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     What musician Tom DeLonge is doing for UFO/ET disclosure is simply amazing.   I have been following his efforts for about a couple of years from where he was just hinting that he was involved in something really big.  Now he has followed up on his promise involving disclosure by breaking the news to the public in a big way with a public presentation involving high level members of several different military, intelligence and security agencies. 
     According to an interview on the Internet he is now involved with members of Congress.  Tom points out that this all began with him getting involved and getting permission from one secret group involved in UFO/ET to begin the public disclosure process.   It was when he went public with his fictional book that led to an interest and involvement of other secret groups.  Now with recent meetings with members of Congress even they are becoming involved.  His message to all involved in the secret extraterrestrial projects is that he is providing a service to both them and the public at large.  Maybe as I point out below its more than that it’s a higher consciousness lifeline.
     What Tom has accomplished so far is awesome and phenomenal.  He has provided a service now formalized as a To The Stars Academy that has already established a network of open communication channels or conduits between a number of compartmentalized highly secretive groups working in both civilian and military agencies and now members of Congress.  He has just or more importantly provided an open channel from all these secret groups to the public.   I fully understand that he has and is maintaining confidences with individuals in all these groups sharing only to the public what they allow in order to protect the interests of these sources. 
     Of course this is frustrating to some who lack patience not understanding why he cannot become more forthcoming on a number of issues.  Besides this, Tom has to deal with a contentious polarized UFO community and public who have been under attack by elements of these same groups working to maintain a UFO cover-up now for over 70 years.  Add this to a public that have been so lied to and manipulated by both government and mainstream media that poll numbers on public trust are at all-time lows.  This in turn has led to the public proliferation especially in the social networks, of government and private conspiracy investigations and reporting that ranges from solid factual reporting to completely unfounded speculations, misrepresentations, and even deceptions by bad actors promoting agendas other than the truth.
     In sifting through the public material Tom is providing we can perhaps begin to understand the motives and agendas of those in the black world who want disclosure.  First, I thought it very telling that one of Tom’s sources met with him initially in a two day friendly interrogation in a hotel thinking that he might be another Snowden who could potentially unleash a truth conflagration among the public.  This encounter suggests that one motive for a controlled disclosure by these very smart high level individuals is concern for a possible even probable uncontrolled UFO/ET truth conflagration.  With the world afloat in lies and deception and trust in governments and other institutions at record lows any of a number of ignition sources could ignite an uncontrolled truth conflagration involving disclosure.
     It’s speculation on my part but his hinting that the operatives are stressing the importance of consciousness in these security issues and that predatory ETs might be faking crashes to accelerate technological developments for nefarious purposes is suggesting the following speculations may be real. Tom’s US security operatives could be savvy to additional factors that could fuel an uncontrolled truth conflagration at any time.  Could it be that factors are in play like predatory ETs fueling global and national polarizations and conflict to benefit at some future date their predatory agenda by completely destabilizing global society?  What if the asymmetric warfare between Russia and the US were to continue to escalate well beyond election interference to a point of desperation for Putin?  Putin might calculate that he could drop the UFO/ET cover-up information bomb on western societies with much more damage from the resulting truth conflagration in the more open democracies that in the controlled societies of Russia and China.   
     The security people seem to see a need for a service that can provide a controlled burn in a field of lies and deceptions accumulated over decades to reduce the fuel load as in wildfire mitigation.  For both wildfire mitigation and UFO/ET disclosure doing a controlled burn requires great skill and an element of risk that a controlled burn can easily get out of control and turn into an unstoppable conflagration.   A catastrophic reset, while rejuvenating in the long term, has very disruptive damaging consequences in the short term.   A controlled reduction in forest fuels in light fire ecosystems and a controlled reduction in lies told to the public is a preferable outcome.  This is something that those of us in the public also need to understand as well as those working secretly on ET projects. 
