Thursday, November 08, 2007

Articles By Title

The following material is provided to both the general public and to the media as a comprehensive briefing on exopolitics. There are no restrictions on the publication of this material, but it is hoped that credit will be given to me as well as to place my blog address on the articles published elsewhere.

The following is a list of my blog articles by title in reverse order. I present a mix of cases as well as concepts, so that the discriminating reader can gain some understanding upon which these advanced broad concepts are based. These articles are a work in progress and still need some editing. I hope to have all this in a book format available for printout at some future date.

We Don't Own the Earth!
Networking Business and UFO/ET Disclosure
The Tall White ETs
MJ 12 AF General's Stepson Talks ET
The Greater Threat: ET or NSA
UFO Songs
UFO/ET Activism Now!
Facebook UFO/ET News
ET's Ignite Renaissance
Brazil UFO/ET Disclosure
UFO/ET Political Tsunami
Intel Product for Policymakers
British MOD Intel
Reality of ET Integration
Intel Wars 2 (RAM wars)
Intel Wars 1 (Sacrificial RAM)
Integration Into ET Reality 2
Integration Into ET Reality
Alien Computers
ET Colonies
Cabbages and Kings
Buyer Beware
Is Disclosure Imminent?
The Great Awakening
Physics UFO Research
Torsion Fields
Busting the Cartel
Housecleaning Exopolitics
UFO/ET Signatures
Exopolitics Dispute
Ray Stanford (Part 1)
Security Threats
Kissinger Question
Social-Genetic Engineering
Disclosure Speech
MJ 12 and Celestial Humans
Respect and MJ 12
Why Exopolitics?
Solar Warden Articles
MJ 12 and Aviary
Stevens Interview
Aviary Investigation
Solar Warden
Presidential Briefing
Virtually Proficient
Tell the Truth
Meltdown-Existential Crisis
Obama Not Briefed
Reference Page
Global Economic Meltdown
Alien Resource Cartel
UFO/ET Policy War
UFO/ET Briefings
Significant Quotes
UFO/ET Institute
Nixon's UFO/ET Legacy
Celestine Prophecy
ET Slave Trade
Targeting Corporation X
Insider Activities
Alien Perspective (Part 1)
Alien's Perspective (Part 2)
Life Is The Teacher
Adversity As Teacher
Negotiations With ET?
UFO/ET Disclosure Crisis
UFO/ET Activist Groups
ET Crash Retrival
Exopolitics Safety Net
Gone With The Wind
UFO/ET Blame Game
CIA /ET Operations
An Alien's Patty Hearst?
Perception Management
Shadow Government
Fighting and Dying (Part 2)
Ahead of the Times
Return of the Fascist SS
ETs Fighting For Us?
ET Terror Tactics
Contactee ETV Video
White House Contactee
UFO's the Final Card
Colonized By Aliens
The Iraq War
Full Speed Ahead
What Does ET Want
Enlightened ET Policy
Commanders and Diplomats
Air Force Personnel
Why Shoot At ETs
Axis of Evil
ETs and Non-violence
Follow the Jets
Heyday for Lawyers (Part 2)
UFO/ET Developing Nations
Heyday for Lawyers!
ET Lawsuits
Bodyguard of Lies
No Mercy
Burn Baby Burn!
A Redress of Grievances
Abductee Manifesto
ORTK UFO Demonstration
Air Force Bombs Civilians With Flares?
Local ET Contact Activity
Sixty Years of Tyranny
Mass Media's National Security Collar
UFOs and Global Warming
Health Activism and UFOs
Religious Activism and UFOs
Who Lands First?
Mass Media Lapdogs and UFO/ET Reality
Where Is Our Rosie Parks?
Getting The Public To Take Exopolitics Seriously
Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate?
Lifeline To A Youth In Distress
Where Are The Virtuous Simulations?
Communication or Just Creative Writing
Into The Abyss
Living Free In Societal Decline
Are We Losing Our Minds
ET Reality and Societal Collapse
America's Secret Space Fleet?
Advanced OS For A Super-civilization
To Hell With The Mainstream
The Real Threat To National Security
Creating A Bright Future (Part 2)
Creating A Bright Future
Beyond Dog Eat Dog
A Three Star General Speaks Out
Humanoid Dies In Sweden
Exopolitics: Counterfeit Contactees
Some Friendly, Some Unfriendly Human ETs
A Tale of Two SETI
Where Do ETs Come From
Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes
1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 1)
1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 2)
1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 3)
Film Of 1950s ET And Eisenhower Meeting?
Exopolitical Extremism
Transition To A Post Disclosure World
Exopolitics: Disinformation Games?
An Introduction To Exopolitics And Astroecology
The 1958 Fontes Saucer Briefing
A Case Of Alien Abuse?
Three Early Crashed Saucer Cases
Theres Gold In Them There Spaceships
Saucers Capture Jet?
ET Shoot-down Over Germany?
Is The National Security State A Slave Society
Cosmic Conflicts
Examples Of Diversity Of Advanced Intelligent Lif...
Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge
Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact
Exopolitical Info-war Articles
The Fulford Revelations
Do We Inhabit A Simulation?
UN Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens?
An Ecological Perspective On ET Life
Why People Like Robert Collins Deserve Respect
Finding Our Way Back Home
Can We Reach Technological And Cultural Parity Wit...
Trans Species Genome Modifications
More Exopolitical Analysis Papers
Three Exopolitical Papers
Reflections From A Desert Cave
On Breaking The God Spell
Putting Human Evolution Back On Track
The Institute As A Nexus Of Connectivity
Three Exopolitical Papers
Proposal To Exopolitics Institute
Zen For The Intelligence Community
The Evolutionary High Road
Exopolitics Institute Press Release
To: Majority, MJ 12 and MASINT
The Bad Boys At LANL
Exopolitics Drives Politics
The Ultimate Warrior Is A Diplomat
Communique To The World
Exopolitics: It's Your World
The Case for Celestial Humans
Letter to the Exopolitical Elders
Shadow Government's Fix It Man
Cosmic Rights Movement
A Modern Perception Of An Age Old Problem
Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians
Why The Old Guard Can't See
Date With The Gods
Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander
Open Letter To Army Intelligence
A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law
Aliens On Ice
The ET's Asked Permission
Who Was James Black?
Exopolitics: An Alliance of Interests
Exopolitics: Institute for Exopolitical Affairs I...
Finding Our Place In the Cosmos
Exopolitics: Strategies for Contact 2
Exopolitics: Strategies for Contact
Exopolitics: Toward a Greater Religious Understand...
The Importance of Ethics in ET - Human Interaction...
Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear
Exopolitics: Effects of Higher Consciousness on Hu...