Monday, August 03, 2009

Busting the Cartel

Trust Busting the Alien Resource Corporate Cartel
By Ed Komarek
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As time passes it becomes clearer and clearer to some members of the UFO/ET community in general and exopolitics in particular that the greatest obstacle to disclosure is what I have called the Alien Resource Corporate Cartel. The main intent of this Corporate Cartel run by an international board of directors is to maintain its monopoly on the alien resource trade regardless of the damage it is does to the public interest.

This Cartel has its roots in World War II and the years after the war when extraterrestrial spaceships crashed and were recovered by governments around the world. Because the United States emerged out of the war as the leading global powerhouse and technological leader it became the dominant international power controlling and profiting from the alien resource trade.

The American electronic and defense contractors who tagged along as part of the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about, have now gone international and owe much of their wealth and power to having special access and a monopoly on alien resources. This key paper on electrogravitics lists some of the early corporate players in this field that can then be traced to today’s major international corporations in aerospace, electronics and computers that make up the Cartel.

The international electronics and defense corporations involved in the trade working with governments and other entrenched industries like the fossil fuels industry, gradually over time turned the tables on government control over the alien resource trade.

(The reader might well ask why the fossil fuels industry would be concerned. The reason is that the fossil fuels industry leaders know that once cheap non-polluting alien energy technologies come online, this will effectively put the industry out of business and it will go the way of the gas light industry after the invention of the electric light bulb. Just the invention of the electric light caused the stock of gas light companies to plummet almost to zero.)

The way I think private industry engineered a coup over government in the 1950s and 1960s was through the creation and control of what has become known as Special Access Programs (SAPs). Retired Air Force Captain, Robert Collins, author of the book, Exempt from Disclosure, knows that these SAPs are a critical element of control. Bob has been trying for years to get the UFO/ET community to pay attention to SAPs with some limited success.

A rare glimpse into how the lawyers for these corporations control ultimate access to these compartmentalized programs on a need to know basis was exposed when Admiral Wilson attempted to gain access to a UFO/ET program. This was such an important admission that I and others believe that Admiral Wilson was then forced to retract and deny his role in this action even after the cat was already out of the bag.

The Cartel through these SAPs have priority access to any and all resources needed from government institutions who’s leaders may or may not know anything about what is really going on. It all depends on if these leaders have a need to know as determined by the Cartel and its member corporations. So we can say that the private contractor corporations operating as a corporate trust constitute a dangerous super-secret shadow government that uses the mechanism of SAPs to circumvent, infiltrate and subvert legitimate government of by and for the people.

It might surprise some to realize that the need to know in UFO/ET SAPs is not under the control of governments but by private industry. Today these powerful international corporations essentially own major aspects of governments and key institutions like the CIA who are required to follow the dictates of the SAPs and so secretly and sometimes even unknowingly must carry water for the Cartel.

A proper understanding of how the Cartel corporations use SAPs to maintain shadow government control should be of great tactical advantage to any kind of trust busting effort by the public and authorities. I think that more public awareness of SAPs and how they are being used to subvert government could weaken and put pressure on shadow government control over legitimate government. Larry Bryant might want to think about this. Even though private corporations are exempt from FOIA requests more information about private control of SAPs could come through filing requests of government. It would not even have to be UFO related.

Even private institutions like the Brookings Institution were created by key corporate figures early in the alien resource trade and have been used to promote a policy of non-disclosure favorable to maintaining a Cartel monopoly. Vince White just put me on to this important article on the Brookings Institution that supports this very point.

Even some people like Dr. Steven Greer recognize that these international electronic and defense contractors are the primary obstacle to disclosure. Where I tend to differ with Steven is that I believe agencies like the CIA, DIA, NSA and MJ 12 are in the loop and are carrying water for the Cartel and that this is known at the highest levels of government by those given the need to know by the Cartel. I think Steven has been misled into thinking that these other government agencies are not involved and out of the loop because it is through these very SAPS that these agencies and institutions are controlled and used by the Cartel.

