Monday, March 31, 2008

What Does ET Want

What Do the Extraterrestrials Really Want?
By Ed Komarek
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In order to ask this question as to what ETs want from us we need to have an idea of what the overall big picture is. I have written extensively that there are two basic forces in nature, cooperation and competition. Creatures have evolved various combinations of these two evolutionary forces. Some creatures tend toward competitive strategies other toward cooperative strategies. Not only do we see this in nature but because mankind is also part of nature we can see both these evolutionary forces at work in our society. Why should we think things would be any different in universal society?

Autocratic social organizations are and have been dominate throughout mankind’s history but in primitive societies and beginning also with Greeks, democratic ideals have evolved but still remain illusive and fragile in today’s society. Nevertheless because of the flourishing of democratic and republican ideals overt autocrats in order to maintain their power over society have had to go underground. Today these sophisticated autocrats exercise power through secrecy and stealth creating secret autocratic societies with a thin veneer overlay of democracy as in America.

Again why should we think that this struggle between autocratic societies and democratic societies should not continue in ever more sophistication and complexity throughout the rest of the universe? I believe that some sort of protective quarantine involving extraterrestrial reality has now been lifted bringing this universal struggle to our shores. We as a civilization seem to have matured and have been put into play. We will now collectively decide our future by the extraterrestrial alliances we choose.

I think we can divide the extraterrestrial races interacting with humanity as autocratic colonizers, democratic liberators and those races that are indifferent, exhibiting more of a scientific curiosity or observer status. So the two we really have to be concerned with are the colonizers and the liberators. It would seem that in general terms the liberators have the upper hand because if they did not we would already be colonized.

Being that the colonizers are in a weaker position they cannot easily use overt power to achieve their goals and so must act secretly, covertly and deceptively. On the other hand the liberators have their limitations and if we collectively prefer to ally ourselves with the colonizers then we will be left to our fate and a very uncertain future.

Now we can begin to answer the question as to what do ET’s want from us? On the one hand we have one network of less ethical more predatory ETs using secrecy, fear, stealth, deception attempting to infiltrate and colonize earth so as to bring earth society into their secret, black, fear based networks. These less ethical ETs are opposed by other truth-love networks that use ethical means of openness, exposure, truth, and love toward their goal of bringing earth’s humanity into their networks.

Because the universal law the means dictates the end result, both networks are limited to the means that they use to achieve their very different goals. So both groups can be defined and discriminated by their actions not just their words. Earth humanity is being offered a choice by universal society as to the direction it wishes to take and ultimately it will be our choice by the actions that we take wither we join secret, fear based, competitive autocratic networks or a love based, cooperative democratic networks. It will be our inner nature that will decide our fate.

So the question evolves from what do the ETs want, to what do we want? What kind of society do we want to have? How do we want to organize ourselves? Will we exercise our free will and civil liberties or will we give these up to become a sophisticated Orwellian society of a few masters and many slaves? Will we take full responsibility for our thoughts and actions or will we blame others for our loss of freedom and liberty? Regardless of who might say what, we do have free will to choose our destiny providing we take it.

Enlightened ET Policy

Exopolitics: Build It and They Will Come
By Ed Komarek
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The future of our civilization rests on our developing an enlightened extraterrestrial policy along the lines of the Hawaii Declaration. The Hawaii Declaration was the work of a group of concerned citizens that met for a conference in Hawaii in 2006. I believe this declaration should serve as a model for enlightened national and international extraterrestrial policy.

The present unenlightened extraterrestrial policy is a policy created by elite autocrats to further their own special interests all the while causing great harm to society as a whole. The present unenlightened policy favors dangerous autocratic alliances with less ethical ET races and disfavors constructive and beneficial alliances with more ethical ET races.

The only way we can get an enlightened policy is to have a policy devised by the people for the people. This will only be possible if there is full and open disclosure of what is known about extraterrestrial reality. As long as policy is driven by elite autocrats operating in extreme secrecy and under the harshest of security procedures, policy will remain unenlightened, fragmented and destructive to society as a whole.

When we have entrenched special interests looking out for their own interests making decisions for the rest of us we all loose. Over the past 60 years elite autocrats have justified and rationalized their control over societal extraterrestrial policy as exemplified in the Brookings Institution document. This document is nothing more than one of many deceptions perpetrated upon the unsuspecting public in regards to extraterrestrial reality by elite autocrats protecting their special interests.

The truth is that people are generally selfish by nature and when a few create policy they cannot help but look out for their own interests first and society second. Critical to the shaping of policy by the few is control of information to the many. The founding fathers of America knew that the few could not be trusted to use power or information in the interest of the public. This is why Thomas Jefferson said, “I know of no better repository of the truth than with the people.” Jefferson and the other founding father knew that democracy could not function if information and truth were withheld from the public no matter what the rationale.

Our civilization is obviously no longer in extraterrestrial quarantine as evidenced by the huge upsurge in extraterrestrial activity on and about our planet since the late 1940s. Our civilization has been put into play and now is being fundamentally impacted by a great diversity of advanced extraterrestrial races. The only way we as a people can make the right decisions to correctly shape our future is if we have all the information possible to make those decisions.

Because things are really coming to a head and because of unenlightened extraterrestrial policy we are all in great danger of exploitation and colonization by unethical ET races. The way things now stand is that this unenlightened autocratic ET policy had created the conditions best suited for exploitation and colonization of our civilization. This is why I advocate immediate release of all extraterrestrial related information. There are those autocrats that would argue that this would be catastrophic to society and they are both right and wrong.

What the autocrats say is only a partial truth, a lie. The whole truth is that things can get far worse than catastrophic if the information is not immediately released. Under a continued unenlightened ET policy we face he immediate danger of colonization. I would argue that it is much better for our society to have catastrophic renewal and remain an independent civilization than proceed down the road to colonization any further.

Should disclosure rapidly occur even if catastrophic, we as a society have the option at least to create an enlightened ET policy. A policy that will disfavor less ethical ET interactions and colonization in favor of more ethical ET interactions that will allow for continued independence.

There are those who ask where are the ethical extraterrestrials, why won’t they openly interact with us? My answer to that question is that under present conditions circumstances do not favor open interactions with ethical extraterrestrial races. The ethical races are being excluded from open formal negotiations and interactions because of the current unethical super-secret, hostile, deceptive climate that prevails in regards to extraterrestrial reality.

I believe that if we collectively create an enlightened ET policy the ethical races will openly and formally appear in great numbers forcing an end to the creeping covert infiltration and colonization of our society by less ethical races. If we collectively fashion an enlightened policy they will come.

Commanders and Diplomats

Military Flight Commanders and Citizen Diplomats
By Ed Komarek
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I just ran across an article written by Ronald Erdrich about Ricky Sorrell’s UFO/ETV encounter near Stephenville Texas in January. Ricky has been out hunting when a huge UFO blocked out the sky. When he looked at the bottom of the craft through his rifle scope what he saw were cone like protrusions on the bottom and a slight atmospheric distortion. The object was completely silent.

But what interested me the most was what happened afterward. People have reported jets chasing UFOs in the area. The sightings around Stephenville became mainstream news and the Air Force that first denied that it had planes in the area on that day later had to recant. Since then there has been major ongoing Air Force and UFO activity around the Stephenville area.

According to the Ronald Erdrich interview with Mr. Sorrells there were a huge number or requests by journalists for interviews and Ricky had become overwhelmed by phone calls and eventually stopped answering the phone. But before this he got a call from a man describing him as a military officer, a lieutenant colonel who gave his name and wanted an interview. Ricky thought he claimed to be with the Air Force. When Ricky said he was tired of giving interviews the man got angry and demanding.

A battle of wills ensued and each threatened each other. Then Ricky said, “I wish you would quit flying those helicopters over my airspace.” That apparently hit a nerve with the caller and the caller shouted back that it was not Ricky’s airspace but his!

I quote from the Erdrich article the following; “Since the incident, Sorrells said aircraft began making regular appearances over his property, searching for something. One morning, he said, three small helicopters, accompanied by a larger one, roused him out of bed. He got up, put on his boots, went outside to his pickup and let his displeasure be known by shining his spotlight on one of the aircraft. The pilot shielded his eyes, the helicopters then slowed down, turned and surrounded him, hovering. “So I’m here in my underwear and my boots, with a spotlight at two o’clock in the morning, and I’m thinking, “This isn’t smart.” I turn off my spotlight, I wave at them, and I get in my house.”

The reason I found this report so interesting is that I see a pattern developing between the Air Force chasing ETs being watched by civilians on the ground, most who are just witnesses, but in my case a couple claim to be contactees having friendly relations with the ETs. When I went public with our case and the UFO/ET activity east of Moultrie Georgia about 8 hours after I went public my contactee friend’s house was bombed with flares so close and so numerous that they stunk up the area. This was an obvious attempt at intimidation.

