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Can We Reach Technological And Cultural Parity With ET?

Can We Reach Technological And Cultural Parity With ET?
By Ed Komarek
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UFO Digest Article Can We Reach Technological...ET?
Alien Seeker News Article Can We Reach Technological And Cultural Parity With ET?

I think that those who have become well informed now realize that the idea of achieving technological and cultural parity with most ET's in the foreseeable future is a pipe dream. Most ETs are just too advanced. That's the bad news. The good news is that we are not in the near future to be conquered or assimilated by any ET race or group of ET races against our will because of the existence of a guardian group.

Notice I said against our will. If we insist through our foolish actions to pursue a path that leads to enslavement or destruction then we will be allowed to do that. If on the other hand we choose wisely, a constructive evolutionary path, we can rapidly accelerate our collective and personal evolution through major artificial modifications to our genome and our technological environment. This we can do with the assistance of other ET races under the careful supervision of the guardian group.

It is becoming obvious to me that the reason we are not already conquered or assimilated into any particular ET group is because universe society has appointed a guardian group, cosmic ombudsmen if you will, to negotiate with various ET groups in our interest for the foreseeable future. This could be conceived of a sort of planetary park service where advanced intelligent interactions are strictly controlled, monitored and enforced. This group would not be the Annunaki races who have been as much a problem as a solution.

It would seem that the existence of a guardian group is a rather recent development historically speaking because the historical literature seems to indicate that our race was born of a time of chaos and lawlessness in the earth environs. This lawlessness seems to have come about by the unrestricted activities of competing technologically superior ET races that had a devastating impact on emerging civilizations such as ours. I think this would be similar to what has happened to indigenous peoples around the world during the European expansion and conquest. Today indigenous peoples are only now trying to reclaim their history and their respective cultures after a devastating loss of both.

I believe humanity on earth is now entering a time of transition into more direct interaction with ET groups and I believe that the Earth Park Service is here to insure that mistakes as happened in the past won't be repeated again. The guardian group is here to insure a smooth more orderly transition and assimilation into universe society rather than a chaotic, destructive transition and assimilation.

Until we have the ability to look after our own interests we must realize and accept the need for a group acting in our behalf. Right now I see our negotiating position with other ET races as somewhere between that of a pet and a small child. I see this guardian group as acting as a buffer between ourselves and a large number of technologically advanced races. The reason a buffer is needed is so that our emerging civilization will not become overwhelmed by the much superior technological races who would wish to interact with us for a variety of reasons that would not be in our self interest.

I have noticed that all forms of life from single celled organisms to complex organisms exist within semipermeable membranes. A membrane acts as a buffer between the fragile inner environment and the external environment. It would seem the same forces are at play for groups of individual organisms, emerging civilizations and cultures. The membrane must be just right for survival. It it is too thin in will rupture and the organism dies or if too thick the organism suffocates.

With such a guardian group acting as a buffer we can look forward to a promising future within universe society if we individually and collectively choose of our own free will, a constructive path. This group is not our savior and will not violate our free will to destroy ourselves if that is what we really insist upon doing. What they can do is cushion the transition into universe society and into a greater reality, but the rest is up to us.

Can We Achieve Parity With ET? (Well, Maybe)
By Ed Komarek
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In a prior article I made the statement that achieving parity with ET anytime soon was a pipe dream. My confidential sources say not so fast! :-) They believe that humanity has the chance to make a giant evolutionary leap that could put us in the exopolitical big league. This possibility seems to revolve around the radical idea that we have very advanced old technology in our genome, a sort of very advanced Internet. My contacts say that such technology if accessed can radically change us from a pawn on the chessboard of exopolitical superpowers to a queen of players if we can survive the trip across the board to the far side.

Up to this time, sporadically and on a individual basis, people throughout history have been able to do some very radical and fantastic things that have not been very well understood. There are now small groups of individuals around the globe who may have found the key to the unlocking of fantastic abilities through a initial preliminary understanding of the physics of DNA. This understanding when linked up with today's technology promises a grand future for humanity that is simply almost unimaginable at this time.

I have also been led to believe that certain groups of ET's are assisting us for various reasons, of which I am unaware, to accelerate our evolution by helping us access the old technology locked up in our DNA. The race seems to be on, to try to keep this revolutionary knowledge for the common good of humanity, rather than allow it to be exploited by self serving interests to the detriment of humanity.

