Thursday, July 23, 2009

UFO/ET Signatures

Exopolitics: Real UFO/ET Craft Leave Propulsion-Motion Signatures
By Ed Komarek
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I would like to make the exopolitics community and the UFO/ET field in general aware that if any intelligent person has access to very good scientific data on anomalous aerial objects and a good understanding of the physics involved, they will be able to spot fake UFO pictures for themselves. A general knowledge of these developments amongst members of the UFO/ET community is going to stand exopolitics and the whole UFO/ET community on it ear soon.

Everybody should begin to prepare for this. This does not affect the very basic assumptions of exopolitics but it will clean up much of the pollution in exopolitics and the UFO/ET field that swirls around photographic evidence that supports UFO contactee-abductee claims, cults and UFO/ET witnesses in general that is very damaging to our field. It’s also going to expose the inexperience, naivety and poor judgment of exopolitical researchers who have very strongly defended some of these hoaxes and cultists.

In the future any potential hoaxer better think twice about using fraudulent photographic evidence in supporting nefarious secret agendas of self promotion, exploitation and victimization of honest sincere people. The most effective damaging hoaxers and cultists are those that seem sincere, kind and compassionate at least on the surface. Let the public beware.

Anybody that fakes a picture, be it a contactee-abductee or anybody else will be able to be exposed as a fraud so many of exopolitics sacred cows past and present like Adamski, Menger, Fry, and today’s Billy Meier and Ed Walters are going to go down as hoaxers of fake photographs. This also includes the Fake Turkish video that claims an occupant inside. On the other hand I am told that a recent video that has been taken in Mexico is real because the anomalous phenomena associated with the object makes that clear.

The problem we have in exposing hoaxers is that all these exopolitical sacred cows have constituencies that will fight back against anyone who tries to expose them. For this reason I think a team approach would be good on our part so that no one member takes all the heat and the scientists involved can concentrate on their own scientific research without being trashed for their efforts to clean up the pollution in the public domain.

The ability expose fake pictures and hoaxes will be easy because real UFOs of advanced technological origin have very obvious magnetic, gravity and time compression and other "signatures", if they show the real thing close up enough to see detail. These signatures will be impossible or very difficult to fake even if the hoaxer has access to the scientific data. It seems that much respected researchers with backgrounds in the intelligence community know this, but do not tell the public, because it will screw up their counterintelligence activities regarding fake photo analysis in support of those they know are hoaxing photos and some that use fake photos as evidence to create contactee-abductee cults.

Any intelligent open minded person with at least some background in magnetism, gravity, plasma and theories related to time compression or even quantum mechanics can easily learn to see for themselves that the phenomena associated with a real anomalous aerial object is incredibly complex and detailed to the experienced eye. The experienced scientists in matters such as these are able to point out these effects to any open minded layman who has as least some knowledge of physics. It’s that obvious.

I agree with these scientific researchers as to the dangers of exopolitics as a legitimate filed of scientific study but I also believe there are opportunities related to exopolitics. I now know from hours and hours of conversations that honest scientists with access to the data have the ability to discriminate between real and fake UFO images.

I am confident for several reasons that this ability to clearly determine hoaxing of photos is real. I agree with these researchers that the UFO/ET community is a seething polluted sea due to human deceptions and counterintelligence operations designed to keep things that way. I hope those with insight might do something to clean up that pollution, but I am told the real evidence will take care of that, in and of itself, to those who want to be objective and don't make a religion of contactee claims, etc.

It has occurred to me that their might be bright aspiring young students and their professors studying in the fields of aeronautical engineering and or physics who might be interested in gathering and processing data on real UFOs as part of their academic studies. It just might be that we will have to grow a new generation of scientists interested in exotic space propulsion systems that are willing to follow established scientific principles and protocols in the study of UFOs.

What our society needs are aspiring young scientists who are open minded enough to gather and study data on UFOs in order to gain new insights that they can then apply to current and future development of exotic space propulsion systems and craft. It may even be possible to assemble a team of aspiring young scientists who can coordinate their activities with older scientists already involved in such activity.

Perhaps a first step toward assembling such a team of students would be gather together a database of real film and video on UFOs from the Internet with the help of the older scientific team. If the students could assemble a list of links to film and video publicly available on the Internet the older scientific team could get things moving by culling out the fake material. Once the students have a database of real UFOs to work from then they will be able to have the ability to do their own culling with the assistance and advice of the older team of scientists.

This might be only a first step in the study of the evidence if the younger team members are inspired to broaden their approach and involvement to go out into the field and gather their own scientific data for processing and study. This might also have an added benefit by stimulating the interest of their academic teachers to take a serious look at the data already scientifically recorded. I believe that some great advances in physics and aeronautical engineering can result if both young and older scientists will just seriously study and gather data on UFOs.

If there are students or their professors who might be interested in a project such as this they can contact me at I can’t guarantee the support of the scientists now involved in the study of anonymous aerial objects but there has been expressed a interest in educating young people in the scientific investigation of UFOs. In regards to professors they also may want to contact me if they have an interest in activities that might inspire their students to higher levels of achievement.