Such a coordinated action would have to have been authorized by the flight commander of Moody Air Force base that was about 30 miles away. So not only do we here in South Georgia have a interaction with ETs in the local area we find ourselves in interaction with the local Air Force and apparently the flight commander responsible for what I assume are classified missions involving ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles). In the case of Ricky Sorrels not only was their a confrontation as we have had, but also a phone call by a person who may have been the flight commander out of Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene Texas which is about 75 miles away.

Obviously the ETVs seem to have the Air Force in these areas in a near panic trying to defend U.S. airspace. I think it is about time that we civilians meet with the flight commanders of these bases to discuss issues of importance to both military and civilians. We don’t have to be adversaries and I think we can work together on this. I don’t think the military commanders at these bases are getting the whole story and neither do we, so we can both gain from information sharing.

Now that we have established our credentials so to speak I hope to get in touch with the flight commander of Moody Air Force Base and see if we can sit down for a chat. J
As soon as we have our ETV videos up on the net I think I will send the report to the flight commander and base commander at Moody and see what kind of response I receive.

UFO/ET investigator Steve Moreno says that the flight commander of Travis Air Force base in California invited him to lecture on UFOs there in 1999 to the pilots and officers. At the time there were very significant sightings of ETVs in the area of Steve’s home which is close to the Base. I think the actions of Steve and the Flight Commander could be a mutually beneficial model of cooperation between civilians and the military in other ETV hotspots. I think we can learn from each other and work together through the grass roots to pressure national and international leaders into a more enlightened policy toward non-hostile extraterrestrial races than is presently the case.

Air Force Personnel

Address To Air Force Flight Personnel
By Ed Komarek
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I would like to address those in the military particularly those ordered to engage extraterrestrial forces from military bases around the country and around the world. I realize that the base commander right down through the flight commander to the pilots themselves have little influence on what I believe is an unenlightened extraterrestrial policy and are just following orders from higher up the chain of command.

I have made it clear in other articles that I believe policy makers at the top of the chain of command at the highest levels, both military and civilian, are responsible for an unenlightened extraterrestrial policy not in the interest of America or the world. I feel that we all are being powerfully and destructively influenced by secret, deceptive, powerful global entrenched special interests. These interests in protecting their own interest rather than the public interest are pushing us all toward global destruction, enslavement and possible colonization.

I believe that the elite autocrats and the established special interests they control as well as their unethical extraterrestrial allies are the global national security threat that supersedes all other threats and are the mortal enemies of democracy and representative republics all around the globe. A very dark future awaits mankind if we allow this threat to persist.

Civilians and military are finally beginning to realize that this enemy within and without must be confronted and stopped and that this can only be done if all of society becomes informed and takes collective action on all issues affecting them from the grass roots to the highest levels. I believe that full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality is one of those issues of the greatest importance for the following reasons.

It is my opinion the unethical extraterrestrial races allied with elite autocrats are covertly methodically destroying democratic institutions worldwide while at the same time they openly appear to support democracy. The goal seems to be colonization of earth and the creation of a sophisticated Orwellian version of a slave or feudal society that will serve elite interests both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

This action is being opposed by an alliance of global democratic interests and their ethical extraterrestrial allies who desire earth to become part of an enlightened ethical network of independent civilizations. The desire of the democratic terrestrial interests and their ethical extraterrestrial allies is to support a free and open society that shares in mutually constructive societal exchanges involving politics, economics, science, religion, health and collective security.

In a way each of us in on the front lines of this struggle involving extraterrestrial realties and that collectively by our thought and our actions are determining the direction our global civilization will take. Many of you in the armed forces have found yourself on the front lines participating in this terrestrial and non-terrestrial struggle cold turkey. You have become involved in extraterrestrial reality not from your own choosing as have we in the civilian sector.

Your experiences must surely be very traumatic and stressful having not been adequately briefed by your superiors. Every member of the military should consider the possibility that you are unknowingly being directed and manipulated to attack ethical extraterrestrial races while at the same time you are being directed to cooperate with unethical races through the chain of command.

It should be understood that ethical extraterrestrial races have to use ethical means to achieve their goals that involves openness, truthfulness and love and are limited to the degree they can pressure individuals and society. They can not and will not participate in the present Orwellian elitist system of clearance, secrecy, lies, special access and need to know that uses national security as a cover, a disguise to control the military. We should judge an extraterrestrial society by individual and collective action not what is said or claimed.

The collective strategy of the ethical extraterrestrials seems to be to deliberately provoke the military and the civilian leadership through airspace intrusions and infiltration into sensitive installations as a form of non-violence and social disobedience. This is exactly the strategy that Gandhi used against the British Colonizers forcing them to confront their unethical nature freeing India from British autocratic control.

Since an Air Force military base is on the front lines of the engagement with ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles) the pilots up the ranks through the flight commander and base commander have a right and a need to know the whole truth. Policy makers and their unethical extraterrestrial allies should be pressured to present the whole truth and not just partial disclosure or partial truth designed to manipulate attacks on friendly ET groups here to help us create a bright future for ourselves. Of course when an ETV takes a truly hostile action like firing first that is another matter altogether and a hostile response is warranted.

For those in the military desiring a second opinion I hope this helps. I see it as part of my job to help others work through these complex issues involving extraterrestrial reality. I might not be always right but I hope that my perspective gained over all these years can be useful to others as we together navigate these treacherous extraterrestrial seas.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why Shoot At ETs

Why Shoot At ETs That Don’t Shoot Back?
By Ed Komarek
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The debate rages between both civilians and military about wither ETs are friendly or unfriendly. Many abductees, abductee researchers and military consider the abducting ETs unfriendly and deceptive and I have no argument with that. However from all the evidence that I have been able to see the unfriendly types such as the Grays and dangerous Reptilians are in the minority of extraterrestrial races frequenting this planet.

The problem I have is that because of the unethical and hostile actions of a minority of extraterrestrial races many civilians and military consider all ETs hostile and act accordingly attacking all ETs for the sins of the few. In this manner we separate ourselves from potential allies in our struggle against both unethical humans and extraterrestrials. This is a very dangerous and destructive mode of action on our part and I have given some thought as just why this should be the case.

Part of the problem is that those being abducted and the researchers that study them tend to congregate together and reinforce each others belief that the part of the forest they are experiencing and studying is in fact the whole forest. They tend to exclude evidence to the contrary as not believable or fraudulent. This leads in my estimation to an incorrect perception that all ETs are hostile and unethical interacting with mankind. Even more interesting to me is that these unethical and deceptive ETs seem to encourage this type of thinking amongst civilians and the military and use it to their advantage in turning people against the friendly ethical ETs.

Another factor I believe is that the global elite that own the entrenched special interests that are benefiting from the cover up of extraterrestrial reality fear the more friendly ETs more than the unfriendly ones. The unfriendly ET types think and act in a similar manner to the sophisticated gangsters that have a large degree of control over this planet, its people and its resources. The unethical ETs like the global elite themselves find they can work together to achieve common goals and together try to hold the friendly ETs at bay.

The global elite by using national security as a cover are able to manipulate the military into attacking friendly ETs. This is done through the very strict security classification system based on clearance, special access and need to know. The elite have assisted in creating this bodyguard of lies, secrecy and deception with themselves at the top of the chain of command determining the need to know.

So even another factor contributing to the attacking of friendly ETs by the military is the global elite because they ultimately determine the need to know only allowing information down the chain of command on unfriendly ET interactions. By this way the military is being manipulated through partial disclosure of extraterrestrial reality to do what is in the best interest of the global entrenched interests and not what is in the publics own interest.

I think that some of us both military and civilian are coming to the realization that the real axis of evil in the world today is the oil industry, arms industry and the banking industry. These three industries and the elite families that own them have the motive, intent and means to create and maintain a 60 year suppression of public knowledge of extraterrestrial knowledge and technology. These three industries control governments, the military and the press at the highest levels and determine the need to know and the resources of society. It is they that are our greatest national security threat.

Those civilians and military that are inexperienced, fearful and uninformed of the whole scope of extraterrestrial reality are vulnerable to manipulation by both manipulative ETs and the manipulative global elite and the entrenched interests they control. I believe both civilians and military are being manipulated to attack friendly ET races against their own interest and the only remedy for this is full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.
The better people understand the big picture the better they will be able to defend themselves against manipulation by both the global elite and the unethical predatory extraterrestrials.

I am very much in agreement that we do need to rid this planet of both predatory ETs and predatory humans. You will get no argument from me on that. The question really is what is the best way to do this? Attacking friendly potential ET allies just because we consider them intruding on “our” airspace and in the military mindset considered “a hostile act” certainly does not help things at all. We need an enlightened unified global policy involving extraterrestrial reality that promotes friendly ET contact rather than just the opposite.

