Thursday, April 24, 2008

ETs Fighting For Us?

Are Ethical ETs Fighting and Dying For Our Freedom?
By Ed Komarek
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I first began to hear about a war between ET factions a couple of years ago from my local contactee sources. They told me that what had been a cold war between ET races was now heating up. About six months ago I was told that one of my contact’s female human ET friends had been wounded in a fight. Later I heard that this ET had recovered and was back in action. Three months ago I was notified that an all out war was going on between my contact’s ETs and a reptilian race. I don’t know if this includes the Grays or not. Recently I heard that for now this overt battle was being won.

I have not reported on this because I have been waiting for confirming evidence which I have just now become aware of. The UFO/ET activity over Indiana this spring confirms what I have been told. I just read an article by UFO investigator Bill Knell and I have heard that this issue has been talked about on Coast to Coast radio. This is an issue that we all should take seriously.

(Notice that the Air Force is using the flare explanation in Indiana just like near Moultrie Georgia where they are dropping flares to distract from the UFO activity and to intimidate witnesses. )

Investigator Bill Knell had the following to say about this activity in Indiana, "Lights similar to those seen over Phoenix also appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 14-15, 2008) over the towns of Kokomo and Logansport in Northern Indiana. Those lights were accompanied by loud sounds, an odd metallic odor in the air, the appearance of military aircraft and debris falling from the sky. Earlier in the evening on Wednesday night (April 15, 2008), a fishing boat captain reported seeing a huge object split into smaller lights off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey and said that he felt a brief tremor after that event." Sure sounds like fighting to me.

The unexplained craft are back over Phoenix and the air traffic controllers have been muzzled.
Clearly a lot is going on in the sky's over Texas, Arizona and Indiana and the public and the media do not have a clue as to what is really happening.

I along with some other investigators think it highly likely that our society is covertly being colonized by unethical predatory extraterrestrials in collaboration with entrenched special interests. The way this is being accomplished is through a super-secret shadow government unaccountable to legitimate constitutional government. While this infiltration into the secret autocratic halls of power continues, other extraterrestrials are fighting and dying for us to remain a free and independent society. Of course this would also be in the ethical ETs interest because the last thing they need are more societies like ours colonized and fighting against them.

Our misdirected military continues to attack and harass friendly ETs at the behest of the shadow government and their unethical ET allies because they won’t cooperate in the colonization process. The ethical ETs will only collaborate extensively with legitimate constitutional democratic government in a publicly open and transparent manner. The friendly ETs want a earth civilization that is free and independent like themselves.

I realize that this kind of talk is more than many people can stomach but I just hope we all wake up in time to avert a very real societal catastrophe. Our world is evidence to how unprepared most indigenous societies were as to threats from European colonists. By the time the indigenous societies realized that the unbelievable was really happening it was all over and they had become colonized. After colonization and tremendous devastation it took centuries for many of these peoples to become free of colonial rule. Some societies never could recover and were incorporated into the colonial society like the American Indians.

If this is warfare between ET races and it seems that way to me, there is reason for hope. I think that what this means is that the tide is turning down here on the ground and people inside and outside of government are catching on to what is happening. My guess is that this is forcing the unethical ETs cooperating with our unethical shadow government to try to bring in reinforcements and that has been thwarted. Only time will tell if this interpretation of events is correct.

One thing is certain and that is that the public is being deceived as to what is really going on all over this planet. Evidence of extraterrestrial reality is pouring in every day from all over the world and people can see that for themselves if they would just do some investigating on the Internet.

ET Terror Tactics

Extraterrestrial Terror Tactics
By Ed Komarek
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Last night I happened to wake up in the middle of the night and turned on Coast to Coast with Art Bell and listened to Art interviewing Whitley Strieber about his new book. The discussion I listened to revolved around human and cattle mutilations and other horrible acts attributed to extraterrestrials. Art and Whitley kept pondering amongst themselves as to why this was happening. I thought to myself, they still don’t get it.

