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Saucers Capture Jet?

Saucers Capture Jet?
By Ed Komarek
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Timothy Good's new book is out called, Need To Know, UFOs The Military and Intelligence.

I have not read the book yet but have it on my to do list along with Bob Collins book, Exempt From Disclosure, which is also up at the above site. Tim Good in his new book describes some of the hundreds of disappearances of both military and civilian aircraft. In a previous article I copied on to the Internet a report of what appears to be the shoot-down of an alien craft by the U.S. military. For the sake of balance and fairness I typed into the Internet one of these disappearance cases from my files that happened on July 9, 1968. The disappearance takes place in Tennessee. I could not find the case with a Internet search. For those interested here is another case from the 1950's on the Internet.

My article appears to have come from The Mercury Newspaper in Leicester, England and the copy I have is credited to T. Good. My copy has the date March 5, 1992 on it. I am unsure if that is the date the article came out or from whoever make the copy. The article follows:

After supper on a warm Thursday in July, Gene Ruegg finally did what he had wanted to do all day. He went into the back bedroom of his apartment in a suburb of Memphis, 'Tennessee, and firmly shut the door behind him.

His wife shrugged at the sound of the closing door and busied herself with washing up. Her husband's consuming interest in radio-telegraphy had long been a matter of indifference to Nancy Ruegg, as it was to most people in the small apartment block.

Occasionally there were requests that "Gene should turn down that awful noise" but usually he would pursue his hobby - which he did most evenings and weekends. He spoke to other radio hams as far away as Chicago and Florida on the sophisticated equipment that had cost him over 5,000 dollars to buy and assemble.

But much of the time Gene Ruegg did something that he knew was technically against the law. He eavesdropped on radio transmissions from the nearby top-secret air force base at Southlands, Tennessee, and the squadrons of Phantom jet fighters which operated from the airfield.

For over two years Ruegg had listened in on routine transmissions between pilots and ground control, fascinated by a world which, as a maintenance manager of a haulage firm, he was never likely to share.

But all that changed on the evening of July 9, 1968 when Gene Ruegg became central to a mystery which still baffles both scientists and psychic investigators.

For that was the evening when he heard the capture of a jet plane by a flying saucer.... and made a tape-recording to prove it! Today, the tape is in the possession of the US Air Defense Command. Gene Ruegg's repeated requests for its return are courteously refused. He doubts if he will ever see it again.

Flying saucer research groups who have studied the incident are convinced that Ruegg's story is true. And after continual pressure from researchers, an Air Force spokesman admitted that a Phantom jet did go missing from the Southlands base in July 1968 in circumstances which remain a mystery.

Today, Gene Ruegg has only a copy of the tape and a typed transcript as proof of the 15 minutes when he listened incredulously to what seemed to be a real-life drama more incredible than anything in space fiction.

When I interviewed Gene Ruegg in Cleveland, Ohio, we he had been addressing an extra-terrestrial study conference, he gave a vivid account of the events of that July evening.

"I had a call to make to an operator in Montgomery, Alabama, but I was a bit early, so I tuned into the Southlands base.

At first it was just routine transmissions between the tower and aircraft on training flights and I was just about to switch over and call up Montgomery when I realized something pretty dramatic was happening. An aircraft coded Delta four-zero had disappeared."

For five minutes Ruegg listened fascinated as the operator called vainly to the aircraft with reply. Then, through the crackling static came a voice, "I am being attacked by unidentified objects. I think I ..." The transmission went dead.

Ruegg realized he was listening into something highly significant. Feverishly, he connected a tape recorder to his receiver. Seconds after he had finished, the set once again crackled into life.

He told me: "It was the voice of the pilot. This time he was near-hysterical and shouting. "They're closing in on me. I am unable to steer a course. Something is happening to the plane... I am being taken along by this thing. I require assistance. I require assistance..."

"Then the voice of the controller came in and told him to pull himself together. Seconds later, he said that they had got him on the radar scanner and that they could see objects clustered about the plane.

"Someone else came on the radio then and told the pilot that other Phantoms in the area had been alerted and would stand by.

"Then I heard a strange, searing noise like scraping metal and the pilot shouted something I couldn't make out. Control tried repeatedly to re-establish contact, but they couldn't."

The tape on which Ruegg had recorded the drama was scrutinized by experts of the American Society for Unidentified Object Research, who claimed that it had not been tampered with and appeared to be 100 percent genuine.

The Society contacted the Air Force authorities on Ruegg's behalf and asked for details of the incident. But for the next six years the authorities denied there had been any mishap that day. Finally it was admitted: An aircraft had gone missing.

Over the years Ruegg has had visits from security men. He has been told to say nothing further about the incident and to hand over the the copy-tape and transcript, but he has refused.

"I am convinced that what I heard was a genuine encounter with a flying saucer," he told me. "I believe the plane was destroyed or captured by some alien spaceship."

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ET Shoot-down Over Germany?

ET Shoot-down Over Germany?
By Ed Komarek
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The Canadian National Newspaper
Alien Seeker News Article

(Update 12/28/07 I just received a email from (name witheld) a squad leader of an XM163 Towed Vulcan. He served from February 1973 to Nov 1974 at Ramstien AFB Germany,
4th Squad 4th Platoon in B Battery 2/60 ADA 32nd AADCOM. He says the people in this article are real people like himself but the story is fiction. He is not very happy about the story as he has been called an Alien Abuser where he works because of it.)

(Update 2/08/08 I now have confirmation that the story is fiction but it is based on a real event that is highly classified but I am unable to divulge my source or any other information for that persons protection.

It was also brought to my attention on the Open Minds Forum that Corso confirms this story. His book was published in 1997 but I recieved this material in the early 1990s years before. The following is copied and pasted from OM.

Corso referred to Ramstein in three different places in “The Day After Roswell”. If I remember correctly, that was the only other specific downing of a UFO that he mentioned.“Nor could I forget about the radar anomalies at the Red Canyon missile range or the strange alerts over Ramstein air base in West Germany.”“Our only successes in defending against them, back in the late1950s and early 1960s, occurred when we were able to get a firm tracking radar lock. Then when we locked our targeting radars on, the signals that missiles were supposed to follow to the target, it somehow interfered with their navigational ability and the vehicle's flight became erratic. If we were especially fortunate and able to boost the signal before they broke away, we could actually bring them down. Sometimes we actually got lucky enough to score a hit with a missile before the UFO could take any evasive action, which an army air defense battalion did with an antiaircraft missile near Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany in May 1974. The spacecraft managed to crash land in a valley. The craft was retrieved and flown back to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.”“We hid the truth and the EBEs used it against us until 1974 when we had our first real shootdown of an alien craft over Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.”)

Here is a case that fell though the cracks, that I had forgotten about for years. I just found it recently when going through old files. Apparently I did not give it much attention at the time because it came to me anonymously through the mail about the time Operation Right To Know was getting a lot of national media attention in the early 1990s. I am feeling a bit guilty that I apparently blew this very detailed case off at the time. I guess it is better late than never. Reading it now, it is obvious that if this very detailed story is true, somebody took a very great risk in sending it to me. Maybe it is the best that the story only comes out now because back in the early 1990's whoever wrote this would be in much greater trouble than today.

This is the kind of case that disturbs me greatly. Its cases such as these that appear to me to be flat out unadulterated, premeditated murder, involving a great many people in the US government. This along with other alien abuse cases prompted me to write my Crimes Against Aliens article that can be found at my blog site. Hopefully some serious researcher will take a little trouble to see if the names in the article are real, and if so, see if somebody involved will confirm the report. I had to type this whole story in by hand so I hope folks find value in this story. The report follows:

It was the night of May 23/24, 1974 at the height of the "Cold War". The men of the 4th Platoon, Bravo Company, B Battalion, 2nd Regiment of the 32nd Air Defense Command of the United States Army were deployed in a mountain pass northeast of Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. They were only a few kilometers from Landstuhl - a man-made mountain Adolph Hitler had created to protect his underground bunker/headquarters. Landstuhl was still in use in 1974 connected by an underground trolley to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) at Ramstein Air Force Base. The men were also very close to a multi-storied German Government Brothel.

First Lieutenant Robert Cardeni of Long Beach, CA was the 4th Platoon Leader and Captain Michael J. Shestak was commanding Bravo Company.

The men were all weary because they had been on this special duty for 10 days alternating every 72 hours with other units. Half of the men would be on duty while the other half slept. They alternated this pattern every 4 hours during their 72 hours of on-duty regimen.

These soldiers had been told the special duty was because the Russians and/or Warsaw Pact forces had been messing around trying out the Western Air defenses. This was a common tactic of both the NATO and Warsaw Pact alliances. Each would send aircraft into each others airspace to see how quickly the radar sites would come on, where they were located, and on what frequencies they were operating and how quickly the other side's fighter aircraft would intercept them. Usually the American forces would achieve missile and gun lockons on the hostile aircraft to scare them and armed American fighters would intercept the "hostiles" and give them the alternative of being escorted home or being shot down.

