Friday, March 14, 2008

Bodyguard of Lies

Penetrating the Global Elite’s Bodyguard of Lies
By Ed Komarek
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The most effective way for global activists to destroy the criminal global elite and their dark vision for humanity is to penetrate the bodyguard of lies that protects their secret knowledge of and exploitation of extraterrestrial reality. I believe that the heart of global entrenched special interest power centers on the exploitation of extraterrestrial knowledge and power for their own ends and against the interest of humanity. I realize that such a statement is a huge pill to swallow for those not familiar with UFO/ET reality.

All I ask is that global activists look into this matter in depth. A good place to start is with the book, UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan and The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso. This should be followed by an internet investigation of extraterrestrial reality. It is my argument that it is the global entrenched special interests that are primarily responsible for the 60 years of public brainwashing, ridicule and denial around the subject of extraterrestrial realities.

The extraterrestrial cover up is essentially the global elite’s bodyguard of lies that protects the exploitation of extraterrestrial reality for their own ends. Not only do the bankers and financers own the corporate media and use it to brainwash the public but they also have been able to use national security as a cover, a mechanism to hoodwink the military into protecting their special interests and to attack those who would expose their dark agenda and secret nefarious activities. These activities are secretly destroying civil society and the environment worldwide. Of course other special interests other than finance are involved and I have discussed who these industries are and why they are responsible for the UFO/ET cover up in previous articles.

What the military and global activists need to understand is that the whole national security system based on extreme secrecy, need to know, clearance, and special access is primarily designed as a mechanism for elite control over the military and society as a whole. I have called the military the elite’s iron fist that combined with the control over the corporate media, the velvet glove, have brought humanity and the environment to the brink of destruction.

Citizens in all walks of life must wake up and those caught up and drawn into these schemes of elite control, in particular the mainstream press and the military, must fight to regain constitutional and democratic control over their respective institutions. Those of us on the outside of these well funded mechanisms with little resources must provide the moral authority and call out the alarm to those unknowingly advancing the criminal elite’ secret Orwellian agenda for mankind.

It does no good to study these things to death, people must become activists and stand up and refuse to go to the back of the bus. If more and more people stop talking and chewing on the heels of those trying to do something and become activists themselves, we can overcome one day and bring humanity into a bright new future involving extraterrestrial reality. Freedom and liberty is something that we have to fight for on a continuous basis because there are always those who would deprive us of our freedom and liberty for their own selfish ends.