Many years ago I wrote some material that still can be found on the Internet. In it I pondered why would these ET’s be so obvious and blatant in these actions. Why were people and animals being taken up in ships, mutilated and then dropped back where they easily could be found? Last night Whitley was talking about cases where human mutilated bodies were even found on top of houses.

It became obvious to me years ago that mutilations were simply a form of communication no different than that of crop circles. The only difference was that human and animal mutilations were meant to communicate and instill fear and helplessness in the intended target and crop circles were meant to instill a sense of hope, beauty, clarity and love.

These very different communication strategies are strong evidence of great ethical diversity in the universe. It is very important that we have an enlightened extraterrestrial policy that favors ethical ET interactions rather than unethical interactions as is presently the case.

What has surprises me is that UFO/ET researchers like Whitley Strieber, David Jacobs, Linda Howe and Budd Hopkins don’t seem to be able to grasp this simple concept. It’s as if they are being brainwashed to ignore this concept so vital to their work. These folks will surely argue vehemently that they are not the ones being brainwashed at all and it is those like me that are. J

People are propagandized and brainwashed through repetition of lies and partial truths and so it stands to reason that the repetition of truth over and over again will have the desired opposite positive effect. With this in mind I am going to repeat myself on this again and again until the idea gains some traction amongst these researchers. Of course it is just not these researchers in the civilian domain who fail to make this simple connection but autocrats in government as well. The truth will set you free but your fear will just as surely bind you.

Fear is a fundamental factor in the creation and maintenance of autocracy. Autocracy is a system based on reward and punishment. Subjects obey their masters because they fear punishment and desire rewards. Why should predatory extraterrestrials act any differently toward us than we act amongst ourselves?

In ET cases regarding fearsome and horrible acts it is clear to me that such acts are meant to instill fear and terror amongst both civilians and military causing them to think and act is ways that are not in the best interest to them or to humanity as a whole. When people are fearful not only are they easy to manipulate or herd, but they also do not see and act with clarity. Fear, anger and despair obstruct the situational awareness necessary to avoid predation. We can see this not only in human society but all around us in nature as well.

What these colonizing predatory unethical extraterrestrials are doing to us is no different than how whales herd fish through fear and intimidation. The message behind these mutilations and other horrible acts target autocratic leadership. The message to these leaders is, get defensive, don’t think, follow your basic survival instincts, form a herd, cover up the truth, destroy democracy and head right down that road to colonization. It’s a predatory strategy that is working very well.

A bright future belongs to the fearless not the fearful. The way to our personal and collective salvation is to openly face and overcome our fear. Full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality is the only way out of this mess. But disclosure will only be the beginning because those that would hold dominion over humanity and the earth both terrestrial and extraterrestrial will not give up their hold on humanity easily. The game will move from cover up to fearful spin.

Maybe if I keep repeating myself on this over and over maybe these ideas that the road to colonization is fundamentally based on fear will gain some traction amongst those fearful of extraterrestrial reality. President Roosevelt was right in stating, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

We can’t have an enlightened extraterrestrial policy or a bright future unless we become fearless and take clear positive actions on our own behalf. We need national and global democratic leadership that is truthful, open and fearless not secret, deceptive and fearful. Nothing good can come from an environment that fosters secrecy, fear and lies.

We have to change the nature of the game not try to play the predatory deception game better than the adversary. We have to be appreciating, loving, and honest with each other and turn the climate of fear into one of love and understanding. It’s the only way and the more ethical extraterrestrials will help us do that if we would only face and surmount our fear. In his own roundabout way I believe this is what Whitley Strieber is trying to communicate through his books.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Contactee ETV Video

Contactee Video From Moultrie Georgia
By Ed Komarek
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Here is some of our UFO/ETV video and analysis. Steve is still having some problems with tranfering all the information on to Utube but hopes to correct that soon. The headers are still fuzzy and I noticed a problem with the sound.