Up until that point in the "Cold War", the Western response had always been to scare and turn around. But now there seemed to be a big difference as the urgency of the mission was impressed upon the men and the fact that they brought live ammunition for the cannons and live Chaparral Antiaircraft Missiles.

In this eventful night, two Chaparral Missile emplacements were deployed in the valley not far from the whorehouse. The missile sites were linked by field telephones to observers on the mountainside.

Lieutenant Cardeni gave orders to the crews of the Vulcan 20 Millimeter Cannons to load canisters of live high explosive phosphorus rounds into their cannons and to maintain a steady alert. These orders were given about midnight local time.

The Vulcan Cannons had the capability of firing 2000 rounds a minute through their six rotating barrels at a kill and accuracy range of up to 6000 meters.

On the north side of the pass at about the 1050 foot level the Vulcan Cannon emplacement was manned by Specialist Houston "Tex" Thomas from Indio, CA. "Tex" was a big, jovial black man.

About 4000 meters south, the Vulcan Cannons across the pass at about the 850 foot level were manned by Private William Langdon from West Seneca, NY, the top gunner in the 4th Squad. Bill was of Quaker ancestry and was an enigma for not claiming "Conscientious Objector" status.

About 12:45 AM, Lieutenant Cardeni gave orders that something hostile was incoming and that the gunners were to shoot down anything coming through the pass. He stated that no "friendlies" would be flying below 2700 feet and anything else was to be shot down.

At that point, "Bill" Langdon suddenly came in touch with his Quaker upbringing, left his cannon and went back to awaken his squad leader, xxxx, from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Langdon refused to shoot down anything with someone in it.

The Private said his piece and climbed into one of the auxiliary vehicles and went to sleep while Sgt. (name witheld upon request) shook himself awake and climbed into the Vulcan Cannon and began adjusting his eyesight to the bright moonlight. xxxx then got on his radio and confirmed that Lt. Cardeni had indeed issued orders to shoot down anything flying under 2700 feet of altitude.

About 1:00 AM local German Time, Sgt. xxx had his chance as something came down the valley headed for the pass. He described it as a flattened ellipsoid with rounded edges, about 30 feet long, and glowing with a silvery iridescence. He said it was moving at a rapid speed that was impossible to judge accurately as it was apparently trying to be evasive by zigzagging side to side.

It took a few seconds for Sgt. xxxx's Cannon's computer and Doppler radar to calculate a precise speed, range, and direction of travel and to achieve a lockon. When the cannon was locked onto the object and he was visually sighting the object through the reticule gun-sights he began firing. First a few rounds for effect and then three four second bursts of 110 rounds each into the side of the object which was at about eye level.

Sgt. xxxx was almost eye level with the object as he watched his rounds pouring into its sides. He was expecting to see the "blooming flower" effect of the phosphorus rounds exploding but he did not, although he could clearly follow the trail of his shots pouring into the side of the object. "It was as if the shells were being absorbed or being vaporized at the explosion by some sort of "force field"., xxxx said. xxxx perception was that the rounds were going into invisible tubes that contained the detonations, so that he saw only pie-tin sized explosions but not phosphorus "blooming" that he expected. this was quite a remarkable containment of shells having a 35 meter kill radius.

Sergeant xxxx could observe "Tex" Thomas shooting down on the object from the higher elevation across the pass and he noted that Tex's rounds were trailing the object missing it.

At the same time as the shooting was going on, on the mountainside, Sergeant William McCracken from Pittsburgh, KS was inside the launch control console of a Chaparral Missile Battery in the valley was rotating his console according to directions supplied by his uphill observer (the operator in the launch console could not see out at night because of the reflections on the Plexiglas's bubble from the instruments on his control panel). Up until that point, McCracken had not painted anything on his radar screen. When he had rotated to the 10 o'clock position (a heading of about 300 degrees), Sgt. McCracken saw a green light flashing on his console and heard a warbling tone indicating an infra-red signature lockon. After tuning adjustments, the sergeant pushed the "launch" button and a bright fire ignited on one of the launch rails as a Chaparral Antiaircraft Missile streaked skyward.

The missile climbed to about 900 feet (near the minimum operating altitude of the missile), found the flying object, moved along side of it, turned close in front of it, and detonated its 75 pounds of high explosives warhead. (The Chaparral, designed to bring down conventional aircraft with cockpits near the front. always moved to the front of a target before detonating so as to potentially kill the pilots and disable a plane's engines by shutting off their air.)

The gunners and observers on the two mountain sides, missile crews in the valley, and anyone else not currently known about, saw the target start wobbling and then stop forward motion and finally wobble downward to the valley floor in what the observers believe was a controlled descent.

The cannon and missile crews were ordered to immediately drive their artillery back to the Ramstein Air Force Base Motor Pool which was highly unusual because the artillery was normally stored in its own area for rapid reuse if needed. The crews were also told not to take time to pick up their expended brass - also highly unusual. The crews were told to quickly get the cannons and missile launchers to the motor pool and go right to bed and not to talk to each other about the incident and they would have the next day off.

As the crews were packing, they noticed Air Force Personnel moving into the valley to secure the crash (or landing?) site.

As is expected when someone is ordered not to talk about something, the men couldn't wait to talk about what they had seen once they got back to the barracks. Specialist Thomas swore he was shooting at a MIG-25 and Sergeant xxx held fast that it was not an airplane at all and neither could the other. Sergeant McCracken from the Chaparral mount said that for all the saw he could have shot down the Oscar Meyer "Wiener Wagon".

At the same time as the American Soldiers were shooting at something in Germany, other events were set in motion in the United States. Major Mike Andrews, from Silver Spring, MD, had spent a week on ready alert duty at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, while his C141 Starlifter sat nearby, serviced and preflighted daily. The major was awaiting orders that would send him and his crew winging off to they knew not where. Now this was unusual because a transport like the C141 was not exactly a B52 bomber.

About 2025 hours (8:25 PM EDT), 1:45 in Germany, Major Andrews' waiting was over as he was handed typed orders. Quickly gathering together his crew, checking the weather, and filing a flight plan. Major Andrews and his crew were airborne at 2100 and flying South Southwest. About 2200, they landed at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. They were met by an Air Force Brigadier general and a 50ish civilian bearing CIA identification.

Major Andrews was given sparse details of what was about to be his mission and was told he would be taking aboard air force personnel who would be arriving soon from Wright Patterson and Nellis Air Force Bases and that neither he nor any of his crew were to talk to any of the airmen they would be flying to Germany.

Shortly afterward, 26 airmen from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Ohio arrived carrying large cases of equipment. As they boarded the C141, Major Andrews noted that the airmen were all sergeants of one grade or another and that they all wore blue berets and white ascots and were armed, not with traditional .45 caliber automatic service sidearms, but with ivory handled revolvers. Major Andrews was told that the officers had flown on direct to Germany in a faster jet. About a half hour later a jet arrived from Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, carrying 6 officers who were going along. They were waiting only for a helicopter from Aberdeen Army Proving Facility, Maryland that was bringing the last 3 passengers.

About 2300 (11 PM EDT) three army officers from the Army Vulnerability Assessment Laboratory in Alamogordo, New Mexico arrived by helicopter from Aberdeen, Maryland. At 23:30, Major Andrews was airborne and soon was winging over the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean carrying a strange group of passengers to Germany for he knew not what.

At 1030 German time, Major Andrews landed his C141 Starlifter at Ramstein Air Force Base in Southwestern Germany only about an hour's drive from Belgium. The disembarking passengers were met by a delegation of ranking air force officers including a few generals.

The men of Bravo Company had been told they would have Friday, May 24, 1974 off to catch up on their sleep. they were a little edgy when they were awakened before noon for a "debriefing".

The soldiers who had a direct active part in the mission less than 12 hours earlier met individually with the debriefers. The first debriefing was handled by the three officers from the Vulnerability Assessment laboratory in Alamogordo, NM. they wanted minute specific details about every phase of the operation from what kind of shells were being used to opinions on what type of damage was being done to the target.

The debriefings continued the rest of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning by groups of Air Force Officers. One central theme was repeated over and over to the debriefees: "You weren't up there, nothing happened, and don't ever talk about this to anyone."

The men were warned that if they ever told anyone about what they imagined had happened that they would never work for the government or any government contractors and warned of unspecified dire things that would happen to them should they ever talk. They were told that in following years people would question them about the night and these people would be testing them to see if they would divulge any details and if they did, "Too Bad". Then the men were required to sigh a security oath to never divulge the details of the night and if questioned in the future to deny it ever happened.

The men of Bravo Company felt confused and very irritable for about a week after the incident. The soldiers noted that they did not recognize any of the Air Force officers who debriefed them and they felt that although the officers were all in uniform they did not act like military. The debriefees felt that they were being questioned by civilians in air force uniforms.

More questions are raised about the incident than can be currently answered. Why had the men been on alert in Germany for a week and a half at the same time as a C141 crew was kept on alert in New Jersey for over a week?

Why was the object not picked up on the control tower radar at Ramstein Air force nor by the Chaparral Missile launcher? Was it because both used radio frequency radar whereas the Vulcan Cannons used Doppler radar?

