Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What Happened To InfoTech?
A Stephenville Source A Connection?
By Ed Komarek
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My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

InfoTech is the screen name of a friend and fellow UFO/ET investigator who posted frequently on the Open Minds Forum and got interested in the Stephenville case. He got into trouble with the PTB awhile back and ended up in electronic containment and limbo. All his electronic communications both computer and phone were monitored and censored.

InfoTech is a bit of a data management information technological wizard, hence his screen name, and managed to break out with an email to me telling me that he had been threatened, his family and AJ (our Stephenville reporter) was threatened as well when he got into a heated argument with his handlers. They told him he was not allowed to continue to communicate with AJ and the UFO community especially OM.

InfoTech said there was something very big being covered up in the Stephenville case. I got very concerned and posted this email at OM and made a big public fuss about what was happening to InfoTech. I now believe the threats were in the heat of the moment and do not feel that his or AJ’s life is in any real danger. I think this was just an attempt to intimate InfoTech into submission with decidedly mixed results.

This public action on my part seems to have resulted in InfoTech being able to communicate with me for awhile but nobody else in the UFO community, not even AJ with whom he had begun to help build a website. He was even beginning to get suspicious of me because of this. I was blocked from communicating once again when I asked about details of this heated argument.

In these email conversations InfoTech told me he held a Top Secret clearance relating to his data management work. He even told me that one time he got freaked out when he was taken to an undisclosed location to do some data management work where the people did not look quite human. He got scared and did the work from his hotel room.

InfoTech got very interested in the Stephenville case and this seems to have been what triggered his troubles. He wrote to me that he thought that perhaps what was being covered up was an Air Force attempt to force down an alien craft by boxing it in with fighter jets and forcing it to the ground. The craft evaded this Air Force maneuver by flying over the restricted airspace of the Bush ranch. This he believed was an attempt to capture the occupants alive to be forced to give up their technological secrets.

Now I have just been told that this Stephenville event triggered a Navy reaction. As we have been learning the Navy now seems to be responsible for at least some diplomatic extraterrestrial policy. I am beginning to wonder if there was a clash between an unenlightened Air Force extraterrestrial policy and a more enlightened Navy diplomatic policy. Could this be one of the reasons Source A went public with the big stick of public exposure to get folks together on the same page and make sure everybody knew who was boss.

This got me to thinking that AFOSI may be behind InfoTech’s electronic containment. They don’t seem to have had a problem shutting down UFO investigators in the past when they have got too close to the truth as most of us know. My interest is to free InfoTech from this harassment and containment and make sure his Top Secret clearance is not lost. Apparently his handlers feel they have a legal and legitimate right to do this because InfoTech holds a Top Secret clearance. I think other folks in other branches of the military and intelligence community might find this case interesting. J

I realize that InfoTech’s handlers feel that they are just doing their job and I don’t want to cause them unnecessary problems by asking my contacts to pull rank on this. J They need to realize that it is no longer business as usual and that they are interfering with a very important civilian UFO/ET investigation and its primary investigator. Its past time to end this kind of long standing civilian harassment as long as InfoTech did not divulge any classified information. He says he did not.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Virtually Proficient

Becoming Virtually Proficient
By Ed Komarek
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My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

I had a long phone conversation with Dan Smith known for his long time association and friendship with Ron Pandolfi a high ranking Washington insider with an interest in UFOs, Remote Viewing and other phenomena. Dan and I both seem to agree that we may exist in some kind of virtual reality universe into which we cycle on periodic basis from an even larger immaterial mega-universe.

In an interesting tidbit of synchronicity Uri Geller checked in with me via email yesterday and suggested I check out his new website. http://site.uri-geller.com/ Uri over the years has demonstrated over and over again just how malleable our so called “nuts and bolts” reality really is. I have not heard from Uri for years even though he is on one of my mailing lists.

My old skeptical friend Jim Moseley even watched Uri bend a spoon once and then continued to watch as the spoon continued to bend as it was passed around to others and to him. Eventually the spoon completely separated from the handle while it was being passed around. Uri told me by phone years ago of a contact experience he had when he walked into an extraterrestrial craft while his girlfriend watched from some distance away.

