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A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law

A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law
By Ed Komarek
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We the people and all nations on earth hereby declare that we intend to become an enlightened civilized space faring race and that we will abide by all moral and ethical principles contained in cosmic law or universal ethical law. We affirm that every individual intelligence throughout the cosmos have certain inalienable rights which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as freedoms of assembly, speech and religion. We affirm that these rights are self evident and are founded upon universal ethical law. We further affirm that the laws of humanity on earth and in space shall be in harmony with universal ethical law. We furthermore declare that we will not support nor will we assist any power on earth or in space that abide by laws not in conformity with universal ethical law or laws that deny the inalienable rights of any intelligent individual or species.

We the people do recognize the right to defend ourselves from hostile acts, be it between ourselves or between ourselves and other intelligent life existing in the universe, providing that our defense is in harmony with universal law. We further recognize that we will not initiate a hostile act against another intelligent individual or race on earth or in space unless we are confident that a hostile act has been committed and have identified a specific perpetrator. When we attack a specific perpetrator we are sure is hostile we will by all means possible attempt to contain any collateral damage to innocent parties.

We the people recognize and affirm that technologically advanced civilizations have had free access to earth space for at least thousands of years and some since planetary creation. We recognize the claims made by other advanced civilizations supercede our claim to earth by thousands and millions of years. Even though our space fairing civilization is still primitive as measured by most other civilizations frequenting earth space we do have a right to negociate our planetary claims. We affirm under universal law as a new space fairing civilization that we do have certain planetary and spacial rights that must be considered by advanced races. We intend to negociate our planetary and spacial rights with due diligence and in a timely manner. We intend to negociate these rights immediately as individuals by our thoughts and actions until formal open transparent negotiations are forthcoming. We further state that we do not recognize any treaties with other intelligent races made in secret or under duress by any party other than ourselves. Only treaties made after complete total disclosure as well as open debate and consensus has been achieved will be considered valid.

We do admit and confirm some misguided and misdirected individuals and groups operating covertly and in secret have taken hostile actions against ethical space fairing races and civilizations in space as well as on earth. We condemn these criminal elements embedded in our society that indiscriminately attack ET spacecraft and disrupt earth based networks involving earth human contact and negotiations with ethical ET's. By these criminal hostile acts these covert groups and those elite organizations who support their immoral and illegal actions have forfeited any legitimate right of negotiation in the present and in the future. We affirm that these criminal outlaws operating outside of cosmic ethical law will and are accountable for their immoral actions even while they still believe themselves to be untouchable and outside the law. We intend to bring those guilty of immoral and unethical acts to justice as soon as is feasible and prudent. We ask forgiveness for these criminals and authorize the ethical ET civilizations and races to take whatever ethical steps necessary to assist us in bringing these criminal outlaws to justice. The present situation of lawlessness exhibited by humanity on the new spacial frontier is unacceptable and must be immediately replaced by the rule of cosmic ethical law. We the people define cosmic ethical law as a body of rules recognized by all civilized enlightened beings throughout the universe. Furthermore, Cosmic law serves to value and protect all life regardless of intelligence. Cosmic law provides, checks and balances, restraints and guidelines upon advanced intelligence limiting interference in the evolutionary processes of lesser evolved species. Cosmic law orders the affairs of all advanced ethical beings in the universe.

Cosmic ethical universal law incorporates these rules or laws: 1. Be truthful. 2. Be loving. 3. Do no harm. 4. Use only ethical means because the means and end are one. 5. Actions have consequences. Right action leads to beneficial consequences. 6. Individual and collective experience is determined and segregated by the forces of attraction and repulsion. 7. Value free will, each individual and collective learns at their own pace determined by cosmic law. Suggest but do not force. 8. Do not limit the rights, liberties and freedoms of others unless infringed upon. 9. All beings have the right to self defense but this should always be the option of last resort.

We the people intend the above document to initiate a process to specify and codify ethical cosmic law into all earth human law or international law which should be subordinate to universal ethical law.

Aliens On Ice

Aliens on Ice
By Ed Komarek
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The Canadian: Extraterrestrials on Ice

In a previous paper I made reference to the fact that Fox executives had got wind of this story and used the story as the basis for a X-files program titled Alien On Ice. One of our people with ORTK drove these executives around as part of her job in California and told them about this case hoping to get some funding for me.

I would like to fill the reader in on this case in detail in which I have invested several thousands of dollars over the years and two trips to British Columbia. I did this to find the five mummified bodies dressed in metallic suits found by Larry Requa around 1938 when he was a constable operating out of Stewart BC.

Before describing what was found let me give the reader some background on this case. In a prior paper I described how my father Ed Komarek Sr. organized a group of scientists and plantation owners to create the first fire conferences and later Tall Timbers Research Station. When my father was early in this process of organization he searched out others from around the world who were doing fire research, one who was Larry Requa. At the time in the 1960's I believe Larry was the head of forest service in the Yukon Territories of Canada.

Around 1962 our family in one of our annual trips about the United States and Canada ended up at Whitehorse Canada where Dad could meet up with Larry Requa. I remember the first time I met Larry was when we had broken down and it took a couple of days to repair the camper. Larry took pity on my sister and I who were sitting around bored to death and had his helicopter pilot take us both up around the forest service base for a short helicopter ride. Later he told me he could have gotten in trouble for that but this just shows what a kind and considerate person Larry was.

Dad brought Larry down to Tallahassee to lecture at a fire conference and Larry became a friend of the family. Larry's paper, Lightning Behavior in the Yukon, is in the proceedings of the Third Annual Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference and is available from Tall Timbers Research Inc. Later when Larry retired and was in his seventies he came back to visit with old friends like my mother and father. This was around the 1980's give or take a few years. At this time I was well into UFO's and my mother had a habit of telling others about her son's strange interests.

Well, my mother and Larry were setting on the back steps of the house one evening looking up at the stars when she mentioned my interest in UFO's. She was very surprised when Larry said; I had this experience years ago and I have told nobody about it, not even my wife at the time. He told his story to my mother and said he had transcribed his notes from the period onto a tape along with other stories and adventures he had in the far north. The next evening I got Jeff Anderson a good friend of mine to come over to hear what Larry had to say. Also there were my very skeptical uncle Roy who was fit to be tied because he really liked Larry and just did not know what to make of Larry's story. Sonny Stoddard and my mother and father were also there.

I could tell that Larry was very emotional and shaky just talking about this experience for the first time. I could see that this experience had made a powerful impression and had helped shape the rest of his life. Larry said that when he was a young man and a constable for the RCMP, he would not say when and where, he went looking for a prospector who went missing. He was flown to a glacial lake, got out and followed the prospector's trail around the lake. He crossed the stream that fed into the lake which was very cold and could find no sign of the prospector on the other side. He walked up the stream to a small mound and sat down to warm up. He looked across the stream to see a small cave that had been mortared up with stones and mud from the river. He went back across the stream and knocked a small hole through the mortared stones and shined in the darkness with a flashlight.

He was very surprised to see that the inside of the cave had been cut away to create a rectangular chamber about 12 by 12 feet with a stone bench cut into the back wall. On the bench in the back were five mummified bodies dressed in metallic cloth about three and a half feet long. He made the opening larger and went inside and felt the wall which had a smooth glassy surface like the rock had been melted away. In front of the five mummified bodies was a emblem and what appeared to be a flexible metal equivalent of a chain but was like a flexible round length of metal but without any visible links. It seemed the beings had died looking at the emblem on the small pile of rocks a kind of makeshift altar.

Larry went over and touched the metal fabric with his pencil on one of the bodies and found it to be very flexible. He was taking notes through the whole experience as was his duty and training. The bodies were short and humanoid with long slender finger bones and large extended craniums. One of the bodies had a red suit coverall and the others had blue suit coveralls. Overhead was a shaft in which he shined his flashlight but could see no end. He lit a match to see if their was a draft and there was not a draft. After he had investigated the bodies he went back and picked up the emblem which was square with the four primary colors evenly divided into smaller squares on it. It was light as a feather and when he was holding it he suddenly saw what he described as images forming on the wall.

The first scene was a craft coming down with the occupants being knocked around. The second images was the five beings next to a hole melted down into the glacier. One of the beings had a broken leg and was lying down and the other four were standing up with one holding a broken arm. He had noticed the broken leg and arm on the bodies before picking up the emblem. The next image was of the beings dying in the cave. The final image was of him sealing up the cave and leaving everything as he found it. He placed the emblem back on the small pile of rocks and when outside and sealed the cave back up feeling that the place was sacred and should not ever be disturbed. Larry was part Indian. He said he made up two reports one without the event which he filed and one with the event which he kept only for himself.