     Secondly Tom’s sources are suggesting that they feel that it’s been a good thing to suppress public awareness and consciousness of the UFO/ET situation for the past 70 or more years because of very real threats posed by some predatory ET groups involved in “resource extraction” that involves not just the earth but us earth humans as well.  I can understand that their intentions as security professionals have been sincere and have some merit.  However my father was fond of saying:  “The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.”   Still the suppression of public consciousness in the public domain is similar to suppression of fire in light fire ecosystems ultimately having catastrophic consequences.  The U.S. Forest Service in the past decades had a long standing policy of fire suppression that now has led to very catastrophic conditions and fires in the United States.  The same underlying theme of suppression and conflagration runs through these two very different situations suggesting an underling dynamic common to both.
     At this point I am wildly speculating that in a rather strange convoluted twist of asymmetric warfare with predatory aliens that the security services are realizing that if you can’t beat them at their game or playing field, maybe it’s best to change the game to one you can win.  It seems that some of the smartest of the security professionals are being driven to change tactics in favor of openness rather than secrecy to reach out to the public for help in confronting a destructive truth conflagration they have unknowingly helped engineer that will benefit the predatory ETs in the near future.  Has Tom just thrown them a lifeline?   What if these same security people have begun to realize that they have unknowingly played into the predatory ETs hand whose real intent is to polarize and destabilize humanity when unity and stability will be needed the most?  What if there is really not a technological solution to this problem but only a consciousness solution or perhaps both? 
     What if, while desperately preparing for an unwinnable conventional fighting war with the predatory ETs the past 70 years, the ETs have really been involved in asymmetrical warfare against humanity with their end game now in sight?  What if the predatory ETs have really been covertly maneuvering the security agencies into going down a technological dead end and to promote a cover-up attacking public consciousness the past 70 years?  What if the predatory ETs have been secretly using asymmetrical war to polarize and destabilize humanity and humanity’s ET allies to prepare to gain total control over earth and humanity in the near future?    
      If these wild scenarios have merit are the security services going to be too late in reversing the catastrophic downside of truth suppression when government trust and cohesion is going to be needed the most?  It’s now up to the public to try to forgive those who with the best of intentions have been attacking and victimizing the public and the UFO community perhaps under nefarious predatory ET management?  The public needs to do this for the good of all as our collective and individual futures may depend on it.   I think there is a place for you and I in this struggle if you and I like Tom can grasp and validate this concept putting together the pieces of a very complex and convoluted exopolitical situation.
     Aside from a better understanding of the black world’s motivations and agendas I am also very comforted to see that Tom has developed a decent understanding of humanity’s place in the scheme of things as do some of his sources.  If you can’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together you will not and cannot understand what is happening now and in the future.  If you don’t get it you will find yourself polarized and in conflict with yourselves and others on ET issues adrift in a very dangerous convoluted exopolitical future. 
     If you realize that not only is the universe vast but also its teeming with intelligences, many who are very much more evolved than mankind, and others who are coming here to prey on us involved in resource extraction.  I remember very well as a young man looking up into the stars at night and receiving the remarkably honest telepathic communication to the question, “Who are you and what do you want?”  The answer was a rather disturbing, “We are as to you as you are to your garden.” The message did not indicate that the sender was evil only that they like us are apex predators.  One needs to consider that apex predators evolving into space from their home planets to tangle with other apex predators from other worlds is not rare but more the norm and it takes time to become more evolutionary civilized and altruistic.  
      Therefore it behooves us to cultivate allies among the more mentally, emotionally and spiritually evolved beings, even while we struggle against predatory ETs.  We cannot do this if we are focused exclusively on either threats or opportunities.  There also must be a basic balanced understanding to humanity’s cosmic exopolitical situation.  Our overall situation seems rather similar to that of a country in civil war attracting the interest and activities of powerful outside actors who also have interests in that country thus contributing to the intensity and destructiveness of that conflict with Viet Nam and Syria coming to mind.  I found it very positive that Tom DeLonge gets this and even has used the same Syrian analogy that I have been using.
     I suspect that elements of our secret government are gaining such an exopolitical perspective and see the need for unity, public openness and truthfulness, in order to better ally ourselves with other races coming here that already put a high value on virtue.  Such allies and potential allies will much better be able to help us evolve in a positive manner if we stop playing the predator-prey game and begin a much more altruistic one that can help us transcend the ongoing conflict with other apex predator species like ourselves.  A general hostile attitude on our part will encourage hostile interactions with other hostile species and force a general withdrawal of altruistic forces leaving us helpless before other more technologically advanced predator species.

