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Why People Like Robert Collins Deserve Respect

Why People Like Robert Collins Deserve Respect
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Article Why People Like Robert Collins Deserve Respect

( Note: I have received some constructive criticism about this paper being a bit harsh and I believe that is valid criticism. I have been reluctant to put this paper up on my blog till now because of this. The reason for my being so tough is because of the pounding some honest intelligence folks have taken by those who are not very well informed. In the past I too have been guilty of being indiscriminate in my dealing with people that have intelligence backgrounds. Some people deserve a pounding for disinformation and misdirecting but others do not.)

Robert Collins has stated that the UFO/ET situation is first and foremost a intelligence problem and that most people just don't have the intelligence skills necessary to understand this field. He's right, and there are precious few individuals who have both the proper intelligence skills, either from military training, or from self education, to sort through the lies and confusion to gain a basic understanding of the subject. I would argue that even intelligence training in itself is still not good enough, because it takes people who are psychologically and emotionally capable, to run collection and analysis networks competently. My advice to the new people coming into the field of exopolitics is to become informed and understand the big picture by studying intelligence gathering and analysis, and then work to build competent local and national networks. Don't waste your time and the time and resources of others by simply recycling uninformed opinions, beliefs, fantasies amongst you and your associates.

Good, honest, sincere, competent people working to get the truth to the public are constantly being maligned by large numbers of ignorant and foolish exopolitical enthusiasts as well as a few insincere counterintelligence people in the debunking organizations and the civilian intelligence networks. Certainly there are those with intelligence backgrounds who have worked to deceive, mislead and generally keep the public in a state of denial over the existence of extraterrestrial life coming to earth in high technology spaceships. Unfortunately the ignorant and the foolish cannot distinguish which intelligence people are trying the best the can to end the cover-up from within and without, from those who are hell bent on maintaining the UFO/ET cover-up.

Instead of admitting ignorance, the foolish take out their confusion and stupidity on those who are trying to be of help which only furthers the aims of those who wish to maintain a cover-up. The many ignorant and the foolish become willing pawns of the few who have infiltrated the UFO community and the debunking community at the highest levels. In my estimation foolish or insincere people make statements like, "Show me the evidence.", or "There is no evidence to support that." Other foolish people are guilty in the trafficking of imaginary fantasies based on either fact or fiction. This only postures ignorance, foolishness and impotency for all the world to see across the Internet and is egged on by those counterintelligence specialists in the field who know how to exploit such ignorance and foolishness to their advantage.

Come on people wake up and become informed by building and participating in competent civilian intelligence networks. For those that are in such networks, keep a close eye on the activities of the leadership so as not to be led astray. If high quality information flows up the chain of command and only sightings flow down to the rank and file, that is a warning sign. If your leaders are making statements like, "Conventional science can resolve the problem." or, "A cover-up has not been proved." then watch out. Either the leadership is ignorant or incompetent or your organization has been infiltrated and is being misled to serve simply as a collection arm of government intelligences agencies that does not threaten the cover-up.

The public has been misled over the years in many different ways. One of the ways has been to get the public to erroneously think that the problem is a scientific problem that can be solved by standard scientific methods. The UFO/ET exopolitics problem is and has been first and foremost a intelligence and political problem. There cannot be scientific solutions if the scientific data is being manipulated for political and intelligence purposes. One cannot do good science unless one can have confidence in the data. The intelligence and political problems must first be resolved before scientists can become effectively involved in public exopolitics. Until such a time people should be identifying and supporting, not denigrating honest and competent people with intelligence skills.

Another way the public is being misled is to steer the public to rely on authority figures in the field who have beliefs and opinions not supported by strong competent intelligence gathering and analytical networks. Counterintelligence people are skilled in intelligence matters themselves and work to contain the public knowledge through these authority figures either deliberately or used as pawns. They steer the public away from viable solutions to end the cover-up. The truth is that the public is embroiled in a intelligence war and unless we wise up to learn and play the rules of the game properly we will continue to remain in a state of confusion and denial, a kind of information bondage or slavery.

Until the UFO/ET cover-up ends, the public should be more respectful and appreciative of sincere people with intelligence training like Robert Collins, Ron Pandolffi, Wendle Stevens, Derrel Sims, Bob Dean, Kit Green etc. Certainly everybody has personal faults, but one should study the totality of the persons intelligence gathering and analytical abilities before passing judgment. Since the days of Donald Keyhoe, a battle has waged both inside and outside of government for the people's right to know and continues to this day. It's those honest truthful people who have intelligence training who can help the rest of us break out of the intelligence orchestrated cover-up and information bondage. These people should be supported in their work, not undermined or savaged. Lets start thinking how we can support honest sincere intelligence professionals and not out of ignorance sabotage their activities.

If members of the public want to really understand what is going on in the exopolitical field then they must study and apply intelligence techniques in their everyday search for clarity and understanding. Furthermore intelligence work is both a art and a science. Not only does one have to be properly trained in data collection and analysis and the running of intelligence gathering and analytical networks but one must be psychologically competent.

What I mean by being psychologically competent is that the individual digging for the truth must be honest, truthful, diligent, open minded in their personal lives else psychological and emotional factors obscure their ability to properly collect and analyze the data. Psychological imperfections such as arrogance and greed for instance, severely distort data collection and analysis. While the intelligence community understands the importance of training for the proper scientific collection and analysis of information, they fall very short in understanding the imperfections within their own minds that contribute to flawed intelligence. The current political situation involving the war on terror is a clear example of what I am talking about.