In the 1990's this story was still on my mind and I figured that Larry had now died and that I would see what I could do about finding where this story happened and when. Larry would not say, where, when, let alone tell where the location was. I told the story to Rob one of our ORTK people and we drew up a agreement to share whatever we found. Rob went to work and after many phone calls found that Larry's wife was still alive who was in her nineties as well as were his two sons. She and Larry had long gone their separate ways but had remained married. They all figured Larry had died as he had broken off contact will them all years before. Rob tracked Larry's movements all over the north and back to Stewart BC. Then he got the microfilm from the local newspaper and sent it to me and I found references to Larry in the paper. He had a pet fox at one time and another time he put some tramps to work clearing a lot while he was constable. It was Larry's job to go out into this very rugged terrain to find missing prospectors and trappers when they failed to show up for provisions in the spring. In the paper their was also a description of the explosion which he said told us had happened about the time of his discovery. We were not able to find a missing prospector in the paper around the time of this explosion.

Rob and I drove up to Stewart thinking that we could hike in to find the site. Boy were we surprised as this was the most rugged terrain in North America, straight up and down. There was a ice field forty miles long with glaciers coming down on all sides. At the newspaper archives and little mining museum, Rob talked to a lady there, and the lady said that a friend of Larry's had recently come by and to our surprise Larry was still alive and living about a thousand miles away. Rob and I tracked Larry down and he was ninety two, I think, and still in good health. He told the same story to Rob as I had heard years ago and showed Rob a copy of the medallion he had made in the States out of sliver by Indians. It was the same copy that he had shown my family perhaps twenty years before. On the back of the copy of the emblem was etched a arc with a line across through the arc and several cross hatches on the line. Larry said he felt that this had something to do with the ET's physics and travel.

Needless to say Larry was very surprised that I had tracked him down after all these years but he still would not give us the location. We went home and Larry died a couple of years later from stomach cancer and he was found with the emblem in his pocket. I had a falling out with Rob when Rob broke our agreement and talked with some friends of his to go back looking for the bodies themselves. Later I decided to go back alone.

I had been in contact with Steven Greer's CSETI and had done a small story on this case. It so happened that a helicopter pilot operating out of Stewart heard this story from CSETI and CSETI got me in contact with him. The Pilot was very kind and gave me about five thousand dollars of helicopter time for only a couple of thousand dollars. We went all over the eastern side of the mountain range that separates BC from Alaska. It's a huge rugged area. Looking for the site is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Lucky for me I have information that I have never given to anybody else that still gives me a shot at finding this site if I don't get to old before going back. I have the area narrowed down to where I will have to prospect on foot.

From everything I have found out I believe that Larry did not find the bodies himself. I think he made the part about the prospector up, to cover for somebody else. There was a trapper that he knew well who was all over that country and even has a lake named after him. I just found out that the Trapper never married or had children who might have passed on a story. I think a prospector or trapper found the site and because Larry was constable, came to him and then both went back to check it out and decided never to divulge the location. I think both took the location to their graves.

Today the glaciers are receding in a big way and perhaps some pilot will notice something shiny at the base of a glacier, fly down and see a crumpled spaceship and tell the authorities, only to have the evidence spirited away like in so many other cases. All that will be left will be a story told by a pilot and no evidence of a spaceship ever crashing in this remote part of North America. I have no doubt this story is true. Larry was a honest man of high integrity who knew little about UFO's until I gave him some of my books to read after he told us his story.

The ET's Asked Permission

The ET's Asked Permission
By Ed Komarek
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The last two days have been interesting as I have had the opportunity to first meet a leading consciousness researcher in person, Evan Harris Walker, for a extend discussion on ETV/ET affairs on Sunday evening. On the second day I was introduced to and spent the day with Jerry, an individual who owns his own construction firm in Mississippi and who has had a friendly encounter with around ten ET's in their ship. This case presents an opportunity for contact and negotiations that we in the emerging Exopolitical field should take seriously. If Jerry's case is not just a routine random encounter it may be possible that Jerry may be willing to act as an emissary should further contact occur. I intend to bring him up to speed on our evolving field of Exopolitics.

Before proceeding further let me establish some background to these events. Jack a good friend of mine is a author, scientist, businessman and environmental activist who I have known since childhood as he was also a friend of my fathers. Jack and his wife Ann run a marine lab that serves the duel purpose of being a educational facility in conjunction with a marine collecting business. It is located near the Gulf of Mexico in Panacea Florida about fifty miles south of where I live in South Georgia. I spend quite a bit of time in the area and visit with Jack frequently.

Jack has a interest in UFO's having seen a cylindrical one himself disappear right before his eyes,(He reminds me that is exactly what he saw, a unidentified flying object no more no less), as well as heard the local stories told by fishermen in the Gulf. It seems that back many years ago when two fishermen were abducted from under the Pascagoula bridge, a case that made national headlines, their was a flurry of UFO sightings all along the gulf coast from Mississippi all the way to where Jack lives in Panacea Florida. Local fishermen over the years have come to consider him the local authority on the strange and the unusual ever since he investigated and solved the strange case of the Blob.

The blob was a strange brain like living structure found in a local pond that had brought in a flock of police and news reporters to investigate back in the late 1950's. Jack recounted the story to Evan Walker to Evan's enjoyment and the possibility that the story had somehow been the inspiration for a science fiction movie called, The Blob. Evan commented that many people consider that people get strange ideas from watching science fiction but in fact it is often the other way around. This had also been my personal experience with the X-files story of the Alien on Ice. Fox executive's had got wind of a case I had been working on for years involving five alien mummified bodies found in western British Columbia by Larry Requa a constable headquartered out of Stewart BC in the 1930's. In spite of hearing all the local stories, Jack still remains somewhat skeptical but having known me all these years he is coming around reluctantly. "Grin"

I like to spend a lot of time on the coast and had come down Sunday morning to visit a lady friend of mine in Shell Point. I don't like to go all the way down there for just one day so during the winter I have my sailboat either at Jacks or at Carol's dock. I don't like being on the water all that much in summer so now I have brought my sailboat up to my place in South Georgia for the winter and instead have a bed under a shell in the back of my pickup for sleeping when I am at the coast.

I proceeded Sunday afternoon to head over to Jack's house on Dickerson Bay and not finding him at home got on his computer and was doing my Exopolitics stuff. Jack as usual showed up but went to take a nap. Before dark a lady came to the door asking for Jack and the barking of the dog woke Jack up and he came out to meet her. I went back to the computer but Jack called me out to meet them and there was Evan Harris Walker with Jack on the porch along with the lady from Evan's cancer institute that is located in Tallahassee. Evan lives in Washington but comes down here from time to time to deal with his Institute. Evan and Jack have gotten to know each other because some of the sea critters have anti cancer properties. I had been in contact with Evan years ago while I was working with Jack Sarfatti's Stardrive discussion group. Evan and Jack Sarfatti had heated discussions over the internet and were bitter adversaries on the subject of the physics of consciousness and how UFO's propulsion systems operate.

To Jack's surprise, Evan warmed up to me and the subject of UFO's rather quickly and Jack found himself being cut out of the conversation and hushed up when he tried to get cute. Pretty soon the no see um's ran us off the porch and indoors where we all had a lively discussion until late in the evening. As usual some of it was pretty funny when Jack began to protest and ask why if the ET's were all around why they had not contacted him. Evan said Jack's problem was that he wasn't being sincere in asking them to drop by for tea as he did not believe in their existence, and besides he wasn't asking politely enough. Jack had to admit that was true. Ann came in and sat down next to Evan who she was familiar with, being one of the founders of the consciousness movement, and became a bit uncomfortable with Evan talking so openly about ET's. It was really funny and I got really tickled with her body language and posture. Ann is an academic with a PhD in Marine Biology and trusts people with credentials much more than Jack and I do. I feel that Ann has bought into much of the debunking of UFO's from credentialed sources like Carl Sagan in the mass media and has in the past not been very open to the subject.

Interestingly, Evan Walker one time in Washington had been in a elevator with a top scientific adviser to President Johnson and this adviser had answered a question about UFO's by saying that he had to maintain plausible denial on the subject. Evan felt that this person wanted to talk about the subject being that they were fellow scientists but could not because of government constraints.

The next day, Monday, also turned out to be a fruitful day. I spent the night in the back of my truck as Jack gets up all hours of the night writing and I am a light sleeper. The next morning Jack was so busy we could not eat breakfast together as we usually do when I am around. I walked up to the Coastal Restaurant near Jack's house and lab. I got into a discussion with a lady at the restaurant that I did not know that was a retired aircraft engineer and we discussed exotic aircraft propulsion systems. As I was walking out of the restaurant Jack came by in the car to grab me for a assignment as he usually often does when I am around. He needed some he trusted to go out with the collection boat and remain topside while the divers collected marine specimens on ocean floor. There was another guy Jerry who had come from Mississippi who was a businessman and on the side a part time naturalist, environmentalist and photographer. Jerry had read one of Jack's marine books and had called Jack and Jack had invited him down but was not comfortable having him run things on the large collecting boat while the divers were downside.