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(Press Release – Article by Ed Komarek)


       Operation Right To Know (ORTK) is an activist grassroots UFO/ET disclosure organization dedicated to political solutions as a remedy for a very serious human evolutionary political problem the UFO/ET cover-up or Truth Embargo.  ORTK was very active in the 1990’s and got widespread mass media attention during its many demonstrations in Washington DC, around the US and even in the UK.  Pictures of these demonstrations are still being used by mainstream media when discussing disclosure issues.  ORTK disbanded even after many successes because it was not successful in sparking a widespread UFO/ET political movement.  Now after over 25 years since its inception in 1992 we have decided to try once again to assist in the still ongoing gathering momentum disclosure process.

       Some of the ORTK members have been involved in the UFO community for as long as 50 years and have seen the gradual extraterrestrial awareness of the UFO community, media and public at large over time.  Still, most people remain confused and amused by pervasive Deep State media propaganda operations and individual hoaxing and scamming about not only what is going on behind their backs, but what is really at stake for the individual and for humanity as a whole.  Briefly, those few of us that have been able to develop abet a vague overall picture of the core situation know from the evidence that the Universe is full of intelligent life.  We believe other top predators like ourselves have evolved on other worlds, developed space travel and have come upon earth in their travels to covertly interact with us.

       As could be expected credible whistle-blower testimony indicates that some of these beings have evolved beyond predator-prey relationships, but others have not yet evolved to a peaceful co-existence and are a threat to humanity.  Over the past 70+ years whistle-blower testimony indicates that the governing elites that control nations through military action, finance and propaganda have sorted through the maze of who is friend and who is foe to some degree.  

       Secret treaties and alliances have been made with several ET civilizations, some which are a serious threat to humanity’s future.  Some elite covert factions of humanity and aliens strive out of self-interest to suppress overall human evolution even while others try to aid human evolution on earth.  Consequently our human future is caught up the larger exopolitical sphere of opposing forces making it very important that the general public is fully informed to help tip the balance in humanities favor.

       The government’s own declassified and leaked documents show Elite covert control is accomplished through a cover-up policy of ridicule and denial initiated by the CIA in the early 1950s.  This all the while exploiting control of special access to advanced ET technologies using special access need to know programs (SAPs) and suppressing other technologies that threaten established industries like the fossil fuels industry.  Consequently these predator actions of the few against the many have been destroying humanities Star Trek future for a Mad Max one.  (This assessment of the situation is of course controversial even among ORTK members, but it is believed that it best represents the best model of the situation to date to help guide our actions forward.  Only a full and honest disclosure will ultimately settle the matter and in that we are unified.)

       ORTK is currently organizing itself in the social media to hold future political actions such as a proposed demonstration in front of the White House and maybe a march to Congress in July 2018.  We have a website  and our Facebook group where interested parties can join us or get up to date information on our activities.  We have ORTK posters and signs at our website that can be used with articles.  You can Just click on the SIGN icon top right of the home page.

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Selected By Extraterrestrials (Review)

Selected by Extraterrestrials (Review)
(My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think tanks and Nordic secretaries)
By Ed Komarek
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      Bill Tompkins has done all of us a great service in coming forward as a very credible and high level military contactee-abductee, authorized whistleblower, whose position and credibility can be verified to quite a degree by government documents.  He appears to be one of the most highly prized employees of the secret government’s secret space program for his ability to conceptualize the big picture placing him at the highest levels of the alien-human interface.  Being an individual myself working to conceptualize the big Exopolitical picture this work is music to my ears.

       Unfortunately this very credible and important testimony of the alien jigsaw puzzle is being drowned out by the frauds and dis-informers involved in the public’s exposure to our secret space program and alien contact programs who prey on the undisciplined and uninformed public who have an interest in these matters.  I believe what Bill is saying is true because his work fits so well into the big picture conceptual work and evidence I have studied these past 45 years in the UFO/ET field.  Like that of Charles Hall I feel this work rises to the top of our developing public understanding of the big picture.  I would also like to thank the Navy brass for allowing Bill to tell his classified story to the public for the public good.

     While Charles Hall has been most involved with the Tall White ETs with very useful specific information on the TW technology and culture, Bill because of his high level clearances and positions in NASA and in the defense industry is able to broaden our perspective greatly. (Like Charles and Clifford Stone he was selected by extraterrestrials at a very early age perhaps even before birth in this reincarnational cycle.)  

