Saturday, August 31, 2013


I have been having trouble getting my blog introduction to the top of the blog so for the introduction go here. Included in the introduction is the list of over 200 blog articles. Consider this as archive material as it is not as well written or edited as the new book.  I used much of the material in the blog as source material for the book. 

     My new book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder, is available on Amazon and Amazon Europe. Thanks everybody for all the help and support to make this all happen. I think folks will be very happy with this book, as it pulls together just about everything I know, in a tight concise manner, with much better writing and editing than I have done to date. The $16.00 print book has been discounted by Amazon the last I checked.  This book is now free to be read on this books website on all devices with a PDF available on site as well. 

    You can order the print copy here.
     I have now written two more books since UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder that include Fire In Nature A Fire Activist's Guide and my just released book Enlightenment:  The Long Hard Road.  A three of my books can now be read for free on their individual website linked to the main portal website called the Enlighten Your World Series. 

     The Extraterrestrial Cultural Center is making great progress.  The Center concept has evolved from the evidence and concepts contained in my book as a kind of plan of action to help create a bright future for mankind.  Check out our blog:  and our website. 

      Here are some print and video interviews and articles.  This short course on Exopolitics gives a sort of abstract as to what is in the book.  These articles are not copyrighted and are available to other internet press who might be interested in republishing in their online blogs, newspapers, web pages and newsletters.

 Part 1  Why Exopolitics? 
Part 2  Evolution on Other Worlds
Part 3  Do Aliens Use Intelligent Supercomputers and Quantum Networks to Manage Their Societies?
Part 4  End the Cover-up?  Are You Kidding, We Are Making Trillions!
Part 5  Bilderberg and the Borg - Resistance is Futile - Or is It?
Part 6 The Human Mega-population, Who's Messing With Our Genes?
Part 7 Timeline:  Nazi Saucers To The Bilderberg-Mason Secret Space Fleet
Part 8  Do Bilderberg-Masons Control The Classified World?

Kate Valentine's radio interview with Ed Komarek

Kevin Montana interviews Ed Komarek (Print)

Rick Scouler interviews Ed Komarek (Video)

Ed Komarek interviews Clifford Stone (Video)

Jeffrey Prichett interviews Ed Komarek (Print)