Monday, June 06, 2016

Selected By Extraterrestrials (Review)

Selected by Extraterrestrials (Review)
(My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think tanks and Nordic secretaries)
By Ed Komarek
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      Bill Tompkins has done all of us a great service in coming forward as a very credible and high level military contactee-abductee, authorized whistleblower, whose position and credibility can be verified to quite a degree by government documents.  He appears to be one of the most highly prized employees of the secret government’s secret space program for his ability to conceptualize the big picture placing him at the highest levels of the alien-human interface.  Being an individual myself working to conceptualize the big Exopolitical picture this work is music to my ears.

       Unfortunately this very credible and important testimony of the alien jigsaw puzzle is being drowned out by the frauds and dis-informers involved in the public’s exposure to our secret space program and alien contact programs who prey on the undisciplined and uninformed public who have an interest in these matters.  I believe what Bill is saying is true because his work fits so well into the big picture conceptual work and evidence I have studied these past 45 years in the UFO/ET field.  Like that of Charles Hall I feel this work rises to the top of our developing public understanding of the big picture.  I would also like to thank the Navy brass for allowing Bill to tell his classified story to the public for the public good.

     While Charles Hall has been most involved with the Tall White ETs with very useful specific information on the TW technology and culture, Bill because of his high level clearances and positions in NASA and in the defense industry is able to broaden our perspective greatly. (Like Charles and Clifford Stone he was selected by extraterrestrials at a very early age perhaps even before birth in this reincarnational cycle.)  

     This selection is especially true in regards to military ET threat assessments and the Navy’s technological push into space to counter these threats through the development of fantastic near and deep space battle groups and bases in this solar system and on other solar systems across the universe in alliance with friendly ETs.   Bill and the female Nordic ETs played a very large role in conceptualizing and presenting this to the Naval High Command which essentially runs NASA contrary to those that believe NASA is really a public space program. Essentially the conceptualization is copying for earth humans what the Nordic ETs already have operating across part of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

     With the help of mostly female Nordic friendly ETs infiltrated into the secret programs involved, he was able to complete his missions even though hindered by unfriendly Reptilian-Grey groups also infiltrating the secret programs through the management of the defense industry and the larger public sphere of national and global politics and economics. The Reptilians have become masters of manipulation of earth human minds and bodies through our sexuality and baser instincts it would seem.

     Through Bob’s eyes we see the struggle from the very beginning of the race into space as part of a proxy war between the Reptilian-Greys who wish to keep earth humanity in bondage and on earth subjugated as property.  The other races like the Nordic humans  intervene both physically and telepathically to help earth humans develop technologically and spiritually in order carry their own weight in these complex extraterrestrial struggles across the universe and into other dimensions and beyond.   

      As the TW have said to Charles just because you move into space the laws of economics still hold.  It would seem that the friendly ETs are spread rather thin across this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond and are bringing primitive technological worlds up to speed rather quickly in their struggles against those races that wish to violate, enslave and generally prey upon other races. 

     As I already know the Exopolitics involved is extremely complex, but one can see that the military is now beginning to cut through the confusion as to who is friend and who is foe to see the more universal big picture and our place in it.  So I think this briefing by Tompkins is not only being allowed by top military brass but is even being supported, because they now understand that every man, woman and child has a stake in this struggle not just in outer space but each inner space of the individual as well. 

      As we can see and this is supported by Bill as well, the battle lines go right through our collective and individual psychology, minds, emotions and our sexuality. As you develop you realize what is at stake and your role in the scheme of things.  You will very much pay much more attention to your own personal development and evolution and the thoughts and emotions you harbor within. 

      You learn how easy it is for advanced predatory ETs and even non-physical intelligences to destructively manipulate people through their destructive emotions like, fear, hate, anger, guilt, despair, depression etc.  On the other hand one can see how easily more constructive ETs can manipulate our minds in bodies through love, compassion etc. in a way that counters the psychological threats to our inner and outer worlds.