I no longer have much patience with the opinions of those in the field of exopolitics who do not run their own intelligence gathering networks and who are not psychologically competent in intelligence gathering and analysis. When I began to realize that I was dealing with a intelligence problem I read books on the intelligence community. I build my own personal intelligence network by publicizing sightings and contact cases through newspapers and broadcast media in my local area. I became known as one knowledgeable of the subject in my local area. I started receiving calls and letters putting me onto large numbers of sightings, a few direct contact cases, as well as the personal experiences of military retirees who had worked in classified programs. When Bob Dean in public said that he read that their were several ET types including human types while in NATO I took him seriously because I have personal sources that have told me in confidence the same thing.

Then comes the problem of properly evaluating all this data collected in both public and private domains. I found myself running networks in both the private and in the public domain. I set about comparing what I was being told privately and in confidence by those who did not want to go public for very good reasons to what was coming out in the public domain. In the private conversations and friendships I gathered not only the core story, but other very important emotional psychological information that only personal contact and friendship allows. Such comparisons between private and public networks allowed me to filter out much of the confusion and deception in the public domain while still using the public networks to help build a general model of the situation. I found that both public and private networks complemented and strengthen each other in a way that either alone could not do.

Because of this lifetime of interest, work, data collection and analysis, I feel I have a pretty good idea of the overall situation even though the resolution is not what I would like. I don't think I can get much further until either the cover-up ends, I become involved in classified programs or I develop personal relations with the ET's themselves. For this reason over the past few years I find myself going from being involved rather intently in the field for short periods when I think I can accomplish something useful, to otherwise involving myself in other activities.

I know I can speak with confidence in saying that most all these arguments and banter across the Internet in the exopolitical field are rather useless and a waste of time. If you really want to know the truth then stop wasteful social batter and the sharing of uninformed opinions and perspectives to start building competent information gathering and analysis networks in your local areas. As a necessary first step my advice toward escaping the personal and collective mental and emotional prison is that the ignorant and the foolish admit their ignorance and stop denigrating others. I say spend less time chattering amongst peers to listen to what the knowledgeable have to say. Then get to work and become a intelligence operative yourself. Knowledge and understanding are based upon proper collection and analysis of data. It's the only way to make sense out of such a complex confusing subject.

Finding Our Way Back Home

Finding Our Way Back Home
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Article Finding Our Way Back Home

I have been a student of life's mysteries for most of my life on earth. In reality we are all students existing in profound ignorance of both ourselves and our environment whether we wish to admit it or not. Those that are willing to admit ignorance have taken the first step toward acquiring true understanding and knowledge. Unfortunately many are unwilling and incapable of realizing this first step and so remain overwhelmed by illusion and mired in suffering.

It would be well to try to see ourselves and our earth based society as other more advanced civilizations might see us. It could be expected that slightly more advanced universe societies would see us as a backward primitive barbaric race with not much to offer universe society. On the other hand even more advanced races might see us in a more balanced and positive light due to a greater understanding and wisdom. More advanced intelligence could be expected to realize that adversity while initially crushing and suppressing of individual development, can and will eventually lead to accelerated learning and advanced character development.

I have begun to suspect that much more advanced intelligence's are somehow running the show for the rest of us. It is becoming obvious to me that we are surrounded by an environment that is constructed and maintained using very advanced nanotechnology. This leads me to suspect that the universe or reality that we experience throughout our lives is more virtual than real. The fact that scientists looking into the nature of energy and matter find nothing solid tells me that things are not as the seem.

I have not been content to just act out my life on life's stage as presented with no consideration of the larger context in which we live. Those who unthinkingly act out various roles without considering the greater context and consequences are setting themselves up for great suffering until they get with the program. I have to had to put up with a lot of grief from such unthinking actors who falsely view those of us who do think and wonder, as misfits, who live out of touch with reality and on the fringe. The reality is in fact just the opposite. I take it all in stride because I realize that we all have our own unique lessons to learn and that such folks just are not ready to move to the next level. They will eventually come around because suffering due to ignorance eventually causes individuals to break their isolation and to take personal responsibility for themselves. In time people are forced by suffering to reach out to the greater universe that surrounds and nourishes them.

Those of us that have a interest in exopolitics and astroecology are slowly chipping away at the very foundations of the virtual reality program in which we presently exist. This may well cause a collapse in due time of space-time reality as we know it. It may be replaced by a learning environment of a much more advanced nature. This of course must scare the dickens out of those who are still strongly embedded and invested in what is now becoming a obsolete reality. I think this is the most fundamental basis for the UFO/ET cover-up by world governments and the special interests that keep them in power. Powerful institutions can suppress truth for hundreds of years as happened with the Christian Imposition so the same with the institutions of today. Eventually the truth does come out even if it takes hundreds of years. Institutions adapt or are replaced with new institutions that can handle the new truths being presented.

So we are finding our way back home as we face our collective fears to search out the greater context from which we emerged into this life. We do seem to be eternal beings who somehow project ourselves or are projecting into 4D space-time reality in order to gain experience and develop character traits of importance. We truly do live in a school of advanced learning being directed by advanced intelligence that uses both carrot and stick to push evolution forward. This all pretty much falls in line with the research done having to do with out of body experiences, psychological past life regressions and religious and scientific teachings. I believe that exopolitics and astroecology will one day fit neatly into this greater scheme of things