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Targeting Corporation X

Targeting ET Corporation X
By Ed Komarek
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I believe that the single most important obstacle to UFO/ET disclosure are global entrenched business interests working in concert with global intelligence and military interests. Dwight D. Eisenhower called this kind of cooperation and collusion between global and national military and business interests the Military Industrial Complex. He warned in the 1950’s that the MIC was a grave threat to constitutional government and democracy.

Control over the UFO/ET cover-up and the exploitation of extraterrestrial technologies began in the hands of government and military officials through a working group called MJ 12, but according to whistle-blowers global entrenched business interests engineered a purge during the Nixon administration that resulting in the privatization of both the cover-up and the exploitation of extraterrestrial technologies and knowledge.

A major selling point seems to have been that a quasi-private global corporation could better keep the UFO/ET awareness secret while at the same time exploiting extraterrestrial technologies for the benefit of American and European government security and economic interests. The problem seems to be that it has been impossible for factionalized governments to adequately oversee such a vast global unified autocratic enterprise resulting in this nameless Corporation X turning the tables on government control and oversight.

I would be the first to say that I could be wrong about the nature, size and influnce of Corporation X and that I could be misinterpreting statements by Ben Rich and others that seem to indicate to me that we are dealing with standard corporate structure. For instance, when Ben Rich say's that since the Nixon purge in the 1960's UFO/ET matters are now under the control of private enterprise and a international board of directors I think of corporate structure. I would be the first ot admit that I only have a very vague understanding of something that is indeed very complex. Still we have to start someplace.

Maybe we have something here like the British East India Company. This company had a charter from the British Crown that gave it a global monopoly and it fought its own wars with its own armies and even controlled territory around the globe in its heyday. The East India Company also had a powerful national lobby and great control over the British political process. It has also been suggested to me by one individual that Corporation X could be a conglomerate of colluding corporations operating like the Health Industry. Still another individual brought up the concept of overall control through a social network integrated in part by a Interlocking Directorate.

I think what we have is a multi-trillion dollar corporation that has become so powerful that it has become a law into itself and can dictate to not only the American and European governments that created it, but to most other governments around the globe and the UN as well. Corporation X’s real name could be something like Alien Resource Research & Development Corporation (ARRDC) or perhaps more simply Alien Resource Development Corporation (ARDC). A more generic title could be, Space Resource Research & Development Corporation (SRRDC)

I would suspect that this Corporation X is structured similar to quasi-private Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac but much larger and extremely secretive. Of course Corporation X would dwarf Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac by perhaps 10s of trillions of dollars and its limited oversight would be by more than one government as well. One also has to wonder if this Corporation X could be vulnerable to severe economic crisis like Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae and so be subject to a covert meltdown. I certainly hope so.

Because of the huge sums of money that Corporation X makes and has at its disposal it seems to have been able to buy control over classified elements of global government militaries and intelligence agencies, private corporations, and criminal organizations making these organizations subsidiaries to the Corporation. In the United States the Air Force and Army collect the ET hardware with the CIA as the middle man responsible for maintaining security and flow of the hardware to private defense and industrial corporations.

We can see references to this sort of activity in Corso’s Book, The Day After Roswell. Corso spent a lot of time and effort attempting to evade the CIA in the Army’s limited effort to distribute small amounts of Roswell debris to industrial and defense corporations. It is obvious from Corso’s book that it was the CIA rather than the military who were in primary control over this activity.

I believe that control over this hugely profitable collection-exploitation process is accomplished through the buying of military and intelligence community cooperation and the Corporation acting as the sole general contractor distributing ET technology and contracts to cooperating private defense and industrial corporations. If you don’t cooperate you don’t get fed.

Much documentation as to the early stages of the UFO/ET cover-up has been leaked or declassified which has been of apparent benefit to UFO investigators. I say apparent because the evidence suggests to me that the release of these early documents seems to have served a more deceptive secret agenda meant to divert attention away from the current organizational structure of the cover-up and exploitation of ET technologies.