Why would the Army and air force risk showing secret wartime defense emplacements to an incoming MIG?

What could have totally fried the IFF receiver on the Chaparral Missile? (All NATO aircraft then and today carry radio transmitters that emit a specific signal on a specific frequency. Other friendly aircraft and defense emplacements are fitted with IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) receivers that interrupt firing mechanisms on the guns or missiles from firing at each other.)

Why was it that when the soldiers of Bravo Company first saw their weapons systems at the tactical site a few days later, everything had been overhauled and cleaned? Sergeant xxxx' and Tex Thomas' Vulcan Cannons had been totally cleaned and the multiple barrels had been replaced so as no one could tell they had been fired. Sgt McCracken's Chaparral system was cleaned up and the burned up IFF unit replaced.

The official explanation for the incident was that a firepower demonstration was being conducted. But why would live ammunition be used in just a demonstration? Why would live ammunition and missiles be used near a civilian populated area?

Why was a first lieutenant the only officer at the scene? It is obvious that a first lieutenant did not have the authority to order firing live ordinance in peacetime.

Why had the army's chain of command been short circuited, and who gave Lieutenant Cardeni the orders to fire?

Perhaps the answers can be partially found on the afternoon of Saturday, May 25, 1974. Major Andrews and his crew were told to report to their aircraft which was then at a remote spot on the air base.

Major Andrews was shocked to see that a set of metal supports had been constructed on the wings and fuselage of his Starlifter and that something large and ellipsoid had been attached to the supports. Whatever it was was covered with olive drab green canvas tarpaulins with dangling ropes. The airmen returning to the US were already on board the plane.

Mike Andrews noted, when he prepared for takeoff that he had only a minimal fuel load aboard because of the weight on top of his bird. A motorized tractor called a "mule" towed the aircraft to a runway turn on position accompanied by armored security police vehicles with flashing red lights.

Once clearance for takeoff was obtained, the tarpaulins were pulled away and Major Andrews began his takeoff roll. His fuel supply dwindled rapidly as they took off with the heavy load. When they had achieved cruising altitude, a KC-135 was waiting to refuel the C141 with a much larger fuel load.

Major Andrews' orders were that he was not to land until he reached Wright Patterson Air force Base in Ohio and that he would be met by refueling tankers at strategic points across the Atlantic.

It was dark in Ohio when Major Andrews landed to disembark the airmen - all but 4 who were to remain aboard and who then were carrying M16 rifles in addition to their sidearms. The pilots and crew of the C141 were not allowed out of the plane while on the ground and they did not refuel.

Taking off again with a minimal fuel load, the were once again met at altitude by another KC135 tanker and flew on direct to Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada where the crew was once again not allowed outside the aircraft as their wing-top cargo was offloaded and taken away again covered completely.

Upon returning to McGuire air Force Base, Major Andrews and his crew were debriefed by an Air force Colonel who told them they had just participated in a highly classified mission and they were never to talk about it to anyone.

For eighteen years they did not nor did the soldiers of Bravo Company.

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Is The National Security State A Slave Society

The National Security State A Slave Society?
By Ed Komarek
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The national security state is based on extreme secrecy, fear, lies, clearances, need to know, and special access. The name national security is in itself a lie, and in my estimation it is the most advanced, sophisticated system of organized mass mind control and enslavement of humans ever invented. It's true name should be national insecurity state. Regardless of its sophistication, it is still at heart a master-slave organization who's roots go back into Sumerian and Babylonian times and who's symbol has and always and will be the pyramid.

An indication of the incredible control that autocratic regimes have over their populations is that young people can within a period of several weeks be indoctrinated to kill and be killed in wars that are both unnecessary and futile. The fact that the military establishmentcan convert a peaceful person into a killer is so short of time shows that young people since birth have been trained not to think but to obey. Children are forced to obey rather than think by parents who use the classic manipulative technique of reward and punishment upon the unsuspecting child. The child's indoctrination into the mentality of the slave state is further reinforced by entrance into the public educational system who's name is again a lie and should be called the public indoctrination system.

I got interested in the nations intelligence activities and the national security state because I realized long ago that the truth about extraterrestrial life in the universe was being covered up by elites around the world. (In my opinion there is no better book for both novice and expert alike than, Richard M. Dolan's book, The National Security State.) Elites are so strong worldwide and in America that they control governments and their security apparatus not just institutions. I realized that information about UFO/ET was a highly classified subject and that those with special access to this material were themselves involved in propagandizing the public.

I would like to make it abundantly clear, while I am a severe critic of the American national security apparatus and other countries security forces, it not my intent do denigrate but rather enlighten the rank and file who are or who sincerely believe that they are working for the interests of the Republic. I believe it imperative that those who serve, wake up to the fact that they are participating in a system that is dangerously subversive and undermining and destabilizing our Republic.

The national security state works contrary to republican and democratic values in all countries and is nothing other than a master-slave society run by tyrants, sophisticated gangsters at the highest levels. The reason the founding fathers did not want standing armies in peacetime was because they knew militaries were autocratic and could and would subvert republican and democratic organizational structures.

Some would argue that the national security state is a necessary evil needed to protect the American people from other national security regimes. This potent lie, is more propaganda perpetrated by tyrants running all national security regimes all over the planet not just here in America. I just don't buy it! One cannot fight evil with evil without becoming evil. I believe that the jig is up and national security slaves in these regimes around the globe are beginning to collectively recognize their true condition as expendable slaves and are now in rebellion? I just want to in my own small way add a little more fuel to the fire. :-)

The founding fathers also believed an army was a necessary evil in times of war but feared the creation of a perpetual state of war and takeover of the Republic by the military. I say their fears have come true. What are we going to do about it? A master-slave society regardless of its sophistication, is autocratic by nature and is designed to serve an elite few predatory masters who occupy the capstone of the pyramid of power. The elite masters live lavishly at the expense of their slaves, protected and nourished by an organizational structure that delegates authority, resources, need to know, rank and special access to all those below. Central to the master-slave society is the lie that slavery is good and that the masters with the highest clearance, access and need to know, understand the overall context of life better than anybody else and so should rightly rule.

The simple truth is any autocratic system of social organization of which the national security system is part and parcel, is founded and maintained by lies and division, and is by nature a unstable system that fosters cycles of tyranny, chaos and revolution. Because of this inherent instability, divisiveness, lack of integrity and ethics, it is a organization system that is prone to and is trapped in a cycle of creation and destruction, hence its symbol is also the phoenix that arises anew from the ashes of the old organization order. It is a system based on the most primitive natural process of competition and mutual predation.

Today's national security state has long ago sown the seeds of its eventual collapse and destruction. These seeds have reached maturity and now bring forth a bitter harvest in America and other countries around the world, that now threaten civilization and even the earth itself. As the power of the national security state erodes from internal and external forces, the call for even more constraints upon individual liberties and freedom becomes ever more demanding and vocal. Masters and slaves together find themselves blindly plunging headlong into the abyss.

The national security state can collapse in two very different ways or a combination of these two ways. The state can collapse internally as did the Soviet Union from both internal and external pressures or almost exclusively an external explosion as did the regimes of Germany and Japan in World War Two. The collapse can be generally peaceful as happened when the British regime in India collapsed or violently as with Japan and Germany. We must all work hard for a "soft landing" but be very careful not to sow destructive seeds that will rebirth the new old order.

Now is the time to sow constructive seeds for a enlightened new world order before the collapse of the old order completes its destructive cycle. If we don't get this right the phoenix of the old will rise again from its own ashes. The true national security state is not one based on fear, lies and separation but one based on cooperation, love and unity. Only these enlightened qualities will make for true stability,security and happiness, and provide the proper foundation to a civilization that will endure.

I suggest that rather that try to reform master-slave organizations like the national security state we should chuck them altogether and replace them with security systems that do not favor elite control. In this I look to nature and suggest that the most appropriate model is in our own bodies, our immune system and our brain. By and large the immune system works very well except when for some reason it attacks the body itself. No system is going to be perfect, but nature has been working on defensive as well as offensive systems for a very long time and those interested in national security should look to nature to find a system compatible with democratic and republican values. I believe that the most advanced democratic and republican organizational structure in all respects is literally right under our very noses our own bodies. I have discussed in detail in other essays available on my blog.

Cosmic Conflicts

Cosmic Conflicts
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:
The Canadian National Newspaper Article

The idea that space faring civilizations have been involved in warfare is not new. Ancient sacred texts from around the world describe these heavenly conflicts between extraterrestrials. The bible itself talks about this battle in heaven where Lucifer and his degenerate angels, the losers, are cast down and confined to earth by the heavenly host who continue to occupy the high ground of outer space. I believe conflicts between extraterrestrial races continue to this day and are common.

I have heard stories from contactee friends about conflicts between extraterrestrial races on and about earth including shooting down of craft . Some UFO/ET researchers are now beginning to point out that there seem to be just to many crashed spaceships coming down to earth to be accounted for by just accidents. While some of these could be have been shot down by humanitie's security forces there seems to be another factor involved.