The immaterial mega-universe seems to be saturated with virtual reality universes that come and go, expand and contract, over billions of years and are themselves composed of nested 4D space-time parallel virtual worlds around both stars and planets in each universe. These universes seem to be created to support and further the evolution of untold numbers of individual and collective intelligences some of which have evolved to the point where they have become virtually proficient.

I think networks of intelligent beings create and maintain these virtual realities not an omnipotent autocratic God figure as Dan seems to believe. This perspective seems to be validated by NDE and OBE experiences and life regressions to the period between lifetimes. I think in the future we will look back and think of today’s western religions as an antiquated and quaint way of thinking about life, living and the universe.

By virtually proficient I mean these beings have developed the capacity to travel not only the distances between the stars and galaxies but between material universes and the immaterial mega-universe. What could only be previously be done by mega-universe travel to a virtual world and then incarnating into that world, can now be done by creation of virtual reality craft that ferry both the individual and the virtual body from one virtual world or universe to another.

Where Dan and I seem to differ is that Dan thinks that humanity is about to transition into a post virtual existence in mass on this planet within a period of decades. I very much disagree because I don’t think we can even begin to transition into a post virtual existence until we fully face and deal with the virtual challenges we have yet to deal with in this virtual universe. I think the transition is going to take place through an evolutionary process of many little steps. The first being the recognition of our virtual reality neighborhood and the challenges we are going to have to face with the other extraterrestrial races much like ourselves.

Then once we get to know and work with the neighbors we together will develop together capabilities of virtual proficiency. I think this will be a gradual evolutionary process that could accelerate once we can collectively reengineer out our imperfections in our virtual bodies rather that having to do it on a long term individual evolutionary basis.

I think that it’s important to realize that we are dealing with races of beings that have a wide range of evolutionary development and virtual reality proficiency. We are on the bottom rung of that range along with other races that like us are evolving beyond their home planets. The range seems to go all the way to races of beings that are so virtually proficient that they can move at will and on the spur of the moment between the mega-universe and various virtual universes without virtual craft to transport a body. They can simply travel at will to any virtual world and create any virtual body they desire to fit the immediate need to communicate with the natives of that world.

I think Dan is confusing the imminent demise of his virtual body and reemergence into the mega-universe with overall humanities continuing evolution within the virtual universe and eventual virtual proficiency. My guess is that it will take more than decades for mankind to develop the capability be able to instantly move freely and at will between the mega-universe and the virtual universes and the nested parallel 4D space-times even with virtual spaceship protection let alone capabilities beyond that.

I tell Dan let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let’s take things one step at a time. Perhaps we are here to assist in the transition in the first step toward virtual proficiency, the awareness that we have many virtual neighbors and karmic relationships to work out. We have collective virtual challenges to face like overpopulation, environmental degradation, and intra-species and extra-species wars and conflicts before we and the neighbors can take the next step to a post virtual existence.

Tell the Truth

Just Tell Us the Truth Dammit!
By Ed Komarek
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My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

I believe the financial and economic meltdown is a part of a cyclical process in which the tide is now turning away from rampant, unbridled materialism as a model for personal and collective well being. Materialism has its value for personal and collective survival but it has its place in the scheme of things. It is part of a much broader immaterial or spiritual context that is just as important.

Fundamental to this greater context is a personal and collective willingness of the people to tell the truth and love one another. Truth and love exist but they are immaterial qualities that exist outside of what we consider our physical reality. Some of us believe that our physical universe and our bodies are really not as physical and solid as they appear but in fact represent a virtual reality.

Some of us believe we exist in a virtual body in a virtual environment and that this is a cosmic teaching tool or mechanism, nothing more nothing less. We don’t go to school or a classroom as an end in itself. We go there to prepare ourselves for life outside of the classroom. We can say that the classroom is virtual in relationship to the greater reality of the outside world.