I met up with Jerry at Jack's house and then the two employees of Jack showed up with their collecting equipment and diving gear and we loaded up the boat that is docked on Jack's dock in Dickerson Bay. We headed over to the marina where the fueler knew me and my interest in UFO's. Victor and Doug, Jack's employees also knew the fueler and stuck up a jovial conversation but then the fueler recognized me and said, "What are you doing with Eddie on board?" From there of course the subject got on to the UFO subject and discussion about the UFO's that had been chasing the flounder fishermen late at night over at Skipper Bay nearby. This led Jerry to comment that he had a experience but had not talked to many people about it. Jerry explained his experience to me on the way out to the collecting site about fifteen miles away on the boat that was going at about twenty five miles a hour. Victor and Doug nervously listened to the story as well.

When we got out to about twenty two feet of water and about ten miles out from land Doug and Victor suited up and went downside. This gave Jerry and I time to socialize about life in general and ET's in particular. I gave him a short briefing of what Exopolitics was about and about myself. It was beautiful weather out and Jerry was having the time of his life. There was just a light chop on the ocean. Later after the divers came back up with loads of sea urchins and other stuff we trawled for a different type of urchin and other stuff on a grassy mud flat about twelve miles out. We headed back and met up with Jack at the dock and then over to the lab to get these specimens back into the tanks before they died. Naturally I had to have Jerry tell his story to Jack and Jack had to admit that Jerry was the most credible person yet that he had heard such a story from. Later Jerry and I got Jack out of the lab and over for a very late lunch or early supper at the Coastal. After some more discussions Jerry had to leave, Jack had to go back to work, and I was tired and headed back home.

Now on to Jerry's story. Jerry and his wife had been staying at their rustic getaway cabin in a isolated area that was without running water and electricity. Jerry had woken up in the early morning before light and went outside to pee off the porch. He was only in his underwear. Something very large floated over the house and tall pine trees blocking out much of the sky. The next think he felt was being lifted off the deck and then was looking around the inside of a spaceship. There were some panels with lights and the ceiling was curved. There were no direct sources of light. In the ship there were around ten humanoid beings with large heads and spindly bodies who wore no clothes and seem not to have sexual organs. They did not seem to him to have ears nor much of a nose or mouth. They looked at him and were very respectful and he looked back and was not afraid. He felt completely at ease and felt they meant no harm. Later he was to tell me he had a knack for reading people that helped him a lot in business and in his environmental work. He could tell when people were being insincere and or lying.

As he had done all his life he just went with his feelings while feeling safe. The beings communicated to him mind to mind that they meant him no harm and that they were studying humans. They asked him if he would be willing to have them examine him and pointed to a examination table. He thought that he had no problem with that request and without him saying anything they showed him to the table. He was impressed with the table because he expected it to be hard and cold but found if very comfortable and the same temperature as his body. The beings went around his body at a short distance from his body holding their hands palms out as if feeling his energies. One being took a cylindrical instrument and inserted it into his abdomen and he was very surprised that he felt no pain when it was inserted or when it was taken out. He was also surprised when he saw their was no tissue damage from the rather large probe. The being holding it looked at it as one would a thermometer. They told him mentally that they appreciated him cooperating with them and said they wanted to give him a gift and knowing of his interest in photography gave him something similar of their's that seemed like a oval polished stone but with no buttons or indicators on it. As he held it in a questioning manner while looking at it they said; "You will see". The next thing he remembers is he felt himself beamed back down out of the object and back on to his porch or deck. He walked in and told his wife what had happened and was not sure if it had been real or a dream it all was so surreal and out of keeping with is normal life. Jerry said he had felt nothing but good feelings, consideration and respect from the beings.

I have Jerry's email and telephone numbers and will send this to him to check if I made any errors in reporting this. I am going to give Jerry Michael Salla's email address and Exopolitics web site should he want to contact him. I am trusting Michael to not publicize Jerry's name or email unless Jerry wants to become more public about this. Jerry has a reputation to consider and does not need any harassment from the authorities or the public on this, especially if further contact is forthcoming. We all have a opportunity to handle contact cases like this in a proper and professional manner. A emissary or potential emissary that is this reputable is someone to be valued highly and to be very considerate of the position they are in.. If we don't handle cases like this properly we aren't going to get anywhere in our negotiations with friendly ET races. While these being seem to fall into the category we call the greys, please keep in mind that there are various species of grays some that may be highly ethical. Lets give these guys the benefit of the doubt until or unless he find out otherwise.

Who Was James Black?

Who Was James Black?
By Ed Komarek
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Everybody in the field of Exopolitics should know about the life and strange death of Canadian inventor James Black. It's yet another story destined for the X-files. The body of James is dead but to some his spirit still lives and will not find rest until his story is better know to the public and his adversaries more exposed. I see that I for one am not going to get any peace either until I write and publicize this forward to the material on James that is archived at: and So who was James Black?

To better understand James we need to go back to a contact case that involved a mass abduction of over sixty people in Canada in the 1970's. My good friend Steve Moreno is director of Psi Applications and is the investigator in this case who has dug into this abduction in great depth but in a somewhat sporadic manner as fits his personality. This event was an attempt by a race of benevolent ET's to open diplomatic relations with ordinary citizens, perhaps having been rebuffed by government authorities who were more interested in technologies for war rather than technologies, moral and ethical advice for peaceful purposes. While James has never admitted that he was involved with this group he did live nearby and I think somehow connected.

The cell that the benevolent ET's developed was subsequently brutally suppressed and several people seemed to have been murdered by the US and Canadian governments. Still some lived and were scattered about the US and Canada who still cautiously spread the word. According to Steve Moreno who personally tracked down and developed friendships with a number of these individuals including James Black.

Anyhow James Black I intuitively believe (even though Steve Moreno assures me that there are no facts to back up my case other than he lived nearby where all the activity was happening.) survived to recent times because initially he kept a low profile and had family connections. James was a inventor and invented and patented many exotic technologies. He personally years ago mailed me a copy of his flying saucer patent that converted rotary motion to lift suitable for spaceflight within the solar system. It was a very large document and very detailed. He also sent me the specifications of some exotic star wars weaponry that included particle beam weapons, plasma beam weapons etc., that Phillips Laboratories had sent out to contractors to build. Needless to say I was very impressed. I talked to James by phone several times over the years and one time I got a friend of his on the phone who told me about his work as a fighter pilot in the 1970's when he was scrambled and flew up to a huge triangular UFO over the Bering Sea. This friend said he turned his fighter upside down, and photographed the undercarriage of the craft before it flew away into space.

There was no doubt that James Black had one foot in the public domain and one on the inside of the shadow government. Over the years James became frustrated with both the Canadian and US governments when they suppressed his inventions. He became livid and very upset in later years just before his death, when he realized that not only were his inventions being suppressed, but that the inventions were being stolen to the material benefit of others in the Black Op's field that operated outside of the law. A friend of his said that a company that James created to develop his inventions was infiltrated and disrupted by John Alexander. James was working with Hutchingson on some of these exotic technologies and the reader should be very impressed by the little toy saucer that is lifted off of a workbench shown in the video clips in Steve Moreno's archive down at the bottom of the archive. To anybody with any sense they should be able to see how important and valuable a upscaled version of this toy would be as a covert surveillance device, or ROV, for the Back Op's folks. It is at this point that James seems to have gotten into it with none other than Col. John Alexander who is deeply connected to Army Intelligence and Black Op's going back to the Viet Nam war.

I have talked with John Alexander over the internet years ago via email and he seemed a nice enough guy to me and I even read is book, Future War, but according to James Black he had a dark side and was still up to his eyeballs in Black Operations. (On the back of the jacket in Future War, it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons." "At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence." ) We can see from the material available on the net that James made very detailed accusations and was about to sue John Alexander and others for the suppression and theft of his inventions just before he ended up dead in his hotel room.

I recommend that all serious investigators study the material available on the web very carefully and notice that a principal to these accusations is still alive and can confirm the accuracy of James accusations. I hope this short introduction to the life and death of James Black serves the reader to further delve into the particulars of the historical back ground of Exopolitics.

In my opinion James Black the dragon slayer, riding a divine wind, launched and carried out a kamikaze attack against Army Intelligence. He died but he knocked a scale off the dragon that others may exploit in the future. In my opinion these men who feel themselves above the law and untouchable have made a tactical error by having their cover blown. I think this is the group that stands between us and benevolent relations with ethical ET's. This covert group has a worldwide reach and has been growing in power for decades. I seem to remember that the King family blamed Army Intelligence for disrupting the civil rights movement and for the death of Dr. King.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Exopolitics: An Alliance of Interests

Exopolitics: An Alliance of Interests
By Ed Komarek
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It stands to reason that the better organized a group is the more effective it will be in pursuing and achieving its objectives. The emerging field of Exopolitics is still in its infancy, and as such is disorganized and unfocused. The field is comprised of a number of major and minor players mostly working alone or in small groups who are developing a limited understanding and comprehension of the importance of Exopolitics. As is often the case in an emerging field, the field is rich on ideas but poor in the resources needed to turn these ideas into viable projects.

