to be precious little understanding amongst government policy makers or academic think tanks of the linkage between these macro-problems and our collective inability to solve these problems and the extraterrestrial non-disclosure policies of the past sixty years.

I suggest that those employed in secret policy making and research institutions set aside their contempt for the public and get down out of their comfortable but incestuous ivory towers once in a while to mingle and share ideas with the public. Not only will this begin to reverse the process of disempowerment of the public it will also stimulate and enrich academic thought as to how humanity may deal in a positive manner with extraterrestrial realities.

The protected bureaucratic and political elite may find this an initially uncomfortable process by exposing themselves to the rabble, but amongst the chaos and conflict may to be found great insights. If the sheltered elite can get past their negative expectations and contempt of the public and observe the benefits inherent in the public domain they and the public will be well rewarded.

Much can be said for the good King who in ancient times disguised himself and mingled with the masses to understand the true state of the kingdom rather than rely completely on filtered perceptions from bureaucratic advisors. Perhaps in time our society will change and become truly democratic and republican and not the autocratic sham it is today. One day hopefully we will move from what is still a society of masters and slaves to a truly advanced equitable and enlightened society with an empowered and enlightened public. A public lead by true public servants who empower rather than disempower those they serve.

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Exopolitics, Patriots and the Republic
By Ed Komarek
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Some of my friends and associates in exopolitics are also involved in the patriot movement. The patriot movement is America is involved in the restoration of the fundamental democratic and republican values of the American republic. The exopolitics movement and the patriot movement overlap for a very good reason. The 60 year old UFO/ET cover-up has created a global environment of autocratic deception, secrecy and public counterintelligence that has undermined and contributed to the demise of global fundamental republican and democratic institutions and values.

It is true that the patriot movement has attracted some rather unsavory and dangerous racist individuals that in turn attract national security counterintelligence operations that also contain unsavory individuals with a fascist perspective. Both the racists and fascists can even be right sometime in their perceptions but both have a tendency to unfairly scapegoat those they oppose.

For instance, it is true that Jewish national lobbying favoring Israel may not necessarily be in the best interest of America . It is also true that both some black people and Jews attempt to use past human rights violation in their past to deflect valid and honest criticisms of their actions in the present by unfairly branding some opponents as racist or anti-Semitic.

The flipside is that racists and fascists tend to become narrowly focused and obsessed with scapegoating, demonizing and attacking some special interests only to lose sight of the big picture that also includes their sometimes damaging special interest as well. Its easier see the splinter in the eye of another that take the beam out of one’s own eye.

Of course exopolitics also has its problems as well. However, there should be more networking between patriot and exopolitics groups in the areas of common interest. In a recent series of articles I have also reached out to those with an interest in national security pointing out that the misguided UFO/ET non-disclosure policy has very serious national security implications.

One of the problems we have had in the field of exopolitics is that the wall of denial and ridicule built around the UFO/ET subject by 60 years of counterintelligence operations has been very effective in isolating the UFO community from other groups with common interests. We must work hard to break down this wall and network into other societal groups with which we share a common interest, that being a return to an open democratic-republican society operating openly under the rule of law and constitutional values.

All groups in all aspects of human endeavor have a common basis in truth. Truth and honesty forms the constructive basis of human society and anything that undermines and obscures truth is the enemy of us all. It would seem that many people simply do not understand the extreme destructive consequences of fear and lies on both the individual and society.

Every lie, every deception, every fearful or hateful thought and act, fragments both the individual and collective psyche. The wise know not do deliberately lie or deceive because that leads to self and collective delusions. These delusions then have catastrophic consequences that are very difficult to change.

I will continue to reach out to other elements of society as I try to make the case that these other groups need to study exopolitics because exopolitics applies to their interests. I think others in exopolitics need to do the same creating interlocking global networks necessary to build both consensus and courage for full and rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial realities. A good place for patriots to start investigating exopolitics is with these leaked and declassified documents that can be found at the following site.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Kissinger Question

A Question for Dr. Henry Kissinger
By Ed Komarek
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There have been indications from many sources over the years that Dr. Henry Kissinger is or was near the very top of the autocratic power structure that is responsible for the UFO/ET cover-up. It has been rumored that Henry is or was the most politically powerful person on the MJ 12 committee most likely beginning his tenure in the 1960s. His name would not be in the leaked MJ 12 documents because the documents released are dated prior to his tenure. 2383-Honolulu-Exopolitics- Examiner~y2009m3d23-Kissinger- influence-on-Obama- administration--UFO-policy

As far as I know there have been no leaked MJ 12 documents that include living individuals. For the reasons listed above Henry would be the one person I would like to have an open, honest and truthful discussion with regarding extraterrestrial reality so as to understand how best we can get human evolution on earth back on track. Of course mistakes have been made in the past by autocratic global leaders beginning with fear of the unknown and a lack of vision, and later by self serving entrenched special interest.

There are sure to be some that would ask why I should be reaching out to those who may have intentionally or unintentionally supported what Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers would have called a tyranny over the mind of man. The reason I am reaching out is that we need to collectively realize that the UFO/ET cover-up has had severe unintended consequences that have retarded earth human evolution and we need to come together to end the cover-up once and for all.