This is a very important point that seems to have been overlooked by UFO/ET investigators both in the public domain and in the military. We in public, government and the military cannot target and remove obstacles to UFO/ET disclosure if we can’t understand the nature of the adversary attacking us or the strategies employed against us by the adversary.

Naturally, the reader will ask, where is the evidence to support this speculation? I think the most important pieces of evidence comes from the testimony of Dr. Ben Rich the past head to Lockheed’s Skunk Works. Ben stated before his death,

"1. There are 2 types of UFOs -- the ones we build and ones 'they' build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual "hand-me-downs." The Government knew and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon "purge", administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector."

7. It was Ben Rich's opinion that the public should not be told. He believed they could not handle the truth -- ever. Only in the last months of his decline did he begin to feel that the "international corporate board of directors" dealing with the "Subject" could represent a bigger problem to citizens' personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence of off-world visitors themselves. "

Further collaborating evidence comes from Whistle-blower Bill Uhouse. In this early report Bill was called Jrod but later the ET he worked with was called the Jrod. Bill Uhouse states,

"Understanding how this social structure works is like trying to understand the internal relationships of a tight-knit family in some Asian culture."

"If any area seems dubious, he asks his boss about it, who says either "Okay" or "Let's hold off on that a while." For example, his boss said it was okay to mention Nixon as the founder of the satellite government, because "Nixon is dead." Playing by the rules is very simple for Jarod. He is not working from any rule book or security classification system."

"Jarod says the satellite government lives by its own laws, completely separate from the conventional government except for an interface with the military. It is not controlled by any other agency, so it does not have to obey the security regulations of other agencies. The fact that Jarod is allowed to speak does seem to imply permission from a higher level than the supervisor, but perhaps a word from management, without any paperwork, is all it takes to make something secret or not secret. Security could be both more intrusive than in any conventional defense program and more informal to those who are used to the structure. Consider the special circumstances...."

"This agency was separated from the rest of the government over 40 years ago. Thus, it would have had an opportunity to evolve in its own way, adapting to the unique requirements of the subject matter.""The organization is largely composed of older men who have worked with each other for decades. A worker's supervisor and his security officer are assigned to him for life."

"The organization is extremely hierarchical, especially given the needs of compartmentalization. A worker reports only to his immediate supervisor, and direct contacts with members of other departments and higher management are rare."

Additional collaborating evidence that got me on the trail of Corporation X came when a personal contact told me that he had contacted Warner Robins Air Force Base and showed a piece of a alleged crashed extraterrestrial craft to very interested representatives of the military and civilian defense contractors on base. They were obviously working closely together. This got me to thinking about how this working together between private enterprise and government could be organized at it relates to ET technology. I also have other civilian and military sources that have explained to me how the military has been relegated to operating as gopher to the MIC and Corporation X.

There is now evidence that military leaders and diplomats are now waking up to the fact that they are being manipulated by entrenched business interests to the detriment of overall society and relations with various extraterrestrial races.
In fact as the military UFO/ET Working Group has attempted to push disclosure they have come under attack by unknown parties and are presently attempting to discover the source of such attacks. It is my supposition that the tracing of these attacks both in the public and governmental domains will eventually lead to Corporation X.

We need to know the name of Corporation X. Where is the Corporation headquartered? Who are the shareholders? How many and who is on the board of directors? Who are the Chairman, President, Vice Presidents? How does Corporation X maintain security and plug leaks? How does it employ private contractor mercenary armies to be used as death squads, black bag operators for the intimidation of public, military and private officials that are pro-disclosure? Is their a mechanism for oversight by governments and how effective is his oversight?

Those of us in the civilian community and in the military that desire UFO/ET disclosure should make it a very high priority to work together to further identify, lock on and target anti-disclosure Corporation X. I believe Corporation X is out of control and its activities not only threaten public and democratic constitutional control but the whole of humanity and the global environment. I would appreciate it if other researchers forward on to me any evidence they might have in reference to Corporation X for use in a second follow up article. This is a work in progress.