We can debate if reality is composed of an infinite number of nested virtual realities like the identical wooden Russian dolls one inside the other, or if there is a larger immaterial universe that is not virtual in nature. In fact the truth may be a combination of these two perspectives. http://lucianarchy.proboards21.com/index.cgi?board=dansmithsom&action=display&thread=5268

Dan Smith and I are in virtual agreement J with these concepts and recognize the importance of these concepts to humanities evolutionary development. Dan and I have agreed to work together in an attempt to facilitate the distribution of these vital concepts to humanity in general and to high policy makers in particular. If there is going to be confidence and support of government and our leaders, they must TELL THE TRUTH! If our leaders are incapable of telling the truth then by golly lets get policy makers that can tell the truth in high positions of government!

No society can sustain itself on a steady diet of secrecy, lies, deceptions and fraud and neither can the individual or the government. There is nothing more destructive to the individual, society, and governance than secrecy, lies, deceit, hate, arrogance and fear. Government and policy maker lying is nothing new but it would seem that beginning in World War Two the global military, government and civilian authorities have developed a love affair with secrecy and deception the dark side of the force.

The cumulative destructive consequences of this love affair with secrecy, deceit and lies now threaten our very existence on this planet through overpopulation, war and environmental degradation. According to both terrestrial and extraterrestrial sources we only have a short window left to change our destructive ways or billions of people will die in this century.

We have created a situation in which our backs are against the wall. Yet humanity has shown time and time again that it can adapt and change when the situation is dire. Other times in history when humanity has not changed civilizations have collapsed and out of the rubble new fresh civilizations have arose. Only now our civilizations are so linked together that our whole global civilization is in danger of catastrophic collapse and renewal. This is because we have managed to suppress short term cycles of collapse and renewal over the years and now we have created the conditions for a super-cycle collapse of society and the environment.

What I am trying to point out is that lies, deceit, secrecy and hate are excesses that build up in society that obscure truth and love and unless they are removed from time to time the result is catastrophic collapse of human society. The people from the grass roots all the way up to the leaders and policy makers have to learn to tell the truth and accept the immediate undesirable consequences in order to reap the long term benefits. Only in this way may we regain our personal and collective sanity and build a bright future for ourselves. We have to reestablish our connectedness to the immaterial world of ethics values and spirituality.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Meltdown-Existential Crisis

From Financial Meltdown to Existential Crisis
By Ed Komarek
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My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

Mankind needs to better understand cycles of creation-destruction-renewal not only in nature but also in human society as well, because we are part of nature. Individuals and groups often attempt to suppress naturally occurring frequent regenerative processes and cycles, only to find that by this interference they have unknowingly contributed to the creation of unnatural large super-cycles of creation and destruction in both nature and human society.

It has been my contention that in human society regular periodic cycles of economic expansion and contraction should not be suppressed. These cycles remove excesses from the system on a regular basis just as do fire cycles in nature’s ecosystems. I further have speculated that great depressions are a modern phenomena unknowingly brought about by human interference and suppression of the normal regular periodic cycles of economic expansion and contraction.

It should come as no surprise that normal periodic economic cycles of expansion and contraction are connected to and arise from individual and collective human nature. Ultimately economic cycles rise and fall on human expectation and belief. So it would seem there is this more fundamental underlying cycle of belief creation-destruction-renewal from which economic cycles emerge.

Over time beliefs build up and become entrenched in society and are supported by the special interests that profit from these beliefs. New beliefs are resisted and suppressed by the authorities in power out of self interest. Eventually however excesses build up to a point where the old beliefs and the authorities that benefit from these beliefs crash. The old authorities and existential belief structure is supplanted by new beliefs and new authorities in a natural process of societal renewal.

Modern day society in a large part is based on the scientific revolution and its belief structure. This revolution in human beliefs and thought was brutally suppressed by the prior religious belief establishment for hundreds of years. Only when the excesses and corruption in the old religious perspective became so great and crumbled away was the scientific revolution allowed to come into its own. This created in a large part the modern world. The foundation of our modern world is this scientific-materialistic existential perspective just as the religious-spiritual existential perspective was the basis of medieval society.

