Thursday, March 06, 2008


Quasi-governmental UN/UFO Body
By Ed Komarek
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In this article I would like to address the need for a International Quasi-governmental UN/UFO body. This organization should address and allow for citizen input to the decision making process in regard to extraterrestrial realities.

The organization should openly admit that there is a extraterrestrial reality and that our planet and our humanity has and is being visited by a number of extraterrestrial races with a variety of agendas and motives. It is imperative that we citizens of the world be involved as well as government leaders and bureaucrats in the process of interacting with those races that we deem friendly and reasonable.

For far too long under the guise of National Security world wide established special interests have monopolized and manipulated to their own ends interactions with extraterrestrial races. Ordinary citizens in contact with both craft and occupants have been unfairly discredited and have even been accused of destabilizing society by these entrenched interests. This has been done in secret without fair and open hearings.

The 60 year cover up and brainwashing of the public is just another example that is so prevalent on a local, national and international level. Its another situation where special interests with resources and power control the debate and the agenda in secret at the expense of the public at large. These special interests since the 1940s have worked to gain control of government policy and realized that goal with the demise of the NICAP organization in the 1950s and 1960's.

As just another mechanism of control the special interest controlled governments of the world have a acclimation program that we believe has been deliberately ineffective and insincere leaving the public even more confused and brainwashed on the subject of extraterrestrial realities than the 1950s.

It would seem from the recent upsurge of sightings and ET contact worldwide that the more benevolent ET races have decided enough is enough and have engaged to push the issue toward disclosure. This has resulted in a secret UN meeting that has now been leaked out to the public.

http://exopolitics. org/Exo-Comment- 68.htm

At this meeting it was alleged that the government of the United States attempted to blame national and international destabilization of economies on contactees and charlatans. As far as I know there was not anybody at that meeting that could defend such citizens against such charges as has been surely been the case for 60 years.

I have been struck by the similarities between the UFO/ET cover up and the U.S. Forest Service Smokey The Bear anti-fire campaign of the last century that my father fought all his life against. What we have in both cases is a cover up and propaganda campaign that is not facts based but special interest based. Another very interesting similarity was that people who accidentally or deliberately set fires and even natural lightning fires were blamed for the fires and the resulting environmental destruction.

The real cause for the destructive fires was the man made unnatural accumulation of fuels that build up over many years of deliberate fire exclusion by the Forest Service and other agencies. Sooner or later the debris would ignite and the whole forest would encounter a catastrophic fire. In nature light regular fires kept the forest floor clean of debris like the sweeping of a house with the plants and animals adapted to these fires.

In Yellowstone National Park when the situation became precarious the very same people and special interests that had been involved causing the problem in the first place began to control burn. Due to incompetence and inexperience they lit a fire that got away and burned the park down to the ground in a unnatural catastrophic fire. Still now many years later Yellowstone is recovering from this man-made disaster and the elk and wolves are back. I ask, could the leaked UFO UN meeting be the controlled burn that got away?

I have speculated that because man and his society is part of the natural world he is subject to the same processes that we see in nature. Fire suppression creates a build up of a debris field while social suppression through lies and deceit builds up a debris field of lies that become ever more potentially volatile waiting for the truth to ignite it into a firestorm of unrest and upheaval.

I am afraid this is what is about to happen with our society but people should know that like Yellowstone we will recover from this almost inevitable economic and social depression that will restructure society for the better in the long run. It did not have to happen this way if the pro disclosure people had won out in the 1950s and we could have had a more gradual transformation. We earth humans have to do things the hard way.

For the present I think the best we can do is to try to work together as a global society to smooth things out as best we can. We are in for a very bumpy ride for the next several decades. Of course the established interests, the perpetrators of the 60 year old cover, up will surely try to blame us in the grass roots for igniting this firestorm when in fact they are to blame and should be held accountable by the public.

I think a Quasi-governmental UN/UFO organization would be very helpful towards a process of what may become a very rapid and catastrophic transition to openness and transparency. Truth being like fire is almost uncontrollable once it ignites in society but now we have no choice but to try to make the best of short term bad situation for a much better long term.