I have speculated in other articles maybe most intrusions are not hostile acts but political acts of non-violence. Not only do we hinder ourselves by such unenlightened hostile actions from removing predatory humans and ETs from our society, but we also suppress our bright future and evolutionary development that will be vastly accelerated by friendly relations with advanced ethical extraterrestrial races. It’s time for civilians and military to start thinking outside of the box.

Axis of Evil

Cheney, Bush and the Real Axis of Evil
By Ed Komarek
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I have noticed a convergence of awareness between UFO/ET investigators and general conspiracy investigators in relation to how autocratic power in today’s society exerts itself from the control of an elite few down the chain of command to the many. Globally and in America we have two very contradictory political forces that work in direct opposition to each other one being autocratic and the other democratic.

In general I believe that autocrats still dominate world governments as they have throughout human history. In some places they rule overtly but in so called democratic societies clever autocrats covertly use democracy and national security as fronts or guises to secretly manipulate and rule.

Autocrats are able to do this because the general population even today is easily intimidated and lead through a combination of fear and bribes. People in democratic societies consciously live an illusion that they are free while they still unconsciously think and act as loyal subjects of the crown seeking patronage and power from local and national government.

On occasion when the general population within a country becomes aroused, democracy can assert itself for short periods of time until the population loses interest or is otherwise distracted. In a classic case of the tail wagging the dog most of the time those autocratic corporate special economic and political interests that ideally should serve democratic society turn the tables and manipulate society into serving them.

Historically autocratic power was generally accepted as a divine right by ruling family dynasties and their subjects so feudal power could be exercised overtly as in places like North Korea even today. Increasingly as democratic and republican ideas have spread about the world the elite autocrats have been forced to move underground becoming ever more sophisticated, secret and deceptive as to how they project power and control populations.

Sophisticated mechanisms for the projection of secret autocratic power and control have evolved over time. In today’s society control revolves around covert control of finance and the media as well as covert control over the military through national security guises and deceptions based on extreme secrecy, fear, bribes, clearance, special access and need to know.

It is my opinion that the real axis of evil in the world to a large degree revolves around three very powerful autocratic controlled entrenched special interests; energy, arms and finance. I believe that these three industries and the elite families that control these interests have a very high degree of responsibility for the general destruction of society and the global environment. These very same industries that are doing the damage to society and the environment promote themselves as the ones best suited to provide solutions to the very problems they are creating in a constant propaganda bombardment in the corporate mainstream media.

These global entrenched interests and families that control these industries comprise a covert sophisticated form of modern day royalty. Not only do these elite rule society in general through secrecy and stealth but they also appear to be the major culprits behind the 60 year old UFO/ET cover up that lies at the very heart of their secret covert power over world populations.

The elite families and the corporations that they own have the motive, the intent and the means to suppress extraterrestrial reality out of self interest just as they do in other societal domains. In a more general way they also have the motive, the intent and the means to actively, secretly suppress democracy while publicly showing support. The one thing that we can count on is that these very sophisticated autocratic gangsters are doing the exact opposite of what they say they are doing.

While some conspiracy investigators focus on how money is used to control society and the media through private central banking networks perhaps not enough attention is being paid as to how the elite control the world military and the mainstream press through the auspices of national security. In my opinion the greatest threat to national security around the globe is secret elite control over the national security establishment worldwide and not just in America.

The military just seems to now be waking up to the fact that they are being used and manipulated by civilian leadership closely tied to this economic and political axis of evil being discussed. If we just look at the present civilian leadership in America we have the energy interests the Bushes, and the Rockefellers along with their closest friends and advisers like Cheney and Gates involved in the highest levels of civilian leadership. We have one Rockefeller in Congress that is on the Senate Intelligence Committee directly.

Gates who used to be head of the CIA and who is close to the elder Bush who was also head of the CIA is now Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney who is tied to both oil and arms through his connections to Halliburton is Vice President, and the younger Bush himself is president. I am not familiar with those in Congress and at the White House who are closely connected to banking and finance but I am sure there are plenty. We can see that oil, arms and finance are very well represented in the civilian leadership of America and elsewhere around the globe.

Then there is this revolving door between the military and the civilian leadership where elite families and servants are well infiltrated into all aspects of the military and civilian chain of command. The military through various task forces and working groups related to extraterrestrial reality and other areas involving national security seem to slowly be beginning to realize as we in the public are realizing, that the national security apparatus has been hijacked by the elite special interest. I think this process of awaking has been hastened by the American elite’s arrogant, foolish, wasteful wars in the Middle East and has further focused military and public attention on the global elite’s covert power and destructive behavior worldwide.

It is really the arms merchants, energy industry and banking that really control secrecy, clearance, special access and need to know for everybody else down the military chain of command to the rank and file. What we really have is not a national security system but an elite control system that in itself is the greatest national security threat to civil society in the world today. We even have a horrible situation where terrorism and environmental destruction are both being assisted and manipulated to serve elite interests.

When Thomas Jefferson said, “I know of no better repository of the truth than with the people.” He knew what he was talking about. In order to take our country back and our world back from this axis of evil we have to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Once we get that, we then have the situational awareness necessary to combat these powerful entrenched interests that are the instruments of mass societal and environmental destruction.

We have to dismantle the bodyguard of lies both UFO/ET related and otherwise because this is what protects the global elite and the industries that they own. Both the public and the military need to stop blindly acting like loyal subjects of the King and Queen and act as a free people should.

As the lies compound one on another they become more difficult to manage and the truth more difficult to suppress. I believe it’s just a matter of time until coalescing groups seeking the truth in the civilian sector combined with groups in the military create so much heat, spontaneous smoldering truth, that a spark or several sparks will ignite the mountain of lies and become unstoppable.

I predict that the truth suppression networks of the entrenched global special interests will be overwhelmed and a general conflagration, a catastrophic process of renewal of society and a corresponding end to he UFO/ET cover up will be upon us. It won’t be pretty and it did not have to happen this way, but it is renewal nevertheless and better than the alternative of continued slippage into an Orwellian dark future.

Friday, March 21, 2008

ETs and Non-violence

Are ETs Applying Tactics of Non-violence?
By Ed Komarek
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I have given some thought as to the tactics being used by ethical extraterrestrial races in their interactions with world governments. It may come as a surprise and a revelation to some that extraterrestrials are employing tactics of non-violence comparable to those used on this planet by leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. This is powerful evidence of peaceful intent.

The civil rights movements of India, America and South Africa effectively used techniques of non-violence to effect justice and social transformation in the violent autocratic regimes of all three countries. These civil rights movements were met with violence from the prevailing authorities in all three countries but tactics of non-violence, social disobedience, prevailed.

I submit that peaceful extraterrestrial races are employing exactly the same tactics of non-violence and social disobedience as were employed in the civil rights movements of India, America and South Africa. Of course I am only talking about our interactions with peaceful non-hostile races and not militaristic, hostile ET races. Lucky for us it seems that peaceful non-hostile races are in the majority in our earth environs.

The more I study these clashes between ETs and world military forces, these dogfights in the sky about America and the rest of the world, the better I understand what they are about. It’s obvious that in most of these clashes between military jets and extraterrestrial craft that the ETs are showing remarkable restraint in the face of very violent responses by world militaries. This leads me to believe that the ETs are using non-violent approaches to effect open public recognition of their existence.

I believe the ET tactics are working. Military leaders around the world seem to be increasingly resisting the use the military as a violent and repressive instrument to support non-disclosure of extraterrestrial reality. Autocrats world wide seem to now to be feeling the pressure not only from the public to openly disclose extraterrestrial reality but from the military as well.

The ET non-violent approach and motives to world autocratic governments does not seem to be all that different than that used by the United States against Japan in the 1800s. The United States broke Japan out of its self imposed isolation by steaming into a Japanese harbor. The American military force was so obviously far superior to anything the Japanese had at the time that Japan no choice but to end its self imposed isolation with the rest of the world.

I think if we were to study the reasons for Japan’s self imposed isolation it would not be much different from the extraterrestrial isolation imposed by world autocratic regimes on their respective publics. I think the reasons for isolation in both instances involved a desire to protect the culture but more essentially the entrenched special interests that ruled these cultures.

Japan was not destroyed by this forced non-violent interaction with American culture. The Japanese culture rallied and became a powerful militaristic power. The society was crushed by World War 2, but quickly rebuilt and finally became a powerful peaceful people from the hard lessons learned. This should give us all hope for our future in the difficult times ahead.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Follow the Jets

Want To See UFOs, Just Follow the Jets!
By Ed Komarek
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I think the UFO/ET activity going on in my local area is not unrelated to recent national and international politics involving extraterrestrial reality. I am learning from my local contactee network information that can be useful to the rest of the public who may want to involve themselves with citizen diplomatic initiatives involving extraterrestrial reality.

