Saturday, November 15, 2008

Celestine Prophecy

An Integrated Vision for Wakulla County
By Ed Komarek
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Even though I have not lived in Wakulla or Franklin Counties I have spent so much time along this part of the gulf coast that I rightly should be considered a part time resident. I have resided most of my life just across the Florida line north of Tallahassee Florida . What has become Birdsong Nature Center was our family home and plantation. In early childhood my parents introduced me to the gulf coast with frequent camping trips to St. George’s Island . My father had a TV show in Thomasville Georgia that reached as far as Carrabelle that was widely watched and appreciated not only by Thomasville Farmers but by coastal fishermen as well. My mother and father inspired many just as I try to do today in my own life in the field of exopolitics and elsewhere.

I was introduced to the controversial Jack Rudloe when a teenager and over the years we have become good friends and I spend considerable time visiting with Jack and Ann and other friends when I am in Panacea Florida . I became introduced to the controversial Ronald Fred Crum during my frequent stays in Panacea and have quietly observed the dynamics of their tumultuous, toxic and adversarial relationship that has tended to polarize the Wakulla County community. Recently I got drawn into the fray a little when I questioned if a disputed tree had died a natural death. J

Another friend of mine Michele Barwick who lives across the road from Jack and Ann has recently been studying a book called the Celestine Prophecy. This book provides a path to greater spiritual development and awaking and is of particular interest to Christians who desire to better live the teachings of Christ. Many Christians understand the nature and structure of their religion but have trouble with the life or the substance of the teachings. The Celestine Prophecy and other books by James Redfield help to fill this void and the books should be read by both Christian and non-Christian alike who desire spiritual understanding.

Interestingly the study of this book by Michelle has begun to change the dynamics of the polarization of the Panacea and Wakulla community over development and environmental issues. As we all know Jack and Ronald Fred are key players and have been locked in an adversarial embrace much of their lives over these issues. On an even deeper level is an adversarial dynamic that revolves around religious issues with Ann Rudloe being a Buddhist living in a largely Christian and secular community.

I believe that Michelle has the key toward resolving or mitigating this polarization between Jack and Ronald Fred as well as the general community as a whole. If all parties truly want to improve both themselves and the overall community environment rather than dissipate their energies fighting each other they should consider some of the insights referred to in this New York Times best selling book. While the book may utilize a fictional background for easy reading the insights I believe are very real and eternal. I have read other books that have provided similar pathways to spiritual understanding over the years that have been useful to large numbers of people to awaken into true religious and spiritual understanding. I agree with the insights that humanity is slowly evolving to reach higher levels of spirituality and consciousness.

If we look at the dynamics of the adversarial polarizing relationship between Jack and Ronald Fred with the insights in mind we can see that there are two competing visions for Wakulla County and the gulf coast being acted out. On the one hand Ronald Fred wants sustained development of the community to provide jobs, residences and business for the ever growing population. The insights describe that this vision is historical in nature and developed over the past 400 years where humankind decided to gain control over nature for survival purposes. Natural forces in the environment including trees, storms, and wetlands are seen as an impediment to this vision and are to conquered and overcome.

On the other hand we have Jack Rudloe who was brought to this local area by his mother and stayed here because of its natural beauty and ecology. Over the years Jack’s spirit has moved out into the natural environment and in a way the trees and the ocean have become incorporated into his nature. The old growth trees, salt marshes, mudflats, ocean etc. are what enliven and sustain his soul and no matter if others in the community realize it or not they are also being sustained by this quality of life. This environmental vision has really come into focus in the past 50 years.

All over this country and around the globe these two visions, the older 400 year old vision of Ronald Fred and the younger vision of Jack Rudloe have collided and are being played out everywhere not only here on the gulf coast and in Wakulla County. The reason this environmental vision is new is that the older vision has run its course and while beneficial has now become destructive without the balance of the new environmental vision. In the past the environment seemed limitless and humanity small in face of the natural forces but that has changed and humankind must change to both survive and flourish.

