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Exopolitics Safety Net

Building An Global Exopolitics Safety Net
By Ed Komarek
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I have struggled as have many others to tell the truth about extraterrestrial reality to the general public. This has been a difficult process because those that suppress the truth throughout the world have tremendous resources at their disposal and have been able to contain UFO/ET related information to the UFO/ET community. We need to break out of this confinement.

A world wide propaganda policy of denial and ridicule has been very effective the past sixty years and none have been more blinded and manipulated than the mainstream media. I think I have finally been able to figure out a way to reach people directly all over the world through the back door using the Internet to bypass the propagandizing mainstream media.

This way relies on maximum flow of information with few restrictions on that flow. I started by creating a blog at no cost and then began to write exopolitical articles and publish them on my blog without copyright. I just ask that others please put my name and blog address on the articles if possible. In this way I create a positive feedback loop. I either publish articles directly by posting them to mainstream Internet newspapers like American Chronicle and OpEd News or email the articles to the editors of UFO/ET media and Internet newspapers like The Canadian where I can’t post directly.

Other people with websites, blogs, Internet newspapers etc. then pick up the articles and move the information to even more people. I was just contacted by an Internet newspaper in Sri Lanka that is publishing my material. Because my name and blog address is on the article or at the site people can come back and read more blog articles and now the articles are in a free e-book format available to print out.

The next step I am being helped on by a individual is to publish a well edited copy with a good cover and make it available cheaper than the book can be printed out free from the Internet. This can be done in other countries and languages as well. As more information gets read and distributed those that read the articles and the book find value in them and want to assist as they have been assisted. We all benefit, as a rising tide lifts all boats. We become the new leadership acting by example helping each other.

In this way we all raise our consciousness. Additionally I have my email address on the blog so others can contact me to help me with this humanitarian effort as well as put me on to important new information that I then feed back into the blog distribution network. So the blog and book also serve not only as a distribution network for ideas and evidence but also for the collection of new ideas and evidence. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they get information and then sit on it and do not share it and so their consciousness is diminished.

Some folks think I am out of my mind for not copyrighting my material as others can and will profit from and maybe even distort the work. Because people are volunteering to help me in this work I don’t feel right about making a profit on this but that should not restrict others from doing as they see fit. I am willing to take the risk and expect some distortion but in general I hope peoples better side will prevail.

What is important to me is that the ideas get distributed in as many languages as possible all around the world and if I can get back some expenses that would be nice but not that important. What is important is raising the consciousness of the people of the world as to the nature of extraterrestrial reality so that they can make positive decisions and not be manipulated by cover up or deceptive misleading partial disclosures of information.

I really appreciate folks beginning to come on board and help get these exopolitical articles of mine translated and distributed around the world. Folks should understand that they are not doing this for me but for humanity. This is a very large undertaking as it my intent to make a substantial impact on mass consciousness and no way can I do this on my own. The idea is to provide a conceptual safety net of sorts to help people adjust in a positive way to rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

For those of you in various countries that are translating this work into different languages for Internet as well as published distribution I think you can replicate what I have learned. Translate the first few articles of the book and put them up on a blog or website available for anybody to print out or use in various kinds of Internet distribution.

On the blog site or website ask for help in translating and distribution. Send the articles to UFO/ET websites around your country and in the language you speak. Locate mainstream broad Internet newspapers to either publish directly or to the editors of the newspapers if that is not possible. Don’t be discouraged as even if the editors are resistant you may catch him or her in a weak moment with one of the articles and they may publish starting the ball rolling at that site. J

After awhile editors and publishers can see that they do not loose credibility for publishing UFO related information but gain credibility because that is what the public wants. There will always be a few who will complain and try to shut down public discourse on the subject but hopefully they will be overwhelmed by the majority interest.

Another good thing that happens when an article gets published in an internet newspaper is that it gets picked up by Internet search engines that may not pick up an article published on a blog. This feeds even more people into your network. Be patient and consistent with the translation and distribution of articles over time and the flow will gradually build and you will reach more and more people.

Each person’s intent and needs may vary in each country. In one country the idea might be to build up an interest in exopolitics in general and maybe to eventually pull an exopolitics group together. This might work for a person that just contacted me to help in getting articles and the book translated into Dutch. Once you have a group you have help and you can hold conferences and the like. Where those that already have a country wide or regional exopolitics group like the folks that are helping me get translated into Chinese from Hong Kong , the translated articles can be used to build up interest in an upcoming exopolitics conference. Information is the lifeblood of society and any increase in flow helps everybody.

The better we get at increasing flow the faster we evolve individually and collectively. We can make a better world for ourselves and for our children by the effective creation and use of networks. Again I appreciate any help I can get. Come on board if you can find the time or the resources to help out. You can make a difference and help us make a better world no matter where you live on this planet or which language you speak.

Building An Global Exopolitics Safety Net (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

This article follows on the heels of a previous article. Now that my first exopolitics free e-book is nearing completion I find myself concentrating on how to get it translated and distributed into as many languages as possible worldwide. My initial goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of people and at some later date maybe millions. I realize this is a very ambitious goal. I think this goal is achievable through the use of the Internet to promote not only this book but global exopolitical discourse, exopolitical networks and conferences. In this way we collectively create a worldwide exopolitical safety net in preparation for possible rapid catastrophic UFO/ET disclosure.

I am now in contact with two individuals one in Turkey and one in Sri Lanka who need money to help getting started on translating. I have come up with this idea of a small sum of seed money to get things started in the less prosperous countries. This idea will get more bang for the buck than in the more prosperous countries. I believe I can get this book translated and up on the Internet between fifty cents and a dollar a page in some of these less prosperous countries.

I think it is important for translators to understand that if they get volunteer help and funds that the translation should be publicly available for all to use on the Internet. I am not against for profit translations and publication but there is a restriction of flow involved and if there is too much restriction another non profit translation can get around this.