Targeting UFO/ET Corporation X (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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I received feedback from my friends and associates in the UFO/ET field after the first article on Targeting Corporation X was published. As I stated the first article was a work in progress. In this second article my thinking has jelled and I may have found a simple elegant way that Corporation X if it exists could be organized. At the very least I have a viable hypothesis that other researchers and investigators may be able to verify or disprove over time. Sometimes evidence exists right in front of us but without some kind of insight we are unable to process the evidence or know where to go for verification.

A lawyer friend and associate suggested a mental exercise to assist insight into the nature of Corporation X. He suggested I start at the UFO crash site and follow the debris trail from crash retrieval team to military base to corporate research and development centers. There would seem to be two exploitable resource trails. One would be from crash collections and the other from cooperating secret trade agreements with at least one alien race. In the latter case the evidence suggests that technology and alien assistance is traded for biological access and exploitation of human genetic material and fetuses as part of an alien research project of hybridization and infiltration into earth human society. Could this be a modern alien version of the old slave trade?

When I followed both these trails they ended at private corporate research and development centers. The debris trail then turned into a paper trail that when followed traces to special access programs, (SAP’s) and then to an overall corporate subcontract with Corporation X at each subcontracting corporation. At this point I had a Eureka moment.

It would seem that the most efficient and simple organizational structure for Corporation X is as I had suggested in my previous article is one of general contractor to all other private and public corporations as well as to agencies of government. Corporation X must have a charter, monopoly and a multi-government oversight board controlled by several key western governments including the United States. This would be similar to the charter the British gave to the British West India Company but in this case Corporation X does not manage an empire directly but rather secretly and indirectly by contracting out the work to large and small subcontracting independent corporations.

In this case a relatively small, tight knit, secretive general contractor, Corporation X, could control a huge massive and complicated enterprise with a small headquarters and staff made up of accountants, lawyers and inspectors. The Corporation’s job would be to manage the subcontractor contracts to insure that the Corporation gets its proper percentage of the profit, that the subcontractor attends to security, and that the subcontracting corporation is efficient. A subcontracting corporation could have multiple special access programs (SAP’s), all under one prime subcontract with Corporation X.

Under this scheme the subcontracting corporations are placed in a subservient role and forced to compete with each other for contracts. This would not be all that different that a criminal enterprise in which the enterprise allows the business owner to remain in independent control of the business but must pay a fee and allow access to its books by the criminal enterprise in order to stay in business. This kind of contracting arraignment would also have some characteristics of a cartel in that Corporation X has a monopoly on the alien resource and can fix the price and manage the resource as does an oil cartel.

Corporation X can contract out the R&D, security, its own government lobby, the management of the resource etc. so as to focus exclusively on the management and enforcement of contracts. It might also assist in providing capital though it’s banking networks to finance the private contractor’s SAP contracts as well. In this manner a small international board of directors could control a huge multi-trillion dollar enterprise for the benefit of the share holders of the corporation. I could be that the shareholders are the large United States and European banks that are in turn controlled by wealthy powerful families in Europe and the United States.

Such massive organization structure with a relatively small controlling corporation would be a very efficient and secure way to exploit alien technologies. The tradeoff would be that it would be very difficult for governments to oversee and control such a powerful enterprise operating in extreme secrecy and the danger is that the organization could turn the tables on oversight by governments and so function in such a way that would not be in the public interest.

The consequences related to privatization of the exploitation of alien resources could be extremely serious for the rest of society. For instance the emphasis on profit might create a policy imbalance so as to submerge other policy making elements of government involved in ET diplomacy. These other elements like the military UFO Working Group don’t seem to have a powerful lobby behind them to push their interests.

This emphasis on corporate profit and pressure for an indiscriminate military shoot-down policy could greatly endanger the pubic interest by discouraging potential ethical ET allies and encouraging societal interactions with less ethical extraterrestrial races. In fact if there was a slowdown in the technology flowing through the ET technology pipeline this could throw Corporation X and its subcontracting corporations into crisis with so many corporate mouths now to be fed.

