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MJ 12 AF General's Stepson Talks ET

MJ 12 AF General's Stepson Talks ET
By Ed Komarek
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A friend of mine Jeff Adams struck up a conversation with a individual involved in the patriot community and pretty soon they got to talking about UFO/ET. Jeff knows the guy's real name but obviously does not want it spread around. The following email conversations were from a few months ago before Avatar came out. I only published bits and pieces of this in other articles in the past for fear of getting this individual in trouble and ending the conversation prematurely.

Jeff said go ahead and put this all out as both he and this individual have moved on to other interests. I see no reason to expect this individual was lying to Jeff and most likely did not realize that this information would become public. There is some good stuff here that hopefully others can collaborate in this email exchange. Jeff also talked to this person by phone.

To Jeff: I could tell you some stuff that would curl your hair, and make you go HUH?A lot of it borders on sci-fi and the unbelievable. What is it you want to know? When we actually put a man on the moon? Our moon-base(yes we have one) Experimental aircraft, or where our tech really has led us? Let me know, and I can tell you what I know! Plus the fact that my step dad worked for NASA, as well as my brother and cousin (both of whom are a-nauts)

Don't like the AR-15 myself. Would rather have an AK. Or an M1A(M-14 clone), G-3 or FN. And a good 45 auto or 9mm. to back it up. A scope mounted long range shooter is also good. And lots of ammo and spare parts, scattered over a wide area. Food for at least a week, and med supplies( and the knowledge of how to use it). Store stuff, here and there, so if you get cut off from resupply, you can still get to it.

To Jeff:
Here's a condensed version of my step-dads report: In August of 1982 a family of 8 was reported missing from their small farm north of Mora , Sweden [this is near lake Siljan, in the middle of the country]The family consisted of a father, mother, 4 children(2 boys, 2 girls) an uncle and a grandfather. Ages of the children was between 8 and 14.The family was reported missing after the father and uncle failed to show up for work on Monday at a local knife factory [Mora Knife Works]. No signs of a struggle were seen in the home, however the following odd things were noted: family pictures were missing from their frames, clothing was missing, closets were empty, tools were missing from a shed, livestock and pets were missing, hunting weapons were gone, and a family Bible was missing [every good Swedish family has a family Bible].

All three men were in the same home-guard unit. All of their weapons and uniforms were missing. There was no history of mental illness. No history of child/sexual abuse. No history of drug/excess alcohol use. Money was found in bank accounts. The family was not in serious debt. NATO HQ North in Brussels was contacted when several odd depressions and burn marks were noted in a field in the back of the house.LT.GEN 'L' [my step-dad] and a team were dispatched to investigate.

They were shown several depressions in the ground located midway between the house and the back edge of the property. These depressions formed a circle 48 meters across. It consisted of 8 'holes', 4 small, 4 large, forming the circle. The large ones were 1 meter across, the small ones .75 meters across. The holes were evenly spaced and alternated, big, small, big, and etc. The inside of the holes were burned to ash, and were irradiated. In the center of the circle was an area of smashed vegetation twisted in a clockwise manner [like a crop circle].It was not irradiated, but emitted large amounts of EME [electro-magnetic energy].

The family has yet to be found. My step-dads last notation was in August 2002, so he was following up on the case. His last notation was: I must assume from the evidence and the lack of bodies or body parts,that the family in question has departed this planet on a voluntary basis for places or parts unknown.

This is where I come in.In 1989, and again 1999, I visited the site. On both trips I noted that grass still would not grow in the hole, even though the hole were filled in. Bugs would not enter the circle, which was OK for the new owner, who said 'once you get past the tingly sensation on the back of your neck, it's a great place to sit and read'! If you went into the circle, you got the sensation that you get from sticking a wet hand in a light socket! And this was 7 and 17 years after the fact! My conclusion? Same as my step-dads.