I have noticed on many occasions that there are always going to be those that are happy to have help and funds but when the product gets valuable they want to own and restrict the product for personal benefit. This is lower consciousness activity and we need to do what we can to be aware of and minimize this problem.

The best idea I can come up with is to have blogs in each language with initial translated copy of at least 30 pages. This might cost me or other donors twenty dollars for each language a rather small sum of money for those of us in the more developed countries. Because the sum is so low the risk of losing the money is not great. If the translator does a good job of translating and distribution of articles they may even be able to obtain the rest of the funds for the job in their own country.

In special cases more money could be allocated but the idea is to initiate self sustaining operations that will pull together networks of people that will see that the book is completely translated and up on the Internet for free. If the networks are strong enough they might be able to take the next step and self publish the book in paperback with a good cover and distribute it about their country to facilitate the growth of their exopolitics group.

In the developed world where the cost of translation is much higher the idea would be to have a volunteer do the first 30 pages at least and then they can ask for either more help translating or for funds to complete the project at the blog or web site. It might even be possible that people interested and seeing the need for wide distribution of this book could make additional donations to help those translators in the less developed countries.

Once there is a good translated copy of the exopolitics book up on a blog or website then the next step is possible where a group can self publish and distribute the book at a cost cheaper than it takes to print out the book from the Internet. This could be an additional way for a group or network to raise funds and public consciousness. Many people are not going to want to read or print the whole thing out from the computer if they can get a paperback copy at a reasonable cost. This might be something exopolitical networks around the globe could cooperate on so as to get books cheaply published in many languages where costs are cheap in places like India or China .

Because I am not interested in money or copyright I think this model is doable and that this exopolitics book or at least some articles can reach hundreds of thousands of people or more worldwide. I have noticed that when I publish my articles in the Internet newspapers I may get as many as 500 hits in just a couple of days on an article. I guess I have maybe a hundred articles circulating all feeding back to by blog.

So I estimate just in America I am reaching tens of thousands of people and who knows for the rest of the English speaking world, it may be tens of thousands more already at the very least. Over time the articles continue to circulate as people pass on the articles to their websites, blogs and Internet newspapers for even further distribution. The Internet newspaper in Sri Lanka publishing my articles for publication is such a case in point. Because these articles are not time sensitive they keep flowing. It is true there is no stopping a powerful idea whose time has come.

So I guess its time to try to put together a team of volunteers to oversee and help fund these operations. I intend to contact friends that I have and am working with on the Internet and any other contacts that might be interested and believe in this enterprise as I do. So if this reaches you through one network or another and you want to help out there is a place for you.

I have done most of the work on this so far and now its time for others to come on board and work together for a better future. Additionally this book can be a wonderful intelligence gathering tool for all concerned. If I can get enough support then I can go back to concentrating on my writing and investigations for a second book, if not I intend to concentrate on this till the job gets done.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind
By Ed Komarek
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Over past few days I have found myself haunted by the memory of one of the most powerful and moving American novels of all time titled, Gone With The Wind. The novel describes the almost complete destruction of the American southern way of life during the American civil war. The book dramatically ends with Scarlett the lead character vowing to survive and build anew.

This book resonates with readers from all around the planet because it is a story about them and their history as well. This is a story about innocence lost and illusions shattered due to an almost complete lack of foresight and insight as to unfolding catastrophic future events. One character Rhett Butler did see the catastrophe unfolding and when attempts to warn his foolish friends failed, he set out to cynically profit from the war.

This novel haunts me because I can not help but think that rapid and catastrophic extraterrestrial disclosure could be right around the corner and world populations are no better prepared today for extraterrestrial reality than they were 500 years ago for the European migrations. After sixty years of UFO/ET cover-up and suppression of the truth the sad fact is that most people worldwide are still ill prepared having been betrayed, propagandized and deceived by their leaders.

I have to ask. Is our current understanding and way of life about to be blown away by the gathering storm of extraterrestrial disclosure? Will rapid extraterrestrial disclosure first trigger an economic depression to be soon followed by cultural shock, collapse and finally societal renewal?

The propagandizing of the public by the media today is pathetic even criminal in light of the evidence now accumulating on extraterrestrial reality. It is appalling when I hear people still asking; So what if aliens exist, I don’t see how its going to effect me? It’s not hard to imagine a comparable attitude held by indigenous world populations when reports of white explorers and settlers began to circulate within native communities.

The evidence suggests that secret agreements seem to have been made between extraterrestrial races and shadow governments worldwide and now the extraterrestrials are enforcing those agreements and will let the chips fall where they may. For those who desire to know the evidence upon which I base my concepts then read my book and let your fingers do the walking over the Internet for verification. Of course we can’t believe everything on the Internet and neither should we believe without verification what the corporate owned mass media is propagandizing day in and day out regarding extraterrestrial reality.

On the bright side I also believe we as a species will survive this process of rapid destruction of our present way of life and slow renewal and should look to Scarlett as an example. We will persevere and adapt to our loss of innocence and the shattering of our illusions as to the true nature of extraterrestrial reality. Some of us will do better than others. Those of us who heard the abductees, contactees and whistle blowers in the coal mine stop singing are preparing ourselves and others as best we can with the few resources we have at our disposal.

Over the past several years I have written articles build upon almost 40 years of experience in the UFO/ET field. These are now compiled into a free e-book for the people of the world who will listen and be helped as unforeseen and impossible events unfold all around them over the next few years. This book is meant to be a kind of safety net containing exopolitical concepts that will help people worldwide gain a better perspective on unfolding events and so make better decisions in their lives.

I was born and raised in the American south and even after all these years since the civil war I still feel like so many other southerners that loss of innocence and the shattering of illusions and a whole way of life truly gone with the wind. It’s all happening all over again and this time it will happen all over the planet as more and more people are abruptly awakened to extraterrestrial reality. I believe in a few years time we will look back on the 20th century and morn our loss of innocence, our shattered illusions and dreams, but like Scarlet we will survive.