I now believe that the U.S. Air Force is dog fighting with ETs in several areas of the U.S. and the same seems to be going on with other Air Forces around the globe. I am beginning to think that what is happening in the east Moultrie Georgia area where I and my friends have a front row seat is not a isolated situation. I believe that these dogfights are ET initiated and are designed to put exopolitical pressure on national and world leaders through their respective militaries to openly disclose UFO/ET reality.

I have just been told that Air Force jets don’t want to shoot down ET craft in populated areas because of the risk of public exposure to a crash site and that makes sense to me. A crashing saucer falling into a city would be a public relations nightmare and could force immediate and catastrophic disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

The ETs know that they are reasonably protected over highly populated areas and so they can act boldly in these areas. On the other hand the Air Force does its best to lure the ETs out to more isolated areas or around military bases where they can be shot down without much public scrutiny. The public can watch these cat and mouse games and verify for themselves what I am saying if they will take the trouble and patience to go outside and pay attention to what is going on right above their heads.

If this kind of activity is not happening in your local area then a trip for several hundred miles stopping frequently to look for military jets overhead at night could find other areas like we have here in South Georgia and Stephenville Texas. Once these areas are located and mapped the public could go out in mass to these sites to participate through citizen action.

I have been wondering for awhile just what is going on with these deadly serious cat and mouse games and I think I may have the answer. The friendly ETs involved in this dangerous game are showing remarkable restraint in provoking the military. They are obviously take risks of shoot down and capture. I have to ask myself why they are going to all this trouble. Here is what I think.

I believe they are teaching us by exhibiting their peaceful nature even while under attack. By their actions they hold a mirror to our own violent reactions and nature. The tactic I believe is to force debate within the military and affect the conscience of the more enlightened military leadership. They also seem to be relaying a message through the military to push the civilian leadership to fully disclose their existence. As I have been reporting in other articles this may now be happening not just in the U.S. but around the world as generals and admirals around the globe speak out for full open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

I think what we have now that has not been evident in the past is that disclosure is out of the hands of world leaders and totally in the hands of the ETs themselves. The ETs have given world leaders 60 years to do the job themselves but now are tired of the foot dragging spurred on by global elite entrenched interests. I am beginning to see that these dogfights have got to be very controversial within the military from the rank and file right on up the chain of command to the highest levels.

I think that the more enlightened military leaders are now resisting being pushed to attack ETs in these dogfights seeing that this is not only morally repugnant but counterproductive to the development of future diplomatic relations. This ties in nicely with one source to the secret UN UFO meetings being a liaison between the Pentagon and the State Department as reported by Robert Morningstar and others.

For the public interested in participating in the diplomatic initiatives underway on a civilian level maybe a good place to start is the sky over you head. Passenger airliners and regular aircraft are easy to spot and they generally keep flying in one direction until they disappear but military fighters act much differently when they are dog fighting ETs.

Where the ETs and the fighters are having it out you can watch the fighters’ sort of milling around over certain areas where there is ET activity. Fighters loop back and forth at slow speed over an area conserving fuel and just waiting for a ET craft to come into a area and then when ETs enter the area the games begin. J When you find such an area you have to be patient and might have to spend several night’s sky watching jets before ET shows up.

A friend recently watched a fighter from Moody Air Force base take after a ET craft and the ET craft did a loop back behind the fighter. That’s one little game, another is for the craft to come along and turn on its lights a couple of times to just let you and the fighter know its there. Then poof before the pilot of the jet hardly even knows what is happening the ET craft disappears. J

So folks just get out from behind the TVs and computers and stop arguing about wither extraterrestrials exist or not and go outside and can see for yourself that they do. If nothing is going on up above your house and in your area just go to where there is a major military base at night and follow the jets out to where the action is. J

This is the reverse of how I used to do to find bee trees. As a young man I used to bait up bees with sugar and then follow them back to the honey tree. In this case just follow the jets and they will lead you to the extraterrestrial activity. The ETs are really beginning to up the pressure on the military and civilian leadership and are now putting on quite a show in some areas.

For those wanting to get in on the action get a video camera that is good for night shooting with a good telephoto lens. Get a tripod because without one your craft will appear to loop all over the place for lack of steadiness. Learn to keep the camera on manual and on infinity until a UFO gets close then switch to automatic focus. This way the automatic focus does not mess up the more distant shots by zooming in and out constantly. When the craft get in close enough then the automatic focus will lock on and you can get good video of craft if the ETs allow you to photograph their craft at close range. They might do this because their main interest might be to not to get shot down and so hang close to people and buildings giving you a change of getting some really good video.

Am I trying to cause trouble for the Air Force, yes I am? Our contactee network and the Air Force have been developing this little dialogue in the open internet media and in the battle zone under the stars at night. J The Air Force insists on interfering with our local citizen diplomatic initiatives by harassing our friendly ET friends. They have been asked to stop and they responded by dramatically defiantly bombing my contacts homes with flares to intimidate us as I have reported in a previous article. They are still continuing to do this to a lesser extent. I am sure they see things just the opposite and that it we that are the ones interfering. J

We here in South Georgia have taken some good video of craft and hope to get this up on Utube soon to add credence to our activities. My friend and colleague Steve Moreno is now doing some preliminary analysis of the better segments of the raw footage. Hopefully in about three weeks I can have a report on our activities and the video up on the Internet.

We citizens don’t have the hard power that the military has but we do have soft power. You can make a stand for UFO/ET disclosure by just watching and photographing the sky around where you live and driving around to where you see fighter jets circling and doing loops at night over populated areas. The military will tell you its just training activity and not to believe your lying eyes. Sometimes they might just be telling the truth but not all of the time. So folks if you want to see extraterrestrials in action just follow the jets and have patience.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heyday for Lawyers (Part 2)

Exopolitics: Heyday for Lawyers (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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In a couple of past articles I have speculated that the UFO/ET cover up could end up with a bang rather than a whimper should lawyers become increasing involved. I see two ways that things might proceed. General lawsuits could develop from what at first appeared to just be a specific conventional lawsuit involving one company criminally suppressing an invention developed by another company out of self interest.

This approach would be like starting on a tree leaf then following that leaf to other leaves and branches till one finally reaches the trunk and the roots of the tree. The trunk of the tree would represent a consortium of elite bankers, financers and industrialists who bore overall responsibility for knowing causing mass destruction of life and limb and to the global environment.

A second avenue might be a broader based lawsuit that started closer to the trunk of the tree and spread out to the branches and roots of the tree. Such a lawsuit might come from an environmentalist’s lawsuit against the fossil fuels industry that involved suppression of alterative conventional energy technologies. Such a lawsuit might then lead to allegations of the suppression of exotic extraterrestrial energy technologies.

I can envision that as more evidence accumulated from the processes of discovery and whistle blowers this could lead to allegations of industrial and government collusion to exploit ET related technologies at public expense. This in turn could lead to a general allegation against a consortium of wealthy global elite bankers, financers and industrialists might who be found criminally and civilly responsible for UFO/ET cover up and its destruction to global society and the global environment.

So it can be seen that their might be numerous avenues along which lawsuits could progress that would eventually expose criminal wrongdoing from the grass roots to the highest levels of government and industry. A third avenue might be a spontaneous development of lawsuits along a wide front like leaks suddenly appearing throughout the whole of a dam due to years of internal seepage. One can only imagine the billions and trillions of dollars that would be at stake should such scenarios develop in reality.

Extra terrestrially related lawsuits could bring about the collapse not of just companies but whole industries, scientific and religious institutions, and perhaps even nations. This in turn could open the door for the development of whole new industries and institutions that until now have been vigorously suppressed by the global entrenched special interests.

Out of the destruction of old entrenched industries and institutions could come a general renewal of society through a flourishing of innovation related to extraterrestrial reality. Not only that but a general enlightenment and rise is the overall consciousness of society could proceed without hindrance through interactions with more enlightened and ethically advanced ET races and the avoidance of less ethical ET predatory races.

Societal and environmental renewal may come at great cost to society because of the general overall suppression for 60 years of human consciousness and technological innovation. What should have been a more natural process of periodic renewal of the past 60 years must now necessarily be a catastrophic renewal.

Instead of denying the inevitable catastrophic renewal we should even at this late day embrace this process of renewal. Even now we can mitigate to some extent the catastrophic consequences of 60 years of lies, secrecy and suppression of extraterrestrial reality. Mitigation will require unprecedented cooperation between civilian exopoliticians, the military, and open constitutional authority.

UFO/ET Developing Nations

UFO/ET Cover-up Favors Developing Nations
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

While I believe that global society and the environment overall are the big losers because of public suppression of extraterrestrial knowledge and technology there are a few nation winners among the many nation losers. I believe the North American and Western European developed countries have been able to secretly control extraterrestrial innovation and use it to their own ends both in the private sector and for defense. Also some oil rich developing nations are favored by the cover up because cheap non polluting competing energy technologies are suppressed.