Another serious consequence of this kind of corporate organizational structure was suggested to me by a friend who used to work in corporate America. She suggested that such a corporation would be interested in managing the resource for maximum profit potential. This could be a large contributing factor as to the progress or lack thereof in which the global economy could be switched away from fossil fuels into clean alien energy technology. I would expect there is a heated tug of war between global corporate special interest groups in this regard that would involve the Corporation. There could even be fallout related to overall disclosure in this regard.

Another consequence of this kind of corporate organizational structure detrimental to the public interest would be extreme compartmentalization that would be good for security but very bad for policy makers attempting to oversee this endeavor. Along with the deliberate compartmentalization and secrecy involved with the SAP’s would be the addition level of secrecy associated with the nature of the corporate structure itself? Most corporations by nature are extremely secretive knowing knowledge is power. I am told this is especially true for R&D corporations.

Even another unintended consequence of privatization and lack of oversight would be a Wild West kind of law and order rife with criminal activity. Some criminal activity would even be necessary, for instance the falsification of patents and severe illegal security procedures. If anybody gets caught in illegal or unconstitutional activity then the subcontracting corporation will receive the blame not Corporation X.

My lawyer friend and associate suggested that Corporation X might have a name and a public headquarters because that could be necessary for doing business. I would expect that because of its small size it could keep a low profile and be hidden in plain sight unless one is well informed enough to know where to look and interact with it. Now that we have an idea of what to look for perhaps we too will be able to discover Corporation X’s name and headquarters.

One friend suggested New York City as a possible home for Corporation X. This might make sense because even though European allies seem to be involved, the United States seems to have the most influence over the process of exploitation of alien technologies through the large number of powerful global corporations headquartered in the United States. So it is possible that Corporation X is headquartered in the United States for reasons of convience.

(Note my thinking gets more refined in these later articles and )

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Insider Activities

Insider Activities
By Ed Komarek
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Michael Salla should be commended for this excellent article and interview of Source A.

Thanks to Source A and the Pickering brothers we now have a pretty good idea what is going on behind the scenes as to the activities of the insider UFO Working Group pro-disclosure movement.

I am very glad to see that the UFO Working Group is tracking down where the anti-disclosure movement originates and I am looking forward to just what specific corporations are involved. Of course behind these corporations are the entrenched special interest controlling families that are doing so much damage to our society.

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Recollections of Tall Timbers
The Alien Connection
By Ed Komarek
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I am not one that dwells on the past preferring to live in the present and for the future. The invitation to come to Tall Timbers alumni gathering as part of this year’s 50th anniversary celebrations however stimulated old memories of my involvement with Tall Timbers that I feel should be put down in print for the benefit of others interested in Tall Timbers history.

As the last Komarek standing I feel that I owe it to my father Ed Komarek Sr. the central organizer of Tall Timbers to attend some of these Tall Timbers functions as well as for my uncle Roy Komarek without whose lifetime support and follow up, my father never could have done all that he did. In fact both Roy and Ed worked so closely together all their lives that they should be considered a team. Roy was like a second father to me. I also feel that I should be here for Herb Stoddard my father’s ecological mentor and my mentor as well. Herb was like a grandfather to me as a boy and young man and I was fortunate to know him for much of the latter part of his life right up to his death.

My earliest memories of Tall Timbers were of coming with my parents to Tall Timbers to view Mr. Beadel’s wildlife films. Mr. Beadel always sat in his high chair high up in front of those of us in his audience who were often just our little family but sometimes there were others. When it came time to show the films we turned our audience chairs around to view the projector screen. I always thought this arrangement a little particular as well as the woman who lived in the Beadel house who seemed to always be in the background. We kids were told that this woman was Mr. Beadel’s nurse. J

I was impressed by the huge fish mounted on the west wall of the Beadel room as well as the taxidermy specimens on the benches and walls of the room. The large power generator in front yard also caught my interest. The best part of these early visits to Tall Timbers plantation was that my sister and I got ginger ale to drink. This would be no big deal for kids today but back then my mother rationed coke and other drinks to mostly when we had an upset stomach feeling that such drinks were not good for young children.