The economic, political and exopolitical challenges ahead are daunting and extremely complex. After all is said and done I believe we will, with our backs against the wall, rise up and build a better and a more enlightened world. This time we will find that we are not nor have we ever been alone and we will have help if we but allow it. As the sun sets on the old world order it will as well rise on a new day and a truly new world order, if as a alien told Col. Corso, we choose to take it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UFO/ET Blame Game

UFO/ET Post Disclosure Blame Game
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

In the previous article on CIA/NSA extraterrestrial operations I began to present some of the evidence scratching the surface of a massive covert clandestine extraterrestrial operation in which the CIA and NSA are and have been heavily involved. This operation has involved a huge amount of widespread criminal and unlawful activity over the past sixty or more years of the UFO/ET cover up. These and other clandestine agencies have been the instrument used by global elite special interests to exploit extraterrestrial technology while simultaneously suppressing public, general military and mass media knowledge of extraterrestrial reality.

The way this UFO/ET cover up is unraveling is very interesting. Information coming in to me from several personal sources seems to back up the conclusions of contactee-abductee Jim Sparks author of the book, The Keepers. It would seem even the fascist Grays now desire disclosure and are complaining that the entrenched interests that have been collaborating with them have not kept their side of the bargain to disclose. This suggests that they as well as other extraterrestrial races are now in agreement to force compliance of the secret treaties to bring a rapid end to the extraterrestrial cover-up.

On page 201 Jim speculates, “They explained that environmental disaster was imminent and that we had to do something about it. Our leaders, however, guessed that Earth populations were not ready for knowledge of aliens just yet. So a deal was struck: The aliens would supply certain technologies to us to help us clean up our environment, which would help ensure human survival and protect their investment in us as an inventory of biological spare parts.”

“In return, certain time guidelines were agreed to, during which our leaders were to carefully spoon-feed all Earth populations with information about the existence and role of non-human intelligent life on Earth. The technology duly arrived, but the appropriate time to disclose never did, leading to a long period of secrecy, disinformation, and incarceration and missing people, most of which was done for the sake of national security.”

“We took the technology and made money and weapons with it, and we let the disclosure timetables lapse.” Also “It’s also possible that the aliens may have delivered even more technology in return for Earth governments destroying all nuclear weapons. They clearly detest nuclear weapons.” Wow I could not have explained this better myself!

So what I am getting at here is if the ETs are enforcing the agreement to disclose is a very short time, who is going to get blamed for all the wrongdoing and criminal activity involved in the UFO/ET cover-up? My best guess is that the elite entrenched economic and political interests responsible are going to try to pin this on the clandestine services who have worked as their instrument of repression for so many years. The media and the politicians will most likely fall in line even though they have been complicit in the whole nefarious affair.

I expect the clandestine services will be crucified both in the media and in Congress as they have in the past with the real culprits the entrenched global economic interests carefully manipulating the blame game so as to escape the fallout of disclosure as best they can. Wither they can get away with it remains to be seen but they have been pretty clever in manipulating all parties for sixty years and they own the media, the military and the politicians. This is really going to be something to watch in the next several years if catastrophic disclosure occurs driven by the ETs themselves enforcing the extraterrestrial agreements.

A considerable amount of evidence for these conclusions and for extraterrestrial reality can be found in a compilation of my blog articles as a free draft e-book manuscript available to print out at my blog site. The book is being edited and I hope to have a final edited version available soon. Articles such as this one will hopefully be the last to be put into this first volume with others perhaps put into another second volume.

I am also working to have this free book translated into as many languages as possible. This is a humanitarian enterprise designed to effect mass consciousness and because I want maximum distribution worldwide I hope to get nothing out of this except maybe expenses. This is an enterprise that others are volunteering to help with and I would not feel right about any personal gain. Right now I could really use translator volunteers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CIA /ET Operations

CIA Extraterrestrial Operations
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

CIA interest and involvement in extraterrestrial reality has been well documented through declassified documents. The extent and the degree of CIA involvement has not been well documented but is massive and beyond the comprehension of most investigators. Of course the CIA is not the only major player in the investigation, exploitation and suppression of extraterrestrial technology and reality.

Other organizations like the NSA are very much involved but what is unique about CIA involvement is the covert scope and breadth of CIA operations throughout society not just in the United States but worldwide as well. The CIA both in terrestrial and extraterrestrial operations is for all extents and purposes an agency owned and operated by entrenched special interests. It’s a complete shadow government in itself that creates and manages shadow governments in countries around the world for entrenched special interests in business and politics.

The Church Commission investigations of CIA criminal wrongdoing barely scratched the surface of the CIA’s terrestrial unconstitutional and unethical operations but never even laid a hair on the CIA’s extraterrestrial operations. Today the CIA with its own private army, air force and navy, it’s national and international death squads, its huge trillion dollar off the record funding operations, its infiltration and control of mainstream media, its control over not just the military and press in the United States but other nations as well, is staggering.

While the CIA is a constitutional agency many of its covert operations especially the extraterrestrial operations are unconstitutional or given only an appearance of legality through secret executive orders out of the White House. In a classic case of the tail wagging the dog the CIA’s extraterrestrial operations are so secret and deceptive that there is almost no control or oversight by legitimate constitutional government.

The CIA’s extraterrestrial operations were created to get a handle on, exploit extraterrestrial technology and propagandize the public but now seem to be almost completely under the control of elite global entrenched special interests in collaboration with predatory extraterrestrial races. In other words the predatory extraterrestrials and their willing and not so willing human entrenched interests have turned the tables on the process and now use the CIA’s extraterrestrial operations against the interests of the world public and even the ethical extraterrestrials that would be our allies.

Over the period of my UFO/ET investigations I have run across little tidbits of information that combined with some creative remote viewing are allowing me to gain some understanding of covert CIA Extraterrestrial Operations and the threat they pose to society. Of course the CIA often gets blamed for the faults of others and has been tasked with an impossible task that requires widespread criminal activity. There is certainly plenty of blame to go around and once again the CIA is sure to be singled out as the scapegoat.