Statements made by Ben Rich and Bill Uhouse indicate that MJ 12 influence over all UFO/ET affairs has diminished considerably after the Nixon purge, internationalization and privatization of extraterrestrial related information and technology. It would still seem that nationally MJ 12, while no longer and in overall control over collections and analysis of all related extraterrestrial knowledge globally still retains considerable influence in the United States and elsewhere.

It has been my supposition that human evolution was derailed beginning in the 1940s and early 1950s and the leaked MJ 12 historical documents seem to bear this out as counter-intelligence operations were ordered and authorized against not just the American public but around the world. I believe that the effect of this over time has been the empowerment of global autocratic leadership, disempowerment of the people and democratic and republican institutions, and a general suppression of global human evolution.

In order to bring human evolution back on track its going to be necessary for those in government that now have inherited this mess to come to a consensus to stop the lying, deceptions, propaganda, acclimation-propaganda programs and just start being straight up and honest with the national and global public. There seems to still be a lack of political courage amongst national and international leaders for radical honest change so we continue to muddle along continuing the current evolutionary disastrous middle road between non-disclosure and disclosure that includes a so called “public acclamation-propaganda program” that never ends.

I think part of the solution toward getting back on a positive evolutionary track is to understand just what has happened to get us into this mess so as to make a radical course correction and get ourselves back on track. In order to do this we must gain some perspective as to just what is the overall lay of the land, so to speak. Over many years I have tried to construct a model that I hope is at least close to the truth. This model involves a critical scenario that if true and understood could provide guidance toward getting back on track.

The scenario is this: Our rapid technological advancement in World War II combined with the first atomic explosions caught the rest of the cosmic neighborhood by surprise. This resulted in a hasty and rapid increase of surveillance especially in technologically sensitive areas that resulted in crashes of extraterrestrial craft with occupants. By at least 1952 or 1953 several very different extraterrestrial races began to contact the recognized leadership in the U.S. and perhaps other countries as well. These races had a variety of agendas, motivations and ethics.

What is not exactly clear is if it was it the ethical extraterrestrial humans, called Etherians at the time, who first contacted leaders like Eisenhower, or was it the less ethical races called EBEs or Ebans, now called Zetas or Reticulians. The contact between these two races seems to have been within a year or two of each other with the Etherians warning the Americans about involvement with the EBEs. It would seem by the end of the 1960s several different types of extraterrestrials had introduced themselves to American leaders in utmost secrecy.

From the scarce information at my disposal it appears as if the American government and MJ 12 felt they could not meet the conditions of contact offered by the ethical Etherians. These conditions of contact included an end to atomic testing and a serious attempt at global arms reduction and ending war as a means of settling international disputes. These conditions would of course force a radical change in earth human society to meet these challenges.

It is unclear to me that if these were the only conditions expressed by the Etherians at the time or if other conditions were expressed later including a serious effort toward population control, dealing with environmental problems, equitable distribution of resources, and an end to the UFO/ET cover-up. Clearly the Etherians were concerned about the evolutionary direction humanity was taking and that this track would lead to social and environmental catastrophe if not arrested. It would appear they were willing to help us solve these problems if their conditions were met.

Unfortunately the American leadership could not accept these conditions and felt that the people were not yet ready for full and open disclosure. Apparently the less ethical races including the Ebans or EBEs were not so hard to please and did not demand radical changes in earth human society. The politicians and generals also could see the likelihood of tangible technological assistance being offered by the less ethical races through contact even if there was a unsavory flavor to the contact. I think technology was something the Etherians were holding back on presumably because they felt our technological advancement was dangerously exceeding our ethical and moral advancement.

In my estimation this scenario set in motion a sequence of events that bedevils us to this day. Now with the environmental and social catastrophes envisioned by the Etherians right around the corner, radical disclosure and social change is necessary if we are to avert a simultaneous environmental and social collapse of the human population perhaps as much as 80%. So the question is will the autocrats finally relent in their disempowerment of humanity through UFO/ET non-disclosure for their own benefit as well as the people as a whole.

The question I would like to ask Henry Kissinger requires a simple yes or no answer. The question is, are my deductions essentially correct? Through my contacts with a source I have the email address of Ramsey Clark who I have heard knows Henry Kissinger. I intend to pass this on to Clark hoping he will pass it on to Henry for his consideration. Perhaps Clark himself may wish to make a comment or two. :-)

There are as always going to be those who would say that I am just wasting my time. I would point out that in the past I have communicated with some pretty high level people because I made the effort to reach out. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I do not. I think others in the public domain should be doing the same in order to build the networks needed for a consensus to develop and end the UFO/ET cover-up rapidly.

If I am essentially correct in this assessment, then the only way out is to rapidly build a consensus in the intelligence community and with the military to take the radical step toward ending the cover-up once and for all. I suggested this in a previous article called Suggested Disclosure Speech for Obama. Of course Obama would not be doing this on his own but flanked by those representing different aspects of the intelligence community, military and congress.