Today the scientific existential structure seems to have reached its zenith and now is beginning to crumble partly because it failed to incorporate spiritual moral and ethical values from the prior religious existential structure into its existential structure. This has resulting in rampant materialism. Just as with the religious establishment before it the scientific-materialistic establishment now has been suppressing extraterrestrial truths for at least sixty years that threaten the existing status quo of today’s entrenched interests.

Corruption and excess have been building for the past seventy years not just in our economic systems but in our system of existential beliefs because of this suppression of the new by the old. Those of us that have been following the UFO/ET disclosure process are beginning to wonder if the now ongoing economic collapse will degrade into an existential collapse. Hopefully the collapse of the old existential perspective will allow room for a new grander extraterrestrial perspective to eventually emerge.

Processes of destruction and renewal are often very painful processes because those that cling to the old ways are reluctant to let go of the old even when the old existential perspective no longer works. This disconnect between outmoded beliefs and the newly emerging realities they model gives arise to much suffering as people try to still use old solutions that no longer work to deal with new challenges. This only maintains and aggravates the suffering.

What this writer expects could be happening is that the financial-economic meltdown is just the beginning of a process of a natural process of destruction and renewal. This process will take over a decade and will incorporate not just a renewal of economic and political systems but also existential renewal. It will shake many people right down to their existential cores from which they will have to rebuild new belief systems to match modern unbelievable realities. I feel that a decade from now we will look back and marvel at our present ignorance of who we are and our relationship with the rest of the intelligent life in the universe.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obama Not Briefed

Obama Not Yet Briefed On UFOs
By Ed Komarek
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My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

According to UFO/ET investigators Clay and Shawn Pickering their active duty naval officer source says that Obama has not yet been briefed on UFOs, disclosure and other related matters. Further information on this case involving an insider known to the UFO community as Source A can found in my previous articles on my blog and elsewhere. http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2009/03/reference-page.html

The Pickering brothers and Source A use the Open Minds Forum (OMF) as a medium to communicate information to and from the public. I check up on this case regularly for new information at the OMF website. I noticed the following discussion yesterday when I checked in at OMF. It appears to me that Obama will be briefed but the issue is at a very sensitive point with much jockeying going on relative government positions on how and by whom Obama is to be briefed.

I include below a statement from which I have gleaned this information and a discussion between the Pickering brothers and their source as to which American presidents have been briefed on UFOs follows.

"Nothing I can share at this point. And, our source has been incredibly tight lipped. He cannot even respond via email with us. Everything is done face to face when we can get together. One point though, Obama has not been briefed on UFOs, disclosure and other related matters. This is according to our source. Like I said OMF, there is still a lot of jockeying going on relative to government positions. Sigh…. "

"We had this doggone discussion with our source last night. (This refers to which presidents have been briefed on UFOs) Roosevelt : Quite possibly. Truman: No doubt briefed. Eisenhower: No doubt briefed. Kennedy: No doubt yes. Johnson: Highly doubtful. Nixon: Yes, through connection with Eisenhower. Ford: No Carter: According our source, yes! Reagan: No! Bush Sr.: Yes! Clinton : No! Bush Jr.: Absolutely not! Obama: NOT YET!!!!!!!!!!"

Addendum: Clay Pickering wrote to clarify the situation regarding if Reagan had been briefed. If anybody is interested this Internet address links to a very exhaustive and detailed article as to what Reagan knew about UFO/ET. http://www.presidentialufo.com/reagan_ufo_story.htm

"Shawn and I talked with our guy tonight to clarify, again, the specifics on whether Reagan knew or was briefed on the UFO/ET equation. Our source believes that Reagan may have been allowed in to some degree, but not the total picture. Why? According to our guy Reagan started repositioning the ICBMs at the Soviet Union. This made the pro-disclosure and the anti-disclosure people quite nervous. It appears according to our source that Reagan was then held at arms length with any forthcoming information. Quote: "Reagan was considered bit of a loose cannon." Mind you, we have heard this from our source many times with respect to the nuclear equation. "