To Jeff: Just got off with some friends in the know. Here is what they had to add. They also told me what to look for -- (deleted for security reasons)There are 7 major and 57 minor alien races in our section of the universe. If we expand to include our galaxy, the number rises to 11 and 124. So much for the 'no life in the rest of the universe' theory!! LOL :)

I make a study of transplanted colonies, so I'll drive in that direction for a while. The nearest human colony not on earth in the trinary star system of Alpha Centari.The colony is, I have been told, on a moon of the 4th. planet. Imagine Endor w/o the Ewoks. The colony has been there for years (i.e. 1970's) and was seeded by people from Earth by the Nordics. These people are what I call 'choice primitives', that is, they live at a tech level that is lower then their home planet, by choice. They live, I am told at a level equal to Earth ca.1940. Think 'The Village' with airmail! LOLThe colony is aware of ET's and spacecraft, and interact with them for trade purposes. They are an agricultural and forestry producing planet(that's a duh).

Don't know the population, but I would assume that it is small. Most are, I would assume, from Europe and North America.The Nordics and the Greys had an alliance which fell apart at this same time. The Nordics, who can be quite warlike when they want to be, opened up a can of whoopass on the Greys, and the war cost the Greys a lot of ground.The Greys were apparently using the Nordics for their own purposes, and the Nordics were not amused. The US/EU/UN still works with the Greys, so we all know where this going to end.

It would appear that the Nordics and their friends are the only allies we have out there.The rest want us as slave labor, breeding material, or food. Yes there are aliens that eat people.There are, I have been told, several other colonies out there, within 'shouting distance of Earth. I for one have no problem in believing this, and have been studying it for years.

Apparently,the colonies are arranged by race (whites are NOT the only race that the Nordics deal with), and then by language. So if, you were a white English speaking guyyou would be put with your own kind. The tech level is kept low on purpose. One, low tech worlds don't attract attention to passers by. Two, they ( Both the Nordics and the colonists) don't want to wind up in the same place we are now.Makes sense to me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think the Nordics are going to come down and save us all! Far from it. I think they are very selective in who they choose. And, they don't appear to take large groups. One or two people at a time. Although I have heard rumors that have taken families of up to 8!About their ships.

The N's ( I'm getting tired of spelling out the word) use the 'classic' flying saucer, and have for years. They also use the triangle shaped ships as well. Difference is, the triangles are armed. Their answer to an PT boat or Sub-chaser. They are used as AMC's as well. AMC=Armed Merchant Cruiser or Carrier. Those big triangles in AZ a few years back? Our buds the N's.And guess what they wanted? Sand. Yes, sand. Sand, salt, lead and water are the 4 biggest trade items in the 'verse!!The saucers are more benign. But they don't seem to using them much anymore. See more triangles now.

Billy Myer or Mayer.You should read up on him. Guy had one arm and lived in Switzerland back in the 60's and 70's. Everyone thought he was a nut. He had contact of the 4th kind with the N's.I guess it would not be an abduction if you left voluntarily, huh? HMM :) More on leaving this place next time.

To Jeff: I took the opposite approach and went low key. My step-father was a more then one star general in the USAF,and even my men in the guard don't know it. Well, maybe one or two, along with the AG, who happened to know my dad from back in Vietnam. I really don't want folks to know who I am, or how well trained I and my men really are. To put in on the table, I have served in two navies and four armies, been to 36 countries, all 50 states, and all the provinces in Canada. I worked for the JPL and NASA, so I know how the bastards work. It's just trying to figure out how to defeat them that I am having a problem with. (Patriot conversation omitted)

To Jeff: Some notes on Alpha-Centauri: The primary star of AC is only a little bigger then our sun. A gas giant could circle it and still have a moon that supported life. The main planet would be about 3-4 AU's away from AC1, or about double the distance that Mars is from the Sun. The moon would have to be 750k to 1m miles from the planet, or about 4 times the distance from Earth to the moon. A year would be about 1.5 earth years long. AC2 sits at a distance of 22 AU's, give or take, and would not give off a lot of radiation or light.

When the moon was facing it,it would be equal to a full moon an a clear night on Earth. That noted, the 'sun' would always be shining, as the moon would be facing one or the other all the time. AC3 sits at a distance of .14 LY, and is to small to matter much. Assuming the moon is Mars or Earth sized, the gravity level would be about normal.