I have written previously of three different contactees that I have been working with for many years. Contactee M and I have been friends for over twenty years. I have been friends with contactee K for maybe 15 years and contactee L about a couple of years. I have had sightings of ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles) with contactee M and K which I have discussed in other articles on my blog. Contactee K and L claim to have worked extensively with several ET groups on a conscious level while contactee M has had some conscious contact but mostly seems to have had unconscious contact or memories screened.

All three contactees deal with the same ethical ET networks. Contactee M is the only contactee that takes pictures. The reason these ETs are deemed ethical is because all three of these people have spent time with these ETs getting to know them over many years. These extraterrestrial are mostly human and humanoid and the contactee’s rights as individuals have not been violated as is the case with abductees.

Just because some ETs are unfriendly does not mean that all ETs should be considered unfriendly. Contactee M was once an abductee many years ago with the usual abductee symptoms. This person went through a personal transformation brought about in part it seems by the intervention of more friendly ET races.

I believe video such as this being offered to the public at this time provides credentials by the extraterrestrials involved as to the citizen diplomatic status of our network. The evidence is sure to be contested but will be difficult to disprove by any who view the many hours of raw contactee video or run the video through sophisticated image analysis computer software as investigator Steve Moreno has done. Over the years we have developed a certain amount of trust with these friendly extraterrestrials that hopefully will continue and our efforts should be supported by both the public and the military rather than hindered.

Contactee M has been video taping for many years and took a good video of a ship many years ago with contactee K for me to see but the ETs specified that the tape be erased after I saw it which we did. Until recently the ships have kept their distance and what contactee M was taking was like much video now available on the Internet with the ships jumping around at a distance distorted by the camera automatic lens shifting back and forth. We have included some lesser quality video just to provide more of a factual basis for the better quality footage.

When contactee M shot the video of the relatively close up undercarriage of a spacecraft I and my friends felt that it was okay with the ETs that we start making some of this video available to the public. The video is added confirmation that contact is really happening at various locations around South Georgia over the years and even South Alabama where K now lives. There will always be those uninformed self important critics who will cry hoax excluding evidence such as this from their UFO reporting databases and discussion boards just because of the word contactee or exopolitics is associated with the evidence.

Contactee M told me to please communicate to these critics that, “I am just an ordinary person having extraordinary experiences that are increasingly become just a normal part of my life. I would hope that those critical of contactees would simply take the tapes on their own merit until such time that they can know and appreciate the whole story.”

I would like to remind those arm chair investigators that see this tape on Utube that contactee M has hours and hours of raw videotape footage that pretty much rules out hoaxing. Contactee M does not even own a computer let along knows how to use image software to fake UFOs. Contactee M does not even have a high school education and I don’t think the other contactees do either. The video camera that M uses does have some special effects features like reverse black and white and split screen. I have discouraged M from experimenting with these features on craft as this could mess up some good footage as well as confuse the situation as far as later analysis.

There will be those that will say these are just military aircraft of some type. First they are not ordinary aircraft because the make no or little sound. Second if they were highly classified exotic aircraft why fly them where they could crash into populated areas and be exposed. Third why is the Air Force going to so much trouble scrambling jets on a regular basis or keeping jets in the area so much of the time? Why is the Air Force chasing and dog fighting with these craft? Why all the other low slow flying surveillance aircraft going around as if they are looking for something? Even AWAC’s have been videotaped flying around the area.

What M does is when extraterrestrials are in the area is turn on the camera and just let it run until something shows up. For instance with the chicken house video, M began taping the craft beyond the chicken house, then because the street lights were causing so much trouble gets into the car with the camera running and goes a few miles to a open area where the ship showed up and continued taping. Then M got back in the car and came back to her home and the chicken house across the road before finally turning off the camera. This is also added evidence that there is mental contact between M and the occupants of the craft.

