Friday, March 14, 2008

No Mercy

Exopolitics: No Mercy for the Global Elite!
By Ed Komarek
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Sixty years of UFO/ET cover up have come and gone and still the brainwashed public asks: So what if aliens exist, I don’t see how it’s affecting me? Well let me put it to the reader in the most stark and bluntest of terms. Powerful global entrenched special interests in the 1950’s gained control over extraterrestrial knowledge and technology and used that knowledge and technology for their own interest rather than the public interest.

The collective result of these special interest actions to date has been to socially devastate global society and the global environment ushering in a deepening Orwellian dark age from which it is going to be difficult to recover. The fossil fuels industry, the arms industry, the transportation industry and the finance industry seem to have had the most to loose if extraterrestrial reality became common knowledge and the most to gain from a cover up.

I believe these four industries and those elites that control these industries are primarily responsible for the UFO/ET cover up. I believe other established institutions have also played a role but the main culprits seem to be these four industries and for obvious reasons. Some extraterrestrial craft are powered by cheap, non polluting abundant power sources and fly using anti-gravity and electromagnetic propulsion systems and are flown by mostly peaceful extraterrestrial races. The finance and banking industry would also be affected by open disclosure because this in the elite’s most important mechanism of societal control that would be laid bare through open contact with extraterrestrial races.

So what would happen if peace were to break out, and cheap non polluting energy and anti-gravity propulsion systems came into common use and the elite lost their mechanism of social control? Of course almost overnight these industries would have gone the way of the gas light industry after the invention of the electric light bulb. These industries knew from the beginning what was at stake and they moved quickly to criminally seize control over extraterrestrial knowledge and technology in extreme secrecy and stealth from the military and the public. They instituted an elitist security system under the guise of national security that is based on security clearances, need to know and special access that should be the envy of all tyrants and slave masters past and present.

They have done all this under the perfect guise of national security and economic stability. They used their financial power and the guise of national security on the one hand to fashion the military into the UFO/ET cover-up’s iron hammer, while at the same time they fashioned the mainstream corporate press into their propagandist’s velvet hammer. They used both to crush resistance coming from both the contactee movement and the UFO/ET public investigative establishment. By the time of the assassination of the Kennedy brothers they were in firm global control of extraterrestrial reality as far as humanity was concerned.

So what was the result of these actions? The result was that humanity was steered away from a bright enlightened future that would have come from interaction with the ethical extraterrestrial races along with the open public knowledge and technological implementation of ET technologies. As the result of these selfish and criminal acts millions, perhaps billions of people have died and suffered from war and starvation and the planet has been environmentally devastated.

I predict that as ET forced disclosure develops the only industry that will flourish in the resulting economic and social conflagration will be the legal profession. Why? Just think about what happened to the tobacco industry compounded a thousand fold. On the one hand these industries are going to try to get legal protection for their criminal acts retroactively from world governments and on the other hand they will be publicly sued for their crimes against humanity and the environment left and right.

I feel very strongly that no amnesty should be granted nor any type of appeasement offered to the global criminal elite and the industries they control. The global elite responsible for the knowing destruction of society, the environment and the lives of so many should be striped of everything they own.

Those elite at the highest levels who are responsible for the massive global devastation of society should be tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity, the ethical extraterrestrials, and the environment. These sophisticated global gangsters, have far exceeded the crimes of Hitler, Stalin and the other tyrants of the past. They should be shown no mercy!