The nations that are losers are many and in particular the developing countries that need homegrown radical technological innovation without technological dependence on the developed world. The developing countries like Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and South America in general, the Asian countries like India, Southeast Asia and China, and Eastern Europe etc. need control over their own technological innovation in order to play catch up with the North American and Western European economies. While the cover up of extraterrestrial realities is in place the flow of technology derived from these realities is controlled by the developed countries just as is the flow of expensive energy placing the developing countries as a whole at great disadvantage.

Even the more developed countries like Japan and South Korea are at competitive economic disadvantage because they are most likely denied direct access to ET technologies. China and Russia are both also at an economic disadvantage technologically speaking but Russia because of its oil reserves is being cushioned somewhat. But both Russia and China are both at a huge national security disadvantage because Western Europe, North America and Australia have advanced their national defense far in advance of theirs because of secret exploitation of extraterrestrial realities.

The dynamics of disclosure on an international level is growing increasing more complex and competitive as more national losers catch on to how they are being taken advantage of by the national winners. This is just one more factor that bodes well for UFO/ET disclosure soon, one more significant leak in an already very leaky dyke.

The greatest winners in the suppression of extraterrestrial reality have been the global elite and the entrenched interests that they control. This situation could change drastically post cover up and these same global elite could experience a dramatic fall from power as their crimes against humanity and the environment become more and more apparent to all.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Heyday for Lawyers!

Exopolitics: Heyday for Lawyers!
By Ed Komarek
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Over the period of the 60 year old cover up of extraterrestrial reality the entrenched special interests have operated outside of the law where only the law of the jungle has ruled. Today as UFO/ET disclosure quickens the rule of law and constitutional authority is bound to return to cover extraterrestrial reality. It will proceed at first slowly then will come on with a vengeance as large trial lawyer firms realize the billions and perhaps trillions of dollars to be make as the lawsuits begin to fly.

No wonder the current administration is trying to set a legal precedent by giving telecom companies retroactive immunity from prosecution when they cooperated in illegal government wiretapping activities. As the UFO/ET cover up ends many of the largest international corporations and perhaps even nations will become vulnerable to prosecution and lawsuits. Those national and multinational corporations that have cooperated with unconstitutional and illegal government activities in the suppression and secret exploitation of extraterrestrial reality will become highly vulnerable to not only citizen outrage but to criminal and civil lawsuits.

I expect we will soon see many big name international corporations involved in fossil fuels, defense and aerospace, transportation, electronic and computer industries seeking relief from lawsuits while corporations and private citizens seek redress of grievances. The trial lawyers will make huge sums of money but the past falsification of patents will certainly make many patent lawyers and their firms very rich as well. Interested parties should read, The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso.

I would suggest an alliance between those of us seeking UFO/ET disclosure and the powerful Wall Street legal firms. It will take more than ideals to finally put an end to the extraterrestrial cover up. What we exopoliticians need now is some special interest financial muscle behind us. For many years the opposition have used divide and conquer strategies against us and it is high time the tables are turned.

Hopefully at some point soon some very large powerful legal firms could become involved in disclosure out of self interest. The huge amounts of profit to be made through lawsuits and protection from lawsuits should be great enough of an inducement to cause the law firms to break rank from the rest of the pack. When the litigation begins that will sound the death knell for the UFO/ET cover up.

The rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial reality will surely create economic hardship for many nationally and globally but it will also present many opportunities. There will be those people and industries like the legal industry that will flourish and profit greatly from the upheaval. The same can be said for some countries around the world. Some countries will benefit especially those countries where technological innovation is being suppressed as in the third world countries and in Japan and Asia. Other countries like the oil rich Middle East countries could be devastated unless they are well diversified away from oil.

It’s not hard to see now which countries are pushing for disclosure and which countries are vigorously against UFO/ET disclosure. Just look at what countries economic interests will be harmed by disclosure and which countries will benefit the most. It’s easy to see who the players are.

The only thing that appears to be holding the cover up together and keeping pro disclosure countries from breaking rank is the very real possibility of catastrophic disclosure soon. Because of the 60 years of suppression and manipulation of technological innovation what should have been a gradual process of acclimation and renewal over 60 years may soon become a catastrophic process of renewal.

Those nations, companies, and citizens that have prepared themselves for possible catastrophic economic instability and renewal after UFO/ET disclosure will be able to take advantage of new opportunities. These will flourish in such a time of upheaval while those that continue to remain brainwashed will suffer greatly. I am placing my bets on the lawyers and the legal profession coming out on top of the whole mess.

ET Lawsuits

The Extraterrestrial Lawsuits Will Be Out of This World!
By Ed Komarek
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I believe that some of the wealthiest lawyers on the planet may soon be those specializing in extraterrestrial and international law. These lawyers will have had the vision to realize the precarious position entrenched special interests have put themselves into by suppressing extraterrestrial reality for their own ends and against the interests of humanity and the environment. These lawyers will have grasped the truth that those elite and their corporations that have knowingly socially devastated humanity and the global environment will be subject to billion and trillions of dollars in lawsuits.

The global entrenched special interests are to blame for creating the conditions for catastrophic UFO/ET disclosure. I have referred in past articles and have stated that truth in society is like fire in the natural environment. Fire is a part of the environment and it naturally burns out dead debris on a periodic and regular basis in a natural process of renewal.

When fire is unnaturally excluded from the forest the fuel accumulations build up to a point that sooner or later when fire does break out it cannot be stopped and a process of catastrophic renewal begins. In our society the truth has been suppressed for 60 years as to extraterrestrial reality. I believe that the global elite’s accumulated bodyguard of lies that have surrounding this reality have become so great that when truth does catch hold we will have a societal conflagration of renewal similar to renewal by fire in nature. We will of course recover just as did Yellowstone Park but it did not have to be this way.

I predict that when the lawyers get involved in UFO/ET disclosure and realize how much money can be made from lawsuits, and protecting special interests from lawsuits, they will be unstoppable. What should have been a gradual cyclical process of acclimation to extraterrestrial reality will have become catastrophic, throwing global society in upheaval and instability. The fault will rest squarely on the shoulders of the global elite and their entrenched interest corporations. Of course we and the lawyers will be blamed for the societal inferno just as the camper who left their fire unattended is blamed for the catastrophic fire. The real culprits are the ones who suppressed the truth just as with fire.

Right now we exopoliticians that have figured this thing out for ourselves have little resources and are easily containable through the elite’s truth suppression networks that include the mainstream press and the military. Still we are like the smoldering peat fire that may soon ignite the lawyers and when that happens we together should become an unstoppable force. Opposition to the UFO/ET cover up will crumble one lie after another until all the lies, secrecy and deceit are exposed and then and only then can the process of societal renewal begin afresh.

Bodyguard of Lies

Penetrating the Global Elite’s Bodyguard of Lies
By Ed Komarek
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The most effective way for global activists to destroy the criminal global elite and their dark vision for humanity is to penetrate the bodyguard of lies that protects their secret knowledge of and exploitation of extraterrestrial reality. I believe that the heart of global entrenched special interest power centers on the exploitation of extraterrestrial knowledge and power for their own ends and against the interest of humanity. I realize that such a statement is a huge pill to swallow for those not familiar with UFO/ET reality.

All I ask is that global activists look into this matter in depth. A good place to start is with the book, UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan and The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso. This should be followed by an internet investigation of extraterrestrial reality. It is my argument that it is the global entrenched special interests that are primarily responsible for the 60 years of public brainwashing, ridicule and denial around the subject of extraterrestrial realities.

The extraterrestrial cover up is essentially the global elite’s bodyguard of lies that protects the exploitation of extraterrestrial reality for their own ends. Not only do the bankers and financers own the corporate media and use it to brainwash the public but they also have been able to use national security as a cover, a mechanism to hoodwink the military into protecting their special interests and to attack those who would expose their dark agenda and secret nefarious activities. These activities are secretly destroying civil society and the environment worldwide. Of course other special interests other than finance are involved and I have discussed who these industries are and why they are responsible for the UFO/ET cover up in previous articles.

What the military and global activists need to understand is that the whole national security system based on extreme secrecy, need to know, clearance, and special access is primarily designed as a mechanism for elite control over the military and society as a whole. I have called the military the elite’s iron fist that combined with the control over the corporate media, the velvet glove, have brought humanity and the environment to the brink of destruction.

Citizens in all walks of life must wake up and those caught up and drawn into these schemes of elite control, in particular the mainstream press and the military, must fight to regain constitutional and democratic control over their respective institutions. Those of us on the outside of these well funded mechanisms with little resources must provide the moral authority and call out the alarm to those unknowingly advancing the criminal elite’ secret Orwellian agenda for mankind.