There are hours and hours of this raw footage. In fact because the tapes are not cheap M often plays over tapes and some UFO footage has been erased accidentally. What I decided to do was have M put some choice segments of craft onto a regular video tape that I could send to my friend and longtime UFO/ET investigator Steve Moreno. Steve has worked with contactees in the past most notably James Gilliland. Steve is a rigorous but open minded investigator that I trust and he always stresses the importance of having documenting evidence of contactee claims.

Steve has not always been easy on contactees, James for instance, and calls them as he sees them. J I feel very much the same way because there are many people purporting to be contactees and citizen ambassadors based solely on channeled information and telepathy. Some of these people could be legit but I feel many are not and with no way to validate the claims I prefer to work with those who can provide evidence of contact.

The only reason I really stick my neck out with these three contactees is because I have known two of them for a long time and have had lots of interactions and experiences with them that lead me to believe they are legit. This is something that no armchair, couch potato UFO investigator in front of a computer can or is willing to do, get out with boots on the ground and spend years investigating a case.

I really don’t have time for critics that feel they can make snap judgments about people that they never have had contact with or other evidence that a field investigator in intimate with. I am really saddened that many big name establishment UFOlogists routinely censor cases as not being credible without any type of investigation whatsoever. The same can be said for establishment UFO forums that exclude points of view that the moderator disagrees with. This kind of manipulation of the pubic is no better than what we are fighting against.

It seems that anybody that really tries hard and gets out and does something, be it investigation or activism is constantly under attack and undermined by reactionary UFOlogists. I would remind the UFO community that Steve Moreno has spent weeks studying and analyzing this video with sophisticated image analysis software and has seen no evidence of fraud. So anybody on the Internet who makes a snap judgment of fraud from a few minutes study of these images is just being foolish.

The video was shot from the yard of M’s home and in the nearby vicinity of the home, just east of Moultrie Georgia within the last couple of years. These contactees are not particularly interested in going public because they are Christians and do not want to be ostracized by many in the narrow minded local Christian community who think UFOs are the work of the devil.

By not going public with names some armchair critics will cry foul and if they did go public other critics would turn around and say the contactees were just after publicity. Narrow and close minded people are just going to believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts being presented.

The UFOET segments have been taken out of the context of the original tapes. Steve Moreno has put these up on Utube for us along with some preliminary analysis and hopefully more will be forth coming. I hope to bring in other investigators that I deem trustworthy to do more analysis as Steve, I and the contactees see fit.

This is a longstanding and important case and deserves much open minded and fair investigation. Those who might be seriously interested in forming a investigative image analysis group to work together using and sharing the most up to date computer software should get in touch with me and I will give them Steve Moreno’s phone number.

White House Contactee

A White House Contactee-abductee
By Ed Komarek
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I first heard about this case from an article I read in Nexus Magazine’s November-December 2005 edition, which was a reprint of an article that was from Unicus Magazine. The author of the article is Robert Stanley and what I read was part 2 of 2 that is excerpted from a book the author was writing called, Capitol Offense: Alien Incursions of Restricted Airspace. My attention was brought back to this case when the White House and Air Force One photographer being written about in this article contacted me over the internet and put me on to his web site. He has done extensive analysis of his UFO/ETV pictures taken of alien activity on and around the White House.

This individual wishes to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of his job and the high level contacts he has. I was very impressed by the analysis of his pictures that he has done and has available on the Internet. Some of his extraterrestrial contact does seem to be with the so called Greys that I and many others don’t hold in very high esteem to say the least. This contactee might dispute this issue as he has stated that these ETs are peaceful.

It is generally accepted in the UFO/ET community that this type of ET is unethical and deceptive and bent on exploiting, infiltrating and possibly colonizing humanity from within. This is being achieved through genetic manipulation, fear and infiltration into the super-secret, highly classified national security system and autocratic power structure this race favors.

It is this secret system that secretly acknowledges and deals with extraterrestrial reality while suppressing that truth to the public. In my estimation such a secret control system operating under the guise of national security is a perfect environment and cover for stealthy infiltration and colonization of our society from within.

