Friday, March 14, 2008

Heyday for Lawyers!

Exopolitics: Heyday for Lawyers!
By Ed Komarek
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Over the period of the 60 year old cover up of extraterrestrial reality the entrenched special interests have operated outside of the law where only the law of the jungle has ruled. Today as UFO/ET disclosure quickens the rule of law and constitutional authority is bound to return to cover extraterrestrial reality. It will proceed at first slowly then will come on with a vengeance as large trial lawyer firms realize the billions and perhaps trillions of dollars to be make as the lawsuits begin to fly.

No wonder the current administration is trying to set a legal precedent by giving telecom companies retroactive immunity from prosecution when they cooperated in illegal government wiretapping activities. As the UFO/ET cover up ends many of the largest international corporations and perhaps even nations will become vulnerable to prosecution and lawsuits. Those national and multinational corporations that have cooperated with unconstitutional and illegal government activities in the suppression and secret exploitation of extraterrestrial reality will become highly vulnerable to not only citizen outrage but to criminal and civil lawsuits.

I expect we will soon see many big name international corporations involved in fossil fuels, defense and aerospace, transportation, electronic and computer industries seeking relief from lawsuits while corporations and private citizens seek redress of grievances. The trial lawyers will make huge sums of money but the past falsification of patents will certainly make many patent lawyers and their firms very rich as well. Interested parties should read, The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso.

I would suggest an alliance between those of us seeking UFO/ET disclosure and the powerful Wall Street legal firms. It will take more than ideals to finally put an end to the extraterrestrial cover up. What we exopoliticians need now is some special interest financial muscle behind us. For many years the opposition have used divide and conquer strategies against us and it is high time the tables are turned.

Hopefully at some point soon some very large powerful legal firms could become involved in disclosure out of self interest. The huge amounts of profit to be made through lawsuits and protection from lawsuits should be great enough of an inducement to cause the law firms to break rank from the rest of the pack. When the litigation begins that will sound the death knell for the UFO/ET cover up.

The rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial reality will surely create economic hardship for many nationally and globally but it will also present many opportunities. There will be those people and industries like the legal industry that will flourish and profit greatly from the upheaval. The same can be said for some countries around the world. Some countries will benefit especially those countries where technological innovation is being suppressed as in the third world countries and in Japan and Asia. Other countries like the oil rich Middle East countries could be devastated unless they are well diversified away from oil.

It’s not hard to see now which countries are pushing for disclosure and which countries are vigorously against UFO/ET disclosure. Just look at what countries economic interests will be harmed by disclosure and which countries will benefit the most. It’s easy to see who the players are.

The only thing that appears to be holding the cover up together and keeping pro disclosure countries from breaking rank is the very real possibility of catastrophic disclosure soon. Because of the 60 years of suppression and manipulation of technological innovation what should have been a gradual process of acclimation and renewal over 60 years may soon become a catastrophic process of renewal.

Those nations, companies, and citizens that have prepared themselves for possible catastrophic economic instability and renewal after UFO/ET disclosure will be able to take advantage of new opportunities. These will flourish in such a time of upheaval while those that continue to remain brainwashed will suffer greatly. I am placing my bets on the lawyers and the legal profession coming out on top of the whole mess.