The primary source material of this radical new way of viewing ourselves is the book, Quantum Physics in for Radical Revision - DNA, written by two Russian authors. The book has not yet been translated into English as far as I know, but there is a important review at the following site. You can find clues in this article as to how Blonds can travel using their DNA as referred to in the new book called, The Greys. This fantastic idea is strongly supported by my confidential contacts.

This review or article sets the stage for another very important article written by a confidential contact whose identity I am not free to disclose. This article was called brilliant when reviewed by another completely different confidential source with advanced degrees who I am also not allowed to name. While the article above can be understood by the layman, the following article by my contact is very sophisticated and academic and written, by and for, those with advanced degrees. Together both articles should provide foundational material for exciting new avenues toward accelerating humanities evolutionary development now and in the future.

(Update 11/26/07 I have reason to doubt this source after he was caught lifting a NSA non-disclosure document off the Internet in order to form a secret group. He did not write the following but lifted it from someplace off the Internet. Whoever wrote the following was very good.)

Science is a communal endeavor, no matter how nontraditional the data gathering means and verification methods may be. As a communal activity, traditions rule the means and methods of scientific truth-seeking. In neoclassical physics – the post-Einstein physics ruled by the Standard Model – the means are theory and model-making, and the method is an empiric one: experimentation. In the "soft" sciences such as the social sciences (as opposed to the "hardest" of sciences – physics), the method is an experimental nomothetic empiricism. The key to science done within the Standard Model in physics seems to lie in what is admitted in as data: it must be "physical" and be propelled by theoretical requirements prompted by the Standard Model. Even strings and superstrings, highly mathematical entities, must induce integration of natural physical forces – the strong, the weak, electromagnetism and gravity. And when strings are given sensorial conformations, they are visualized as vibrating single strand, corkscrew-like and closed loop in shape. The substance of physics then begins at the Planck limit and extends all the way to the upper limits of the EM range. In the world, this is operationalized as the domain between infinity and the infinitesimal. And then there is a physics of life, driven by a pursuit of ultimate causation and the theoretical model and principles by which David Bohm's enfolded "orders" unfold upward and downward causality chains. This is not a theistic pursuit to prove God exists – though an emerging Working Model hints at a vast and elegant superintelligence as prime source. Life physics' unwitting pursuit has turned out to be ultimate causation (or the decipherment of what happened before the Big Bang in "negative" time and "negative" space), the formulation of superdomains which stemmed in sui-genesis from a T-boundary (which an emergent Working Model predicts they exist outside the limits of 4-spacetime), and the accessing of a supercontinuous plenum by a geometry of interconnectivity through a growing understanding of discernible rules (which means levels of manifestation by which causality vectors move "up" or "down" strong negentropic orders of symmetry [utmost near the T-boundary, and relatively least in 4-spacetime]). Physical science today is dominated by a Platonic material realism, in which cause (as upward causation) stems from the interaction and movement of elementary particles, thus making this movement of particles the ultimate causal agency of everything in 4-spacetime. "Consciousness" and "mind" in material realism is but a mere epiphenomenon, totally secondary to the causal power of matter. At the opposite end of the paradigmatic spectrum, we find monistic idealism, in which "mind" and "spirit" and "consciousness" reign supreme. In this paradigm, causation runs in a downward direction – from mind and spirit to matter. A complex oscillating biological entity (such as a human being) acting in the world then behaves with causal power in this paradigm. And then, here comes a physics of life prompted by an initial pursuit of "principles" and "rules" and "logic" that could operationalize Bohm's enfolded orders of the implicate, but which ended up connecting the dots of a model of ultimate causation and causality. In doing so, those of us who engaged in extension neurosensing (or ENS) (a form of clairvoyance-on-demand prompted and assisted by technological means which used a physics-of-life model applicable to life on Earth known from the Working Model as biogeosystemics) connected (or interfaced) with information of such "size" and "density" that surpassed all previous "takes" as to constitute a veritable cumulus. From this gargantuan cumulus of information, the six extension neurosensors began the arduous, often daunting task of decoding (or translating interfaced cumulus information into sensorially meaningful information) and deciphering (interpreting and assigning meaning to decoded accumulated) information. It is this process that A. R. Bordon led over the last eight years, deciphering all sensorially meaningful accumulations into an emergent picture. And it is this "picture" that has become our Working Model.

