Friday, March 14, 2008

ET Lawsuits

The Extraterrestrial Lawsuits Will Be Out of This World!
By Ed Komarek
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I believe that some of the wealthiest lawyers on the planet may soon be those specializing in extraterrestrial and international law. These lawyers will have had the vision to realize the precarious position entrenched special interests have put themselves into by suppressing extraterrestrial reality for their own ends and against the interests of humanity and the environment. These lawyers will have grasped the truth that those elite and their corporations that have knowingly socially devastated humanity and the global environment will be subject to billion and trillions of dollars in lawsuits.

The global entrenched special interests are to blame for creating the conditions for catastrophic UFO/ET disclosure. I have referred in past articles and have stated that truth in society is like fire in the natural environment. Fire is a part of the environment and it naturally burns out dead debris on a periodic and regular basis in a natural process of renewal.

When fire is unnaturally excluded from the forest the fuel accumulations build up to a point that sooner or later when fire does break out it cannot be stopped and a process of catastrophic renewal begins. In our society the truth has been suppressed for 60 years as to extraterrestrial reality. I believe that the global elite’s accumulated bodyguard of lies that have surrounding this reality have become so great that when truth does catch hold we will have a societal conflagration of renewal similar to renewal by fire in nature. We will of course recover just as did Yellowstone Park but it did not have to be this way.

I predict that when the lawyers get involved in UFO/ET disclosure and realize how much money can be made from lawsuits, and protecting special interests from lawsuits, they will be unstoppable. What should have been a gradual cyclical process of acclimation to extraterrestrial reality will have become catastrophic, throwing global society in upheaval and instability. The fault will rest squarely on the shoulders of the global elite and their entrenched interest corporations. Of course we and the lawyers will be blamed for the societal inferno just as the camper who left their fire unattended is blamed for the catastrophic fire. The real culprits are the ones who suppressed the truth just as with fire.

Right now we exopoliticians that have figured this thing out for ourselves have little resources and are easily containable through the elite’s truth suppression networks that include the mainstream press and the military. Still we are like the smoldering peat fire that may soon ignite the lawyers and when that happens we together should become an unstoppable force. Opposition to the UFO/ET cover up will crumble one lie after another until all the lies, secrecy and deceit are exposed and then and only then can the process of societal renewal begin afresh.