Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening
By Ed Komarek
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If the reports of official meetings between world governments and extraterrestrials in the 1950s and 1960s are to be believed it would appear that world governments asked for and received time to acclimate their respective populations to extraterrestrial reality.
http://galactic.no/rune/usa_et.html In the United States according to documents at http://www.majesticdocuments.com/ the CIA was granted overall authority by the Executive Branch in matters dealing with the public and extraterrestrial realities. I believe part of the CIA's mandate was to develop and implement an acclamation program to prepare the public for direct extraterrestrial contact.

My contention is that world governments and the agencies given the responsibility for extraterrestrial acclamation have failed miserably for a number of reasons including bureaucratic ineptitude, government politics and sabotage by entrenched corporate special interests. http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2009/08/busting-cartel.html Instead of developing and implementing true educational programs as had been promised, the United States and world governments implemented acclamation programs that has degenerated into programs of public propaganda, disinformation, intimidation and indoctrination.

The outcome of this sad turn of events is that much of society in still not prepared for direct extraterrestrial interactions that are now increasing worldwide as evidenced by huge increases in sighting activity. The massive sightings recently in China and India should be a wake up call, a indication to world governments that time is running out for the preparation of the public in regards to extraterrestrial realities. Even after 60 years, the majority of world populations are still confused or in denial of extraterrestrial reality. http://www.allnewsweb.com/page8928929.php

The CIA and other agencies that have been delegated the authority for acclamation could have developed an enlightened process of disclosure and public empowerment.
Instead they have have created a Frankenstein Monster of brain dead journalists, skeptics, academics, politicians and religious leaders that threatens to devour not only its creators but all of humanity when it fearfully and angrily awakens from it's long night of the living dead.

These mass sightings in developing countries would seem to be in preparation for mass sightings in the developed countries much sooner than later. Has the CIA and the U.S. Government prepared the people for such mass sightings over American cities? It would seem that ET has decided to act out science fiction writer Arthur C. Clark's book Childhood's End, that has extraterrestrials hovering permanently over major cities worldwide forcing a rapid and dramatic transformation in human society.

Optical Physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee a respected member of the USG Intelligence Community and civilian UFO community comments, "´╗┐When "they" park over cities "a la Independence Day (the movie)" I would rather own a liquor store than a real estate or insurance business. The initial response will be to "head for the hills." Then people will realize "they" can get you in the hills. Their appearance will introduce yet another uncertainty into the future of civilization as we know it. And civilization can't stand uncertainty for long. Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Kentucky Gentleman.... where are you when I need you?

Notice that Dr. Maccabee says when, not if, in his comments above. I agree completely and I believe there will soon be a day of reckoning or judgment that will be unprecedented for humanity. This will not be a judgment by God or the Second Coming as some Christians like Dan Smith would believe, but it will be a reckoning nevertheless, between the masses of humanity and it's oppressive autocratic leadership. I predict the reckoning will develop and millions perhaps billions of citizens will become frightened and angry and quickly demand answers from their respective world leaders who have failed to prepare them for such extreme change.

We can expect much finger pointing and scapegoating to occur in which intelligence agencies like the CIA could become the first causality of the blame game as department heads are hauled up before Congressional committees for a public accounting. I expect the real culprits, the corporate special interests, to run for cover creating smokescreen upon smokescreen to hide their greedy selfish and criminal actions from an increasingly enraged public. I think that Congress and the Executive Branch will be the next to fall to public outrage, and as the reckoning progresses the public will eventually learn that the key players in this dysfunctional acclamation operation are the special corporate interests with special access to extraterrestrial technologies.

I have been acutely aware over many years that in general, individuals and society fail miserably in their ability to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to radical change. This I believe is responsible for much of the painful mental and emotional breakdown that people and society go through. Most of us a hard learners. We fail to realize that there is no permanency in life and that everything in life is in a state of flux and change. Instead of going with the flow and adapting to change we cling to illusions of permanency and exhaust ourselves fighting a upstream futile battle against the river of life.

This inability to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to change is inherent in the failure of world governments to properly prepare their respective populations for the rapid and extreme changes in the economy, politics, religion and science that will be brought about by direct extraterrestrial contact in the near future if present trends continue. Now at this late date we find the CIA and other agencies scrambling trying to undo the 60 years of denial they have created in world populations, only to find out too late that this is no quick and easy task.

I fear that the extraterrestrial and spritual awakening that will soon follow the reckoning will be hard, difficult and painful for most of humanity. Hopefully we will muddle through somehow as we always have done with the help of those smart enough to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to such extreme change. Old outmoded economic, political, religious and scientific institutions will come crashing down to be replaced by new ones that will arise and take their place. I think there will be a grand tranformation into an extraterrestrial society unlike anything this world has yet to see. I believe that humanity will continue to evolve and become more enlightened and smarter in the future than it has been to date.