It does no good to study these things to death, people must become activists and stand up and refuse to go to the back of the bus. If more and more people stop talking and chewing on the heels of those trying to do something and become activists themselves, we can overcome one day and bring humanity into a bright new future involving extraterrestrial reality. Freedom and liberty is something that we have to fight for on a continuous basis because there are always those who would deprive us of our freedom and liberty for their own selfish ends.

No Mercy

Exopolitics: No Mercy for the Global Elite!
By Ed Komarek
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Sixty years of UFO/ET cover up have come and gone and still the brainwashed public asks: So what if aliens exist, I don’t see how it’s affecting me? Well let me put it to the reader in the most stark and bluntest of terms. Powerful global entrenched special interests in the 1950’s gained control over extraterrestrial knowledge and technology and used that knowledge and technology for their own interest rather than the public interest.

The collective result of these special interest actions to date has been to socially devastate global society and the global environment ushering in a deepening Orwellian dark age from which it is going to be difficult to recover. The fossil fuels industry, the arms industry, the transportation industry and the finance industry seem to have had the most to loose if extraterrestrial reality became common knowledge and the most to gain from a cover up.

I believe these four industries and those elites that control these industries are primarily responsible for the UFO/ET cover up. I believe other established institutions have also played a role but the main culprits seem to be these four industries and for obvious reasons. Some extraterrestrial craft are powered by cheap, non polluting abundant power sources and fly using anti-gravity and electromagnetic propulsion systems and are flown by mostly peaceful extraterrestrial races. The finance and banking industry would also be affected by open disclosure because this in the elite’s most important mechanism of societal control that would be laid bare through open contact with extraterrestrial races.

So what would happen if peace were to break out, and cheap non polluting energy and anti-gravity propulsion systems came into common use and the elite lost their mechanism of social control? Of course almost overnight these industries would have gone the way of the gas light industry after the invention of the electric light bulb. These industries knew from the beginning what was at stake and they moved quickly to criminally seize control over extraterrestrial knowledge and technology in extreme secrecy and stealth from the military and the public. They instituted an elitist security system under the guise of national security that is based on security clearances, need to know and special access that should be the envy of all tyrants and slave masters past and present.

They have done all this under the perfect guise of national security and economic stability. They used their financial power and the guise of national security on the one hand to fashion the military into the UFO/ET cover-up’s iron hammer, while at the same time they fashioned the mainstream corporate press into their propagandist’s velvet hammer. They used both to crush resistance coming from both the contactee movement and the UFO/ET public investigative establishment. By the time of the assassination of the Kennedy brothers they were in firm global control of extraterrestrial reality as far as humanity was concerned.

So what was the result of these actions? The result was that humanity was steered away from a bright enlightened future that would have come from interaction with the ethical extraterrestrial races along with the open public knowledge and technological implementation of ET technologies. As the result of these selfish and criminal acts millions, perhaps billions of people have died and suffered from war and starvation and the planet has been environmentally devastated.

I predict that as ET forced disclosure develops the only industry that will flourish in the resulting economic and social conflagration will be the legal profession. Why? Just think about what happened to the tobacco industry compounded a thousand fold. On the one hand these industries are going to try to get legal protection for their criminal acts retroactively from world governments and on the other hand they will be publicly sued for their crimes against humanity and the environment left and right.

I feel very strongly that no amnesty should be granted nor any type of appeasement offered to the global criminal elite and the industries they control. The global elite responsible for the knowing destruction of society, the environment and the lives of so many should be striped of everything they own.

Those elite at the highest levels who are responsible for the massive global devastation of society should be tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity, the ethical extraterrestrials, and the environment. These sophisticated global gangsters, have far exceeded the crimes of Hitler, Stalin and the other tyrants of the past. They should be shown no mercy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Burn Baby Burn!

Exopolitics: Burn Baby Burn!
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

UFO/ET activists and contactees that demand full open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality are the new ambassadors to mankind and the ethical ET races. They are on the frontlines seeking to usher in a bright, open transparent future for humanity. They along with their ethical extraterrestrial allies are fighting a battle for a truly new enlightened world order. The struggle is against the world’s global elites, the entrenched special interests, and their possible unethical ET allies. The global elite would cast humanity into an Orwellian dark age of global societal and environmental destruction rather than relinquish their power over humanity.

I believe these global elitists, these modern day dark lords, through secrecy, deception, stealth and the use of advanced ET knowledge and technology are secretly subverting and destroying democracy both in America and abroad. They do this even as they openly espouse democratic principles and wrap themselves in their patriotic shrouds! The elitists are attempting to create a old new world order, a sophisticated feudal society that they can control and use against humanity as well as the ethical ET races intent on bringing humanity into cosmic civil society.

I believe that the elitists responsible for the 60 year old extraterrestrial cover up have been using these sixty years to gain time against the ethical ET races and to use secret knowledge gained from extraterrestrial realities to strengthen their control over mankind. I believe they are doing this in order to resist full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial realities and the ethical ETs who are pushing for this disclosure.

The global entrenched interests do this even while the Rip Van Winkles of modern day UFOology are mired in infighting and personal attacks as to if UFOs are even extraterrestrial vehicles. The attacks by the UFO/ET establishment are becoming ever move virulent and vicious against exopoliticians who dare to think and act outside of the box to end the 60 year old UFO/ET cover up.

The entrenched special interests are using secret ET knowledge and technology to their special advantage against an increasingly dumbed downed, unprepared, confused and propagandized public. I believe the public is being manipulated to resist overt ethical extraterrestrial contact contrary to the public interest and for special interest. I believe it is the intent of the elite to manipulate, media brainwash and use the guise of national security to fool the public, the media and the military into becoming mechanisms of elite control to be used against the ethical races when they overtly show themselves.

I think the military rank and file should seriously consider wither they are being manipulated by the global elitists in the name of national security to work against the national and public interest in the matters of extraterrestrial reality. Right now it would seem that both the contactees and UFO/ET activists are being unfairly targeted by the military as threats to national security and global stability. It is true we activists and contactees may be the ones throwing the truth into the elitist’s bodyguard of lies, but it is the global elitists that have provided the fuel for the pyre that may cause global catastrophic destabilization and possible economic depression in the future.

The way we activists see it is that even catastrophic change and transformation is better that a continuation along the path toward the elitists dark Orwellian vision for humanity. I hope catastrophic change can be avoided but if not, all I can say is burn baby burn!!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

UN UFO Meeting Time-line

Time-line and Chart On Secret UN UFO Meeting
By Ed Komarek
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An Individual using the screen name Suspicioso on the Open Minds Forum has been working hard to accurately pull together all the verifiable information on this secret UN UFO meeting case. This person has given permission to release this information to the UFO/ET community and the press. Along with the time-line is a map of the individuals and their interconnections that can be found at the bottom of the thread sited below.

I am not responsible for this very fine piece of journalism but I have been attempting to help out along with many others on the Open Minds Forum board. Suspicioso would like this material to be spread about as widely as possible and to the press in particular. Ed Komarek
The Map:

Re: Source Reveals Secret UFO Meeting at U.N.« Reply #246 on Yesterday at 10:18pm »
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated Timeline of Events With Links to Sources
11/02/2008 SHAWN PICKERING, CLAY PICKERING meet with SOURCE A. SOURCE A discloses the forthcoming meeting of 12/02/2008 at the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK. The meeting will concern the public disclosure by governments of UFO phenomena and be held in private. [Source:]
12/02/2008 SHAWN PICKERING, CLAY PICKERING send an email to MICHAEL SALLA concerning the meeting with SOURCE A. [Source:]
12/02/2008 At the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK, a document is alleged to be presented to delegates, produced by the US National Guard, concerning the effects of UFO appearances on communities. [Sources:,].
12/02/2008 GILLES LORANT is present at the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK, on other business observing UN operations, unaware of the secret UFO meeting. [Source:]
13/02/2008 MICHAEL SALLA publishes an account of the meeting on 12/02/2008 based on the message received 12/02/2008 at ; another version is published at . In both published stories the originating email from SHAWN PICKERING and CLAY PICKERING is included.
13/02/2008 GILLES LORANT is invited to attend as a listener to a follow-on meeting at the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK. 40 delegates from 28 nations are present. [Source:]
14/02/2008 GILLES LORANT attends a subsequent day at the follow-on meeting. The meeting concludes that nations should disclose the existence of “our neighbours” in 2009, provided that there is continue democratic stability in the G8 nations, and that “our neighbours” continue to make appearances around the world. [Source:].
14/02/2008 DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KHAN is photographed in Beijing China, by China Daily, on an IMF visit. [Source:]
18/02/2008 SHAWN PICKERING, CLAY PICKERING, and ROBERT MORNINGSTAR meet with SOURCE A. SOURCE A discloses the outcomes of the meeting of 12/02/2008. [Source:]
20/02/2008 SHAWN PICKERING, CLAY PICKERING send a message to MICHAEL SALLA concerning the results of the 18/02/2008 meeting with SOURCE A. [Source:]
20/02/2008 MICHAEL SALLA publishes an account of the meeting on 12/02/2008 based on the message received 20/02/2008 and of an unknown contact with SOURCE B at . The originating email from SHAWN PICKERING and CLAY PICKERING is included in the story.
25/02/2008 ROBERT MORNINGSTAR and VINCE WHITE publish a response to criticisms of the case and other details concerning the 18/02/2008 meeting with SOURCE A. In it he states that SOURCE A chaired the meeting. The response is published at
25/02/2008 JEAN-JACQUES YVARS publishes an account of the meeting from GILLES LORANT at
02/03/2008 MICHEL RIBARDIERE replies to an email from GIULIANO MARINKOVIC in which he states that GILLES LORANT informed him that DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KHAN was represented at the meeting, and that the follow-on meetings were prompted by the request of THREE UNKNOWN US SENATORS. [Source:]
04/03/2008 DIDIER de PLAIGE conducts an interview with GILLES LORANT, where he identifies JOHN SAWERS, CELESTINO MIGLIORE, SRGJAM KERIM as being present at the meeting. LORANT identifies KERIM as the meeting chair. [Source:]
05/03/2008 ROBERT MORNINGSTAR replies to an email from ED KOMAREK, and asserts that the meeting 12/02/2008 was chaired by the UNITED STATES. [Source:]