What kind of picture does Nature paint of itself as this Working Model? Well, to use philosophy as the canvas and philosophical paradigms as the broadbrush with which the "picture" can be deciphered, we can say that Nature paints itself as monist-idealist and material-realistic. The Working Model paints her as idiomaterial (comprising of Bohmian relatively independent subtotalities) manifested in all of the Model's superdomains as monistic idiomorphs which undergo a transformative process with definite protocolar "stages" of transformation – from thought-matrix transforms early on, to more condensate-transforms, culminating in a templaic conformation (or quantum potential) which the working Model says to work in tandem with 4-spacetime EM templates in a continuous mirrored "dance." Along the way, traditional terms (e.g., consciousness, spirit, matter, mind, reality, and particle) ceased to have any meaning at all to the seven of us. The explanatory demands made by deciphered information almost immediately required a new "languaging system" that could allow the preservation of integrity and accuracy of the deciphered information. To wit, languaging system (in the sense used here) is much more than mere spoken or written language. It must also take into consideration the method used (extension neurosensing or ENS), the modalities of information acquired and their innate characteristics, and the sensorial translations that must be made to make the information intelligible and accessible to human intellectual demand characteristics. A neurosensor interfaces with an information cumulus capable of containing an information density and bandwidths that far surpass any form of accessing by mere intellectual means. The kind of information accessed can best be described as vitalizing, or vitalized. It would come at, often, many different gradient of enfoldments, will contain visions and emotions and sounds of strange characteristics – often coming from levels of manifestation in which four or more spatial dimensions expressed the percepts in the neurosensor's holonomic experience. Another parallel and correlative gradient may express emotive information of such depth and overwhelming power that would require a neurosensor to decode and decipher this aspect in bite-size fashion, using "filters" which allowed him or her to experience the emotional bandwidth often accompanying other information modality streams with a modicum of comfort. Information also manifested in sound forms, which initially would have little or no meaning to inexperienced neurosensors.All in all, the effort has not been to develop abstractions of sensorial transforms, but to learn to think and experience in a holonomic fashion. In fact, holonomic experiencing is the desired medium of decoding all detected "raw" data. Holonomy – a holophrastic term that captures an entire aspect of the neurosensing methodology – is the means by, and through, which a neurosensor "fleshes out" the detected information from a cumulus into a 4-dimensional perceptual gestalt. It is such gestalten then that serve as the perceptual "platform" from which meaning could be carefully and systematically derived – although not necessarily in discrete languaging ( i.e., standard spoken and written language, in Eastern/Western language meaning sets).Neurosensors learned to treat "knowings" as "working hypotheses" of what is understood as "first passage" through the cumul (or information aspect of the cumulus being deciphered). They are also encouraged to revisit any given cumulus as many times as necessary to develop increasingly more global grasps of the content information, or of any one aspect thereof. Thus, it is not uncommon for aspects of a gestalt to be revisited often, for in doing so, a neurosensor peels more of the embedded meanings of the gestalt, and therefore, he or she may modify internal knowledge with more accurate intellectual grasps of the relevant information under consideration. How many times is this required? As many as required to have a working understanding of the aspect of a given cumulus of interest to any one of us.