The Celestine Prophecy discusses a vision even older that the two competing visions above and that is the spiritual or religious vision. So if we look at humanity from a historical perspective in the past several thousands of years we understand that there are three powerful visions in dynamic and often conflicting interaction. It is our job now to integrate these three visions together both for our evolutionary survival and for our evolution to a higher state of consciousness. Some religious people see evolution as a threat to religion but as the Celestine Prophecy explains this is not the case and that evolution should be incorporated into religious understanding so as to glorify and enhance true religious understanding.

I believe that Ronald Fred, Jack and others in this polarized community will find common ground in the study of the Celestine Prophecy. This is something we must not only do here locally but globally as well. What Panacea and Wakulla County needs is a common unified vision that recognizes the dangers of overpopulation and environmental destruction while at the same time a vision that encompasses the economic health of the community. This will take time and old destructive habits die hard in Panacea as well as elsewhere but evolution and religion are in desperate need of each other and hopefully the polarization of the community will slowly dissipate if the players truly value their collective salvation. Nobody is going to come along and wave a magic wand for things to improve. Things will improve when folks recognized their individual limitations, get tired of fighting and reach out across the divide to others on the other side for their individual and collective enlightenment and fulfillment.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ET Slave Trade

An Alien-Abductee Slave Trade?
By Ed Komarek
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In the articles called, Targeting UFO/ET Corporation X, I had suggested that one area of the alien resource trade that Corporation X might find highly profitable could be considered a modern alien version of the slave trade that flourished in the British American colonies and later in the American Republic . The sometimes legal and sometimes illegal slave trade of the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s was immensely profitable especially to those slavers operating out of the North Eastern United States.

What is not widely known is that many powerful American family fortunes of today have their roots in this infamous slave trade. Could it be possible that some of these same families and their international counterparts again are involved and profiting from a trade in biological materials derived from victimized alien abductees? In the past the black African leadership sold their own people to the enslaving more technologically advanced European and American slavers as trade goods for metal weapons, cookware, ornaments and rum. Could the reasoning and justification be the same today as in the past, “if you can’t beat them join them”? Is history repeating itself, but this time the technologically superior unethical race is extraterrestrial.

I would like to point out that the evidence suggests that a wide range of alien species with a wide range of agendas, motivation and ethics are visiting this planet. My concern in this article is with one or more alien species that seem to be technologically superior to us but on about the same ethical level or worse. It would be natural for those secretive manipulative earth humans with a less ethical bent to become involved with less ethical alien types for trade and material benefit while brushing off overtures by more ethical races. This issue is controversal amongst abductee investigators. or

Could one dark aspect of trade in extraterrestrial resources through, Corporation X or Alien Resource Management Corporation (ARMC), be a kind of slave trade where some unethical humans are cooperating and assisting in a super-secret program of alien-human hybridization designed in part to infiltrate into earth society. Could it be that some aliens want to participate in earth society to a greater degree but are hampered by bodies that while fit for space travel may not be fit for life on earth? Or do the aliens have an even broader agenda encompassing many worlds that involves exploitation and trafficking in earth human genetic material, fetuses, etc. irrespective of basic earth human civil rights and liberties.

Whatever the alien interest and motivation, abductees like Jim Sparks, seem to be saying that super-secret elements of the military and other government agencies that are sworn to protect the public are involved in supporting the unsavory victimization and trafficking in abductee biological resources. Throughout our history there have always been those who have had no problem profiting from the victimization of other humans for which enslavement is just one example.

Could one of the reasons that Corporation X and other government agencies in democratic countries are resisting and subverting UFO/ET disclosure is that the exposure of this unsavory, illegal, unethical, cruel, unconstitutional trafficking in abductee biological and genetic resources for technology and technological knowledge will inspire public disgust and outrage!

The public might expect this sort of thing to develop under autocratic unethical dictatorships but not under supposedly democratic constitutional regimes. Will justifications that involve excessive secrecy and national security really hold water should the truth be widely known that this modern slave trade outrage was secretly supported and exploited by business-criminal elements in our society for profit?