I believe CIA/NSA covert extraterrestrial operations have become a lynchpin to worldwide shadow government resulting in a very dangerous and flawed extraterrestrial policy. In my opinion extraterrestrial operations and policy should be in the hands of diplomats rather than the military and clandestine services, and should be immediately transferred to the State Department so that an enlightened extraterrestrial policy can be created and implemented at he highest levels.

Some of the latest tidbits of information coming from insider sources seem to indicate that CIA extraterrestrial operations are beginning to meltdown with accelerating UFO/ET disclosure. I just had some personal confirmation of this from a source that is becoming psychologically unglued and recently while drunk and very hostile called up regular military officers in the middle of the night, gave special codes and then proceeded to harangue a high level general.

This accelerating meltdown and turmoil in internal CIA/NSA/ET operations is causing the threat and intimidation levels to rise inside and outside of government as UFO/ET disclosure beckons. I also infer this from recent comments passed on by insider A on the OM /UN thread.

I am also beginning to wonder if this might be partly terrestrial fallout from a now rapidly escalating ET space war. I am thinking that we will soon see a covert internal war in government accelerate into real overt fighting as regular military and politician’s rebel against the oppressive tactics employed by an increasingly dangerous and threatened secret shadow government of which the CIA/NSA plays an important role.

There are always those who ask me to provide more evidence for my concepts and conclusions. Often I can’t do that in order to protect my sources and at times I just get tired of doing the confirmation work that is only a few keystrokes away for anybody remotely interested in the subject. The following case is an example of many sources and cases I have not been able to divulge. I have remained quiet on this case for about 15 years and only now feel it is okay to go public with it as evidence in support of the CIA/NSA extraterrestrial program.

In 1993 we were building publicity for Operation Right To Know a UFO/ET activist organization I co-founded. I have many letters from this time and was contacted by Robert E. Cotner in a letter postmarked 2/22/93 asking me to contact him for a deathbed confession. He claimed to have ended up in prison by being framed by some corrupt local government officials and provided me with much documentation. He was isolated and had no friends that could help him.

Over a period of years we exchanged letters by snail mail and he briefed me on his involvement in CIA/NSA extraterrestrial projects. I think I can safely release some of this material including his name and his death bed confession affidavit signed and notarized on 3/3/93. So many years have elapsed and Robert Cotner is most likely dead by now. Hopefully some other enterprising UFO/ET investigators will become involved in this case for the insights it offers into super-secret CIA/NSA shadow government programs.

In a first long letter Mr. Cotner describes himself as CIA/NSA low level black bag covert field agent. At times he says he worked under Admiral Bobby Inman and had a high level contact with Wackenhut Corporation that he never used. He says he worked under G. Gordon Libby. At other times he did not know who he worked for. There is more information in his letters on extraterrestrial and terrestrial affairs but for now it’s enough of a hassle to just transcribe the following long affidavit.

Some of the information explains how to make very dangerous devices and poisons from common household products that should not be openly circulated. Robert commented on handheld radiation devices that can covertly kill or cause physical and mental damage. There is also a detailed discussion on how to create fake IDs and identities that are part of basic CIA training.

This affidavit was written on a prison typewriter with many misspellings and other errors some that I have corrected. I have made some other slight alterations for better reading like changing C.I.A. and N.S.A. to CIA/NSA.

I, Robert E. Cotner, born 3/19/46, SS No. 441444447, military number R.A. 25731405, NG 25731405, and MKULTRA CIA number 1059, Tulsa Private Investigator number 1059, (until 1979), do hereby swear under oath that the following is true and correct to the best of my memory, and that this should be accepted as a death bed statement, because I am dying and my be murdered even before I can die of other causes.

MUFON UFO Journal, “Official Publication” of the Mutual UFO Network since 1967, (that’s odd)! I just read it, and in 1967 I had just gotten my private investigators license in Tulsa , Oklahoma (no. 1059) and was contacted by the FBI. (I went into the Army in 1963, and the CIA in 1964, and I left the CIA and FBI in 1972. I was among other things involved in part of the MKULTRA project, and as such I saw my first UFO at Edwards Air Force Base in 1964, (the saucer from Roswell , with letters of a 4000 year old language on its controls, which I can duplicate).

There are at least three different types of UFOs I have personally seen. And three different races that built them. From 1967, when I decided to get out of the CIA, I started stealing copies of top secret files and records on many different subjects including UFOs and those stolen files are still hidden where I put them.

Tesla, before he was murdered, invented most of the devices now part of the “star wars” and a lot of it is in space right now.

I maintained my informational contacts in intelligence and etc. up until 1990, so that is the newest date I can give you. (I would prefer to be asked direct questions I can answer with a yes or no answer).

Tulsa Oklahoma cable T.V. Channel 3, in 1986 had me on the DAZE show, for an interview about my past CIA work, and they still maintain a tape of it. I still know, (right now) how to access secret files of 5 governments on UFOs. The things I know about government secret projects will get you put in prison, or killed, as it has me.

Deep cover, clandestine projects operations is what I mostly did, usually. The people in charge of these secret government projects do not argue any moral rights or wrongs, justice and fair play never enter into their acts.

Some ETs have already interbred with humans. These beings are multi-dimensional capable. Our government employs them in many different fields including UFOs, and their ancestors came here in UFOs through warps in the dimensions. Our government has duplicated some warp devices. These beings have overwhelming natural talents including psychic. Legends tell us about them.

While I was with the CIA I was sent many places including Russian ones. All these people should remember me: Semyon Kirlion and his aura photos that lead part of the way to research on dimensional warps: ( Krasnodar ) ; Dr. Gennady on bio-energy research and powered weapons: Dr. Felix Zigel showed me secret Russian UFO documents, including captured WW2 German ones on Atlantis and UFOs and Professor Pushkins on gravitational waves from living systems, all before 1972 when I had personally examined or stole copies of documents proving our and Russian joint projects on UFOs since 1917. I saw 3 different types, from 3 different races, one of which was multi-dimensional, and in 1979 in China Lake Naval Base, I saw the last one.