If the universe turns out to be highly populated by very diverse advanced civilizations as evidence and reason suggest, then we should expect conflicts to erupt frequently. Everything we see in nature suggests that both competition and cooperation are widespread in nature as I have discussed in several of my prior articles. I have also discussed societal evolution from a natural history and evolutionary perspective where super-civilizations evolve just like everything else in nature by the creation of larger bits from smaller bits. So it would seem that no matter how advanced the level of organization, as in a super-civilization, there are going to be both competitive and cooperative evolutionary pressures.

These competitive and cooperative evolutionary pressures seem to have created very diverse creatures about the universe just as they have done on earth. It should not come as an unexpected insight that many of these universal relationships are predator-prey
relationships. The only thing different might be order of magnitude as well as sophistication of these relationships especially when these conflicts involve conflicts between super-civilizations. These crashed saucers coming down seem to indicate some sort of quarantine of earth is in effect and violators can be shot down if they violate quarantine.

We can see that when overt power fails for a predator in the capture of prey the predator becomes more stealthy, deceptive, and secretive. The predator has to change tactics so as to capture the wary prey or get around a parents defensives to get to the more vulnerable young. I ask, if earth is a societal embryo on the way to becoming a super-civilization, might there be super-civilization predators who could be getting very sophisticated in breaking the quarantine if indeed one exists? This begs the question how would we expect a super-civilization predator to get at our vulnerable young embryonic civilization and perhaps feed on it as would a parasite?

Col. John Alexander "retired" was a special forces commander and is author of the book, Future War. He says that to deceive the enemy is a fundamental tenet of war. I believe the same is true for any predator from a virus attacking the body right on up to humans attacking each other in predator-prey, master-slave relationships in autocratic society. John is very clear in stating that, "The target of deception is the enemy's decision-making process." I would take this a bit further and say the target is the enemy's ability to conceptualize the situation first, then the decision-making process second. Before one can make a decision one has to conceptualize the environment one is in. We have to be able to see before we do.

I am thinking that the most sophisticated way to capture or parasitize prey is to attack or insert error into the adversary or prey's conceptual framework. I wonder if John has ever considered the possibility that mankind is under attack by some predatory civilization that is so subtle and clever that all it needs to do to weaken our civilization is to insert error into our minds and the language we use to communicate ideas and concepts. I wonder If people in the national insecurity establishment have ever considered the possibility and that their own minds are under attack and that they have made themselves vulnerable by practicing unethical or predatory deceptive warfare practices?

This then begs the question, what simple logical and conceptual errors would be the most effective and subversive to the mind of human beings. One would most definitely be that the lie, that the end justifies the means. In the case of warfare the error would be, deception is justified to attack and subdue a enemy. The adversary that is best able to deceive wins the war which could be true but what about what happens afterward? Just this one conceptual error alone could throw humanity into turmoil, conflict, and instability. Deception would beget deception creating more and more intense conflict between warring factions. What was once the national security apparatus become the national insecurity apparatus destabilizing and undermining the whole civilization.

I would hope that warriors like John Alexander will pay special attention to their own minds to see if they themselves are under attack by a very sophisticated, deceptive and dangerous enemy. They should ask themselves, are we who are supposed to protect and defend our countries simply spreading disinformation, lies and error so as to destroy our own society making humanity easy pickings for some cosmic predator? Perhaps a little humble pie is in order.

I say look to nature and consider the simple little aids virus that can shut down the bodies defensive systems and eventually kill the body. How does this virus do this? What if some cosmic predator craftily turned the national security apparatus back on itself, so as to attack the public it is sworn to protect just as does the aids virus. Could a crafty sophisticated predator be using these deceptive crafty means to get around the quarantine of earth.

Protecting extraterrestrial races who hold overt power may still have vulnerabilities that cosmic predators and parasites can exploit. Maybe there is something after all to the biblical stories of Lucifer and his fellow degenerates who were once highly evolved beings but for some reason began a process of devolution and had to be captured and contained. Maybe more advanced enlightened beings are unable to finish Lucifer off because it would destroy mankind in the process. Is there a enlightened cosmic plan that takes time to evolve meant to free mankind and afterward deal with the predators? Or is a cosmic super-civilization allowing the evolving embryonic civilization to get a little taste of what's in store as it expands into outer and inner space?

I think the bottom line is that there is only so much enlightened civilizations can do for an evolving still embryonic civilization. If we here on earth can't protect members of our own families from suicide or going to prison, why should we think that enlightened civilizations can do any better than we can with our families? The stark reality is that at some point free will kicks in and a person or a civilization is ultimately responsible for itself. So the vulnerability may not be with the enlightened civilizations but with our civilization.

This is what exopolitics is all about. We are struggling to conceptualize something that is greater than ourselves. We know there are many diverse advanced civilizations influncing mankind. We know that these advanced civilizations have interrelationships. We know all this from the evidence collected in the public sector. What we don't have are the details, and that is what we all are trying to find out both inside and outside of the national security apparatus. The problem is that secrecy and compartmentalization are so severe and the coverup so intrenched that everybody has a difficult row to hoe. The UFO/ET coverup needs to end now, for all of humanities sake? It takes an integrated civilization where everybody has the need to know to evolve further or else our civilization collapses back into a more primitive state.

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Examples Of Diversity Of Advanced Intelligent Life

Humanoid Dies In Sweden
By Ed Komarek
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Artice In UFO Digest:

While rummaging through my files checking on Operation Right To Know material I came across this article I have been trying to find for years, as well as the three star general article that is availiable in another post. This Swedish case is one of those cases that involves a ethical extraterrestrial human, that those who study less ethical ET's tend to ignore. Such reluctance to study all the evidence keeps folks conceptually trapped in their little clump of trees in the forest. I don't have a date on this article but it was published in the late 1980's or early 1990's. I think it was was published in UFO Universe Magazine as a reprint. I searched the net but all I found was a fragment of the article in a list of humanoid cases from 1955 so I typed in this article by hand.

The title of the article is, Humanoid Dies In Sweden, and was written by John Fontaine. It is noted that this report was filed with fellow members of a Swedish UFO group translated into English called Free UFO Study. This is a very detailed, extraordinary and moving case much like the story Larry Requa told me of finding the mummified alien bodies in BC Canada. The article follows. At an exhibition called "Love or Chaos" in Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Sweden several hundred people each day visited the FUFOS (Free UFO Studies group) stand to listen to continuous lecture supported by slides, and the many questions indicated that interest inUFOs is steadily increasing. One morning when several schools were visiting the stand, I noticed a distinguished gentleman, about 60 years old, who listened to the lecture several times and became extremely interested each time the slide-show came to the section about humanoids, a series of slides produced on the basis of a substantial number of interviews with witnesses. Even though the lecture was interesting, I could not understand why an ordinary listener would attend it several times, so my curiosity was aroused, and I started to talk to the man. At the beginning he was very reserved, and did not want to go into details, but when he saw that I took him seriously, he eventually told his story. For an hour he told about his experience while I took notes, and indeed, it was a strange story:

"I once saw and talked to a man like the one shown on the slides. In 1955 I was working as a lumberjack in the Gulf of Bothnia in Vestra Norrland in Sweden with two brothers who supplied timber to a sawmill in mid-Sweden. One early morning in July, about six o'clock, we were busy cutting trees, when we heard a sound like a big animal thrashing its way through the forest, or like branches breaking and rattling. A moment later we saw a cigar-shaped object flying haphazardly in between the trees and branches as leaves were falling to the ground. My immediate thought was that it was a small airplane, which had lost its wings and was now preparing, without control, for a crash landing."

"Approximately 300-400 meters away flowed a river, which the aircraft evidently was heading for. It was obvious that the aircraft would hit the ground within a few seconds, so we started to run in the direction where it had disappeared. 15-20 meters before we came out of the forest, the aircraft crashed in a clearing 30-40 meters from the river.""I don't know what we had expected, maybe a deafening crash, when the impact of the aircraft with the ground caused the petrol to explode. But it did not happen. Not a sound was heard, but a gigantic flash of light engulfed the whole area like a vast flashbulb, so that the sunlight almost disappeared. The light was so intense that we in fact could see through the trees. For a second I could see the grains of the trees and these were more than one meter in diameter, like an x-ray. Seconds later came a vacuum wave sucking everything towards the center of the light. All three of us tumbled forwards, branches and leaves flying past us.

It all probably lasted only a fraction of a second, but I still remember how I crashed into a tree, time stopped, and my whole life was reviewed in my mind in flash. Even thenormal sound of the forest had stopped." "When we had recovered somewhat, we went out into the clearing to see what had happened. Nothing was to be seen at the point of impact, only a few piles of timber were scattered around. We looked bewildered at each other and decided to return to work. At the entrance to the forest one of the brothers suddenly shouted: "Here's a dwarf dressed in uniform." Obviously the plane has crashed in the river and he must have been hurled out."