As a first step toward a Institute of Exopolitical Affairs I propose a alliance or confederation of major and minor players in the field. We need to work together to create a unified vision and achieve a greater access to funding sources. I think it should be becoming obvious to the players that the actualizing of their ideas and schemes is going to take more resources than they personally can achieve on their own. I propose that a high quality web site and forum be created in which all players major and minor can participate. The center of the web page would present the collective vision of the alliance and how the group intends to achieve this vision in detail. A potential donor could go to this web site and immediately gain a brief understanding of Exopolitics and its importance to society as a whole. Furthermore, not only could the potential donor get a overview of the field from the home page, he or she could look down the left side of the page to view a listing of the major and minor players with links to their respective web pages. The top of the list would include the top five or ten major players to be followed by the minor players and their web pages or blogs.

A potential donor or interested party could then look down the right side of the home page and see a listing of the various projects the alliance approves of, and is working on, as well at the status of those projects. The list of links to the projects could be ordered by importance as decided amongst the alliance. If a donor liked a particular project and wanted to make a donation they could do so directly to the individuals involved in the project. The home page could also make an appeal for donations to a general fund to fund the website and the alliance in its totality and later an Institute if that was desired.

I believe the way to organize the alliance is for the five to ten major players to act as a board and elect someone they all can work with comfortably and who can handle the task. Steve Basset's name comes to mind as a potential candidate to pull this whole thing together because he is already proving himself and is already heading in this direction as the organizer of the Exopolitical conferences. As far as I know he seems to be able to get along with most everybody in the field. Minor players such as myself and others would in this alliance play a supporting role to the major players. The minor players can advise but it's the major players that have the most to gain or lose from the alliance and should have most of the control at least in the initial development of this project.

Ultimately all the members of the alliance need to realize that at a minimum, its going to take millions of dollars to become a player on the international stage of any significance and that is going to take a lot of organization on every bodies part. Secondly I believe the more ethical ET races are going to eventually need a well funded, well organized, public, ethical group of dedicated citizens active on the international stage. These citizens will need to interact directly, or secondarily through ET appointed earth human emissaries. These emissaries will have ethics and psyche that can handle the higher levels of consciousness needed for extended relations and negotiations. This well organized group of citizens must have the understanding and ethical integrity as a group to discriminate between those who are true human emissaries and those who pretend falsely either consciously or unconsciously to be emissaries. This will require a department dedicated to investigations and research.

A multimillion dollar organization or Institute capable of interacting with ethical ET's and world governments on the international stage is in my mind going to need to be structured perhaps in four departments. The four departments could be: Fund Raising, Investigations and Research, Public Education, and ET Outreach. For instance, disclosure would fall under the Public Education Department while contact verification would come under the Department of Investigations and Research. Diplomatic activities would come under the ET Outreach Department while contacting celebrities for fund raising purposes would come under the Fund Raising Department.

I would like to make it clear that the above is simply a proposal to initiate public discussion. Interested parties should go to my blog site: for past posts relating to these issues.

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Exopolitics: Institute for Exopolitical Affairs Inc.

Exopolitics: Institute for Exopolitical Affairs Inc.
By Ed Komarek
Copy and distribute freely

The field of Exopolitics, which is still in its infancy, has some similar characteristics to the field of Fire Ecology in its early period of development in the 1950's and 1960's. In this paper I would like to explore some of these similarities and insights and how they may be applied to the emerging field of Exopolitics.

My father Ed Komarek Sr. was perhaps the most prominent fire ecologist of the 20th century. He, along with a small group of scientists and plantation owners, realized in the early part of that century, the incredibly destructive impact that the U.S. Forest Service and other governmental agencies crusade to eradicate fire from the natural environment was having on the natural order.

A well funded propaganda campaign and a policy of fire suppression was in full swing in the 1920's that featured a pitiful small bear called Smokey The Bear that somehow had lost his home and family in a catastrophic fire. Pictures of Smokey cropped up everywhere across the U.S. with the slogan, Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires. This campaign eventually went worldwide. This crusade that had the full power and backing of the U.S. government and seemed unstoppable. A few brave naturalists and ecologists risked their scientific reputations to stand up and do battle even when threatened with jail time for burning the woods. Over the period of the rest of the century these few very dedicated individuals managed to turn the tide of a false belief founded upon a deep seated fear of fire. This false belief was due to an ignorance of how nature operated and was promulgated amongst city dwellers and high level government officials. The belief that fire was bad for the environment, and the fire suppression policy that followed, was overcome through a steady adherence to good science and the truth.

Because fire destroyed homes and whole cities it was erroneously reasoned that fire had to be bad for nature too. Nothing was further from the truth and the consequences are still being felt today where a century of fire suppression in our national parks and forests is still taking its toll. A hundred years accumulation of dead material from fire suppression in Yellowstone National Park for instance set the conditions for the catastrophic high intensity fire that burned most of Yellowstone to the ground. This is no isolated instance but is still happening worldwide because of the well intentioned but misguided policies throughout the 20th century. My father became obsessed with stopping this outrage to nature.

Most of the earth is a fire ecosystem. Periodic and catastrophic fire play a very large role in most of earth's ecosystems from the tropics to the arctic. Plants and animals have become adapted to fire over millions of years. Fire is responsible for much of the diversity of plant and wildlife species on the planet. Some plants are adapted to frequent periodic cool fires that sweep the forest clean on a annual basis so fuel does not accumulate to catastrophic proportions. Most natural fires for millions of years were low intensity fires ignited by lightning. When man came on the scene he further effected the natural order burning even more frequently to create habitats conducive to a culture of hunting and gathering.

No hunter gatherer wants to struggle through brush, briars and vines infested with ticks and chiggers to find game, roots or berries. Fire kept the woods open and park like, and the prairies and savannas free of trees and brush. In fire environments trees evolved insulated bark while the grasses and legumes on the forest floor had their roots protected from fire by the soil. In areas such as Alaska and Siberia natural fires are of a more catastrophic nature. Fires do not burn in a uniform manner so some places get a lot of hot fire while other places get only cooler fires. This makes for a wide diversity of habitats for plants and animals. (For those interested in the role of fire in the environment I would suggest reading the book, Fire In America, by Payne or go to this site for some articles by Payne. Payne wrote the books that my father wanted to write but never got around to doing because of his scientific work. The Tall Timbers website is: )

As the reader can see there are some real similarities between the emerging field of Fire Ecology and that of the now emerging field of Exopolitics. Both fields have had to deal with a well funded government propaganda and suppression campaign designed to manipulate public opinion and to suppress the truth. The suppression of public knowledge and understanding in both cases seems to have begun with the best of intentions but then later spiraled out of control and into the hands of special interests. My father was fond of the saying, "The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions."

A further similarity is that the founders of both movements are what my father like to call "mavericks". A maverick is a cow that refuses to follow the herd, deciding to go its own way often at great personal sacrifice. "Grin" These "mavericks" as my father called them are very independent people and work not for money but out of love of their work and the benefit to humanity and to nature. The problem that these "mavericks" have is that because they are so independent they have trouble working together and are few in number.

From the beginning my father realized that if these independent individuals could get coordinated and work together they would be much more effective in achieving their collective goal of ending worldwide governments fire suppression policies and propaganda operations. My father went to great lengths to study the literature and search out these independent people. Keep in mind that this was before the internet where he had to corresponding via snail mail over periods of years. Soon he began traveling, meeting key individuals and developed lasting friendships. His friends and associates showed him around their part of the world and he did the same when they came to this country.

My father Ed Komarek Sr. realized the importance of getting all these people in communication with each other and organized the first Fire Ecology conferences. There were lectures at these conferences but the most important event was a barbeque and bonfire on Tall Timbers Plantation in the evenings. At the bonfire "mavericks" socialized amongst themselves on a full meal, let down their guard and began, what were to become strong friendships and collaborations. The conferences lead to what became a multimillion dollar organization in a few years called, Tall Timbers Research Inc., to promote the understanding and use of fire in the United States and around the world. In the end my father said he succeed in his goal to a large degree because he outlived his opponents. A new younger generation came into the field without the fear of fire characteristic of the old guard and so were able to understand the truth.

I think we in the field of Exopolitics can learn something from these early Fire Ecologists. Those few independent individuals that are moving this field forward need to better organize themselves. Today we have the internet and we need to be using it to the best of our advantage. The key individuals in the emerging field of Exopolitics need to improve communication amongst themselves so as to better work to develop projects and strategies to achieve their collective goals, just as has happened in the field of Fire Ecology.

I propose the creation of a Institute for Exopolitical Affairs and as a first step toward this end that the key individuals in the field create together a internet forum to which only they can post. The forum should be open to the public but the public should not be able to post directly. If the public wants to post then a second forum should be opened to comment on what is going on with the more limited forum. Members of the public should be able to submit posts to one or more members and if deemed worthy by that member then the member can post it to the limited board.