Our government works with one race only. U.S. Senators who have been in Congress more than 4 years are directly or indirectly involved in a conspiracy to prevent the public from finding out the truth and they will harm you if you get too close to the truth.

Page one of two.

Some UFO government projects are financed by illegal drug manufacturing importation and sales in the U.S. today.

Since 1964 any UFO investigator who got or gets too close to the truth has or will disappear or be placed in prison, a accident resulting in their death and any attempt to present any evidence to politicians will result in actions of this nature if it contains any truth, because harassment or intimidation is not done by real people involved in the real projects.

The second type (from a different race) UFO I saw, was at a mountain complex owned by DOW, in Tennessee or Georgia mountains, and the third type (from a third race) I saw in a Colorado secret Chemical Warfare Center.

The top secret U.S., German and Russian files from 1917 to 1990 that I saw, and stole certain copies of, clearly show UFO evidence going back 13,000 years, and completely destroys all established religious bases, and most of societies ideals and that is one reason the government can not release those records and files to the public.

I do know one man who knows more than I do, has seen more than me, and has stolen original as well as copies of original files and evidence, and is now traveling in hiding in the U.S. as a homeless person because of it. He can draw from memory many things I can only identify after I see them again.

At present only 100 people really run this government, the people do not, and can not, nor will they ever be allowed to.

Further this affidavit sayeth not, except that I have not much longer to live and that my abilities to spell, write and in other areas gets worse each day. (Former U.S. Senator Bartlet and U.S. Speaker Carl Albert I once worked for on a special project also). Signed Robert E. Cotner

Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 3 day of March 1993. Notary (unreadable signature) my commission expires 2/19/97

An Alien's Patty Hearst?

Is Jim Sparks, An Alien’s Patty Hearst?
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My blog:

A friend and colleague passed on to me the book, The Keepers, by Jim Sparks. It’s a book on alien abduction and secret military cooperation that I should have heard and read about soon after it was published. However what used to be a trickle of evidence supporting extraterrestrial reality has now become a torrent and no one person can keep up with the accelerating pace towards disclosure. This book presents real insights and evidence as to the nature of the fascist mind of one extraterrestrial race as well as the military-civilian fascists that are collaborating with this predatory type of alien species.

After reading this book I can see that Jim an abductee-contactee is an exceptional person, someone that leaders in abduction research admire and respect. Jim has earned this respect because in spite of extreme abuse and violation by both aliens and a collaborating secret shadow government, he has refused to be crushed.

Jim Sparks has through sheer strength of character and will transcended and enlightened not only himself but others as well. When so many people have been devastated by fear and terror in abduction experiences Jim stands out. He, while temporarily weakened by the experiences, has over the longer term become stronger and more enlightened, offering a beacon of hope and promise to the human race and perhaps even the aliens themselves.

Jim’s abduction experiences are the usual variety, but what is unusual about Jim is that he was able to experience the lighter side of an alien species even while he was subjected to the darker side of this species. This reminds me of a very few survivors of the Nazi holocaust who were able to transcend the horrible conditions of the death camps and see goodness in those that were doing them evil. For this they earned the grudging love and respect of their tormentors.

I am reminded of a story I heard somewhere where a young man was being tortured and looked up at his tormentor and said, I love you. The tormentor had to stop and gently placed a blanket over the body of his victim. The victim by transcending the experience had lifted not only himself out of the darkness of the immediate horrible experience but his tormentor as well.

The young man had seen the humanity, the goodness in the predator to which he was prey. I think Jim Sparks has done the same with a longstanding alien predator on the human race. As Jim clearly points out this group of aliens are farming and protecting us just like we do cattle and sheep. They are here to protect their investment. They are exploiting our biological resources while trying to keep us from destroying ourselves. Complicating matters even more they have been creating an insurance policy against our pending self-destruction through a process of hybridization.

Jim life and book encompasses a process from predatory victim to willing spokesman for a confederation of extraterrestrial beings. He indicates that they are not all that different from us and that while autocratic and fascist, they also have an inherent human-alien goodness and are evolving just as we are evolving.

This unethical or predatory alien society has no problem with secretly interfacing and cooperating with the autocratic fascist elements of our own society to achieve its predatory goals. Through the use of terror, fear and intimidation it can control autocratic elements of our society. Critical to this control is to keep elite autocrats in government and in the military in a state of helplessness and isolated from other more ethical extraterrestrial races and ethical humans that can offer hope and a way out of the predatory entrapment.

I found the following quotes as important continued confirmation of alien human cooperation and the fascist mentality involved. “Two men in lab coats appeared, waling with an alien. Humans fraternizing with aliens on an equal basis was pretty upsetting to me, of course, but I had to remind myself that I’d seen humans before who had been the result of screen imaging- aliens messing with my brain. Nonetheless, the longer I watched, the more I had the sense that these really were humans.” “The man with the rod motioned to the guards and they stopped in their tracks. “I’ll handle this!” He said right out loud, without telepathy – in good old brusk, American English. He touched my hand with he rod, and Ouch! Did that sting!”

I don’t think one can find a better more articulate account of alien abduction and forced and willing collaboration. Toward the end of the book Jim has become a willing spokesman for this race of fascist beings and a general amnesty for his human fascist tormentors. Does this make him an alien’s Patty Hearst or is there something more than this going on here? Patty Hearst came to love and willingly support her captors after being tormented into submission by them. It would seem that her captors also came to love and appreciate her as well.

Jim says, “In order to protect secrecy and national security, information was suppressed using criminal acts, which is why individuals in the secret government sector do not come forward. The criminal justice system would simply crucify them unless they were granted complete amnesty in exchange for the complete truth. That way – and only that way – can the truth be told.”