"For a while we stood paralyzed gazing at the lifeless body. He was small of build, about 110-120 centimeters tall. Around his body a white light vibrated like a halo. When one of the brothers tried to touch the man to see whether he was still alive he retreated with a scream. He was deadly pale and said he felt as if he had received an electrical shock. At the same time the stranger opened his eyes and said in perfect Swedish: "Do not touch me, it will only bring you difficulties."His Swedish was so perfect that the brothers who spoke a Swedish dialect could not understand very much from what was later said. "Now you know who I am," he said. He knew in beforehand what we were going to answer and just demonstrated that his question was correctly grasped.

Suddenly I became quite calm and studied him closely. He was no dwarf. He was very well-built with broad shoulders and normal features. His skin was yellowish like that of an Asian. The eyes were deep socketed and black, without any white around. His face was badly bruised with a couple of big wounds on the chin and on the forehead. It did not bleed but the skin watered around the wounds. The top of his head was slightly downy and the hair almost white. The earlobes were one with the neck and resembled a shark's fin. The lips were wrinkled, narrow and colorless. When he smiled reassuringly, which he did a lot, he revealed a row of small teeth in the upper as well as the lower part of his mouth. I especially noticed that his canine teeth were flat and as broad as two of our front teeth. His hands were small with five slender fingers without nails and when he moved his hand it looked as if the ring finger had grown together to the little finger, if not they moved synchronized.

His uniform was of a reddish metal and appeared glued to his body closely. Head and hands were free, but at the feet the clothing continued into a couple of closed shoes, size 35-37. The foot-soles were ribbed and vibrated, and for a moment I thought of caterpillars on a tank.The stranger looked at me and nodded slightly. There was no doubt that he knew what I was thinking. With those shoes he could roll forwards and backwards without moving his feet. Around the waist he had a broad silvery metal belt with an unusually large buckle, which shone slightly in a light-blue shade, which later when he was dead, turned dark blue. In the middle of the buckle was a sign in yellow -- UV -- it looked like a V which was incorporated in a U.

He knew I was studying him, and he said; "It is because of the clothing I can stay with you a while. Internally, I am destroyed." His right hand disappeared into his clothing at the hip, where no pocket could be seen. He brought out a rectangular object. It was of the size of a box of matches with 12 small indents. With a slate pencil attached to the object, he engaged the different indents several times. When completed he tried to throw it a few yards away. "Don't touch it," he said smilingly. "It will tell my fellow men what has happened, so that they don't come looking for me. Where I come from somebody is waiting for me."

The stranger lay for a while as if asleep. His hands were tightly clasped, and it was evident he went through great pains.Suddenly the brothers became somewhat confused, looked at each other, and then went back to the forest without a word. Later, years after when recalling the incident, I am convinced that the stranger one way or the other asked the brothers to leave, without saying a word. I sat talking and listening to him for two hours before he died.What they talked abut for those two hours I could not get the witness to reveal. I begged and urged him, but there was nothing to do, just a few fragments like these.

* The stranger came from a place in the vicinity of the constellation we call -The Eagle-.

*Several races from space have visited us, some so far advanced, that we could only see them when they materialized or dematerialized to visit a parallel universe in the orbit of earth.

*Some visitors kept people on earth under surveillance and had done so for thousands of years.

*Others took samples of the earth, with a view to later settlements.

* Still others have had contact with mankind for centuries.

In this context it is rather immaterial what was talked about even if it would have been interesting with further information about this conversation. I could understand from the witness that it had not been what was normally being told in connection with other encounters of this kind.The witness continued: "Just before the stranger died, he gave me folded bag from the invisible pocket and said: "When I am dead, the light will disappear from my body and with the help of the other two men you shall put me in this bag and carry me out into the river where I shall disappear. Then you shall rinse yourself thoroughly in the water, so that you don't get ill."He was now breathing heavily, and I could see the end was near. The halo around him became weaker and gradually disappeared. His light blue buckle gradually got darker. He looked at me for a moment and smiled. The he said something in a language I have never heard before or since. Suddenly he switched into Swedish, and I got the last couple of sentences... "You have come with out any wish to and depart against you own wish. Our life is like vapor."He said a few more worlds, but his voice was so weak that I did not catch them. I am convinced he prayed to some deity before dying. I was very moved.

With the help of the brothers we got him into the bag and carried him out into the river. The bag smelled of sulphur and burned our hands as if they were raw flesh. He was quite heavy between 90 to 100 kilos. When the bag came into the water, it started bubbling around it and we realized that some chemical process had started. After 5 minutes nothing remained, and I thought that maybe the stranger had hoped to crash in the river to a quick death, instead of lying for a couple of hours suffering, whilst a minor in the mind asked some silly questions. He would probably have preferred to die alone, thinking of his home light years away.

"I think that was all;" said the witness and prepared to take leave. "I stayed for a couple of years with the brothers, but we seldom talked about that special day. I think, however, each of us went through it every day. The brothers are dead now, but I remember it like it had happened just yesterday. Even years later I knew him immediately from your slide. It is strange, I thought I was the only one who knew this type. Over the years I have see many pictures and drawings of visitors from space, but I've seen nobody like him until today.

"The witness produced a piece of metal and held it to my nose. "Look" he said. I looked bewildered. It resembled a bit crochet hook. "What is it?" He laughed knowingly. "A couple of days after the incident I wandered around where he had been lying. The rectangular object was gone, but the pencil slate was lying in the grass shining. I have kept it as a proof that I was not dreaming."He left. And while I gazed astonished after him, he disappeared in the crowd. An anonymous, who with his story and pencil slate could hit the front page on the world's newspapers.

I believe that only because the story is true, it possible to carry it alone for so many years. A psychiatrist could possible determine that a slide picture opened up for a long subdued incident, suppressed of fear for ridicule. There are probably many stories like this which are unfortunately never known.

A Three Star General Speaks Out
By Ed Komarek
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In my articles I have discussed ethically advanced extraterrestrial races and degenerate devolving races but have not paid much attention to races that are basically indifferent and who deal with us like we deal with animals. I was rummaging through some files from years ago in my barn to see what the rats had not eaten in regards to Operation Right To Know history. I just happened on an article that I had been wanting to locate for years. It was an interview that was published July 9, 1989 in what I think was Tim Beckley's UFO Universe Magazine. All I have is a photocopy of the article called, Blowing The Whistle On The Government's UFO Coverup. I have not been able to find this article on the Internet.

The interview is with a three star general and this general is presenting some very detailed documentation and pictures to the person doing the interview. The general is only allowing the interviewer to see the pictures and secret reports, then plans to put the documentation back in a file before it is discovered. This is just one of those cases that falls through the cracks and is forgotten. The general had not been interested in the subject but the interviewer had got him interested and he made inquiries and pulled in some favors which blew his mind. Then his superiors wanted him to be part of the awareness program and he refused. He got into a lot of trouble and decided to retire.

Here is a little of the specific information in the article. The general says, "There have been several crashes of UFO's over the years. From all documentation and information available that I have seen with my own eyes as well as the physical evidence, this is in answer to your questions. 1. The aliens really do not have any sort of "invasion" planned for this planet. Aliens have visited this planet off and on for thousands of years. (The following comments should be of interest to Robert Collins if he is unaware of this article. There is some very specific information presented and I wonder how it compares to Bob's stories?)

The general says, " Our U.S. guest is over 300 years old. There are both "good and bad" aliens just as there are good and bad humans. They are not all that different from us. The aliens utilize around 55% of their brain capacity or ability. The aliens do have DNA, just as we do. The alien which is the guest of the U.S. Government is 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 96 pounds. Large head (no hair) large slanted eyes. Some of the aliens abilities include moderate telepathy and telekinesis. The purpose of alien visitation to this planet is one of curiosity and scientific research. Not world domination as some wouldhave you believe. Cattle and humans have been used in alien and U.S. research for various biological applications. Most humans are not hurt in this research and experimentation. Some however have died due to complications and down-right carelessness.

Several cross-breed "young" have been born to both human females and alien females. We as humans are fully biological compatible with most visiting aliens. Some are not. More than one type or "specie" of alien has visited this planet. They are listed by category ....this information I could not retrieve. 2. The U.S. Government and the British have made secret treaty agreements with the aliens in exchange for technology and so-called "recon" missions during times of human conflict. The aliens have basically agreed to not concern themselves with the wars or conflicts of humans. "Not to interfere" in society. Let the governments rule and decide. Exactly what the aliens get in return was not exactly made clear or available. Also, there are special "teams" which eradicate, discredit, harass and "trump-up charges" to control humans which experience any visitations from aliens, or make verifiable UFO sightings. This is one of the reasons I retired. It's too much for any government to impose upon the civilian population like this.

3. Many of the "strange" happenings which people experience with UFO sightings can be one of two things. First, simply an overactive and wishful imagination. Second and foremost is the influence of the vast mental power of the alien visitors. In the reports and
experiments conducted with live aliens, they have an incredible power of "telepathic suggestion." Combine this with their telekinetic abilities and just about anyone can be some-what directed to do or think just about anything.The general has this further to say, "Make no mistake, President Truman and later President Eisenhower gave specific direct orders to keep everything and I mean everything top secret." The "special group" assigned to oversee the alien situation and other government VIPs agree to gather all of the technology possible and put it to use for the benefit of the USA. I really wonder what other motives are there?"