Since the N's are from a thin air, lower gravity world, one would assume that they don't spend much time on the moon, which I am guessing is very Earth like. Since it is supposed to be forested, by trees of great size, one could also assume that it has animal life of great size as well. Just thought I would throw this past you!

To Jeff:
The tall greys are the most prominent group that we are interacting with. They made contact in the 1930's and have been working with us hand in hand since the late 40's.The triangle ships are operated by the Nordics. They come, I am told , from a star cluster in the 7 sister's/Pleaides Group. The wormholes use huge amounts of energy, and when operated from earth, tend to draw attention. You can only keep them 'fired up' for short periods of time before they break down.Also, wormhole generators work best away from a gravity well such as Earth.

Now, mind you, I am a Marine Engineer by trade, so some of this is guess work, or what I have been told.Or common sense! Questions are how you gain info. No ? no info!! :)My step-father was connected to MJ-12, so I'm not worried. At most I will get yelled at and called a nut. 'course they say that about Hoagland and Lear as well!

Have never met a grey. Met Nordics, or people that I though were Nordics. They seem to be on the good guy's side in the war down here, and have a strong distaste for the greys! There is rumor of grey/human hybrids. I have seen video and pics, but have never met one. Sad, but the video of the hybrid that I saw was, well, kinda cute ( it was a female).Very thin with almost asian features and long dark hair, grey eyes and a small face. If you saw her on the street, you would think that she was a young asian schoolgirl who didn't eat much! Scary!!

To Jeff:
The base on Mars is the other end of the wormhole. They don't like to send people through it though. People are send by STL ships, so yes one could conclude that OSW(Office of Solar Warden) is involved!

Nordic society is well, Nordic society. Imagine what the Vikings would have become had they not been hit by the black death and the dark ages. No, they spoke to me, although I am sure they are telepathic, they preferred to speak to me. They enjoy being around 'people of their kind', that is well, folks from a Scandinavian or European background. Simple logic there I guess.

Some of there ships are huge, being over 300 meters in length. Never been on one, but would sure like to. The Nordics appear to be galactic babysitters.But since most people are in denial, they ignore most people Folks that are multilingual, real well trained in any field of the military or sciences, can expect a visit. Hell, they may visited you, and you didn't know it!!

Not all of them are tall. the ones I have seen look quite normal and varied from human standards, although I have never seen a fat one!LOL :)Don't know much of the planets they call home, except that they are a long way from here, and that they have FTL drives on there ships that 'fold' space and that they like strawberry ice cream and stormy weather!

I suspect that the Nordics may have been responsible for the disapperance of the Norse colonies on Greenland and of the ones in the US. FYI the Norse made it as far west as WA state and had a colony in OK.Also had folks in OH, MN and WI, a long time before Columbus got lost. They may have had a colony in BC as well. Still working on that one. Remember that the NW passage was open then, so one could, if they were really brave, sail it around AK to BC.The colonies were isolated and the Nordics needed, um well, genetic material, and so they came and got them. The Norse would have thought they were Gods and gone right along. Well, gonna go!
The following is another similar disappearance case that I just saw on Facebook that sounds similar to the disappearance case above that inspired me to write up the case above and get it out in the public domain:

Ufo Sydney Australia
‎...On April 20, maritime authorities caught up with the boat and boarded it. They found the three-man crew missing in circumstances which they described as being "strange."[2][3] "What they found was a bit strange in that everything was normal; there was just no sign of the crew." -- Jon Hall, Queensland's Emergency Management office.[2]

In a statement delivered on the day of the boarding, officials with the Queensland Emergency Management Office revealed that the yacht was in serviceable condition and was laid out as if the crew were still on board. Food and flatware were set out on the table, a laptop computer was set up and turned on, and the engine was still running.

Officials also confirmed that the boat's emergency systems, including its radio and GPS were fully functional, and that it still had its full complement of life jackets.[2][3] According to news sources, there was even a small boat still hoisted on the back of the boat and the anchor was up.[6] The only signs, other than the disappearance of the crew, that were out of the ordinary, were damage to one of the boat's sails and that there was no life raft on board (it is unknown whether there ever was one aboard).[2][3]