Quasi-governmental UN/UFO Body
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

In this article I would like to address the need for a International Quasi-governmental UN/UFO body. This organization should address and allow for citizen input to the decision making process in regard to extraterrestrial realities.

The organization should openly admit that there is a extraterrestrial reality and that our planet and our humanity has and is being visited by a number of extraterrestrial races with a variety of agendas and motives. It is imperative that we citizens of the world be involved as well as government leaders and bureaucrats in the process of interacting with those races that we deem friendly and reasonable.

For far too long under the guise of National Security world wide established special interests have monopolized and manipulated to their own ends interactions with extraterrestrial races. Ordinary citizens in contact with both craft and occupants have been unfairly discredited and have even been accused of destabilizing society by these entrenched interests. This has been done in secret without fair and open hearings.

The 60 year cover up and brainwashing of the public is just another example that is so prevalent on a local, national and international level. Its another situation where special interests with resources and power control the debate and the agenda in secret at the expense of the public at large. These special interests since the 1940s have worked to gain control of government policy and realized that goal with the demise of the NICAP organization in the 1950s and 1960's.

As just another mechanism of control the special interest controlled governments of the world have a acclimation program that we believe has been deliberately ineffective and insincere leaving the public even more confused and brainwashed on the subject of extraterrestrial realities than the 1950s.

It would seem from the recent upsurge of sightings and ET contact worldwide that the more benevolent ET races have decided enough is enough and have engaged to push the issue toward disclosure. This has resulted in a secret UN meeting that has now been leaked out to the public.

http://exopolitics. org/Exo-Comment- 68.htm

At this meeting it was alleged that the government of the United States attempted to blame national and international destabilization of economies on contactees and charlatans. As far as I know there was not anybody at that meeting that could defend such citizens against such charges as has been surely been the case for 60 years.

I have been struck by the similarities between the UFO/ET cover up and the U.S. Forest Service Smokey The Bear anti-fire campaign of the last century that my father fought all his life against. What we have in both cases is a cover up and propaganda campaign that is not facts based but special interest based. Another very interesting similarity was that people who accidentally or deliberately set fires and even natural lightning fires were blamed for the fires and the resulting environmental destruction.

The real cause for the destructive fires was the man made unnatural accumulation of fuels that build up over many years of deliberate fire exclusion by the Forest Service and other agencies. Sooner or later the debris would ignite and the whole forest would encounter a catastrophic fire. In nature light regular fires kept the forest floor clean of debris like the sweeping of a house with the plants and animals adapted to these fires.

In Yellowstone National Park when the situation became precarious the very same people and special interests that had been involved causing the problem in the first place began to control burn. Due to incompetence and inexperience they lit a fire that got away and burned the park down to the ground in a unnatural catastrophic fire. Still now many years later Yellowstone is recovering from this man-made disaster and the elk and wolves are back. I ask, could the leaked UFO UN meeting be the controlled burn that got away?

I have speculated that because man and his society is part of the natural world he is subject to the same processes that we see in nature. Fire suppression creates a build up of a debris field while social suppression through lies and deceit builds up a debris field of lies that become ever more potentially volatile waiting for the truth to ignite it into a firestorm of unrest and upheaval.

I am afraid this is what is about to happen with our society but people should know that like Yellowstone we will recover from this almost inevitable economic and social depression that will restructure society for the better in the long run. It did not have to happen this way if the pro disclosure people had won out in the 1950s and we could have had a more gradual transformation. We earth humans have to do things the hard way.

For the present I think the best we can do is to try to work together as a global society to smooth things out as best we can. We are in for a very bumpy ride for the next several decades. Of course the established interests, the perpetrators of the 60 year old cover, up will surely try to blame us in the grass roots for igniting this firestorm when in fact they are to blame and should be held accountable by the public.

I think a Quasi-governmental UN/UFO organization would be very helpful towards a process of what may become a very rapid and catastrophic transition to openness and transparency. Truth being like fire is almost uncontrollable once it ignites in society but now we have no choice but to try to make the best of short term bad situation for a much better long term.

Monday, March 03, 2008

A Redress of Grievances

Exopolitics: Petition For A Redress of Grievances
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

This informal petition a work in progress, alleges that a covert dispute over planetary jurisdiction exists between the United States Government and certain to us friendly extraterrestrial races that respect citizen rights and liberties. We would like to make it clear however that this petition does not address nor do we dispute the right of the Air Force to harass and attack to us unfriendly ET groups that do not respect citizens rights and liberties on and around this planet.

We these citizens of the United States and the world in general have certain inherent inalienable rights that are non negotiable and that include the right to assemble amongst ourselves and to associate and assemble with friendly extraterrestrial races as we see fit.

We allege that our right to assemble is being violated on a regular ongoing basis by elements of the United States government and in particular in this instance the United States Air Force. We allege that we citizens and our extraterrestrial friends are being harassed perhaps even harmed by the Air Force.

Specifically we allege that Air Force jets are being scrambled out of Moody Air Force Base and sent to the Moultrie Georgia area where citizen contact with extraterrestrial races is being made and these jets are not only harassing ETs and disrupting contact meetings but are also trying to intimidate the citizens having contact through the targeted dropping of flares on said citizens, and their homes.

We want and expect the harassment and any harm being done either to us or our extraterrestrial friends to stop immediately. In particular we want Air Force jets to stand down and to not approach nor harass nor attack us or our extraterrestrial friends. We suggest a no fly zone be established in the area for a twenty mile radius when extraterrestrial craft are in the area and involved with their citizen contacts.

In return we would be glad to share what information we receive from the extraterrestrials that is allowed by the extraterrestrials with the U.S. government authorities. In this manner all parties to such an agreement can benefit and this citizen diplomacy may lead to eventual more formal contact between the extraterrestrial races and the United States Government. We suggest that citizen diplomats can assist in mediating conflict and disputes between the ET races and our government.

Citizen diplomacy has been shown to work as in the sister city program that facilitated developing friendly relations between citizens of the old USSR and the United States. I participated in this program and went to Russia in the early 1990s to lecture on UFOs. Citizen, grass roots diplomats like myself were able to make inroads between feuding parties that was mutually beneficial to all concerned.

I suggest that a similar program be developed between citizens and governmental officials with the friendly ET races. We citizens allege that some friendly ET races do not yet want to involve themselves in covert or limited covert contact with the United States. They prefer overt contact that is open and transparent to all citizens of the world so that the contact cannot be controlled and subverted by entrenched global special interests.

For such a noble and ethical stance they should neither be harrassed nor harmed as is apparently the case at present. They should be left alone to pursue citizen dipliomacy as they see fit in preparation for more open overt contact as UFO/ET disclosure progresses.

Abductee Manifesto

Abductee Manifesto
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My blog:

I do hereby resolve and declare that I will resist all forms of tyranny over the mind of man. I now find myself involved in a planetary and cosmic struggle not of my choosing for control over my own mind and emotions by entities I do not understand nor do I respect.

I have been violated and abused against my will by unknown powers and principalities and I will no longer stand for it. I will remain paralyzed by fear no longer but now declare that I will stand my ground and defend my inalienable rights no matter the obstacles that I will have to be overcome. I will no longer be a victim!

