Monday, March 03, 2008

A Redress of Grievances

Exopolitics: Petition For A Redress of Grievances
By Ed Komarek
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This informal petition a work in progress, alleges that a covert dispute over planetary jurisdiction exists between the United States Government and certain to us friendly extraterrestrial races that respect citizen rights and liberties. We would like to make it clear however that this petition does not address nor do we dispute the right of the Air Force to harass and attack to us unfriendly ET groups that do not respect citizens rights and liberties on and around this planet.

We these citizens of the United States and the world in general have certain inherent inalienable rights that are non negotiable and that include the right to assemble amongst ourselves and to associate and assemble with friendly extraterrestrial races as we see fit.

We allege that our right to assemble is being violated on a regular ongoing basis by elements of the United States government and in particular in this instance the United States Air Force. We allege that we citizens and our extraterrestrial friends are being harassed perhaps even harmed by the Air Force.

Specifically we allege that Air Force jets are being scrambled out of Moody Air Force Base and sent to the Moultrie Georgia area where citizen contact with extraterrestrial races is being made and these jets are not only harassing ETs and disrupting contact meetings but are also trying to intimidate the citizens having contact through the targeted dropping of flares on said citizens, and their homes.

We want and expect the harassment and any harm being done either to us or our extraterrestrial friends to stop immediately. In particular we want Air Force jets to stand down and to not approach nor harass nor attack us or our extraterrestrial friends. We suggest a no fly zone be established in the area for a twenty mile radius when extraterrestrial craft are in the area and involved with their citizen contacts.

In return we would be glad to share what information we receive from the extraterrestrials that is allowed by the extraterrestrials with the U.S. government authorities. In this manner all parties to such an agreement can benefit and this citizen diplomacy may lead to eventual more formal contact between the extraterrestrial races and the United States Government. We suggest that citizen diplomats can assist in mediating conflict and disputes between the ET races and our government.

Citizen diplomacy has been shown to work as in the sister city program that facilitated developing friendly relations between citizens of the old USSR and the United States. I participated in this program and went to Russia in the early 1990s to lecture on UFOs. Citizen, grass roots diplomats like myself were able to make inroads between feuding parties that was mutually beneficial to all concerned.

I suggest that a similar program be developed between citizens and governmental officials with the friendly ET races. We citizens allege that some friendly ET races do not yet want to involve themselves in covert or limited covert contact with the United States. They prefer overt contact that is open and transparent to all citizens of the world so that the contact cannot be controlled and subverted by entrenched global special interests.

For such a noble and ethical stance they should neither be harrassed nor harmed as is apparently the case at present. They should be left alone to pursue citizen dipliomacy as they see fit in preparation for more open overt contact as UFO/ET disclosure progresses.