I personally am aware of several very good ideas for moving our field forward that several independent individuals are working on with limited success. I believe these ideas should be discussed and debated on such a forum to see which ideas are most important and to develop the resources needed to fund these projects. I envision a Exopolitics forum similar to the Stardrive forum, moderated by Physicist Jack Sarfatti, and used by top physicists and consciousness researchers to solve collective problems of physics and consciousness.

The ultimate objective of the forum would be the development of an Institute for Exopolitical Affairs Inc., a worldwide organization, to promote disclosure and relations with highly ethical ET civilizations and races. This would have to be a group effort with all the key people involved. Such a institute would improve the stature of Exopolitics and attract funding on a worldwide basis.

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Finding Our Place In the Cosmos

Finding Our Place in the Cosmos
By Ed Komarek
Date: Sometime in March 05
Copy and distribute freely

Some of you in the UFO/ET community may remember me as a co-founder of Operation Right To Know a UFO political organization that held demonstrations and other political actions in Washington and around the world. The purpose of this organization was to focus the attention of the UFO/ET community as well as the public at large on the fact that the UFO problem was as much a political problem as a scientific one. It had become obvious to me that we could not do good science if the underling data was being manipulated for political reasons. I found myself following in the footsteps of the late Donald Keyhoe who understood the political nature of the problem in the 1950's. I am gratified that others have taken up this challenge.

My political activities were the most visible, but were only a small part of my overall activity in the UFO/ET field. My main focus has been and still is an attempt to gain a grasp of the big picture and our place in that picture. I want to know what the cosmic neighborhood is like, who's in it, and what are the agendas and motivations of the other advanced intelligent species occupying this neighborhood and co-existing with us. Of course this is taking a pretty big bite in itself but it is dwarfed by the even greater perspective of the nature of life and reality as we know it. There are always those who would say why bother to even try. I have found the endeavor to be very rewarding and feel I have been able in my life to vaguely grasp something of this lesser and greater whole and been a better person for that.

I believe that the meaning of life is to be found in our relationship to the big picture, the greatest overall perspective possible. Interestingly as I have gained a vague understanding of the cosmic neighborhood, this has in turn acted as a mirror illuminating the primitive and imperfect nature of today's social, political, religious and scientific communities. This has also highlighted my personal imperfections and caused me to work to remove these imperfections from myself so as to better be in tune with the universe as a whole. I realize that while the physical laws of the material universe can be manipulated by intelligent life, the over riding moral and ethical laws of the universe cannot be so manipulated. Life no matter how technologically advanced is still subject to the basic ethical and moral laws.

All species in nature work to manipulate their surroundings to a greater or lesser degree. The ultimate for advanced intelligent species would be the full and total control of mater and energy itself through the technological manipulation of the underlying information field. One day we may be able, like some in the neighborhood, to manipulate the material world just as we do the images on a computer screen. We, however, will not be able to manipulate moral and ethical laws such as the law of affinities, the law of cause and effect, and the fact that truth can only be known by the truthful.

Those of like mind and emotion are going to continue to congregate together in the sharing of experience and there will always will be consequences, both constructive and destructive, in the thoughts and actions we and others take. The key to our living a good, happy life is the understanding and living of the moral and ethical laws and our not confusing them with mutable laws of the material universe that are forever subject to change. In particular this is true in our understanding of the activities of the cosmic neighborhood on, in and around earth.

Collective and individual experience is segregated under the law of affinities. A group within the neighborhood living in several households may be sharing and creating very painful experiences for each other while another group of affiliated people are quite happy and satisfied, sharing and creating mutual beneficial experiences amongst themselves.

It can be seen through close observation that the microcosm is but a small reflection of the much larger macrocosm and is holographic in nature. The old saying, as below so above, is true. So humanity can expect as it extends its understanding out into the universe that the same moral and ethical laws that reign on earth will extend out into the universe. The only difference would be but orders of magnitude.

A investigator involved in extraterrestrial affairs should keep all of the above well in mind when they involve themselves in the cosmic neighborhood. The investigator will experience that which exists elsewhere in a manner similar to what they experience on earth but on a much grander scale. Off world interactions with other intelligent species will be no panacea for their ills at home. In fact things could be a whole lot worse off world for those who have yet to get their act together on planet. Such people will be drawn by the law of affinities to others off world that also suffer and do harm and unconsciously and consciously reject the advances of those that do good and so put the rest of us in jeopardy.

The fate of humanity on earth and in space will rest not so much with those of us that do harm or do good but with those that still sleep. I expect that somehow humanity will manage to muddle through and continue to slowly painfully evolve on and off planet. While a few very truthful and honest individuals now have the ability to tell cosmic friend from foe, it is going to be awhile before we as a species have the inner understanding and truthful nature to be able to distinguish between those who would do us harm and those who would be of benefit.

World governments and their militaries can be expected to continue to react in a confused, sporadic and threatening manner to extraterrestrial contact. Meanwhile citizen diplomacy can continue to play a role behind the scenes in a attempt to remedy the imbalance created between opportunity and threat. It's long past time for diplomats to replace warriors who have dominated the field up to this time.

Perhaps things are beginning to change now that the United States intelligence community is overextended dealing with a real terror threat. I am gratified to see that some countries like Peru and Mexico seem to be breaking with the hostile US policy regarding ET interactions. This provides a real opportunity for citizen diplomats to peacefully contact ET's without excessive government interference. It is dangerous for real citizen diplomats, as it is for the ET's themselves, to operate in the US and other countries dominated by the US and British hostile policies. On the other hand, imposters can freely operate and even find support within these intelligence communities so as to debunk the subject.

In order to tell friend from foe and to peacefully interact with other intelligent species elsewhere we must develop positive inner qualities side by side along with our technological abilities. Far too little emphasis at present is being placed on improving ourselves. If we really want to grasp the grand perspective we have to become a truthful and honest people. Those that practice lies and deception may entertain themselves and play other painful games at the expense of others and themselves, but they will never come to know what reality is really about.

Exopolitics: Strategies for Contact 2

Exopolitics: Strategies for Contact
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely

In a prior paper I discussed the idea of burrowing down into the ETV/ET activity in a local area, something that can be done most anywhere to achieve benevolent ET contact. Another strategy I have yet to discuss is the use of higher states of consciousness to achieve ET contact. Most ET's seem to have well developed telepathic capabilities and use a more advanced form of a internet. It seems to me that all living things are connected by a underling energy field which can be used as a medium of communication irrespective of space and time. This is what I call the telepathic net.

I have noticed that when interacting with close friends in a loving manner we senergize and achieve a higher state of consciousness than one could achieve alone. When I communicate with friends in this higher state of consciousness I have been able to better able to find faults in my psychology. I could also remedy those faults because higher consciousness tends to magnify all aspects of oneself both the good and the bad. Many chronic faults are not recognized because they stay under our radar so to speak, but when we interact with others these faults get magnified and are pointed out to us by others.

When I was a small boy I was surrounded by many of the best scientists in what was later to be called the field of ecology. So I can even say at a early age my consciousness was being accelerated by being in the company of such high level people. Later when I left the south to go to school in the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Alaska, I developed a group of close friends at the University. Some of my false beliefs and prejudices that I had absorbed indiscriminately without much thought in the south came out into the open in heated discussions with my northern friends. This was the beginning of the collapse of my old unconsidered beliefs, not only false cultural beliefs, but also much more fundamental beliefs on the nature of reality itself.

This collapse took several years and was a very painful and difficult time for me because as they say old beliefs die hard. One day I hit rock bottom, lay down in a bed in a friends cabin in Alaska and said to myself that if this is all there is to life then I don't want to live. At that very moment three beings that I could only describe as like dew drops shining in the morning sun entered my mind and gave me a thought form that when translated into words is; "Your path is truth, your vehicle is honesty and the fuel for that vehicle is love." This marked the turning part of my life when I was about 23 years of age, a rebirth if you will, into a much greater perspective. It took a couple of years to overcome the inertia of the old belief system and replace it with the new greater perspective but since then my consciousness has been in a steady upward climb.

A second acceleration of consciousness occurred when I met and became close to several people who were also going through this transformation of consciousness. Together we made another leap in consciousness. This may have even moved us up into contact with the telepathic net. We were often telepathic in some of our interactions but one evening we were in a field under the stars, five of us in a pentagon formation, and a question was asked telepathically what is our relationship to you. The answer that came back to us was; "Our relationship to you is like your relationship to your garden." That was enough of that for us at the time as the reader could well understand. End of communication. "Grin"

A third acceleration of consciousness happened to me on the internet over ten years ago when I became very active on the net and with a group of intellectuals many who were physicists. The moderator of the group was physicist Jack Sarfatti and this group continues to this day on the Stardrive website. I felt that many of these people even though they were high level had been left out of the loop pertaining to UFO's. It occurred to me that I could be helpful to ending the coverup if I could help inform those left out of the loop. These folks would not work under the security constraints and restrictions to their liberty that was required in the special access programs relating to ET's.