Can we attribute to simple brainwashing this particular condition or does love, appreciation, compassion somehow transcend the horrible conditions we find ourselves in? Could it be that these beneficial qualities in spite of the circumstances lead us to evolve into better more mutually satisfying relationships and societies. Can we evolve from an autocratic society organized by rank into masters and slaves to a cooperative democratic society founded on a win-win set of relationships?

I think we and these less ethical aliens that are much like us are in the same boat sharing the same planet. I think we are learning together how to forge a better set of circumstances, or reality for ourselves based less on competition and scarcity and more on cooperation and abundance. When we feed at the expense of others we deplete our environment that in turn ultimately depletes us as well. The remedy is to assist others as we assist ourselves and so as our environment becomes more abundant so do we.

I believe we and this particular confederation of aliens are learning the same lessons and may even have the same ethical enlightened extraterrestrial teachers. The more we learn about extraterrestrial realities the more we can see how complex is the diversity of extraterrestrial life and the dynamic relationships between these many very different races and species.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Perception Management

UFOs and Perception Management, You Are the Target
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

A UFO/ET skeptical lawyer friend of mine the other day did a cursory search on the Arizona UFOs she had been hearing about. Just as she suspected she came across an article high on the search engines list that discussed how an individual had admitted that he was the culprit for these lights. He had sent up lights on lanterns into the sky and that was all the UFO ruckus was about. My friend like so many others felt vindicated that she was right after all and moved on to other interests being none the wiser.

What my friend did not realize was that she had just been sucker punched, just one more unrecognized public causality of what has become known by the military as perception management. Perception management is just a modern day sophisticated Orwellian term whose true meaning is just plain old mind control. The idea of perception management is to create a faulty perspective or perception of reality in mind of the individual or group being targeted so as to manipulate that individual or group in a way beneficial to those involved in the mental attack.

Another friend of mine who has been interested in UFOs for a couple of years is better informed and talked to me by phone last night. He had been tracking patterns of balloon and lantern releases across the Internet after major UFO events around the country. For me a UFO/ET veteran all this is old hat. Anybody who takes the time to study extraterrestrial reality and the government cover-up of the truth knows that such deceptive activity is frequent and common place after UFO events. To those of us in the know this is what is called Cointellpro.

Another favorite technique of perception management by the Air Force is to drop flares after UFO/ET events and then claim that the UFOs were simply misperceptions of their training activity. Years ago in Gulf Breeze Florida we all became familiar with this sort of activity as well as debunker dirty tricks where a fake model was even planted in a house and as usual the unquestioning gullible mainstream press fell for the ruse to discredit abductee Ed Walters.

I have talked about perception management in other of my articles on information warfare and have quoted from Col John Alexander’s book, Future War, extensively. John is an expert in the area of so called “non lethal weapons”. The term is a deception in its own right because many of these weapons are very lethal. On the battlefield even information warfare can be lethal when the target is deceived.

The public has become the target of an insidious shadow government, a cancer on our society. We are being targeted by a super-secret elite government in the shadows that uses our own misdirected military to attack us with battlefield “non lethal weapons”. This attack includes the use of information warfare and perception management techniques on a regular and ongoing basis in the mainstream media.

For anyone who wants to study information warfare and perception management the UFO/ET field is a perfect place because the public has been under attack here by shadow government for 60 years, we have seen it all. The UFO/ET cover-up could not be maintained without IWAR being used against the public in a continuous and massive way.

The use of IWAR against the public through the media is no secret. Just recently the Pentagon was caught red handed coaching retired generals working as paid media consultants. Other than an embarrassment to a few media executives noting much was made of the matter when people should have been outraged that they were being targeted by the military in an information warfare campaign.

The problem is that business, political groups and government continuously target the public using perception management causing the public over time to become so disassociated from reality that they consider their induced faulty view of the world as normal. With such distorted perceptions of reality the public becomes as putty in the hands of expert manipulators in business, politics and government.

Steve Basset and the Exopolitics Network just became aware of a perception management attack on them when Google pulled their recent stories about UFO/ET reality and Hilary Clinton off their top search results and became so angry that they want to sue Google. Yahoo to its credit did not engage in this deceptive practice. Google is developing a reputation of collaboration with repressive regimes so it should be no surprise that it may be engaged in cooperating with this repressive shadow government that is destroying democracy in America from within.

The public must become aware of the huge national security threat shadow government represents and be vigilant because covert shadow government often leads to overt holocaust. Shadow government must be understood and stealthy attacks upon the public and democracy such as perception management exposed, not only in the field of extraterrestrial reality but terrestrial reality as well.

Col. John Alexander in the last two lines of his information warfare chapter aptly states, “We must learn to protect our information systems (ourselves) just as we protect our personal valuables. Vigilance and common sense will accomplish most of the task.” People must not be complacent and just assume their most valuable possession, their mind, is under their personal control because often that is not the case.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shadow Government

Shadow Government, Precursor to Global Holocaust?
By Ed Komarek
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In a recent conversation with a contactee friend of mine the subject was brought up that the military should not be trusted and that all they were interested in was ET technology. My friend was upset and vocal saying that the contactees were being used as bait by the military. I had to remind my friend that just because some people in a crowd throw stones does not mean one should hold the whole crowd responsible for the attack.

Clearly the shadow government fascists at the top of the military and civilian chain of command responsible for extraterrestrial policy are only interested in technology because ET technology is their bread and butter along with finance, oil, drugs and arms. Global entrenched special interests have been covertly building a huge powerful shadow government the past 60 years based in a large part upon the exploitation of extraterrestrial technology. (See: The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso)

This shadow government has its own financing, its own private corporate armies like Wackenhut and Blackwater, CIA and other service commando death squads, propaganda operations in the media to mold public perceptions, and corrupt government and military officials that are interchangeable between government and industry.

This secret covert society has a global reach and is a developing cancer upon democratic society not only in America , but around the world as well. Of course these covert forces can be very effective in the short term but are the long term consequences of shadow government acceptable? Without extensive public and legitimate government oversight, shadow government can and is becoming a huge national security threat to national and global society in its own right.