Somewhere early on around 1954 the really big deal for me was the annual rabbit hunt at Tall Timbers. The rabbits were hunted only with sticks and the hunters were mostly black who had become very skilled at hunting with sticks and had learned this from their slave ancestors who were allowed very limited access to guns. Still several whites, Sonny Stoddard and Leon Neel joined the ranks of the hunters as well as me. It was an inspiration to see Sonny and Leon nail rabbits with a stick but being so young I never got a rabbit.

My parents and we kids rode in the hunting wagons with the other white folks to follow the hunters and the dogs who traveled on foot. I was well prepared to get myself a rabbit and had cut, cured and practiced throwing sticks for a month each year in preparation for the rabbit hunt. I would jump down off the wagon and make my throws when the hunters and dogs found a rabbit. After the hunt my father would wear rubber gloves and inspect the cleaning of the rabbits and check the livers to make sure that the rabbits did not have a rabbit disease that could be spread by contact with rabbit blood. I think we ate the rabbits but my memory is not clear on this.

I was around when early discussions developed at Birdsong about the need for a research station to fight U.S. Forest Service Smokey the Bear anti-fire propaganda. There is a picture on the wall of the main Tall Timbers building and in this years Tall Timbers calendar that shows one of these meeting in our back yard. Discussions also developed in the Birdsong bird room on just about every Sunday morning where very heated arguments would erupt over just about any topic under the sun. To Herb, Sonny, Ed, Roy , Leon and whoever else that showed up this was just letting off steam and 5 minutes after the arguments everybody was the best of friends but sometimes my mother would get upset and even leave the house over all he ruckus. I latter understood that Tall Timbers board meetings could get just a heated.

After the creation of Tall Timbers I was at Tall Timbers often both with my father and with Herb Stoddard. Herb’s main interest was the television tower that was allowed on Tall Timbers so Herb could study bird kills and bird migrations. I got up around 4:00 am many a morning to go with Herb in his little VW bug with the hatch above the driver’s seat to Tall Timbers to pick up dead and injured birds. When the tower was first put up it killed huge numbers of birds for years. Latter for some reason the bird kills diminished.

There is a picture in the Stoddard museum with me as the golden haired kid in a group at the tower grounds. Most of the time when I was with Herb it was just he and I who picked up birds. Herb rode in his VW because he was already getting old and his injured knee could not handle the strain of walking all over the grounds. (He injured the knee as a young man climbing a tree with climbing spurs to get a hawk or owl. He walked with a limp the rest of his life. He gave me his climbing spurs and I almost did myself in too. I still have the spurs.) I did a lot of walking and the injured birds were of the most interest to me. I took many home to have as pets and to release if they recovered.

I know there are many at Tall Timbers who cringe knowing that Herb one of the fathers of ecology trapped and poisoned many predators at the tower site. He did this because it was not long before the predators would beat him to the birds. I remember posts with steel traps at the top for catching owl and hawks.

It’s important to understand that most of the early ecologists were collectors and a collecting attitude was very deeply engrained. I remember Herb having my mother shoot rare birds at her bird window for museum specimens. Both Herb and Dad both loved to collect and did so all their lives. Even late in life when Gates wanted some earthworm specimens Dad passed the job on to me for a science project but when I came up with many new earthworm species he had to get involved. He even had me collect earthworms all the way down from Alaska where I was going to college to Florida on one of my trips home.

I also was around when the fire plots were planned and set up by Herb, Roy, Dad and others. This was part of a well thought out strategy to fight Smokey the Bear propaganda. Dad, Herb and Roy were scientists not politicians and so they decided to fight the Forest Service’s propaganda war using scientific evidence. They felt that the propaganda would sooner or later fall because it could not stand up to the facts, to the truth. The strategy worked.