     This selection is especially true in regards to military ET threat assessments and the Navy’s technological push into space to counter these threats through the development of fantastic near and deep space battle groups and bases in this solar system and on other solar systems across the universe in alliance with friendly ETs.   Bill and the female Nordic ETs played a very large role in conceptualizing and presenting this to the Naval High Command which essentially runs NASA contrary to those that believe NASA is really a public space program. Essentially the conceptualization is copying for earth humans what the Nordic ETs already have operating across part of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

     With the help of mostly female Nordic friendly ETs infiltrated into the secret programs involved, he was able to complete his missions even though hindered by unfriendly Reptilian-Grey groups also infiltrating the secret programs through the management of the defense industry and the larger public sphere of national and global politics and economics. The Reptilians have become masters of manipulation of earth human minds and bodies through our sexuality and baser instincts it would seem.

     Through Bob’s eyes we see the struggle from the very beginning of the race into space as part of a proxy war between the Reptilian-Greys who wish to keep earth humanity in bondage and on earth subjugated as property.  The other races like the Nordic humans  intervene both physically and telepathically to help earth humans develop technologically and spiritually in order carry their own weight in these complex extraterrestrial struggles across the universe and into other dimensions and beyond.   

      As the TW have said to Charles just because you move into space the laws of economics still hold.  It would seem that the friendly ETs are spread rather thin across this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond and are bringing primitive technological worlds up to speed rather quickly in their struggles against those races that wish to violate, enslave and generally prey upon other races. 

     As I already know the Exopolitics involved is extremely complex, but one can see that the military is now beginning to cut through the confusion as to who is friend and who is foe to see the more universal big picture and our place in it.  So I think this briefing by Tompkins is not only being allowed by top military brass but is even being supported, because they now understand that every man, woman and child has a stake in this struggle not just in outer space but each inner space of the individual as well. 

      As we can see and this is supported by Bill as well, the battle lines go right through our collective and individual psychology, minds, emotions and our sexuality. As you develop you realize what is at stake and your role in the scheme of things.  You will very much pay much more attention to your own personal development and evolution and the thoughts and emotions you harbor within. 

      You learn how easy it is for advanced predatory ETs and even non-physical intelligences to destructively manipulate people through their destructive emotions like, fear, hate, anger, guilt, despair, depression etc.  On the other hand one can see how easily more constructive ETs can manipulate our minds in bodies through love, compassion etc. in a way that counters the psychological threats to our inner and outer worlds.  

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I have been having trouble getting my blog introduction to the top of the blog so for the introduction go here. Included in the introduction is the list of over 200 blog articles. Consider this as archive material as it is not as well written or edited as the new book.  I used much of the material in the blog as source material for the book. 

     My new book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder, is available on Amazon and Amazon Europe. Thanks everybody for all the help and support to make this all happen. I think folks will be very happy with this book, as it pulls together just about everything I know, in a tight concise manner, with much better writing and editing than I have done to date. The $16.00 print book has been discounted by Amazon the last I checked.  This book is now free to be read on this books website on all devices with a PDF available on site as well. 

    You can order the print copy here.
     I have now written two more books since UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder that include Fire In Nature A Fire Activist's Guide and my just released book Enlightenment:  The Long Hard Road.  A three of my books can now be read for free on their individual website linked to the main portal website called the Enlighten Your World Series. 

     The Extraterrestrial Cultural Center is making great progress.  The Center concept has evolved from the evidence and concepts contained in my book as a kind of plan of action to help create a bright future for mankind.  Check out our blog:  and our website. 

      Here are some print and video interviews and articles.  This short course on Exopolitics gives a sort of abstract as to what is in the book.  These articles are not copyrighted and are available to other internet press who might be interested in republishing in their online blogs, newspapers, web pages and newsletters.

 Part 1  Why Exopolitics? 
Part 2  Evolution on Other Worlds
Part 3  Do Aliens Use Intelligent Supercomputers and Quantum Networks to Manage Their Societies?
Part 4  End the Cover-up?  Are You Kidding, We Are Making Trillions!
Part 5  Bilderberg and the Borg - Resistance is Futile - Or is It?
Part 6 The Human Mega-population, Who's Messing With Our Genes?
Part 7 Timeline:  Nazi Saucers To The Bilderberg-Mason Secret Space Fleet
Part 8  Do Bilderberg-Masons Control The Classified World?