I became Jack's UFO fetch and carry man passing on information on ETV/ET material that I though relevant to their interests. Along with these physicists in this group were some high level intelligence operatives as well as some high level debunkers. Things got pretty hot when some of these physicists like Jack who also had some background in intelligence got into it with some of their buddies realizing that they were being disinformed. A real shouting match developed with each calling the kettle black so to speak and accusing the other of having been involved in disinformation operations in the past. There was a lot of interesting fallout from this little spat and I hope the material is still archived. One can learn a lot about a family during a fight.

Dealing with these high level people really pushed me to a higher level of consciousness and maybe attracted the interest of a ET. Several of these high level people seemed to have some contact with ET's but weren't talking about it very much. I think that one of the ET's associated with somebody in this internet network got interested in me and began to communicate to me telepathically in images that I would have to then translate into words. It seemed that the best way to communicate the depth of thought and feeling was through poetry. I may still have some of these possible communications around somewhere but mostly on the hard drive of a computer that is no longer working. I became very aware of how our words of communication have their roots in images from our collective past.

I am still not sure to this day whether I was communicating with a ET that was siting in a ship somewhere or with something within my own unconscious or collective unconsciousness. The impression I had at the time was that this ET had a viewing screen next to where he or it was sitting that was so clear that it appeared to be a window looking out onto a scene on a African plain. It seemed that this ET could have been a historian of mankind's history because I got the impression of a vast understanding of earth human history. It seemed that it was difficult for this being to communicate with me because of the vastness of its understanding and feeling. The impact upon my own consciousness and personality was very powerful to such a degree that for weeks afterward when I met someone it was difficult not to break into tears because of the depth of feeling. It's at this point that I really began to realize just how fragile was the earth human personality in general and mine in particular.

These prior adventures in higher consciousness have given me the idea that it is possible for a group of people to establish communication with ET's using the internet. I can tell when the internet communications begin to interface with the telepathic net when I begin to answer questions before seeing the question, find myself posting the same thing at the same time as somebody else, feeling the same thing at the same time when not in internet communication etc. This type of syncronistic activity I believe is a indicator of a internet telepathic interface.

So the next step in my thinking is that if we can access this net when we raise our consciousness enough we should be able to establish contact with various ET races and even have negotiations. The ET's could verify that the communications are real by showing their craft to selected participants and by other means. This may already be ongoing with the purported ET poll and the response to it from the exopolitics site. The ET's could have initiated telepathic contact with the individual in France who put the message on the internet to be picked up by Michael and inspired the 4contact forum some of us are now using.

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Exopolitics: Strategies for Contact

Exopolitics: Strategies for Contact
By Ed Komarek
Copy and distribute freely

There are three basic strategies towards developing contact with advanced ethical ET races that I would like to discuss. In this discourse I will discuss the second strategy with the third strategy being a combination of the two.

The first strategy considered by most people is to travel to a area where ETV/ET activity has made it into the national or international news. Wither there is really is a increase in activity or simply a increase in reporting has to be established. It may even be that the perception of a increase in activity is due to the fact that they the ET's are simply allowing their craft to be seen while real activity remains constant.

The second strategy that I personally have been pursuing is not as widely considered. My strategy has been and still is to borrow down into ET/ETV activity locally. This second strategy supposes that there is a large amount of ET activity going on everywhere under every bodies noses but is simply not discovered or reported.

I built my own intelligence gathering network in the following manner. First I studied the literature in the ETV/ET field in depth then got to know many investigators personally and joined the organization MUFON as well as some other organizations. I realized at this point that this was much more than a scientific problem and the community was being steered away from seeing it as a political and intelligence problem. It was easy to see that you can't solve a intelligence problem and a political problem with scientific solutions because the evidence is being tampered with, suppressed and obfuscated.

I began to read books on intelligence gathering and analysis as well as build my own local intelligence gathering network in my local area that encompassed about a fifty mile radius from Cairo Georgia. This included the capital of Florida, Tallahassee, and other Georgia cities like Bainbridge, Albany, Thomasville, Valdosta and several smaller communities. Over time I developed some high level intelligence connections on the Internet. Early on I gathered through my network quite a number of lower level retired military with intelligence experience and connections who had had ETV/ET experiences while working for the shadow government in different capacities including crash retrieval and a individual who supervised a elite group of pilots who flew mission was to photograph and study ETV's in the 1950's.

He had a file at his job site in which there were pictures of different ET types dead and alive taken by Jimmy Doolittle the famous general and aviator of the Second World War. Jimmy Doolittle's involvement which I had never heard of before in the UFO community was confirmed by John Lear. In discussions with John he said that when he first got interested in UFO's his mother got worried and contacted their family friend who was none other than Jimmy Doolittle. Doolittle said to her that yes UFO's were real, but he could not talk about it.

I built my network in this manner. First I began writing letters to the editor in local papers asking to be contacted by people who had seen UFO's. When I picked up several sightings this way I then went to local newspapers to have these people interviewed asking that my name and phone number be published. At this point things really took off. I was not only picking up current sightings which were numbering about two a week but a huge number of past sightings by people who were afraid of ridicule.

These sightings seemed to cluster in certain areas and as I got to know the people who were having the peripheral sightings I burrowing down digging deeper and deeper, working down to the few people closest to the events. It was by generally pushing and prodding making a general nuisance of myself that I gathered more information from those few individuals closest to the sighting activity and the most close mouthed. It took years to build up enough trust to get much of the story beneath the story. To this day I have to keep much of this information secret. Most UFO investigators never get this deep. Most don't have the persistence, and few the integrity to gain the trust and protect the security interests of these individuals. An investigator gets a juicy morsel and go's public and people get hurt. That lack of integrity and trustworthiness stops the investigator in their tracts as the flow of information dries up. The investigator gets frustrated, moves on or even gets hostile to his contacts falling to find the fault within himself or herself. I think you can begin to get the point why I keep harping on this ethics thing.

There are not many highly ethical investigators with high integrity in the ETV/ET community I have found out from personal observation. A first group of investigators have the usual fragile human psyche but they have powerful ego defenses that keep them from getting to the bottom of the matter. On the other end of the spectrum are those who's fragile psyche does not have the defenses of the first group and they get a little deeper but begin to fly off the handle into all kind of perceptions quite distant from reality. "grin" (Oh, not me you say.) To make matter worse, both of these types who again are two sides of the same coin get to fighting amongst themselves. I tell you from personal experience that no matter who you are if you think your psyche is not fragile you are fooling yourself and you have a lot to learn from the school of hard knocks.

When one is able to dig deep enough, things really get interesting and heat up. I tracked down a individual who knew a lot but was not talking much. A friend of this individual was having a lot of sightings where this sighting cluster was going on so I started coming over with a camera. I got lucky I guess, because as it turned out later I was told that the ET's at the time were distracted and upset because the shadow government had got their hands on one of their friends from a affiliated group of ET's.

The craft came in from the east as a bright red light with a little purple almost at the center. As it decelerated the bright red light diminished to only a small spot by the time it stopped and was hovering over the trees. At this point one could see windows and other lights on what looked like a airliner simply hovering over the swamp with no sound. I think I was seeing the thing edge on. I had taken a photo with high speed film but when developed the craft could not be seen in the picture while the light coming out of a window of a house of even less intensity could be easily seen. The craft began to move and the red light got brighter then dimmed again as it slowed again and stopped a little further away.

This was the first craft I have seen and it kept my attention. Then my friend and I noticed that this other person had took off across the field with both my friend and I hurrying to catch up. The what turned out to be the contact person got down into the swamp first and pretty soon there were some very loud strange noises and my lady friend freaked. Hold my hand please hold my had. So damn, I had to deal with her for a little while and by that time the contact person came out laughing particularly at our friend who so wanted to have contact but freaked out.

Apparently the ET's got surprised and did not meet with the contact for long and in fact I was told by the contact person that one of them had dropped the little remote control thing that opened and closed the door on the craft. Like the thing people use now days to lock their cars. Later my friend went back the next day to poke around but did not look close enough and missed finding the door opener. The contact went back and retrieved it, kept it for awhile and then gave it back to the ET's. He would not show it to us. But he teased our friend about not looking around well enough.

That night I drove home and as I was driving down the long grassy road to my house I noticed two red lights fly over and across the corner of my property. They had followed me home to see where I lived. Later in a field the contact person took a picture of me in the field being scanned and later showed the picture to me. There were bands of light surrounding me but I had seen or felt nothing in the field. Later our friend and the contact person took a video of another type of craft of theirs that I was allowed to view. The video then had to be erased as it was for my eyes only. Later I was told by the contact person that the ET's would not interact with me directly because I had a big mouth and knew too many high level people in the UFO community. "grin" I have been trying over the years to keep it shut more but its hard as you can see from this post.