Further on he makes these very disturbing comments. The questioner asks when seeing the documentation, "why are children aboard these crafts? My God! You don't mean the aliens are snatching our kids? What for?" The general says, "There are over a million missing children every year in the United States alone. Now not all of them have been taken by aliens. The aliens take about 2,200 children a year from the United States and other countries. Its all right there in the report attached to the three photographs. The rest of the missing children are the result of Mankind's Dark Side." "The children are used in several ways: Biological, to educate and return, experimentation, disease study. The same as adults."

The questioner is looking at the report, "According to the report, implants are being used on the people that are taken aboard UFOs and returned. Some of these implants are microscopic in size (and smaller) and influence the growth, function and learning capabilities of the individual. This is a very detailed report. Could I have a copy?" The general says, "No. Sorry but you know our agreement was that you did not get to keep or copy any paperwork. As well as the other matters we discussed. I warned you that this material is very serious and real."

It sounds like from this material that the aliens that the general is talking about are not that ethically different from us just a little more advance technologically. This article just has the ring of truth about it and it has just disappeared in the vast amount of information and disinformation that has become available to the public over the years. One of the benefits of being in his field for so long is the large amount of information that gets stored in the brain and that pops out from time to time when needed.

Some of this material is disturbing and should be looked at in context. This is why I try to describe a wide spectrum of extraterrestrial life and point out the overall context that the universe is a very big place and is full of intelligent species as well as less intelligent ones. I believe it is very important to keep the overall context of great evolutionary diversity even as one investigates specific species. Other wise we will become conceptually trapped as so many already are in their own little clump of trees and so get side tracked and are blinded to the overall context.

At the risk of repeating myself too often we need the overall context, the conceptual framework so as guide our decision making processes in order to make the right decisions and take the right actions. There seem to be some, on and off earth, that want to attack the public's decision making process so as to subvert it for their own special interest ends. We must not let this happen to us. Lets keep our eyes on the prize and the prize is the overall context of our lives. We must not accept anything less.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge

Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge
By Ed Komarek10/06/07
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Americian Chronicle

When there is a sincere and profound desire to know and express truth, combined with discipline and focus, a particular state of consciousness develops that I have referred to as merging into the telepathic net. I have written about this in the past and it happens to me from time to time. I observe my consciousness shifting into that rarefied atmosphere where new concepts and ideas flood the mind.

Sometimes things move so quickly and profoundly it becomes difficult and a strain on the brain to get all the material down and fixed in 4D space. There is this very real problem of burnout, like putting a thousand watts through the filament of a one hundred watt light bulb. It takes time to tame this creative process and often one comes crashing down from these rarefied heights like Iscarus who flew too close to the sun. With time and experience one masters this discipline and somehow develops skills to handle these higher states of consciousness.

"In the depths of space huge clouds of interstellar dust swirl, the breeding grounds of new stars. The dust slowly aggregates becoming ever closer and hotter until suddenly out of the swirling clouds of dust and new star is formed that illuminates the space and dust cloudsaround it. Some stars quickly burn out in a few million years others slowly burn for billions of years before collapsing into black holes that congregate in the center of rotating galaxies." We ask, "Is not humanity like the spiraling clouds of interstellar dust where from time to time one individual or a group of individuals suddenly and spectacularly ignite for a time illuminating the rest of mankind through the darkness of space."

"There will be those that find themselves attracted to new concepts and ideas so as to find them enlightening and liberating as there will be detractors who will find these things hard to stomach or even consider them delusional." They scream out, "There is not a shred of evidence to back up these claims, these outrageous ideas!" We ask, "Is this not the history of mankind, new ideas spark intense controversy as those attracted to new ideas battle it out with those who find change hard to comprehend, cling to the old and are fearful of the new."

Detractors who are suddenly exposed to a flood of new ideas find themselves struggling with the same aberrations of personality they so passionately rave against. Because critics are often unable to discriminate between crackpots and visionaries they erroneously lump them both together in the same basket and even fanatically pursue and persecute these subversive heretics. (The Greek word for free thinker or one who thinks for oneself.)

Living exopolitics is living life on the cutting edge. Exopolitics is a new emerging field within a larger evolving field that I call astroecology or exoecology because human interrelationships and social systems are a part of nature like everything else. Those of us that work in the emerging field of exopolitics must stay focused and not become distracted by the detractors. We have to forge ahead, so as to illuminate the path ahead for those that come after us, then pass on what we have learned to the next generation who stand on our shoulders just as we have stood on the shoulders of those before us. This is more than just talk for me as I articulate and record ideas and concepts on to the Internet for all who wish to receive them.

These ideas do not just spring out of thin air, out of the telepathic net on their own, but are the essence of a lifetime of discovery. New ideas come into the minds of those that are prepared to receive them, much like a radio receiver, and it takes discipline and focus to then fix these ideas in 4D space so that they can be shared with others who find value in them.

I am just now beginning to appreciate the creative processes of visionaries like Gene Roddenberry who could rightly be considered the father of exopolitics. The Star Trek series has illuminated the lives of not just a few people but millions and billions of people through several generations. The accuracy of his positive vision of humanities future is becoming more and more apparent daily as his visions become reality. The same could be said of Jules Verne and Tesla, their visions have withstood the test of time and have illuminated and motivated mass human consciousness. These were men who truely lived on the cutting edge and made great contributions to the collective welfare of humanity.

Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact

Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact (part 1)
By Ed Komarek9/28/07
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UFO Digest Article Societal Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact
American Chronicle Article

In my article Fighting The UFO/ET Information War I made my case as to why it is so important to both the individual and society to have UFO/ET disclosure. I believe that open contact with advanced ethical extraterrestrial civilizations will give humanity an opportunity to transform and raise humanities consciousness much more rapidly that if we were to go it alone. We won't have to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

As I stated in the Information War article, if humanity sees that there is a better way to live and run its affairs, this in itself can rapidly accelerate our evolution. I believe that because American elites already have some limited degree of contact and access to crashed craft they have been able to to accelerate technological development here in the United States and around the world. Col Philip Corso in his book the Day After Roswell articulates this process well.

Unfortunately elite control of extraterrestrial affairs has thrown human evolution on this planet off balance because those having and controlling contact have a lust for power and dominion over the rest of society. The controlling elite have chosen selective technological development that favors their continued control over society rather than ethical and moral transformation. As a result, our technological development is far outstripping our ethical development, and this is fueling powerful destructive trends causing societal and environmental degradation around the globe.

These destructive imbalances are turning back on those responsible,causing a breakdown of the established order. Many realize that the established order is rapidly losing the support of the public worldwide as it falls under its own corrupt weight. Because of this weakening of the established order there is hope that a better world can rise from the ashes of the old.I have given a considerable amount of thought as to how advanced ethical civilizations might be organized. I would like to remind those that I do not believe all stellar civilizations to be ethical or friendly. We can learn from those that are unethical because we can see our future if we are not able to turn things around. I believe we can learn far more from the ethical stellar civilizations and this is the area I concentrate my attention.

If we consider today's developments in advanced communication and the internet along with how nature organizes individual cellular organisms into bodies we might just be able to vaguely understand how a advanced stellar civilization might be organized. Eureka! Advanced stellar civilizations are organized and function the same way our bodies do!!!!!!

For a number of years now I have been thinking that as civilization on earth develops it seems to be copying natural processes. The first cells were independent organisms in their own right that floated or swam about in the ancient oceans and still do today. Then these cells got together into structures like sponges and shared a common physical infrastructure. I compare this to small independent farmers who's sons and daughters move to the city and live in work in apartments and skyscrapers.

The next evolutionary step in nature is for cells to begin to form advanced communication networks amongst themselves so as to work together as one organism. I compare this to the development of first telephone lines and telecommunications systems. When in nature a central control brain and nervous system develops in natural organisms I compare that to the now rapidly evolving internet.It is a know fact that when new life is created in an advanced organism as in a human, that life starts as a single cell that then divides into many cells and finally develops brain, nervous system, skeletal system etc. following the evolutionary patterns of life itself on this planet over billions of years. In humans the fetus grows gills, tail etc. following the evolutionary processes of life. In time the gills and tail get dropped and we have a fetus that looks human.

I have to ask myself, is this process starting all over again with individual humans getting organized into cities, into structures with all the infrastructure to sustain life in each office and apartment? Are we just starting along the path that will one day result in huge space-time faring artificial environments supporting thousands perhaps millions and more people? With the advent of the internet expanding amongst the autocratic planetary organizational regimes it seems to me that a new form of more advanced civilization on the horizon? Are we witnessing a new structure that equally distributes resources throughout the whole civilization or body of individuals.