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ET Cultural Center (Part 3)

Galactic Cultural Center (Part 3))
By Ed Komarek
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     I am beginning to think that Switzerland might be a good location for an extraterrestrial cultural center as it is a country that takes neutrality seriously to avoid becoming embroiled in national conflicts.  It is also a strong financial center for the Global Elite.    I think the Global Elite owe it to humanity to try to ameliorate the damage they have done to humanity.   The Elite in protecting their own special interests involving extraterrestrial contact have in the process not only damaged the earth, but the promise made to humanity by the popular movie series Star Trek for peaceful extraterrestrial contact.  The funding of a few million dollars toward an extraterrestrial cultural center would go a long way toward redirecting earth human evolution toward a bright galactic future.  (Articles 1 & 2 of this series developing the cultural center can be found here:   &  

     We are considering an all-weather transparent cupola over the central plaza gardens above the toroid building giving the building the look of a saucer.  The transparent glass cupola would allow a constant comfortable temperature for a Japanese meditation rock garden with a small pond and waterfall.  Maybe we could have a few tame wild animals and birds under the enclosure as well.  My thinking is to design the garden in a manner where it can also on occasion host a large group of people for various activities such as playing uplifting music.  In addition such a garden sets the tone of peace and tranquility in which to exchange ideas and hold international conferences.

     Max Vasher (Masters in Architecture from the University of New Mexico) has agreed to become the extraterrestrial cultural center architect.  He is in the process of creating a rendition of the Center for the projects webpage.  He is also working on architectural sketches of the building and the grounds upon which it is to be built. We will link from the home page to these sketches.  Max has the following to say. 

      I agree with you completely about needing a good image of the Galactic Center for the home page. We need to be very cautious and creative about this image. On the one hand, we need an image of a really great and inspirational work of architecture that compliments fully the site in which it is located. Further it should complement the sense of awe and wonder infused into this subject matter. In a word, the facility needs to be magnificent.”

    Max and I decided on a tentative site near Geneva Switzerland.  On conceptual grounds we need a tentative site for the reasons as described below by Max. 

      Now then, there's the other hand. If we are determined to get this thing actually built in the future we don't want this preliminary image to restrict the design process later.  What I mean is this. Every site will have its own limitations and opportunities and we don't want to limit ourselves later to a geometric shape that doesn't altogether fit the site we end up with. As I stated to you earlier, I have been experimenting with the shape of a toroid in my design process recently. I did this most notably in my own house and in a house for Habitat for Humanity in Cambodia.

     In both cases I started with the shape of a toroid but that did not stop there and therefore, both look quite different. You see the toroid most particularly in my house design, but in the case of the Cambodian house, I needed the shape from the negative space that a toroid makes up for cultural and functional purposes. As in the case of these two designs the future site of the Galactic Cultural Center Earth will have a profound effect on its resultant design.”

     Max suggests his vision of combining the old with the new, and I concur this is a wonderful idea.

    “I have good computer graphic skills so the possibilities are open. I am seeing in my mind some rounded polished metal aspects to the building perhaps working in concert with a more ancient and earthen material like stone underneath. Stonehenge crossed with the polished lines of an intergalactic craft if you will. As a designer, I have always been interested in the contrast between ancient and modern. I can't think of a more appropriate facility or opportunity to engage in that contrast and make it the compliment that it could and should be. The opportunity to bridge the ancient and the modern that a Galactic Cultural Center represents as a building should be exhibited in the material choices that are used to construct it.”
    I realize CSETI is controversial within the UFO/ET community, but I agree with Max that we need to partner and reach out to those working to establish contact and relationships with various peaceful and friendly extraterrestrial races.  I also am aware of a strong spit in the UFO community as to if the various ET races are friendly or unfriendly.  This should not be an issue for the Center because the Center is orientated toward extraterrestrial civilizations and races that respect basic human rights and liberties. I wrote a draft document in this regard years ago that I will reference on the Centers home page.
      “As an architect (intern) and a designer I think these questions about what site the Galactic Cultural Center on earth should be in is paramount to a discussion on design. Regarding design, I do believe starting with the toroid as an informative geometry to the building's design is the best place to start, but maybe not the best place to finish. The site will direct us to what aspects of the toroid are needed.   Perhaps a whole toroid, perhaps only a part of a toroid or perhaps a series of interacting toroids will be necessary. Perhaps a CE-5 session where we ask for input from our galactic neighbors would help with a plan for the design. As I understand it, crop circles have been produced by such endeavors as CE-5. I have been impressed by the use of the toroid in various forms in crop circles. Many crop circles suggest three-dimensional forms of all sorts. If we could get a response such as a crop circle from a CE-5 session before we set to planning the building I believe that would be the best way to truly work with those trying to communicate with us.”
    What we now need to be considering is how to fill the position of executive director with a CEO capable of raising the millions need for this project, and the handling the business end of this endeavor?  I feel comfortable in handling the UFO/ET part of the Galactic Cultural Center, but it’s going to take somebody with advanced business skills to make this happen.  I am thinking that somebody in the UFO community might know a retired CEO with time on his hands that would like to make this project real.


