Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unity Between Left and Right

Unity Between Left and Right on UFO/ET
By Ed Komarek
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I think liberals and conservatives are divided on how to proceed with weapons in space that involve the Secret Space Program and the Secret Space Fleet which may have the code name Solar Warden because both have a limited perspective on the situation.

The proponents that favor the military option in the Secret Space Program to gain military parity over ET have a weak argument but powerful financial backers because of the money to be made backing this option regardless of what is best for society and human evolution. The proponents that favor the exopolitical option for dealing with ET superpower zones of influence have a strong argument but weak support because there is little money to be made with the exopolitical option at least in the short term.

Here is the argument in a nutshell that once understood and verified can resolve the differences between the left and right on this issue. Our extraterrestrial situation is in reality analogous to a small country like Venezuela trying to exercise its independence with both its weak neighbors and with international superpowers like the U.S.. A limited military option is sufficient for dealing with the other small countries that surround it, but ineffective against international superpower influences.

Therefore Venezuela plays politics not only with its weak neighbors but it is the only option for dealing with the superpowers to promote its national interests. It would be foolish to try to achieve military parity with the United States because that would foolishly bankrupt the country and thus be an ineffective and foolish option. Yet this is exactly what world governments are doing in secret to their own detriment in the face of overwhelming corporate special interest lobbying.

The special interest lobbying is suppressing a rational, logical, national security debate to the overall detriment to human society with the only ones benefiting being the cartel corporations. The UFO/ET cover-up disallows a logical balanced conversation and so is supported by the Cartel. Of course this should come as no surprise because this same problem runs rampant through our government in areas such as health care.

This is the fundamental real argument that underlies the more superficial arguments presented to misdirect and confuse both liberals and conservatives who are not digging into this deep enough.