My friends we can do this, our very survival as a species is at stake. At this late date I suggest a straightforward truthful radical disclosure policy of Shock and Awe that favors interaction with ethical extraterrestrial races and disfavors interactions with less ethical races and civilizations.

I don’t believe world populations will ever make the radical social-genetic engineering sacrifices needed to solve our extreme social, overpopulation and environmental problems unless there is outside assistance of an ethical extraterrestrial role model where the benefits of radical change become clearly evident. People have to see the benefits of radical change for themselves before they are willing to make the very rapid difficult social-genetic engineering sacrifices needed to bring about a better world and avoid social-environmental collapse of our present civilization. We can do this!

Social-Genetic Engineering

Social-Genetic Engineering an Advanced Society
By Ed Komarek
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I believe some advanced ethical extraterrestrial human civilizations present a positive role model for earth humanities future. Only until there is full disclosure will the general populace be able to experience directly what I call a Type II civilization but until then some of us are able to speculate and prepare humanity based on indirect data derived from declassified or leaked government documents and contact witness testimony.

I call emerging global autocratic civilizations with a developing space faring capability such as ours a Type I civilization. I believe a civilization with macro-problems including overpopulation, inequality, autocracy, environmental and internal warfare can flourish only if it has room to expand. If its expansion is limited or contained and the people unable to deal with the above macro-problems then natural forces will force the civilization to collapse and reemerge from the ashes of its destruction like the proverbial phoenix legend. As the civilization reemerges from the prior collapse it sows the seeds of entrenched autocratic interests that later bring about collapse and reemergence again and again.

I think a Type I civilization is inherently unstable and relatively short lived in comparison to a Type II civilization. A Type I civilization is founded upon natural principles by which competitive forces soon overwhelm cooperative elements of society resulting in the primitive civilization cycling over and over up against a glass ceiling. In contrast a Type II civilization is organized cooperatively like the way individual cells are organized in our bodies giving great benefit to the individuals organized in such a society.

The problem is that individuals in a Type II society must sacrifice a considerable amount of freedom of choice and individual liberty to participate in this more complex society just as individual cells in the body are so limited in their movement and freedom of choice. But as one door closes to certain choices and liberties other doors open up for increased choices and freedoms brought about through the benefits of a more advanced civilization.

So what might be both the benefits and sacrifices of living in a Type II civilization? In a Type II civilization that fosters a lifespan of 800 years or more it is obvious that individuals must agree to severe restriction on reproduction. Obviously only a small percentage of people can be allowed to reproduce with such a long lifespan else overpopulation would force a collapse back down to a Type I society.

Even one child per couple would be way too many children for a sustained and stable growth of population unless the civilization was colonizing new frontiers. I suspect that things could be getting a bit crowded across a universe as old as ours. I can envision a situation where only a small segment of the population is involved in reproduction and childrearing and even then several children might be raised by an extended family of adults at different stages of their early lives.

I suspect that because of advances in genetic screening and engineering conception may begin in a test tube with embryo implantation into womb in an artificial manner. It might be considered to risky for the future well being of the child for reproduction to happen naturally. This might mean all citizens would be subject to a medical procedure to block natural reproduction before puberty.

We are not talking about the haphazard, indiscriminate creation of dysfunctional mutts anymore but of recreating ourselves into human thoroughbreds. This resurrects the uncomfortable notion of eugenics and the superman and woman in the minds of many. Were the Nazi’s on to something just that they perverted the concept? Are we ready to reengineer our bodies for maximum expression of our soul’s finer qualities? (I have suggested in other articles that we might be being mined as a primitive gene bank for just this kind of activity by other extraterrestrial races.)

Thus we can see that the benefits of a long healthy lifespan in a socially supportive environment would require individual reproduction sacrifices that many in a Type I society would consider severe restrictions on individual reproduction rights and liberties. Such restrictions on what we consider individual freedoms and liberties may not stop here.

I can envision a situation where we all are so telepathically connected that not only individual destructive actions have to be curtailed but even destructive thought processes as well. Even with our primitive Internet that has not yet become telepathic we can see problems developing that require restrictions of individual freedoms and liberty to say and do as we please without regard for others. I can envision a situation on a telepathic net where an individual is defaming another individual just by thinking bad thoughts about this other individual. Thought control and thought police will become a reality for such a civilization.

Still even with restriction on actions taken over the Internet most people would not be willing to give of the benefits of the Internet and so are willing to make the personal sacrifices. I think it would be the same for individuals in a Type II civilization. Once the benefits are seen and experienced of a Type II civilization it might feel like descending back into hell reentering a Type I civilization. In fact I believe contactees have experienced this by participating briefly in contact with ethical extraterrestrial races.

I am beginning to think that unless we have full disclosure soon where citizens can experience a Type II civilization directly and experience its benefits in mass we are headed for a population crash and societal collapse. Social engineers must try to steer humanity in the direction of the ethical extraterrestrial races and away from involvement with the less ethical races. An honest, truthful, full and open UFO/ET disclosure is a necessary radical step in the right direction. We must completely stop the lies and the deceptions now! We can’t build a healthy enduring civilization on a foundation of lies.