      If folks would like to consult with Max he can be reached on Facebook.   I am the author of book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder that can be read or down loaded from here free: This book provides the basis for my concepts, in regard to the Center.  If you are interested in becoming involved in this project message me on Facebook or email me at

     You can follow me on Twitter or on my Facebook wall, but unfortunately I have reached the 5000 limit on Facebook friendships.  For this reason I will be shifting some of my networking to Twitter in the coming months.


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An ET Explains

An ET Explains Why They Stay Hidden
Ed Komarek
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     I still come across some really good cases that deserve to be in my book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder.  I copied these two cases from an unedited book manuscript written by Gary Opit. This first case not only shows high level extraterrestrial contact in the UK military, but also presents a very good explanation of the advanced extraterrestrial perspective directly from a human ET.  It reminds me of Frank Stranges’ book The Stranger in the Pentagon.   I find myself confronted frequently by the uninformed who ask, why don’t the ETs if they exist, come forward publicly?  Why do they hide? 
     The second case presented confirms what I was told by a local contact person who had contact with what have been termed Nordics.  I was told that these human ETs were collecting plants in my local area especially vegetables and fruits.  He asked if he could taste a fruit from another planet and later was allowed a taste.  
     I can’t emphasis enough the importance of becoming involved with contact people in one’s local area and having experiences oneself.  This kind of personal direct experience allows the investigator a further check on written cases and an additional source of information to compare with other sources in the literature.  It is easy to be lead astray in this field if one relies on single source material to reach conclusions.
    Case 1:  In 1954 Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Strike Command, was invited by a General Martin to attend a meeting with a Mr. Janus. Mr. Janus asked Sir Peter Horsley for details of investigations into UFO sightings reported by RAF pilots, that Sir Peter Horsley was in receipt of. Air Marshall Horsley complied and on giving the information known to him, received an unusual reply. Mr. Janus detailed the UFO situation in which he stated that the UFO movements around the planet were “only a thin trickle in the vast highways of the universe. The Earth after all is a galactic backwater inhabited by only half-civilized men, dangerous even to their neighbors.
    Most of the vehicles are robot-controlled space probes monitoring what is going on. Some are manned in order to oversee the whole programme and to ensure the probes do not land or crash by accident. They must always ensure that evidence of their existence is kept away from the vast majority of Earth’s population. Since time immemorial there have been tales of vessels coming out of the sky bringing strange visitors. Observers do come among you and make contact on a very selective basis where they judge that such contact could not harm either party.
    These observers have studied Earth for a long time. With advanced medical science they have been fitted out with the right sort of internal equipment to allow their bodies to operate normally until they leave. It is not very difficult to obtain the right sort of clothes and means to move around quite freely¼ The observers are not interested in interfering in your affairs, but once you are able to escape from your own solar system it is of paramount importance that you have learnt your responsibilities for the preservation of life everywhere¼ While you are still far away from travelling in deep space, such contacts will be infrequent and must be conducted with great secrecy. The observers have very highly developed mental powers, including extra-sensory, thought reading, hypnosis and the ability to use different dimensions.”
     Immediately after the meeting Air Marshall Horsley wrote a verbatim report and gave it to Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Browning. Sir Peter wrote of this incident in his autobiography, Sounds From Another Room and afterwards in conversation with Timothy Good described Mr. Janus, as “somehow, he was difficult to describe. What made it strange is that I have no lasting impression of him: he seemed to fit perfectly in with his surroundings. If I have any impression of him, it was his quiet voice, which had a rich quality to it. He looked about 45 to 50 years old, with thin, slightly grey hair, and he was dressed in a suit and tie. He was quite normal in every way, except that he seemed to be tuning in to my mind, and gradually seemed to take over the conversation. My initial reaction was one of skepticism, but by the end of the meeting, I was quite disturbed, really.”
     Case 2:  Wendelle Stevens, a former US Air Force Pilot, was delivering Beechcraft T-34 trainer aircraft to the Peruvian Navy in 1967 and afterwards hired some native boatman from the river port of Leticia to take him up river to see the rainforest. He remarked to the Indians that there would very likely be a market for the various species of edible tropical fruit that grew on the riverbanks and asked why they did not grow them in plantations. They answered that it may be too large a project for them. However, one of them stated that there was a group of Americans, who they themselves had not observed because it was beyond their tribal territory, doing just that three or four days rowing further upriver. Only a few months before, the Indian added, a German man had made the journey upriver through the different tribal territories to seek out these mysterious Americans and he had not returned.
     Fascinated by the reports of an American exotic fruit plantation and the German who had gone in search of them, he made enquiries in Lima. He was shown a newspaper report concerning an amazing discovery by the German man, a Mr. Ludwig F. Pallimann, who was conducting research for the Agricultural University of Lima into inexpensive high protein food. Searching for a giant arrowroot plant species upriver from Iquitos, between the Mirim and Yavari Rivers, close to the Peruvian / Brazilian border, Pallimann’s Indian guides gave him directions to an American encampment, which they would not approach. Instead of Americans, he found fair-skinned people, who spoke an unknown language, collecting, growing and hybridizing local edible fruit-bearing plants within plastic-like tents.
    Pallimann described these strangers as having a slim-build, weighing 45 kilograms (100 lbs.), standing 175 cm (5 ft. 10 in) tall on extremely long legs. They had light brown skin and hair, huge dark eyes, an unusual chin and a small toothless mouth with long, thin lips. They had unusually long fingers that had no fingernails and instead ended with a flat disc. They inhaled deeply with every breath that they took, contracting their sensitive fingers as they did so. They communicated with Pallimann via a speaking device attached to the chest.
    These strange people identified themselves as part of a team of off-world scientific collectors visiting our planet to acquire new food resources. They came from a world called Itibi Ra II, near the center of the galaxy, had discovered our planet many thousands of years ago and had been regular visitors since 1946. Over hundreds of thousands of years they had evolved from meat eaters to vegetarians and now conducted tremendous voyages of exploration harvesting new food resources from other living worlds.
     They had three streamlined disc-shaped flying machines, two of which were supply craft and two very flat speedboats propelled by air-jets. A fleet of thirty faster-than-light speed travelling spacecraft stationed in our solar system supplied their base. Having finished their work they packed up their base and flew Pallimann to Peru before departing. center complex.
    I am the author of book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder that can be read or down loaded from here free:   I can be reached by message on Facebook or email me at  You can follow me on Twitter or on my Facebook wall, but unfortunately I have reached the 5000 limit on Facebook friendships.  For this reason I will be shifting some of my networking to Twitter in the coming months.