This New Advanced Physics is quite different from that propounded by the Standard Model. It is also new in the sense that much of it is far more advanced than our ability to yet develop the necessary languaging systems to grasp and understand process models arising from the overall Working Model emerging from this work. It is also a physics that, while accessed by gnosive means by human neurosensors, it is also not entirely a product of human intelligence. Eureka moments abound, and the mathematics necessary to work up formalisms that will suit processes we can observe gnosively (with the largest, most complex and most advanced tuning antenna on earth – the human living matrix) and with the aid of nonnative technologies are requiring extensions of Riemann's hypothesis well beyond the Mobius and Merten functions, hypercomplex numbers, hypergraphics ("We are no longer in Flatlands, Toto."), and David Hilbert's Hilbert space, co-homologies and mathematics we yet don't have human proponents and exponents of them. One thing we have come to understand in our bones: the observer figures prominently in this New Advanced Physics, and causation is upside down. The human, tech-1 type and tech-2 type applications of all of this are beyond anyone's imagination to behold, sometimes including our own. Its commercial applications abound, and the use for and on behalf of humankind quite possible, and cheap, to boot. And the observer must also undergo a kind of necessary makeover: we can no longer blame our presumed limitations and supposed proclivities on our ephemeral "human nature." The human body is quite more advanced in construction and functions than heretofore considered possible and feasible. The work done by our extension neurosensors is proving this new awareness not only as a 4-spacetime reality, but also as a broad consideration for how a single human being is actually part of a far broader overfunction inclusive of an interconnectivity yet beyond current human conception. Pity the independence-minded cowboys of the 21st century who prize an impossible separation from another human being, who think such a thing as individuality supreme is desirable and hierarchical systems that perpetuate inequities and dislocations independent of interconnective awareness is the way of the one and future world. Most of all the prizing of fear – the government, the ETs, the Middle East, the Iranians and the Chinese, Osama bin Laden and dirty bombs, and materialism run amock. Fear of thy neighbor as fear of your own instincts. How disconnected can we get – from each other and from ourselves! Shame on us! Shame on us! Yet, we are observer of what we see and believe possible – or not. Manifest Production Observership – this is the tongue-in-cheek technical term we bandy about when referring to the process and the product of being observers that do a lot more than see the world, for we create what we are and where we live in a subtle quantum dance many will find elegant when they learn to see with vision not meant to behold this world. And "they" knew this long before we did, way before Roswell and long before the cigar-shaped ones at the turn of last century all over Texas. The sum total of everything created – let's call that the Unum – which includes our neck of the woods we know as our 4-spacetime universe is neither a material realist aggregate of space/time ratios, anymore than it is a monist idealist thought concoction of a T-boundary (or Thought-boundary) creationists would latch onto as God, snidely reminding Darwinians that evolution is not godly – and yet neither have a corner on what is, anymore than the universe is a thought or a material substance. Actually, the Unum and our universe are an idiomaterial phenomenon which has led to the appearance of some amazing things: a perfect DNA based on 24 base aminoacids, longevity of body in the half million earth years range, the capacity of decoupling an information cloud (or spirit-essence) from one body and coupling it to another, and much more. We live on a planet of such wondrous diversity. There are coteries of complex oscillating biological entities on and around our earth, all with their own imperatives, some of which are less then well intended and more than misguided to our collective sensibilities. Others exercise their observation in fulfillment of their own imperatives as well, and we wonder if they care about what we see to be our plight. A number have extorted their way into our centers of industry and our scientific laboratories. One biokind we hold in godspell, to borrow Neil Freer's term. And a host of others appear in resonant benevolence to our consonant human view of ourselves as proverbial underdogs. Some of these pity us that we have not yet come to realize just what we are, while others patiently await our adolescent evolution. There are a handful, however, that do represent challenges to us – some severe enough to collectively need to address the specific challenge represented by the given source. One such challenge is the one we have undertaken, as the challenger does not measure life in the same way we do, and we (ALL of us) are responsible for our own biology. And as it if this were not enough, the same challenge is faced by those others who are around earth, and who know about this particular challenging situation. In a matter of speaking, this effort herein represents a kind of "fifth element" solution to a problem that cannot be solved by standard physics means, and the weaponries derived from such a paradigm. Such then is a capsule of what we know to be life on earth at the turn of the new millennium. The intent of this blog is to present and represent the work of individuals who had signed up to assist in the "fifth element" strategy to which this group is committed. We don't seek support for any one philosophical bent or worldview, not a cent for any cause or the promulgation of a given cause. None here are interested in catholic sainthood or guruship bathed in greenbacks. Those who were called and recognized the call for what it is are here. It is what counts

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Trans Species Genome Modifications

Trans Species Genome Modifications For War Or Peace
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Article Trans Species Genome Modifications

It could well be that the ultimate struggle or dynamic between intelligent races throughout the universe is being played out in the realm of artificial genetic modification of specie genomes. The artificial modification of genomes may well have been supplanting natural evolution now for millions of years around the universe as more and more advanced intelligence's develop and begin tinkering with genetic structures of naturally evolving species.. Even on earth mankind has been tinkering for thousands of years with the genomes of other species by selective breeding. In natural evolution genomes mutate in order to adapt the species to changing natural environmental conditions but artificial modifications of genetic structure radically change the rules of the game. I think we can find some insights to the bigger picture by looking at how mankind on earth has altered and adapted the genomes of other species to its own interests.