Are we becoming a civilization that only restricts and prioritizes resources in emergencies like when the brain shuts off blood flow to all but the must vital organs in an emergency, recognizing that losing a limb does not kill the whole organism but losing a brain will? If what I have to say here is true then we can expect advanced stellar civilizations to function as whole individuals rather than disorganized collections of cells organized in less advanced ways as in master-slave competitive relationships. In an advanced stellar civilization basic resources for individual survival and happiness might be allocated equally with all additional resources prioritized to different institutions within society. Extra resources would be allocated according to the overall benefit to the whole of society as in the vital organs of the body and applied selectively as to whatever task is at hand like to the muscle cells during a marathon run.

In a nutshell I see an advanced civilization coming to a consensus amongst its individuals in real time, moment to moment, using artificial nervous networks and an advanced internet connected to intelligent computers. If a finger is injured or starved, that information is relayed through our central nervous system and actions are taken by the body as a whole to remedy the situation. I believe that exactly the same thing is happening with a stellar civilization. (organism) The individuals in such a system give up a certain amount of independence, but are returned many times over by enhanced quality of life, individual happiness and a higher level of consciousness that no one individual or group of individuals could possibly imagine. Eureka!!! Wow that's it!!!! It's so damn simple !!!!!!

If civilizations for some reason fail to evolve then we can expect powerful destructive devolutionary effects. A civilization devolving might still be very powerful and dangerous until it finally collapses from the destructive effects of ever more sophisticated predatory internal and external interrelationships. Not a very pleasant prospect for the future of earth's humanity should we choose to go that route.

How Nature Evolves A Super-civilization (part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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American Chronicle Article:
UFO Digest Article How Nature Evolves A Super-civilization

In my article Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact, I speculated that the organizational structure of ethically advanced stellar societies was the same as that of our bodies. I also further speculated that the evolution of the structure of a stellar civilization also followed the same evolutionary template as life's evolution on earth as well as that of the formation of a body from one single cell. In this article I would like to further elaborate on these concepts.

In the formation of a human body the process starts with a sperm and a egg coming together into one single cell that then divides many times forming a cluster of cells. This cluster of cells then begins the process of the creation of an embryo as cells within the original cluster begin to differentiate into clumps of cells that then begin to migrate into different areas eventually creating a fetus. I think that this transition from one clump of cells into many clumps that migrate and form different organs, nervous system, skeleton etc of the fetus is a very frantic chaotic period as was the evolution of life itself billions of years ago when complex organisms begin to widely proliferate.

I am speculating that the stage of evolution our civilization is in at present is comparable to this chaotic period of cell differentiation and migration prior to the formation of the fetus. I would also speculate that this represents a period in the evolution of life on earth that was very frantic, chaotic and competitive when multiple cell organisms were forming in the world's oceans and were gobbling up single cell organisms lower down on the food chain like crazy. After these multi-celled celled organisms began to sort themselves out things settled down and evolution fell into more predictable and less chaotic patterns.

I believe our still primitive civilization is following a template of life's natural evolution that presently is at this stage of clumping, differentiating and migrating using the Internet as a rudimentary proto-nervous nervous system similar as to what occurs embryonic development. The extreme competitive and cooperative pressures are enormous upon our developing civilization just as it was during the formation of early complex life forms and in the development of the embryo. These pressures threaten catastrophe just as in the early transition period during pre-fetal cell cluster formation that can cause miscarriage. In other words I believe our civilization is at the early stages of embryonic development evolving into a societal fetus at a very frantic, confusing and dangerous period of growth.

I predict that when the societal fetus is fully formed as with a human fetus things will begin to settle down and organization become less frantic, competitive and much more cooperation between people should occur resulting in dwindling discordant activity. I believe that the Internet will evolve into a quantum entanglement telepathic network from the stage of societal fetal development onward and this will lead to a collective consciousness, a stellar organism super civilization.

What we are witnessing now with humanity on earth is not the birth of a civilization but the development of an embryonic stellar civilization that will over time and under the right conditions may become a fetal civilization, a child civilization and finally an adult civilization. These societal developments within our present civilization are using the same universal evolutionary template that natural processes used to build life itself and the same template used to create complex organisms from scratch every reproductive cycle.

Just as we have hardly a clue as to how our bodies are created and maintained so we have hardly a clue as to the natural processes of societal formation. The evolution and transformation of our primitive society of separate individual identities into a stellar organism with a collective consciousness is happening all around and to us, literally right under our noses.

Theory Of Societal Evolution (part 3)
By Ed Komarek
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The Theory Of Societal Evolution only jelled in my mine when several lines of thinking converged and I have no idea if this is an original concept or has already been discovered but still is classified. Certainly much of the information I work with in the UFO/ET field has leaked out of the national security apparatus and I have found the UFO/ET field a goldmine of new ideas and ways of looking at the world. To bad scientists have been so blinded by propagandists that they have not been able to draw ideas from this gold mine. I say goldmine because one has to learn how to navigate through all the lies, disinformation, hoaxes, and confusion to find valuable conceptual nuggets.

One of my first lines of thought that began many years ago was why were people in the classified domain having so much trouble reverse engineering debris from extraterrestrial spaceships. I realized nano-technology was involved and so I read, Engines of Creation, that explains that our civilization is just beginning to engineer on a nano level. In this book it also talks about how nature operates on a nano level. I figured that maybe one might as well re-engineer a piece of leaf or a piece of skin as a piece of a spaceship. This would by why folks were having so much trouble.

So we have all these people working in classified projects that are highly compartmentalized, sorting through all this accumulated debris from crashed craft that either malfunctioned, got shot down by us or shot down by somebody else. Our secret classified retrieval teams are essentially scavengers and maybe with a lucky shot act as predators. What is being scavenged and sent to labs around the world for analysisare basically bits and pieces of an advanced civilization's infrastructure that sustains the people who participate as individual units in those advanced civilizations.

I have a background in ecology so I think in terms of evolutionary processes even when I thought that UFO/ET was about as far from ecology as one could get and about as far from my parents direction that was possible. It turns out that in my old age I realize that I am following the same patterns that my parents followed when they gained insights from nature and the field of ecology. I also realize how valuable this ecological understanding is so as to conceptualize concepts in exopolitics.

A forth or fifth line of thought was the Ben Fulford material that I have written about already. That material because it was articulated so well, got me to thinking that there has to be a better way to run a planet than by sophisticated groups of gangsters. Because I had thisecological background in the natural sciences I had already understood how bodies were organized. In the body of a organism all the cells get taken care of without these huge disparities of resources that so plague autocratic regimes.

The other day while I was writing the article called Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact everything came together and jelled in my mind, a favorite term of my fathers, into the Theory of Societal Evolution. I realize that we poor public UFOlogists were scavengers that were scavenging the crumbs dropped by the national security scavengers that were scavenging extraterrestrial material. Those of us in exopolitics have been obviously at the bottom of the food chain. Still there are benefits that those in classified work do not enjoy and that we have a better opportunity to grasp the big picture, the overall context of the way things are because we don't have all the secrecy and compartmentalization.

Now that I have the Theory of Societal Evolution in my mind I see that all this extraterrestrial technology is just like our technology, an extension of our physical bodies and our minds a created infrastructure. Just like coral secretes sodium bicarbonate and builds a structure to house itself, so we are creating the structure of a civilization that houses individual people. I think nature organizes an organism following certain natural processes, the civilization organism then organizes external matter and energy so as to evolve a super-society. Nature builds in units. Atoms to molecules, molecules to amino acids, amino acids to proteins, proteins to single cells, single cells to intelligent beings, intelligent beings to super-civilization, super-civilization to mega-civilization and so on.

Because the national security apparatus is a slave society it is designed to only give information to the slaves on a need to know basis so as to do their jobs. Therefore the slaves can't and are not expected to grasp this overall context. Only the wealthy elites and poor generalist scavengers are possibly able to grasp the whole context. The autocratic elites know and I think I now know that the organizational structures of ethically advanced extraterrestrial races are a threat to autocratic organization and will sooner or later replace autocratic organizations worldwide. Exploitation of ET technology may be the most obvious reason for all the secrecy and coverup but this less obvious reason may be even more significant.

The most significant reasons for the UFO/ET secrecy and coverup and why the pace is so frantic in national security circles is to find a way to stave off these evolutionary developments. The elite may be pinning their last final line of defense on their secret space fleet and star wars weaponry to hold ET at bay and dominate global politics. Ben Fulford says his Japanese government officials and gangster sources say that trillions of dollars are being extracted in secret from world economies and I suspect that it is this secret space program that is the culprit. The Asians are getting nervous about this secret space fleet being used against them. I am wondering if this recent hack attack against Americas classified computers by the Chinese is a followup to Gary McKinnon's hacking escapade that netted him rosters of off world officers? It certainly seems that Gary hit a nerve because of all the trouble the U.S. government is taking to extradite him as a terrorist.

Evolution of Free Will
By Ed Komarek
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We have very little free will in spite of what we think. Our minds and our bodies are moved and shaped by powerful internal and external environmental forces of which we know hardly anything. Check out how our minds and bodies are shaped by internal and external forces constantly on a unconscious basis through the epigenome.