That said, because this individual has such high level credentials and pictures to back up his testimony that I believe more people need to know about this case. He and I had a very considerable email exchange over the period of a couple of days and I may send some of our local contactee video to him for analysis and distribution to his contacts.

It’s important that high level policy makers realize that ET activity is not all negative and that they must be careful not to be fearfully manipulated by the unethical races into taking a indiscriminate hostile approach to extraterrestrial reality. The more ethical races are averse to interacting with the secret government and prefer instead to operate and create alliances as openly and transparently as possible through the whole of society.

Generally the more ethical races favor full open disclosure and maximum transparency before becoming more intimately involved with our society including any longstanding formal alliances or treaties. I think any short term formal contact is predicated on and dependent on full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial realities.

In this second Nexus article of a two part series there is further discussion of this individuals credentials. The contactee-abductee says he worked for ABC news for over 18 years as a senior engineer. More specifically he was an ABC senior network engineer, TOC ( Tactical Operations Center ) which is master control for ABC news. He says he worked extensively at the White House and on Air Force One. He worked under Reagan, Bush, and Clinton and I think he is still working under the current administration.

His father was a high level scientist at PMEL (Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory) and his fathers work was very classified and covert. Partly because of his father’s work this contactee-abductee earned a masters degree in image technology and engineering.

He grew up on military bases around the world. In Sculthorpe, a base in England , he had a group of ETs enter his room when he was five years old in 1962. I suspect that this one of those cases where ET contact runs in the family and I would not be surprised that this person’s father or mother were not abductees themselves.

This individual’s second encounter was at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey . The craft landed in a farm pasture across the street from base housing and he awoke at night with a single entity in his bedroom. This abductee while consciously forgiving seems from this account to suggest the usual unconscious, traumatic, fearful and invasive encounters that are so common amongst abductees. He still has sleep disorders to this day often sleeping in the daytime rather than at night.

His third encounter was when he took the White House pictures and there is a detailed discussion of the analysis of the pictures in the Nexus article. I think this case is important because it is another example as to the degree of the Grey’s covert infiltration into the secret aspects of our society posing a very real threat. A case such as this needs to be put into perspective however.

People should not become trapped in their thinking and fearful emotions that these less ethical ETs predominate overall just because they do predominate in certain parts of our society where an environment of autocratic power, secrecy, and deception favor their infiltration and manipulation of humanity. High level autocrats both civilian and military seem to be primary targets for infiltration and control, but autocrats throughout society are vulnerable as well. The one thing that these ETs can’t handle is exposure, openness and democracy and so long as secrecy prevails in these matters we are all in danger of exploitation and possible colonization by the less ethical ET races.

UFO's the Final Card

UFOs, The Fascist’s Unbelievable Final Card
By Ed Komarek
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For over 200 years America has been a world leader and even today stands as the last remaining super power. In the past America has inspired the world to move toward global democracy and away from autocracy. Today unfortunately the situation has reversed itself and America is leading the world back into autocracy and fascism, under the deceptive guise of a so called “ New World Order”, the old world feudal order in a deceptive new suit of clothes.

It is well known by many researchers of conspiracies that plans have been made in America and in other countries around the world for the implementation of a national state of emergency and martial law should this ever become necessary.
These researchers also know that some autocratic elite secretly desire to implement martial law in America and possibly to the whole of humanity through manipulation of the United Nations. What these researchers don’t know or understand is how this could be implemented.

Conspiracy researchers and the public as a whole need to think in depth as to just what mechanism could be used to accomplish such a feat. The mechanism would have to be uniformly presented and believed as a clear and present danger. Global environmental destruction or terrorism might be the best conventional answer possible but there is another one that is much more esoteric and even scarier to the uninformed and that is open acknowledgement of extraterrestrial reality.