I believe we have a global holocaust in making that is in a large part based in extraterrestrial reality but instead of destroying millions of unsuspecting people could potentially destroy billions once it becomes strong enough to become overt. Just as in prior holocausts a combination of excessive secrecy and deception combined with the unbelievable factor creates an environment favorable to the creation of shadow government. Over time this shadow government infiltrates and gains control over legitimate constitutional open government until finally it is strong enough to gain overt status. Then all hell literally breaks loose.

We only have to look to Germany prior to and during World War Two. The German Nazis covertly plotted and schemed for decades before they became strong enough to take over the weak German government. They were financed by wealthy global industrialists from America and elsewhere. The Ford and Bush families were actively involved in supporting this Fascist rise to power.

The Gestapo and the SS rose into being through a covert reign of terror against the German population and its legitimate leaders to later overtly attack populations around the world. Once the super-secret SS gained control over the German military a low level officer in the SS could easily order a military general in the regular army around bypassing the normal chain of command.

The SS were a parallel superior elite force that had priority status over regular military and so could provision and supply their activities like the covert Jewish extermination campaign through the regular military. Today in America and around the world history is repeating itself were shadowy constitutionally unaccountable commando and intelligence units have priority status and provision themselves from regular military supply depots. It’s pretty obvious that America ’s shadow government modeled itself after the German shadow government with the assistance of the Nazis it imported into America through Operation Paperclip.

Many of the same wealthy powerful entrenched interests and families that have supported prior holocausts are once again on the move setting the stage for the next holocaust. The game is the same but with each turn becomes more sophisticated and Orwellian. One would think that world populations would learn from the past but that does not seem to be the case. I guess it’s our own dark collective nature in combination with a greater unknown reality that rises time and time again to subvert our better selves.

The question becomes how do we reverse this dark tide? I believe the answer in exposure. The shadow government is not yet strong enough to become overt so any light we can shine on it will diminish it. Covert terror tactics against honest citizens should be followed back to the source of the attack. An attack on one, is an attack on all, and all should become involved in this process of exposure and open disclosure. We in the UFO/ET field are doing our part in spite of the denial and ridicule heaped upon us.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fighting and Dying (Part 2)

Are ETs Fighting and Dying for Our Freedom? (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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In part one of this article series I brought up the subject as to wither extraterrestrials were fighting in space and even occasionally in our atmosphere.

I had heard about this from contactee friends and when I heard about witness testimony from Indiana I decided to stick my neck out and do an article. As usual I take some heat for going out on a limb without a pile of solid evidence to back up my case. What folks need to know is that over the years I have become quite good at gathering information through a tried and true investigative technique. It’s called shake the tree and see what falls out.

The Open Minds Forum opened up a thread called War in Space and as I had hoped more very interesting cases were posted to the thread.

The following case I found on the OM thread from Kelowna , British Columbia region on July 2, 2007.

Numerous eyewitnesses in different parts of Kelowna saw a cylinder shaped craft, with what looked like fins on it, and on fire, ripped down through the sky and finally hitting the water on Okanagan Lake , British Columbia . The sound was incredibly loud and like a deep bass "womp, womp, womp" sound as it came down. The same object then reappeared from where it hit the lake, rose up and then sat and hovered in the sky.

Meanwhile a cone or "possible" triangular shaped craft was stationary a short distance away from the cylinder shaped craft. What took place next dumbfounded all of the people who had watched the event unfold, the two objects started reacting to one another, and the best description given from the witnesses was like looking at tracer fire from automatic weapons, or in other words it was like the two UFOs were shooting at one another. After a short time of exchanging what looked like the two craft were firing on one another, a loud bang was heard and the cone shaped craft was nowhere to be seen.

The torpedo shaped object was still hovering in the sky. It started moving from side toside and then a loud sonic boom and it was now gone. Needless to say, some witnesses screamed loudly or when watching had their jaw almost hit the ground from watching such an unusual event unfold in front of their eyes.

I found the following 1989 Battle of the Saucers in Russia from a word search on the Internet.

Subbotin claims that hundred of people watched the group of six silver saucers fight against one golden UFO. The UFOs all made incredible moves in the skies-at times flying as low as 5,000 feet, giving a good view to onlookers. Beams of red light constituted the weapon of choice.

Witnesses who were interviewed by Sichenko claimed that the outnumbered golden UFO was finally defeated, although giving a gallant effort. The defeated UFO lost altitude, finally crashing to the ground. The six victorious UFOs disappeared into the clouds. Subbotin claims that the golden UFO crashed into a bog on a military test range, and the area was zoned off to everyone except military

I received an email from Jannice about a person who saw a UFO dogfight:
“Approximately 25 years ago the grandmother of my sons best friend watched an ariel dog fight between ufos. it was way up in the sky. she saw ufos explode. there was a lot more detail but I do not remember it.”

Of course this fighting between extraterrestrial groups is nothing new and can be found in religious texts from around the world. Folks on the OM thread presented the Nuremberg sighting as further evidence of extraterrestrial conflict.

At sunrise on the 14th April 1561, the citizens of Nuremberg beheld "A very frightful spectacle." The sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects from which red, black, orange and blue white disks and globes emerged. Crosses and tubes resembling cannon barrels also appeared whereupon the objects promptly "began to fight one another." This event is depicted in a famous 16th century woodcut by Hans Glaser.

It would seem there is considerable evidence for extraterrestrial conflict after all and this evidence tends to support the contactee evidence. It could really be that extraterrestrials have been recently fighting over the future of earth. This could very well lead to fighting amongst different factions within the military that have very different extraterrestrial alliances and agendas. Let’s hope the ethical factions both terrestrial and extraterrestrial come out on top.

Ahead of the Times

A Contactee Far Ahead of the Times
By Ed Komarek
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As an OM technical team devoted to UFO/ET investigation, analysis and open public distribution of a finished product comes into existence I am reminded of contactee Ray Stanford. This man was both a contactee and a technical expert that believed that extraterrestrial reality needed to be defined within the standards of physical science with the use of reliably recorded, instrumented data.