The wolf naturally evolved into a intelligent and efficient predator with a vibrant and complex social life. This came about so that the wolf could survive within a competitive environment, not only as separate individuals, but as efficient hunting groups. Through a combination of intelligence and social planing wolf packs can even take down a grizzly, a most fearsome competitor that no one wolf could do alone. When modern man came on the scene the wolf was already well established in ranges around the world and as man expanded into the wolfs range a strange partnership developed between wolf and man.

Both man and wolf have always been in conflict but over time both species learned how to adapt to each other and even began to cooperate in the hunt to the benefit of both races and finally the wolf ended up in the village and on mans doorstep. Mankind began to artificially modify the wolfs genetic structure through selective breeding so as to be useful to man in various survival strategies. Man artificially modified the wolf into a wide variety of forms into what we now call dogs who have become known as mans best friend. Hence the wolf was moved from the wolf on the doorstep to pet and friend within the home. The same thing happened to the cat. Other species also were artificially genetically modified to serve man's dinner table like sheep, cows and grains.

Other types of experiments in genetic modification of genomes have not turned out so well. The importation of African killer bees into South America is a good example. The intent was to introduce some hybrid vigor into existing cultured populations of honeybees but the killer bees got loose and their extreme aggressiveness proved to be a natural evolutionary advantage and they set about taking over the hives of both mans and naturally existing hives. Attempts have been underway to try to change the killer bees genome so that they will become less aggressive and not be a threat to man as they are now. Could something similar be happening to us now with us instead of the bees being on the receiving end?

I am thinking that something can be learned here from mankind's experience with artificial genetic modifications of other species genomes for mankind's advantage that can be related to our relationship to extraterrestrial races. Its pretty obvious from the evidence that something very major involving genetics is going on between other extraterrestrial races and our own and has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. We would seem to be race that is a product of both natural and artificial evolution and it would seem that we are no different from other intelligent extraterrestrial races in this regard. It would appear there has been a lot of trans genome genetic mixing happening between other species and ourselves. I think that our position in this state of affairs could be similar to the wolf's fate when it got involved with mankind.

What this would all seem to boil down to is based on basic ecological principles and the interplay between competitive and cooperative strategies of survival within a changing environment. It would seem to me that once species reach a certain level of intelligence and can begin to modify their and other species genomes artificially, a whole new level on interspecies interactions takes place. Genomes become the ultimate battlefield in conflicts or the ultimate solution toward interspecies cooperation and mutual betterment. In the case of conflict one hostile combatant might add excessive aggressive genes into the genome of the other combatant so that the excessive aggression causes the civilization to disintegrate through internally generated conflicts. On the other hand a more peaceful civilization might strive to insert genetic information into the genome of a hostile race to make that race more peaceful and less aggressive..

I find it even more interesting that increased intelligence through artificial genetic modification has adaptive evolutionary value. Increased species intelligence and technological development would allow a peaceful race to outmaneuver other hostile races without having to resort to overt hostile action. So we can assume that within a dynamic environment of both conflict and cooperation evolutionary forces would push species to artificially modify their genome and that of their allies toward increasing intelligence at ever faster rates. I would hazard a guess that we earth humans are and have been since our inception caught up in a evolutionary race for genome superiority between competing extraterrestrial races.

What we have to do as a race is to work together as best we can to understand our situation and predicament so as to be able to exert our collective will in a manner that allows us to establish our independent identity and personal and collective integrity. We can only accomplish this if we are willing to share with other members of our species. As long as people with access attempt to possess vital information to hold for personal advantage, or because of ego issues, refuse to tell others straight up what is going on we won't be able to as a race to proceed in our development at a optimal evolutionary pace. This whole elitist idea that I am smart enough to handle the truth, but others are not, is a great impediment to our individual and collective development