Monday, December 20, 2010

UFO Songs

Where are the UFO/ET Protest Songs?
By Ed Komarek
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In the course of running my Offworld News Service on Facebook I have been picking up a few UFO songs here and there. I have been keeping a eye open for UFO protest songs but have yet to find one. I think that as the UFO/ET field broadens we should have protest songs and UFO concerts to end the UFO cover-up.

Here are links to the UFO songs I have found so far and I will update as I find more.

Another UFO song from Muse called Exo-Politics. This could be the first song to use the term Exopolitics. Thanks to Steve Bassett for this link

Tool Rosetta UFO Song Old 1956 UFO Song

Extraterrestrial Song

(HD) Travis Side (Video) Neat song. I heard this interview on Jim Sullivan and his UFO Album on NPR. There are UFO and a abduction songs on the album and he disappeared in New Mexico desert without a trace in the 1970's. This Album has now been rereleased.

Jim Sullivan UFO album songs.

I think this is a UFO song in Spanish with a man dog dance.

UFO Songs, Alien Songs, and Spaceship Songs for Your UFO Watching Party, Page 2 of 2 - Associated Co

UFO Uprising concert in Denver coincides with extraterrestrial Ballot Initiative Exopolitics Insti

The Buchanan Brothers - When You See Those Flying Saucers

The Carrier

The Gods Are Not Crazy - Leslie Fish

MILLA JOVOVICH-"The Alien Song (For Those Who Listen)" LIVE! Calling all Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Rose Pedal Division - "In the Astronaut's Pocket (Conspiracy Theory Version)" - From their upcoming EP titled, "Into the Grey"More info at

Crop Circles in my Marijuana

Futuristic Lover