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ET Cultural Center (Part 2)

Galactic Cultural Center (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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     This is the second article in a series exploring the possibility of developing an international extraterrestrial cultural center.  I have gained some feedback from others with the publication of the first article that helps to further define the concept.  We now have an architect interested who suggests the main building on the campus be in the shape of a toroid that would include a plaza and gardens in the center. 

     We also have a web master on board to make up the web page when we further refine the design with a virtual rendition for the home page.  We also need to further define the architectural design and divisions of the Center including people and duties involved for each division as well as potential board of directors, advisory board directors and members.  The first article I wrote is called Do We Need a Galactic Cultural Center, it can be found here:

     As presently envisioned Galactic Center would have at least four divisions along with a conference hall, library-archive-museum and residence for speakers, students, researchers and diplomats.  Division one would include a director of investigations and research, with an orientation toward the compiling of an encyclopedia galactic.   This is envisioned to be a cooperative project between earth humans and the greater extraterrestrial community.       

     Division two involves a director working on establishing contact with various friendly ET races to develop diplomatic ties.  Division three involves a director for media and communications, a public liaison to the public and the press.  Division four would be directed by the executive director responsible for the facilities-library-archive-museum division, and the other three divisions.  The executive director and would be directly accountable to chairman and the board of directors.

     I believe if we are to keep control over this endeavor at least in its initial phase of development, we need a board of directors that can work well together.  I have had experience working with several people for over a decade and suggest they comprise a large part of the board of directors.  The more well know people in the field of Exopolitics, or UFO/ET community if you prefer, would be included in the advisory board and work as advisors to the board of directors on this project.  A third group involved in this project would be the supporting members. 