I have before me the 1980 MUFON Symposium Proceedings called, UFO Technology a Detailed Examination. On page 150 there is a paper by Ray Stanford titled, Instrumented Sensing, Recording, and Documentation of Transient Phenomena in UFO Events. At this time Ray resided in Austin Texas. Everybody interested in this type of approach to extraterrestrial reality should read this paper especially those at the Open Minds Forum who are now essentially following in Ray Stanford’s footsteps. This paper was published in 1980.

The first paragraph of the paper outlines in one sentence the crux of the mission. “Events over the past thirty months have reinforced the idea that a solution to the UFO enigma might be facilitated by analysis of data from instrumented records made during events wherein experienced human observers witness aerial or ground objects or phenomena which, according to their judgment, cannot be explained as having a prosaic nature.”

Other contactees of the 1950s like George Adamski and Howard Menger provided evidence of their contact with photographic evidence and collateral witness testimony but noting to the degree that Ray Stanford did in the 1970s. Talk about somebody pushing the envelope. This was a very courageous move toward disclosure by Ray Stanford and the Project Starlight Team.

Ray and his team were not just taking pictures they were using all kinds of instruments including a magnetometer, gravimeter, microdensitometer, spectrometer etc. This is a very technical paper best suited for technocrats but Ray in the 1970s has obviously set a high bar for today’s technocrats at the Open Minds Forum and elsewhere to jump. I find that many high caliber people are deciding to not just wait for the government to disclose but are willing to openly participate and drive the disclosure process. This is very encouraging development.

I have always proposed that ETV/ET investigative focus should be on contactees that can provide evidence of contact. We have to separate the wheat from the chaff. These contactees like Ray Stanford are not just contactees that talk the talk but they walk the walk as well. I see real contactees, field investigators and technocrats working together as a powerful positive force toward open public disclosure of extraterrestrial reality and I a very happy to be part of this process.

Return of the Fascist SS

Return of the Fascist SS, and the Unbelievable Factor
By Ed Komarek
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For sixty years UFO/ET whistle blowers, investigators and contactees have been covertly harassed, intimidated, even murdered by a slowly emerging global shadow government. Of course those of us involved in extraterrestrial reality are not the only ones to be targeted. Our whole global society is engaged in a kind of civil war both overt and covert between the reactionary forces of autocracy and the progressive forces of democracy. Many religious people frame this in religious terms as a struggle between good and evil.

There is confusion within society and the media because many individuals have become paranoid while superficially and indiscriminately investigating conspiracies real and imagined. These people are no threat to shadow government and are even being manipulated by shadow government to serve its nefarious ends. Fearful paranoid individuals play into the hands of the dark Orwellian puppet masters, just as do those who think its all just silly conspiracy theory.

The other night I watched a PBS show on two individuals who managed to escape the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp to warn the world as to what was happening there. This was before the Jews of Hungary were rounded up and gassed in 1944. The murder of millions of Jews just did not just happen; it was a carefully planned secret operation that was carried out with ruthless efficiency under the guise of national security. Why was this horrible operation not exposed till just before the end of the war?

I believe there were two very basic reasons for the holocaust social catastrophe. First the whole operation was highly classified and protected by a body of lies, ruses, deceptions and false flag operations. For instance some Chek Jews were held and treated fairly well so that they could write postcards back to their homeland telling their kinfolks that they were being well treated. This was called the postcard deception. It worked and after it was no longer needed the Chek Jews were gassed.

The second reason that the holocaust happened was that it was just too unbelievable to be believed by the general population. When people like the two that escaped Auschwitz told their story it was first though to be just too unbelievable to be true. Even once the Auschwitz story was confirmed the Jewish political leadership in Hungary suppressed the report because the leadership was collaborating with the Nazi SS leadership trying to buy the freedom of a few Jews. This allowed the Germans time to round up and murder hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews. It was not until the Auschwitz story found its way to British Intelligence and was broadcast on the BBC along with a chance bombing of Budapest that the roundup stopped and over a hundred thousand Jews were saved.

The reader might ask what does this have to do with UFO/ET reality? Well, it has to do with the two reasons cited above. Extreme secrecy in combination with the unbelievable factor allowed the holocaust to be planned and executed right under the noses of the general population. Millions of people were rounded up all across Europe and herded into gas chambers to only then find out too late that the rumors of mass extermination had been true.

I have to ask, is history repeating itself today in regards to extraterrestrial reality where this potent combination of excessive secrecy and unbelievablity is once again prevalent. I mean just look at other historical holocausts like the starvation of millions in the Ukraine by Stalin that was carried out under various super-secret ruses and guises. I believe we have another holocaust developing right under the noses of a complacent media and the general public.

Right after the Second World War many high level Nazis were shipped to the United States under Operation Paperclip. These Nazis helped create not only our space program but more importantly our intelligence agencies as well. The evil without was transferred to the heart of America and became the evil within. American leaders after the war planted the cancerous seeds of excessive secrecy, deception and shadow government right into he heart of the Republic!

Slowly over time these seeds have grown and now the shadow government can harass, intimidate and even murder at will anybody who stands in their way no matter how powerful. Real whistle blowers inside of government be they UFO/ET related or not are being targeted by an autocratic shadow government intent on destroying democracy in America and around the world.

Will the slumbering complacent masses of humanity wake up in time? I hope so, for those of us inside and outside of government are trying to turn the tide. We need to understand who are the leaders of this secret government in the shadows and how are they organized? Patriotic citizens that have unknowingly been inducted into this shadow government must also act and resist the shadow leadership despite the risks involved.

We need to know where are today’s SS and Gestapo leadership in today’s black world of private mercenary armies, CIA, and elite military service commando units? Where may we find tomorrow’s Himmler and Eichmann?
Can the unbelievable extraterrestrial reality become believable in time to advert another social catastrophe?