One of the majestic documents shows that the CIA has overall control of the UFO/ET matter because extraterrestrials are considered foreign powers. The CIA is supposed to be accountable to the President but the reality is it is accountable to the Cartel. Steven Greer, are you listening? Folks need to remember that Col Corso who worked for the Army was in a continuous struggle to keep the Army’s Roswell Debris out of the hands of the CIA who obviously were the dominant power involved in corporate reverse engineering of alien spacecraft.

This distinction in regards to SAP control is important because we need to know how the Cartel exercises its power in order to drive a wedge between it and the mechanisms of its control. The CIA-MJ12 and other organizations need to be working for the public interest not the Cartel interest. As long as the CIA and other government agencies are duped into believing that the Cartel interest is the public interest the CIA will continue to carry water for the Cartel through the medium of the SAPs.

It is part of the Brookings Institution’s job to maintain this deception in the minds of high level policy makers that the Cartel’s business interest equals public interest. The truth is that the Cartel interest in using non-disclosure to maintain its business monopoly and exclude competition runs completely contrary to the public interest and to human evolution in general. The long term catastrophic evolutionary and environmental effects of UFO/ET non-disclosure are just now beginning to be realized.

This all reminds me how in local politics the local Chamber of Commerce deceives local policy makers into thinking that the business interest is the public interest. One of the deceptive techniques the local Chamber of Commerce uses is the so called, “independent citizen’s advisory group”, whose Chamber chairman manipulates the citizens in the group to come up with recommendations acceptable to the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber then deceptively uses these sham recommendations to support the business interest as the public interest in duping local policy makers.

I believe this is exactly the same deceptive process that the Cartel corporations use to deceptively influence policymakers through private institutions like the Brookings Institution. In this case the idea is to get the policy makers to go as slow as possible in any public indoctrination program being deceptively described as an “acclamation program”.

The power of this Corporate Cartel monopoly is truly awesome and a formidable adversary to UFO/ET disclosure. Through the financial power it has gained through its monopoly on the alien resource trade it can easily not only influence and subvert institutions to do its bidding but even whole nations and adversarial governments not directly under the Cartel’s control. It actively subverts the activities of those who are even now attempting to move the disclosure process forward in the United Nations.

I believe the only way to break up this Cartel monopoly is for a general awareness to develop nationally and internationally of its existence and the extreme damage it is doing to society through its support of a UFO/ET non-disclosure policy. The Cartel must be identified and attacked on all levels from the grass roots of society to the highest levels in government. It will only be exposed and dismantled by a death of a thousand cuts.

I see pro-disclosure resistance movements developing not just in the public UFO community and in exopolitics, but by informal back-channel ad-hoc group in the military, intelligence community, State Department and Congress. These ad-hoc insider groups are essentially disclosure insurgency networks that have to melt away and regroup after a counter attack by the Cartel controlled CIA-MJ12 or because of too much public exposure.

(I have done some specific reporting on this in prior articles but understandably this is a very sensitive topic among these groups and public reporting can have dangerous and damaging consequences to the efforts of these insurgency efforts. For this reason I am now limiting myself to generalities as to various group activities unless I am authorized to so report. May my friend and fellow UFO activist Larry Bryant please take note: No more matches allowed around the power magazine room aboard this disclosure ship, please! :-) )

The dispersed insider pro-disclosure groups or networks are not yet strong enough to go head to head with this very autocratically controlled, dangerous, deadly, Corporate Criminal Cartel. It is a situation where we may lose every battle against this powerful international corporate pariah, but we will eventually win the war. Insurgency UFO/ET groups are coalescing inside and outside of government and they will eventually go head to head with the Cartel in the United States, the UN and in other countries of the world. When this happens I expect the UFO/ET cover-up too quickly and abruptly collapse.

Hey, Tim Good and Richard Dolan, how about researching a book on the Cartel. You guys could begin with UFO crashes and SAPs, and then follow the debris trail right up through the corporate research and development centers, to the corporate boardrooms, to the international board of directors of the Cartel itself. :-) No royalties for me I guess! :-)