     I would feel comfortable working as a member of the board of directors with Manuel Lamiroy  (South Africa), Ash Staunton (Australia), Albert Rosalas  (US),  Pia Knudson (Denmark), Neil Gould (Hong Kong), David Griffin (UK), and Ann-kristin Normann  (Norway).  I have found I work well with these folks.  I would like to see Tim Good (UK), Richard Dolan (US), Nick Pope (US-UK), Michael Salla (US), Steven Greer (US), Colin Andrews (UK), George Flier (US), Joseph Burke (US), Steve Bassett (US), Paola Harris (Italy), Charles Hall (US), Clifford Stone (US), James Gilliland (US), Rebecca Wright (US) and other major players on the advisory board. (I am weak on South America, Eastern Europe and Asia, these areas need representation.) (Please keep in mind these are only suggestions open for discussion with agreements yet to be made to serve.)

     It should be kept in mind that this proposed board of directors and the advisory board have claimed contact with extraterrestrials, have close connections to contact people or are very knowledgeable on the subject.  I think all these people understand not only the evidence for contact, but the very serious issues and implications of contact and cover-up.  If this organization becomes a NGO and a non-profit institution I hope the board chooses me to be chairman of the board and a very temporary executive director, until a very committed, competent, knowledgeable executive director can be found to direct the organization.  This should be a person who is very capable in the area of management, fundraising, finance and legal issues.

     As to the website, there would be a profile linked to these names listed on the home page that would give information on the individuals involved and other information promoting their causes.  At the moment I envision a home page with a list of directors and advisory directors down the left side of the page.  I envision a large rendition of the facility on campus, in the center of the home page.  The title of the home page at top might be:  Welcome to Galactic Center (GC) an International Extraterrestrial Cultural Center Dedicated to Peaceful Friendly Relations with Extraterrestrial Races and Civilizations.  Below the virtual rendition would be a description of what the Cultural Center is about with links to detailed descriptions of the divisions and other parts of the center complex.

     I am the author of book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder that can be read or down loaded from here free: This book provides the basis for my concepts, in regard to the Center.  If you are interested in becoming involved in this project message me on Facebook or email me at .    


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Galactic Cultural Center

Do We Need A Galactic Cultural Center? (Part 1)
By Ed Komarek

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ET Cultural Center (Part 2) 
ET Cultural Center (Part 3)

Recently I had heard that Wendelle Stevens claimed to have been approached by an extraterrestrial interested in developing an extraterrestrial cultural center.  I have not been able to substantiate the claim further, but it really got me to thinking that this is a really good idea.  We all know about the Roswell Museum in New Mexico which is a step in the right direction, but this idea of an international extraterrestrial cultural center goes much further.

Such a center must be credibly done and financed by somebody with deep pockets.  It should have a large library of contact material including the large number of obscure contact and abductee books.  It would also need a conference hall, a residence for guest speakers and scholars, a museum, and a department for galactic diplomacy.  It should be a joint exopolitical effort, and not be co-opted by any one exopolitical individual or group else it devolves into a promotional or money making operation.  Only the most credible people should be on the board of directors.

The museum would go far beyond what the Roswell Museum does and incorporate displays of various types of reported extraterrestrials, perhaps in wax, with information about each type.  Included in the museum would be a history of ET contact and cover-up featuring the investigators and whistle-blowers involved.  A third section would cover present attempts at ET citizen and government diplomacy including contact, treaties, cultural exchanges, technology transfer programs, ET political, scientific, military, religious and social institutions.  Other sections might be, media and communications, and investigations and research.

 It's hard to tell where would be the best location and that might be determined by those financing such a project.  It makes sense that Galactic Center (GC) could be located in a country that is ET friendly and would be supportive of such an enterprise.   Maybe a country in Europe or South America like Brazil, Ecuador or Peru would make sense. 

 I mean, if one looks on the Internet there are large numbers of international, national and local cultural centers, so why not at least one global extraterrestrial cultural center?  There is a huge global interest in UFOs and their extraterrestrial occupants so one would think something like this would be very useful now and in the future.  Perhaps if we build it in a credible way they will come. :-)

     Ed Komarek is a long time extraterrestrial contact investigator and writer and has written a large number of blog articles and is author of the now free book UFOs, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder. The book can be read and or downloaded at this website.