At about the same time of the fire plots I remember that Dad got interested in Tripsigum one of the primitive ancestors of corn that either showed up along Meridian Road or at Tall Timbers. It was a very hot burning, high standing native fire grass and I remember he built up a plot of it at Tall Timbers. Apparently cattle and farming had pretty much wiped it out of our area. I got samples of my own and spread it all around Birdsong Plantation where today the managers there try to keep it under control. J

It’s important for folks to realize that Tall Timbers in its early years was devised as a vehicle to change mass consciousness. I used to think that my father was obsessed with fire and Tall Timbers but only in my old age have I realized that it takes this kind of passion and a lifetime of dedicated work to affect mass consciousness. Such passion and dedication rarely come from a paycheck but from a very strong desire to do the right thing for both man and nature. In fact my Dad used to say that the quality of scientific research declined as both paycheck and education increased.

Something else that folks today need to understand in the changing of mass consciousness is that you have to put up with a lot of grief. I remember that late in life my father would break down in tears when he was praised. He had a thick skin and knew how to handle adversity, anger, ridicule in the pursuit of the betterment of mankind and the environment throughout his life but praise was unexpected and shocking. He just did what he felt he had to do and took adversity in stride. I do the same as well.

I understand many of these things now because it has been the same for me in the field of exopolitics. My father’s and Tall Timber’s battles to change mass consciousness and against government lies and propaganda prepared me for my life’s work in exopolitics. Today I and my associates struggle just as my Dad and his associates did with government lies and propaganda in order to get the truth out in the face of a huge very well organized UFO/ET cover up. Entrenched interests behind the cover-up are not only destroying society but the earth’s environment as well.

Those silly contrived UFO/ET stories at every checkout counter are deliberate and very effective in trashing the subject amongst scientists and other scholars on the one hand while the denial groups attack the public mind from the other end of the spectrum. The CIA’s psychological warfare group’s now declassified documents pointed out in the early 1950s that the plan was to create a wall of denial and ridicule around UFOs and it worked beyond their wildest dreams. Unfortunately our entrenched interest foes in the industry involved in fossil fuels, arms and banking are much stronger that what my father and his associates were up against and we may never be able to get the truth out in our lifetimes.

My father did live long enough to make it to the Promised Land saying that he was fortunate indeed because all his dreams had come true. We involved in the exopolitics battle may not be so fortunate. (Those ecologists, politicians and reporters rolling their eyes might note that in downtown Tallahassee the Brogan Museum of Art and Science in association with the Smithsonian Institution are hosting a Roswell exhibit into January. They even have an alien face on the front cover of their summer/fall Brogan News magazine.) I urge Tall Timbers to exercise this same kind of creativity, courage and foresight in its educational programs. Tall Timbers was built by people who believed truth should always trump reputation and this is the way they lived their lives.

Other memories of Tall Timbers involved being a boy and young man tagging behind Jack Rudloe, Wilson Baker and others about the grounds and elsewhere. When Jack was employed by Tall Timbers I followed him about the mudflats of the coast collecting marine specimens. Jack and I are still close friends. I remember days with Wilson Baker going out to Buzzard Island and checking on the bats in Waterfall Cave .

Most at Tall Timbers may not realize it but I was also a employee of Tall Timbers in its early years. Tall Timbers and FSU had a cooperative arraignment that involved scuba diving in coastal rivers in which I participated. I found arrowheads, mammoth and mastodon bones and tusks, and even a beautiful Indian eagle head pendant that had a Mayan look it was so well carved. I remember whole mastodon tusks disintegrating on the ground at Tall Timbers because we did not understand preservation techniques. On my own I found a important part of Florida history perhaps the last complete Spanish rum bottle to be found just above the Saint Marks bridge.