We are unconscious of most of what is happening to us and why. This is why humanity suffers so much. I believe that our lives are mostly shaped and guided by the
individual subconscious, the subconscious of humanity and the cosmic conscious and subconscious. This idea is held by psychologists as well. I think that our conscious mind is more or less just along for the ride and deceives itself into believing that it is running the show. We really have very little understanding as to how our minds and bodies are conditioned by natural environmental forces and our own civilization, let alone other civilizations that end up on our door step.

Those of us with backgrounds in the natural sciences think in terms of natural evolutionary processes where nature drives evolution. This is really no different than what those with religious backgrounds believe. We can say nature or God evolves-creates energy, matter, atoms, molecules and life itself. Nature or God is evolving us and until we understand the process of evolution we don't have much free will at all. It will only be when we understand natural or God process that we then have the opportunity to alter those process through the exercise of free will. In other words we can not expect to be able to change things through free will, if we don't understand or are aware how we are being molded and shaped moment to moment.

The division we have between the religious and the secular is simply due to the difference in expression as to what we know, rather than any difference in the way nature or God works. Things are the way they are and that's that. Either we accept the way things are and operate and evolve or we don't and devolve. It's all a matter of facing and dealing with reality or falling into delusion. Just because we want things to be a certain way does not make it so. We suffer when we confuse the way things are with the way we would like things to be. Physical suffering comes about when we don't pay attention to our surroundings and break a leg for instance. Mental and emotional suffering also comes about because we are not paying attention to our beliefs and culture that guide our decision making process which results in acts that cause us and others suffering.

My thesis is that we only have free will to the degree we are aware and paying attention to how nature or God drives our evolution. As I said before, because what we are and do is mostly unconscious we therefore have very limited free will. Free will increases at a pace commensurate with awareness and conscious development. In other words free will evolves like everything else. When we study evolution and evolutionary process we are observing the evolution of intelligence and free will.All this begs the question what are these evolutionary forces that effect us on a unconscious basis.

In considering our body we know that we are unaware of most of the functioning of the body, how the cells communicate, how they are composed and how they come together to form organisms. It's all nano technology of which our civilization is just now in the early stages of understanding. Our bodies, mind and emotions are a being driven by forces that we have very little understanding of. So how could we have free will to alter these forces if we don't understand what's going on or why?

Our psychology arises from our mind, emotions and body and we don't have much understanding of our psychology and how it evolves either. The conscious mind or ego is just forming and so is still mostly very much deluded, causing great suffering. Only in time will our consciousness reach a point where we begin to experience reality as it really is. Our consciousness is still embryonic just like our civilization. It won't really develop until nature organizes people into a super-civilization that conscious awareness and free will truly develop.

The first step in any endeavor is to understand our ignorance. We have to understand that we don't know before we can gain true understanding. In other words as long as we think we know, we are trapped from evolving further. Our minds remain closed until such time through the school of hard knocks we start realizing we really don't have a clue about life and evolutionary processes.

I got into the field of exopolitics and before that UFO/ET's, because I wanted to understand human evolutionary processes in regards to the development of intelligence and if there were higher consciousness folks flying around in spaceships maybe I could learn something from them to accelerate my own evolution. It was not long before I realized that human evolutionary process were not just being driven by planetary forces but by cosmic forces as well. We are a product of our environment which includes not just earth but the wholeuniverse and whatever there is beyond that.

What seems to be beyond our universe is the realm of what we call the soul and it is soul evolution that really drives individual and collective evolution in the universe. It would seem to me that the universe is really a educational virtual reality program being run by intelligence's outside of our universe as we know it. I believe that we are intelligence's that move back and forth between the material universe and the less dense immaterial universe beyond. We gather experience and understanding from the simulation and by doing so evolve our individual and collective selves.

To gain just a little understanding goes a very long way towards eliminating suffering. I can see it in my personal life and the lives of others. Those that suffer the most have the least understanding of what life is about and who they really are. It is apparent to me in everything that I see and do that this is the case. Our job is not about making money, raising families, sex but about gaining self and collective understanding of the evolutionary forces that shape our lives. Then we can use developing free will to change ourselves and our lives for the better and release ourselves from suffering.

Evolving Advanced Social Systems
By Ed Komarek
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I believe the reason that humanity seems hell bent on destruction is because the autocratic social systems of the past organized a less populated and diverse humanity and can't handle the load placed on them today. Natures edict is evolve or die. The only choice we have is to take the next more advanced step in social evolution or die off to what life was like a few hundred years ago.

In, The Theory Of Social Evolution, I suggested that because nature builds organizational structure bit by bit and when it has enough bits it makes a larger more advanced bit and so on. I suggested that each person is a bit that is being replicated to the point where when there are enough people, nature will assemble the people into a larger bit, a super-civilization. I have suggested that our civilization is at a embryonic stage of development. We are at the same stage as in the formation of a body where cells have to find a more advanced way of organizing themselves in order to advance to the next level of organization or the embryo dies.

I am suggesting that if nature follows this basic evolutionary template that is applicable to societal development, then we can look to nature for the next evolutionary leap in organization. Right now autocratic structure is such that the toughest meanest predators float to the top of the societal organizational pyramid. From the capstone they then control resources and information to the rest of society and take as much as they can without causing the control system that serves them to collapse. It is a master-slave society of mutual predation that works up to a point and unless those at the top get stupid and take to much causing the system to collapse resulting in revolution. A new system arises that is no better than the old. Hence civilization goes through these cycles of creation and destruction that are exactly he same as fluctuating animal and plant populations.

While there is this competition going on in nature, there is some cooperation between species for either protection from predation or to better capture prey. The place were the real cooperation is going on is between the cells of each animals body including our own. If there were not that cooperation between cells there would not be bodies and things would still be the same as when life first formed. It would seem that nature has its cells organized in a body in a more advanced way than the way these bodies are organized in ecosystems. I predict that ecosystems also are moving up to a more advanced level of organization but are just not there yet.

Man the most advanced organism has evolved out of these ecosystems but he has just not yet moved to the next higher level of cooperation between individuals of the human species. Mankind is still stuck with the more primitive autocratic organizational structure of the ecosystem from which he emerged. This is based as much on mutual competition as on mutual cooperation. There is just enough cooperation for mankind to get by up to this point in evolution but no further. Maybe we can figure out this more advanced organization structure by studying nature and our own bodies. There is little of this inequality of resources for instance amongst the cells of our bodies. All the cells get plenty of everything they need and waste is efficiently excreted from the body.

Nature has all these systems of cells working together, all doing their jobs getting the resources they need, and if there is excess resources that is preserved in fat cell storehouses for later lean times. So we have to ask, how does nature do all this literally right under our noses? Somehow as bodies evolve and become more complex and cooperative the competitive go it alone cells get culled out. The system that does the culling is the same system that deals with damaging viruses and bacteria, the immune system. The immune system attacks cancer cells early before they can get organized enough to endanger the body for instance. The immune system is the bodies internal security services but what is it that guides the bodies internal security services to protect peace and cooperation by culling out the trouble maker cells like cancer cells?

There has to be a naturally evolved set of codified laws and regulations that are strictly enforced by the immune system. It must say, if you go it alone looking out for only your own interest at the expense of the body and are caught you will die.I think we need a codified ethical social code that is directly connected in real time to the national security apparatus to eliminate, neutralize or reform any person that violates that code. That sounds pretty scary but that is how it seems to work in the body. Obviously that code has to be properly written and executed to reflect constructive forces beneficial to the whole body not destructive forces, else the security services themselves attack the body as in arthritis. (Arthritis must reflect a error in code or in the execution of code. No system is without error) causing societal degeneration and collapse. This code must be legal, conceptually clear and articulate free from conceptual and logical errors and if errors happen they must be corrected quickly.

The code might say, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love one another. Only ethical means can achieve a ethical goal. Expose lies, deception, dishonesty. Attack deception with exposure . Truthfulness begets truthfulness, deception beget deception. Resolve disputes with only ethical means. Treat thine neighbor as thyself. Be kind, gentle, compassionate even when force is necessary. Use force only after all other ethical means have failed. Use the absolute minimum force necessary to protect the society of individuals. Protect individual liberty and freedom of the individual unless those freedoms must be curtailed because liberty and freedom is exercised at the expense of the freedom and liberty of others. Support individual responsibility, justice, domestic harmony, peaceful co-existence, information and resource flow.

Okay maybe you get the idea. So the next question is how do we or how does nature replace the old autocratic organization structure that worked in the past with the new advanced structure. Individuals in mass must cut off the flow of information and resources from their individual lives to the nodes of the autocratic structure. Individuals first must become informed by first understanding how the autocratic structure works and is enslaving them personally. They then have to conceptually free their minds and break the black magicians spell, then redirect their energies, information, resources, to the newly emerging nodes of the new more advanced order and away from the elite nodes.

The new more advanced order folks don't accumulate information and resources like the elites do, but rather quickly distribute information and resources away from themselves to others. The faster the information comes into advanced nodes the faster it is redistributed. The nodes become larger and stronger not from accumulation as with elite nodes, but through increasing information and resource flow throughout the societal body. Restrictions of flow cause parts of society to seize up damaging the whole society as happens in the body.