It’s going to have to take a lot more fear than gradual global warming or terrorism to stampede global society into fascism, but widespread fear of the unknown could easily do the trick. I think whistle blower Carol Rosin is right on track as to the playing of the extraterrestrial card.

There has been quite a lot of talk within the UFO community of a false flag simulated alien invasion. Frankly I don’t think that this would work because outright lies are a kind of overt deception and much easier to expose than a covert deception and would soon be found out and resisted. What is much more effective and more difficult to expose and resist is the propagation of a partial truth which in itself is a kind of subtle covert deception.

Even government insiders are beginning to awaken to the truth and the danger we are all in. The latest insider getting involved in extraterrestrial reality that I have just become aware of is Fred Burks. He is a former translator to Presidents Bush, Clinton and Vice Presidents Cheney and Gore and tells how he got into all this at his informative web site. I also recently was contacted by a contactee who is a White House photographer who shot UFO pictures on and around the White House a few years ago and has a very interesting web site.

The best model for stampeding humanity into blind obedience would be a series of five steps taken over a period of many years. Three of these steps are already well advanced. The first step was to cover up extraterrestrial reality under the guise of national and global security. (1940s and 1950s)

The second step was to leak information like the Brookings Institution UFO Report to get people to think that people are not ready for the truth and need a long awareness program. (1960’s and 70s)

The third step was and is to use this guise of an awareness program to covertly and secretly over many years undermine and confuse public understanding of extraterrestrial reality while secretly leaking information so as to claim to be informing the public on the matter. (1980s to the present)

The forth and future step would be to suddenly announce to the public the existence of extraterrestrial reality and the logical need to institute a “temporary” state of emergency and martial law so as to minimize social disruption and disorder coming from such an announcement. (2013) The fifth and final step once a state of emergency and martial law is in place is to bombard the public through controlled mass media outlets with the partial truth that there are devious dangerous extraterrestrials that are infiltrating society while presenting indisputable evidence to this effect.

Simultaneously along with this propaganda operation would be to use the military to clamp down on the internet, individual liberties and any other sources of information that might lead to the whole truth becoming widely known. The whole truth would expose the whole nefarious operation and a wide ethical spectrum of extraterrestrial races visiting our planet.

With the whole truth known, people would understand that many ethical races are trying to help us seeking openness and transparency. These races refuse to cooperate with the shadow governments of the world in the colonization of humanity and wait hopefully that people will come to their senses before it is too late. These ethical races are limited in the actions they can take because they cannot use unethical means to accomplish their goals.

The whole truth, as unbelievable as it may seem, is not only are we not alone in the universe but that legitimate overt world governments are being infiltrated by predatory extraterrestrials in cahoots with collaborating autocrats at the highest levels. Many in the UFO/ET community are coming to realize that this is being accomplished through stealthy secret covert shadow or satellite government.

These super secret shadow governments have been covertly usurping overt existing democratic governments around the world a process that coincides with he first mass UFO sightings and crashes in the late 1940s. In America the shadow or satellite government alluded to by President Nixon was created right after the crash near Roswell New Mexico with passage of the National Security Act of 1947.

A very few of us UFO/ET investigators are now realizing that these secret covert governments are also in the process of misdirecting humanity to fight off those extraterrestrial races and their human collaborators that would help humanity remain free and independent. Hey, if it were simple known and believable it would not be a conspiracy now would it!

The holocaust just did not happen and come up out of nowhere and it only became believable after the fact when there was absolute proof in the liberated concentration camps. People have become so brainwashed and dumb downed that they fail to understand that tyranny and mass societal destruction arise covertly and that there are real conspiracies endangering us all.

Could something this outrageous and devious and satanic really be going on or is it all really just some sort of collective delusion by conspiracy theorists and UFO nut cases as presented by the mass media government lapdogs over the years. The question really boils down too what is the truth, can covert conspiracies not caught in time lead to eventual societal devastation? You bet they can!