In 1966 the year I graduated from high school I worked the summer for Tall Timbers and FSU in a archeology dig on the Aculla River . The wage was $1.25 a hour in extreme heat and in a mosquito infested environment. I had never worked so hard for so little and I began to think about going to college and working in Alaska . (So much for a job my father got for me!) We excavated many Indian burials along the Aucilla River and investigated mounds in the mosquito infested swamps in the surrounding area. I used to take my pet fox with me when I went to the coast to work on the digs. One of my most painful early memories was when he somehow got out of his cage and was caught by dogs and died under a house. I remember our little screen shack full of bed bugs and mosquitoes and using old World War 2 cans of DDT spray against them.

When I left for Alaska to strike out and on my own I communicated a lot with my parents by snail mail. It’s important for folks to realize that Dad built up Tall Timbers using mostly snail mail correspondence. He found other fire mavericks like himself around the world from the literature and then corresponded and built up friendships through the mail. This was how the first fire conference was organized. People like Larry Requa from the Yukon gave a papers at Tall Timbers after we traveled to meet these mavericks on their home turf.

Late in life these friendships meant so much that people like Larry returned to visit Tall Timbers and my family. Larry even shared his greatest secret of finding alien bodies in British Columbia when he was a constable and a young man operating out of Stewart Canada. He had never told anybody until one evening under the stars on our back porch my mother as usual brought up my interest in UFOs. At such times in my life ecology and exopolitics converged. There are others deeply associated with Tall Timbers that also have their UFO stories. There will of course be those that will say aliens have nothing to do with the ecological sciences and I should not talk about such things in association with Tall Timbers but I believe history will show that they are very wrong and Tall Timbers may one day be involved in studying the ecology of other worlds.

I am confident that one day people will openly study the ecology and evolution of life on other worlds because I know we are not alone and our government lies to us about what it knows from highly classified research. I very strongly believe that ecology is still in its infancy and that it will mature as astro-ecology in the not too distant future. In fact even now I am pointing out in exopolitics that we don’t have to travel to other worlds to study alien ecology. We can study the evolution of extraterrestrials life already coming to earth in sophisticated high technology spaceships.

Evolutionary laws just as the laws of physics apply elsewhere about the universe. One day planetary ecology and exopolitics will merge into what may be called the universal sciences. It’s time for ecologists with vision to begin to seriously consider what I have to say rather than remain in denial until the time the governments of the world come clean and reveal their extensive secret highly classified alien ecological research files. In time these words will be viewed as prophetic. I say let history be the judge.

The best thing about the early fire conferences were not the formal conferences but the barbeque and bonfire afterwards. This was my father’s idea that he got from old plantatation custom. After the hunt like at Greenwood Plantation the owners would hold a barbeque for the hunting guests. Dad saw the friendships that developed from these events and realized that this would help his lecturers and guests at the fire conferences to get to know and build friendships in a informal setting. The idea works wonderfully. Many people met and became friends from life because of these barbeques. I used the same idea after a UFO conference I hosted in Tallahassee .

In closing I would like to point out to the younger generation the importance of interest based education. The problem with our educational system is that it is an, autocratic skills based indoctrination system, a master-slave educational system in a sophisticated wage slave society. I did not understand until latter in life this intellectually and emotionally crippling system that I subconsciously rejected when I quit after three years of college. Worldwide democracy and the rule of law are so fragile that they are little more that a façade behind which exists a hidden ever growing more sophisticated system of feudal control.

What we should be doing is expose young people to as many environments as possible to determine interest. Then and only then assist the student with the skills needed to develop and promote that interest. The student should be in the driver’s seat through this process and the teacher the assistant not the master. The student should determine the need to know not the teacher. This way the student really learns the skills because they can be seen as necessary in promoting the interest and where creativity and innovation are not suppressed but enhanced and fostered. This is how I was taught on a day by day basis by the best early ecologists and scientists in the world. They taught inspiration, interest, love, passion and creativity not through fear and intimidation but out of love and by example. Tall Timbers played a role in this process.