I agree with Thomas Jefferson when he said: "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent". I hereby resolve to remain silent no longer and will actively and openly resist oppression being imposed on me by any and all beings both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

I solicit the assistance of all beings both terrestrial and extraterrestrial that will be my allies in my struggle for my and others inalienable rights. I give permission for all beings of good will to intercede and cooperate with me on my behalf and I will do the same in return. I realize my struggle is a universal struggle and because all are connected, any violation of the universal rights of another is a violation of my rights and liberties as well.

I realize that to win the battle over my own mind, emotions and body that I will have to become impeccable and trustworthy and resolve to no longer lie in any way shape or form. I take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions. I now realize that all lies are poison to the soul creating separation and delusion no matter if they are to myself or to others. I believe only the truthful can know truth and so become free.

I resolve and affirm to abide by this manifesto or declaration every moment of every day to the best of my ability. I know I will make mistakes but I will correct them as soon as they come to my attention and with each such action I will become stronger and more sure of myself and my direction in life.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

ORTK UFO Demonstration

ORTK UFO Demonstration On Utube
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

Thanks to Don Ratch Operation Right To Know's (ORTK) second and most significant UFO demonstration in front of the White House is now on Utube. This demonstration got worldwide media attention in July of 1993. As far as I know ORTK did the first ever UFO demonstrations in the world in the United States and then others joined us and did demonstrations elsewhere around the world in Britain and Argentina.

In 1992 Mike Jamieson and I founded Operation Right To Know. Mike had written a article on political action in Bill Moore's focus magazine and I got in touch with Mike and I said I am going to Washington to hold a demonstration even if it is just me and Mike said, "I will come too".

The idea of the first White House demonstration was to make the statement to the UFO community that a UFO cover up was first and foremost a political problem deserving of political solutions. I believed that because the data was being manipulated for political reasons one could not do good scientific work on the subject. I believed that the UFO community had been covertly redirected away from political solutions and into ineffective scientific solutions from the time of the Late Donald Keyhoe.

In the second demonstration the one on Utube, the idea was to prod the mainstream press into getting involved even if the propagandists in the press tried to make us look silly which they did their best to do. Heavy hitting SETI debunkers like Dr. Frank Drake had to come on at 3 the next morning to debunk us. I hoped that if we made a big enough stir in spite of the ridicule and the debunking some in the press would think that where there is smoke their may be fire. Soon afterward shows began to appear on TV like Sightings.

For the first demonstration I made up some large billboards from pressed wood and on these I glued pictures and declassified and leaked documents. I started work on the long banner and finished it up when in Washington at Mike's hotel room. He was teasing me calling me Bessie Ross. ( I still have the banner)

When I got to Washington I visited Larry Bryant who I had been sharing a lot of information by snail mail with and he became involved. Elaine Douglass came up to the hotel room and she became involved. Don Ratsch and Dan Pinchas became involved about this same time.

In the first demonstration I set up tables of books and the large billboards on the White House ellipse on a cold windy day with blowing flecks of snow. Mike and I had trouble keeping the billboards pined down with lines and stakes because of the wind. People would come by and view the books and billboards from countries around the world. A couple of secret service people came up and talked to Mike and I about their sightings.

On the last day Mike, Elaine, Larry, and others took the banner around to the front of the White House for a demonstration. I don't know if I came or not because I might have had to watch my stuff on the ellipse. A picture was taken that was published in the MUFON journal and I think it was Elaine that wrote the article that went with it.

The second Washington White House demonstration started with us making up press releases and fliers and sending them all over the place. About two weeks before the demonstration the AP picked us up but deliberately distorted our message somewhat by saying we were looking for 20,000 pages government documents when we said very clearly in the press release that 20,000 pages of the governments own declassified documents proved there was a cover up. Many other press picked up on us from this and by the time of the demonstration we had a lot of media on site.

After the first AP article I called the AP and Harry Rosenthal's secretary told me she would notify him as to the error but he did it again along with attaching a silly tail to his article on demonstration day. Still the coverage was massive and we did have people like John Holman from CNN on our side as he was a friend of a friend of mine from Tallahassee.

We went on to hold demonstrations in front of the Pentagon that drew in Larry King and got him involved, in front of the GAO, and around the country and around the world. I think we were successful in our actions even though we were only able to slightly dent the massive 60 year old government cover up and public brainwashing operation.

We dissolved ORTK a few years later because we we unable to ignite a widespread uprising in the public domain a impossible task at the time. Still we have gone on record as having tried and I know the government and public did take notice.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Air Force Bombs Civilians With Flares?

Air Force Drops Flares to Quell UFO Reports?
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

The following is a press release that I intend to send to local newspapers in the South Georgia area where UFO/ET sightings are taking place so they can be alerted to the unfolding of these events and be prepared for the inevitable government lying and debunking of the subject. I expect plenty of people over the years have sighted extraterrestrial craft in this area but have been keeping the knowledge to themselves for fear of ridicule. This article is a follow up on a previous article. See:

Events such as these in conjunction with interest from local media should flush out many past collateral ET sightings. I believe that this is what the Air Force fears and is the reason for the flare drops. I predict that the flare drops will be used support a cover story to confuse the mainstream media and the public at large. I have heard of one small flare drop on the night of the eclipse of the moon but nothing as on this scale.

I would like to report that I have been told that there is much more going on at Moody Air Force base than is public knowledge and much of the activity could deal with extraterrestrial realities. This could be promising territory for some interested reporter or ET investigator. I was told that at a local public meeting somebody from the base confirmed that there was a crash retrieval unit and program at the base. Of course nothing was said about retrieving anything other than conventional aircraft. J

I would also like to report that a well know skeptical friend of mine in Panacea Florida had a UFO sighting this week over Dickerson Bay, another local unreported hotbed of UFO activity for the past 30 years. Things do seem to be heating up locally. Last year I along with J.R. and S.B. watched three UFOs south of Fiddlers Point and east of Mashes Sands out over the ocean. Maybe the Air Force from Pensacola Florida ought to scramble a few jets and put out a few flares over Dickerson Bay as another preemptive measure while they are at it. J

A contactee friend reports that a relative she talks to regularly by phone had a UFO sighting at 9:30 in the evening her time in Sands Springs Okalahoma about 20 miles west of Tulsa on 2/28/08. It was a row of 4 lights, blue, red, and orange. Then several jets showed up. Then at 1:00 pm 2/29/08 this relative saw a white orb the size of a basket ball pass by her window. When she was on the phone to my contactee friend voices came on and somebody said, “We are watching you.” My contactee friend heard the last word “you”. The sighting in the evening would be about one hour before jets began dropping flares around my contactee friend’s home near Moultrie Georgia.

In my opinion I believe the U.S. Air Force has made a serious tactical error in judgment in attempting to preempt and suppress UFO sightings just east of Moultrie Georgia. I think they may have just thrown gasoline on the fire and placed themselves in a catch 22. They either have to deny the bombing of civilians and their homes and businesses with flares or admit to this act. Its going to be difficult to deny because of the obvious nature of the bombing and witnesses involved. Regardless of the UFO/ET element this dropping of flares on civilians is a serious matter and could become regional and national news.

Hopefully by the time readers read this there will be a thread up on the Open Minds Forum for UFO investigators, witnesses, reporters, citizens and government employees to share information in real time on this rapidly developing grass roots citizen initiated UFO/ET disclosure event. J

Air Force Drops Flares to Quell UFO Reports?

Press Release Contact: Ed Komarek

The Air Force response to my report on UFO activity east of Moultrie Georgia was swift immediate and very dramatic. I think I have stirred up a hornets nest. J
My UFO/ET report went on to the Internet in the early afternoon of February 28. A contactee friend reported to me on February 29 that on the evening of the 28 about 9:30 large numbers of jets flew into the area of my friend’s homes and started dropping flares so close that the smell of the flares and smoke enveloped the area creating fog banks over the chicken houses and to the north of her home. She reported that the jets would dive down and release the flares as they were pulling up. It smelt of gunpowder and sulfur like a fireworks display said a witness. These were short duration flares. This dropping of flares in response to UFO sighting activity is well known within the UFO/ET community as a means to confuse the issue amongst the public and in particular the local mainstream media.

I have been told that UFO reports by local citizens in the area of Moultrie may have been suppressed by a local Moultrie newspaper, called the Moultrie Observer that regularly debunks and ridicules UFO sightings. We hope that other newspapers and media in this area including The Valdosta Times and The Tifton Gazette, will not fall to this level of reporting and will report fairly on these events as they develop.

We hope that the Air Force’s preemptive flare strike against public and media extraterrestrial consciousness will backfire and that the media will not bend to political pressure as in Stephenville Texas.
In addition I hope there is a local newspaper with the backbone not to buckle under and be shackled by demands from the national security establishment as these events unfold. The people have a right to know the truth and the 60 year UFO/ET cover up must end.