After the contact person became a friend and could trust me this person confined in our mutual friend and myself about a lot of things over several years. Often we would have to make a nuisance of ourselves and aggravate things out of him. He had very legit security concerns as well as did his ETs. I hope I am not overstepping my bounds with this post. But as the events mostly happen years ago I think I am okay at least I hope so. I think I remember him saying it was okay to put out some of this as long as I was very careful. He does not want the government to get its hands on him either. I think its time to get some of this out but I still have to be careful.

The ET's he is dealing with are human, short and barrel chested. Their civilization has not had a overt war for 2000 years but are locked into a low intensity conflict with some other groups that seem to be working with our government to keep this type ET out who won't have anything to do with our government. They are a small group affiliated with other groups who are more involved with humanity. They have been working in the local area for over 100 years. Their agenda is limited to some educational to their species and scientific work which involves taking water and soil samples and this is how the contact first met them. They also have a interest in the genetic blood lines of some Indian tribes as there is some kind of connections here from the past. They are from a local star about 12 light years away I think if I remember correctly.

They did eventually rescue their friend that was being held in a underground room loaded with explosives and sensors so could not be beamed out. The shadow government did get highly sensitive information out of this ET through interrogation and torture before the other ET's were able to break him out. Not only does this information threaten this group but other affiliated groups as well, making it more difficult for them to operate here without being detected and shot down. It should not be difficult to see the benefit under these conditions that a person on the ground could be.

I don't want to diverge too far here because what I am getting at is this. It seems that humanity and other civilizations like it that are emerging stellar civilizations are on the front lines of a mostly low intensity conflict at least on earth. This conflict between different ET federations can flare up into a high intensity conflict here or elsewhere in the neighborhood if certain bounds are breached. This is not unlike what is beginning to develop between China and the US as China become industrialized and more belligerent toward its neighbors or what happened with Germany causing the Second World War.

Because my intelligence gathering network gathered up so much material this really helped me get a handle on the big picture. What may shock some people is that this conflict is much closer to them than they think. An individual who seems to now have benevolent ET contact was when I met this individual having typical abduction problems. After I had talked to this person in the beginning that night I was awoke in the middle of the night and was told mentally in not uncertain terms stay out of it. "grin" I practice the tao and I decided not to follow this any further but made a telepathic note that this was too much for me and somebody else better handle it. Several years later this person got back with me and has had changed very much no longer fearful and very clear and loving. The fearful abduction experiences had ended. This person now feels that there is contact with benevolent ETs.

What really gets interesting is that in some cases I have studied various ET groups have interactions through families. A individual working for a agency in the government dealing with ET's may have children who part ways, one involved in benevolent contact with ethically advanced races and another sibling going to work for the shadow government involved with less ethical ET races and becoming a very dangerous person for those on the recieving end. Siblings having contact with opposing ethical ET groups can even share information between them protected by family bonds. The point I am making here is that the low intensity ET conflicts on earth filters down not only through generations of individuals but runs through whole family's. It even seems that the conflict even filters down into minds of individuals. I guess I'll stop now and let that thought sink in.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Exopolitics: Toward a Greater Religious Understanding

Exopolitics: Toward a Greater Religious Understanding
By Ed Komarek
Please copy and distribute widely and freely

With careful observation we can see that the exercise of every thought, every action, has a impact on our environment and back on to ourselves. If we want to expand our consciousness, our understanding of who we are, and what life is about, we have to wake up and become awake and aware. We must work to make the unconscious conscious every moment of the day. If we watch ourselves and others closely and with awareness and clarity, we can see that in every moment we choose between construction and destruction, life and death.

There is a reason why things happen to us, yet it may not be apparent if our vision is constricted. The reason we must deal with fear both inside and outside of ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, is to free ourselves from its grasp. This is a most basic of lessons for everyone both on and off planet. True religion provides a ethical foundation for right living. It's not about such controversial subjects as sex before marriage,abortion etc., nor is it about going to church or who you believe in. Religion is about fundamental ethical and moral laws that are permanent and inviolate. With enough knowledge and technology the material world and even the immaterial world can be shaped, molded,warped, in just about any way imaginable. Not so for the ethical and moral laws. It does not matter how high or how advanced is the technical understanding or how powerful the ability to alter,manipulate energy, matter, space and time, the truth is that ethica land moral laws stand unchanged.

If we don't have a good ethical and moral foundation we are like the man who built his house on the sand on the beach. The waves rolled in, washed the sand out from under the house and the house collapsed. We see this happening everyday with people everywhere. Some try to put the house back together with patches and props only to have the tide come in again and again to bring the house down. Some people are pretty clever and really do a excellent job with the props and the patches. (smile) They think they are pretty smart but they aren't. Some people are able to detach from the catastrophe and reach a fundamental understanding of the situation,learn from it, and go build their house on a rock.

What are these fundamental laws? Here are two of the most important. The first is the Law of Affinities the other the Law ofConsequences. The Law of Affinities states: Those of similar nature are attracted to others of similar nature so as to share and learn from those experiences. The situation can be a bit confused in that those who appear to be of a opposing nature really are not. It's that one has a unconscious trait in a regressive mode while the other has this same trait overtly like in the genetic structure. I have seen people shift back and forth from victim to persecutor for instance. On the other hand while a persecutor is attracted to a victim persecutors may seek the support and company of other persecutors and the same for victim's. The problem with people locked into and trapped in this dualistic cycle is that both tend to think the source of the problem is outside themselves not inside. While both are in this cycle they explore different ways to deal with each other. Victims work to keep the persecutors locked up and the persecutors work to break out. These short term solutions may work for awhile but the problem remains.

The other thing about the law of affinities is that it makes very efficient use of space and time. Many different affiliated groups gaining different experiences can exist near one another in the same neighborhood with various degrees of contact. A group of happy people can live in the same subdivision with another group of very unhappy people quite segregated from each other until somebody jumps the bounds and breaks into the happy peoples house for instance. At this point there is interaction but it is shallow and pretty soon the situation resolves itself at least on a temporary basis. The same can be said for other groups.

Scientists hang together and associate with each other in the neighborhood while the workers at the factory associate together. Its a rare person who crosses over who works at the factory but hangs with the scientists. This person who crosses over into many different segregated groups has much more variety of experience and can be quite helpful in bringing into the groups new perspectives and new information helpful to the groups. This would be a beneficial cross over. This Law of Affinities is universal and applies to the cosmic neighborhood as well. More advanced ethical ET's are not going to manipulate and exploit because this lower ethical stance is not only destructive to earth humans but bad for them too. To act in a less than ethical way with earth humans makes them vulnerable to the same afflictions that harass the lower ethical ET's.

The second law, The Law of Consequences states: Their is a consequence for every thought and action taken. We have responsibility to be conscious and aware and learn how this law works and to remain in conformity with it once we understand it. Law's of cause and effect, action vs reaction fall under this law of consequences. The physical laws of all matter, energy, space and time also apply to psychology, to intelligence. No matter what you do, their are consequences. Some very clever people think they can avoid consequences, but in the end they are only fooling themselves. If you want the consequences that presently harass you to go away,then first admit you have a problem, change your behavior and hence the destructive consequences of the bad behavior. Some would say change your resonate frequency to a higher state of consciousness. Easy to talk the talk but hard to walk the walk.

New age folks are just as prone to not walking the walk as Conservative Christians. I don't really see any significant difference between the groups. Newager's are sometimes more sophisticated in their beliefs but just as delusional and dysfunctional as many of their conservative counter parts.( Remember what I said before, two sides of the same coin.) If you really want to evolve, increase in happiness, then quit lying, quit finding fault and making excuses and take responsibility. Take the beam out of your own eye before trying to take the splinter out of another's eye. If you have messed up and and got yourself in a situation either consciously or unconsciously where someone is holding a gun on you, its up to you to figure a way out, not blame the other and get shot! Strangely some people would rather die than proved wrong.

The Importance of Ethics in ET - Human Interactions

The Importance of Ethics in ET - Human Interactions
By Ed Komarek
Please copy and distribute freely

The following is excerpted from a post to Dr. Michael Salla.

I did notice you mentioned integrity as a essential component in citizen diplomatic efforts involving ET contact. I really think this needs much more emphasis, as this is such a important part in dealing with highly ethical races of beings. I think you might want to do a paper on it.

An ethical life develops from a deep understanding of life and ones own self. Integrity is based on a solid ethical foundation. This can be taught to some degree, but mostly it must be developed through a understanding of life's experiences. We all grow up being exposed to and unconsciously accept various beliefs some which turn out to be true upon close inspection while others turn out to be false. By accepting beliefs that have validity and rejecting those that don't, we develop integrity.

Integrity is also based on truthfulness. Every lie that we speak or think fractures us a little and every bit of truth we gain makes us more whole and complete. It follows that deceivers have little integrity while the truthful have much. In order to know the truth about something one must be truthful and honest oneself. A deceiver cannot know truth even if he or she is standing on it as it will appear as another lie. Life becomes a house of mirrors.