All I am saying is that global society better get this right because as many of us sift through the confusing dung heap of truths, lies and deceptions centering on a 60 year old cover up of extraterrestrial reality this possible scenario, unbelievable as it sounds, stands out like a sore thumb. By the time most people have absolute proof that aliens exist we could already be an alien colony to be exploited as the aliens see fit. Many abductees now understand that they are being exploited and victimized by unethical extraterrestrial races but they are just the canaries in the coal mine and their testimony is being foolishly ignored and denigrated by much of society.

If the people in Germany and elsewhere around the world could have understood the covert internal conspiracies hatched by Hitler and his cronies early there never would have been World War II. People like Churchill could see and understand but few would listen. What if people could have understood the conspiracies that gave rise to communism and the tyrant Stalin? There never would have been a Cold War.

Is this all conspiracy theorist nonsense as the mass media would have you believe? Are you really as smart as you think you are or are you secretly falling under a secret spell being woven by tyrants? Are you smarter than all these millions and billions of people who have fallen and died by the hand of tyrants throughout history finding out too late the whole truth? How about a reality check?

It is quite fitting that the hero of World War II Five Star General Macarthur stated in his farewell address in 1955 that the next world war would be fought against aliens. "The next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets." Macarthur was already very aware of extraterrestrial reality with one of the most extensive UFO files at the time. Was Macarthur just another nut case?

Admiral Hillenkoetter the first head of the CIA said, "Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense." Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter (May 8, 1897 - June 18, 1982)

Air Force General Senator Barry Goldwater said, "It is true that I was denied access to a facility at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, because I never got in. I can't tell you what was inside. We both know about the rumors (concerning a captured UFO and crew members). I have never seen what I would call a UFO, but I have intelligent friends who have."
President Reagan said, "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide, would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

President Ford said, "In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation than that thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs, and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment of the subject."

Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Mission veteran said, "I've talked with people of military and government credentials and position and heard their stories, and their desire to tell their stories openly to the public. And that got my attention very, very rapidly...the first hand experiences of these credible witnesses that, now in advanced years are anxious to tell their story. We can't deny that, and the evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident, and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that crash site..."

President Jimmy Carter said, "If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists. I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one."

The list goes on and on but is anybody listening?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Colonized By Aliens

Are We Covertly Being Colonized By Aliens?
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

Those of us involved in the emerging field of exopolitics attempt to make sense out of the huge body of evidence available to us involving extraterrestrial reality. I believe the stakes are very high for all of humanity that we collectively understand our situation relative to UFO/ET reality. Developing this situational awareness involves understanding the real reasons for 60 year old UFO/ET cover up even while we struggle to end it.

The pattern I see emerging which I think is reasonably accurate is that we can define two categories of extraterrestrials, colonizers and liberators, interacting with humanity that are the most important for us to understand. I have written previously that there are two very basic evolutionary strategies in nature competition and cooperation, and because we are part of nature our society is driven by these evolutionary forces.

Just as with the laws of physics I see no reason why these evolutionary laws do not apply to the whole of the universe. This logic is confirmed by the facts available to me involving extraterrestrial reality. Of course this is not a new idea but one that runs though religious texts from around the world.

What the religious texts seem to indicate is that there has been a longstanding attempt by less ethical predatory colonizing extraterrestrials to take over this planet that are being resisted and thwarted by more ethical cooperative extraterrestrial races. All I am trying to do is bring the public up to speed on modern developments in what seems to be an end game scenario resulting in extraterrestrial colonization if we don’t get smart fast.

Those that demand absolute proof and are waiting for our government to announce the truth that extraterrestrials exist should think long and hard about what I now have to say. What are you going to do, where will you stand, should the President of the United States or the head of the UN make the following speech.

“Ladies and gentlemen I have something of great importance to relate to the whole of humanity. We are not alone in the universe. Over the past sixty years governments have been covertly investigating alien activity on and about our planet and have developed secret contact with several extraterrestrial races. I would like to relate to you that we have formed alliances with some of these races which we feel are necessary for national and global security in a universe that is both full of promise and great danger.