We have to be truthful about ourselves, what we know, what we don't know, about life, about others. This is a very tall order. Most people just don't cut it. They try, but they have a lot to learn. If we manipulate others against their will, there will be destructive consequences for ourselves. If we interfere in the lives of others without their consent there will be destructive consequences. We are not separate from others but are all bound together by invisible and visible ties and connections. So what we do to another eventually reflects upon us.

So our inner state will to a large degree define our outer existence. This point is very relevant to ET contact. There is a universal law, The Law of Affinities. Those of similar nature will be attracted to and co-exist with others of similar nature. This tendency to group together and share similar experience is evident throughout nature and mankind. The Law of Affinities makes a very efficient use of space and time, as various groups can exist in close proximity to each other and not interact or only interact to a small degree. One group of people in the neighborhood, local or cosmic, can share a very destructive set of experiences while another group in this same neighborhood can share very positive experiences. It gets interesting when diverse groups begin to integrate, this usually results in friction, conflict. This is where the diplomat can be helpful facilitating the process on integration.

With the proper technology and understanding the material universe can be manipulated, flexed and warped to such a great degree as to appear miraculous but the underling ethical values of the universe cannot be altered, they are the same every where and for all time.
While it may appear in the short run that one can get around these ethical laws, in the long run their will be accounting.

I think the bottom line in benevolent ET contact is this: One's degree of external success is going to be determined by one's inner state of development and one's willingness to improve oneself when in contact with advanced benevolent ET races. It's been my experience that one must adapt quickly to heal the fractures exposed by higher consciousness within oneself else these exposed fractures will cause severe disorders of personality. The process is not unlike putting a amount of current in excess of what a light bulb is designed for. "Poof" the fractures and impurities within the filament can't take the load. Unlike the filament in the bulb we do have psychological self healing capabilities if we learn how to use them and so can hold more and more consciousness without exploding or fizzling out. If you study the literature, study yourself and others, in such situations you will see what I mean.

Highly ethical ET's have some very difficult problems dealing with earth humans. The contacts start off well, but pretty soon the psychological fireworks begin, "boom", end of contact!
I think there are a few people who can handle high levels of consciousness for extended lengths of time and the ET's know who they are. But the ET's also know these people will be in danger from our own species if ET's make physical contact. They work behind the scenes telepathically so as to protect these people until they can become more openly involved. These these special people our society must seek out and foster.

We must all work to reassure those who's lives in the shadow government are in a state of fear. They must understand if they continue to remain in that state of fear the result may be a situation where their worst nightmare's of slavery and dominion can come true. The fearful must give up control of this matter to those who have become wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Fear is the real enemy. It must be conquered by every individual alone. This is a lesson common to everyone on and off planet that must be learned sooner or later.

The key to self understanding, life in general, is that good external relations both here and elsewhere come from the knowledge that inner emotions define external states of existence. With inner work we can change destructive inner emotions to positive ones and so improve things externally. No matter how clever or smart we think we are externally, if we don't get the emotions, the ethical foundation right we are going to stumble and suffer serious consequences.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear

Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear
Date: 3/30/05
By Ed Komarek
Please distribute freely

I like many other people in our field have found my self wondering why we are such a emotional and fractious group of people. Yesterday while typing down some material on ethics, a thought appeared in my mind more or less "out of the blue". (-: It involved the term degrees of separation. On further consideration I got the impression that this term refers to a measurement of the level of fear within a individual or a society. Furthermore I also got the impression that there was a scale on a scanning device that measured levels of fear in degrees.

I found this interesting, made a mental note and went back to the train of thought I was writing down for Internet distribution. I woke up much earlier than usual this morning which I do not like to do and could not go back to sleep because I found myself reflecting on this fear thing again.

What a nifty little instrument I thought, I would love to go around in the UFO/ET community and scan a few people. "grin" I guess I better not say what people else things could get personal as some of these people I consider friends and valued associates.

I have often wondered why after all these years of accumulated evidence that their is still so much disagreement,infighting and discord within our community when the big picture is emerging more clearly than ever as decades of evidence continue to pile up. This inability to see the big picture is understandable for those new to the field but not so for those that have been involved for awhile.

I think the inability to see the handwriting on the wall is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being wrong, fear of what the truth might be, fear others will freak out if they knew the truth,fear that they would lose power over others, etc. Fear manifests itself in many different ways because of psychological differences. The psychologists that are supposed to understand these things are just as vulnerable to fear as anybody else.

Fear causes separation and dysfunctional behavior because it stimulates or creates various states of unconscious denial. A person become dysfunctional to the degree that he or she unconsciously dismisses or downplays some evidence while accepting or exaggerating other evidence. The fear acts as a underling divisive force guiding belief in a erroneous fashion. When we act on incomplete or erroneous perceptual models of the big picture we do harm to ourselves and others.

I see different splits in our community. One of the greatest fractures is the gulf between the pessimists and the optimists..You know who you are don't you? Is your emotion and thought really built on rational thinking as you would like to believe or is their a hidden unconscious factor distorting your perception and belief structure? Of course not!!!!! "grin" Now this is where this nifty little instrument might really come in handy. Errr, well maybe, its possible, well okay maybe a little, now go away and leave me alone! Get my point. "smile"

So maybe you could be wrong and might a little tolerance for a opposing view be in order? Keep a close eye on yourself as you interact with others you really might begin to feel better about your associates. Learn a little empathy, put yourself in their shoes. What events in their lives, what experiences led them to think and feel the way they do. What events, experiences in your life caused you to think the way you do? This is what introspection and reflection is all about.

A second major spit is between those that desire exceptional rigorous evidence and those that feel the standards of rigor must be relaxed due to exceptional circumstances. The latter feel that until full we achieve disclosure the best we can do is develop a working model that approximates reality to some degree and use that to guide our actions in the best manner possible.

A third major split exists between those in deep fear and denial who work to deceive and confuse, and those sincerely interested in facing up to and removing the imperfections within themselves so they can see more clearly and rationally.

A lady in a recent post made a very good point. She said something like, "Do you really want to know? If not why are you here."

Exopolitics: Effects of Higher Consciousness on Human Psychology

Exopolitics: Effects of Higher Consciousness on Human Psychology
By Ed Komarek
Please copy and distribute

In my opinion one of the most severe problems advanced ethical benevolent races of being have with interaction with earth humans is the fragility of the earth human psychology. It has been my own limited experience as well as can be seen in the legitimate accounts provided by contact people that contact with advanced ethical races is overwhelming. The shock to the earth human psychology should not be underestimated.

I recently had the privilege to read a document claiming to have been been a poll by advanced ethical ET's interested in contact. I also read and signed the excellently written petition response to the alleged ET poll. When I signed I made a note that this federation of ET's should be consulted in conjunction with the selection of individuals of distinction to represent earth.

The reason I made this note in a otherwise remarkable document is that diplomatic training, credentials and intellectual abilities are not sufficient attributes in the selection of diplomatic ambassadors. Extraordinary factors are involved in the selection of earths ambassadors is a process that must include consultations with the ET ambassadorial contingent.

Off hand I can think of two factors. The first is that we must expect earth's ambassadors to have the highest of ethical standards and I believe this trumps intellectual abilities. Secondly because our psychology as individuals and as a race is so fragile individuals must be selected extremely carefully and with the greatest understanding possible. Protocols must be created that protect the psychology and sanity of earth humans interacting with ET ambassadors and their stellar societies. I believe that prolonged unregulated exposure to advanced ethical stellar civilizations can be extremely harmful to earth human development so protocols must be agreed to to protect earths ambassadors adequately. Their may have to be a rapid rotation of all or most people involved with these advanced races.

As I have stated before higher consciousness which the ET's possess can be equated to electrical current and the human personality to a light bulb. A light bulb is designed to take a certain amount of current in the filament. If the current exceeds this amount the filament breaks down quickly and is destroyed. While we can improve on our psychology and heal ourselves when exposed to higher consciousness, if we have the desire and motivation, there still are limits.

I don't think I have heard of a true contact case yet where benevolent ET - Human interactions have not had to taper off or completely stop because of psychological problems with the contactees over time. The impurities, the fractures within our psyche are magnified to the extreme along with our good qualities when exposed to higher consciousness.

In my own experience and in the experience of others, I have time and time again seen cycles of great creativity amongst groups of individuals collapse into high negativity. The individuals walk around in a daze for several years before healing themselves to some degree from these effects of higher consciousness. Other people in some circumstances never recover and even fall into delusionary states of existence and even commit suicide. I have a friend in the ET field that this happened too years ago. I see some valued associates today in the field who could be considered delusional by psychiatric standards.

I state clearly and emphatically that unless you can find a way to regulate your exposure to higher consciousness states you are headed for big trouble. You can blame it on the negative ET's, you can blame it on the shadow government psi-ops programs, you can blame your fellow investigators but in the end it is you who is responsible to yourself and for the predicaments you get yourself into. Only you can learn from your own experiences. You can fault the lesson rather than learn. You have free will but their are harmful consequences to not learning the lesson being presented within the virtual nano reality field in which you are presently focused.