The leaders of all nations have decided that these alliances are essential for human survival even if though some may question the effect of these alliances on civil liberties and global sovereignty. In order to mitigate any possible societal shock and disruption world leaders have decided to declare a temporary worldwide state of emergency. People should not be distressed at the temporary institution of martial law and suspension of civil liberties as these are necessary steps to ensure order in time of crisis.”

The President or UN leader might go on to say, “The public should be aware that there are other extraterrestrial races that have failed to contact and collaborate with world governments. We have not always been successful in keeping these other races out of our airspace and off the planet. Citizens should not have contact with these races that may appear friendly but in fact could be dangerous. These uncooperative races are considered a very serious national security threat and any attempts by citizens to contact or interact with them will simply not be allowed.”

Some misguided individuals harboring false ideas of freedom and liberty will try to contact these subversive infiltrating races but if they do they will be severely punished. We regret that we will have to take such actions but it is necessary for the security of our nation. We in authority are completely on top of things and because we have a better overall understanding of the situation, citizens should and must allow us to do our job and trust our judgment. We are counting on all patriotic Americans to report any citizens having extraterrestrial contact on their own and without government permission to the authorities.”

I believe such a scenario would be a recipe for open civil war between autocrats and democrats worldwide. If this scenario came to pass will those of you that have blindly believed in your government and demanded absolute proof of extraterrestrial life now just as blindly support colonization and martial law? If we have to fight a revolutionary war all over again where will you stand?

The Iraq War

Why The Puppet Government In Iraq Is Designed To Fail?
By Ed Komarek
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Americans have learned absolutely nothing from Vietnam so history repeats itself over and over again. The same axis of evil, oil, arms, and finance, through clever manipulation of the mass media have been able to repeat the same scams they perpetrated in Vietnam. These industries and the powerful political and economic families that control these industries not only profit from conflict but have learned how to manufacture conflict for profit. They have done this at great loss to society. Everybody should be aware of the testimony of whistle blowers like Carol Rosin.

In Iraq just like in Vietnam all we have to do is just look to see who the winners and losers are to figure out who created and promoted these wars. There is an old saying, fooled once shame on you, fooled twice shame on me. Americans and the rest of the world just don’t seem to get it.

Recent developments on the ground in Iraq have shown that even with the surge the American Iraq Puppet government and military is as weak and fragmented as ever. The various factions have used the surge to rearm themselves with our help in preparation to finish the civil war once the Americans are forced to leave. Just as in Vietnam, we are locked into a conflict that involves a civil war that can only be settled by the people of the country and once again the American people are losing while the elite autocrats win.

Americans needlessly dying on the ground now feel the brunt of the pain, but all Americans will one day wake up just as after Vietnam to deal with the aftermath. War stimulates the economy creating a manic economic high even while people are dying, but it is after the war ends then the economic hangover, a recession sets in and all feel the pain after the fact.

Inflation built up during the Vietnam War only to be followed by severe recession after the war wound down. It’s going to happen again for all the same reasons as before. The American people have been fleeced again as money flows out of the hands of the taxpayers, right into the hands of the oil, arms and finance industries who are profiting handsomely. We don’t feel the pickpocket picking our pocket. It’s only afterward that we feel the loss when the pickpocket is long gone.

It’s very possible that those that instigated both of these wars consciously know what they are doing and are getting better every day at managing conflict for profit. It’s the same old scam over and over again. Instigate a war on false pretenses, play it up, keep it contained, keep it going as long as possible until the scam falls apart. Then rearm and promote the military for the next war, all at great public sacrifice in lives and money.

The only way to stop these trillion dollar scams is to understand them and the established interests that instigate and promote these evil schemes. Once the trillion dollar scam artists are identified they must be vigorously prosecuted and punished severely. Our society just can’t take any more of this.