Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exopolitics Dispute

FIGU Barbarian Invades Exopolitics Institute Camp Forcing Angry Debate on Exopolitical StandardsBy Ed Komarek
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I have been watching a developing feud amongst well know exopoliticians, “civil society advocates”, that include Dr. Michael Salla, Paola Harris and contactee Alex Collier VS FIGU’s very “uncouth” and “uncivil” Michael Horn the “alleged” official representative of contactee Billy Meier. The conflict has now drawn in exopolitics Canadian international lawyer Alfred Webre into the fray. The lurid details are being published on Michael the Barbarian’s web-page who in spite of spears to the front from Michael Salla and Alfred Webre and multiple stabs to the back by Paola Harris carries on as happy as a pig in s—t.

The feud seems to have reached a fever pitch recently with threats of lawsuits and the trading of accusations in this one-sided four to one fight against the invading Barbarian from the north, Michael Horn. International Italian exopolitician Paola Harris now loudly demands that Michael Horn desist his rude and uncivilized behavior. One cannot help but wonder how long it might before, “Michael the Hun”, is accused of being a certified intelligence agent provocateur.

Mrs. Harris has kindly taken issue with my rough draft statement and I have edited out apologize and replaced it with desist. It would appear from this statement that Paola is being caught in the cross fire between the two Michaels. Mrs. Harris says, "I do not demand any apology, Never did as I do not write to him...Why would I?This is the truth.... Where do you see that I ask for an apology since there IS NO EMAIL Exchange...Except to CEASE and DESIST! I have never called him.."an agent" I JUST IGNORE him so I do not know where you are getting these words you are printing. Maybe from Dr. Salla...not me!

I don’t think that Michael Horn is an agent provocateur which some might think who have not familiar with this feud between Michael H. and Michael S. and Paola Harris since the formation of the Exopolitics Institute. I believe it was my friend and ORTK co-founder Mike Jamieson who pointed out very early the cultist tendencies of Michael S. and Michael H. in the early period of the Institute. At that time Michael J. had recently just freed himself from the Bubba Free John cult and was on an angry cult busting spree for awhile.

My guess as to what is going on is that Michael Horn being, a intelligent person behind all the bluff and bluster, is becoming subconsciously aware but is not yet conscious, that he has been victimized by the FIGU cult and in order not to deal with that is subconsciously misdirected away from the source of the victimization into attacking vigorously the cultist tendencies of Michael Salla, Paola Harris and Alex Collier. I would be interested if Michael Jamieson would agree?

My hunch is that the reason feuds such as these go to this extreme is that all the parties involved refuse to admit and correct error. Each party in a conflict attracts and psychologically projects to the other the error in each that is being denied. Over time the intensity of the conflict escalates as error is compounded upon error and hopefully before violence erupts, at least one party to the conflict catches on to what is happening and the conflict recedes.

I would think that Dr. Michael Salla would be the first to catch on as he has experience in mediation and conflict resolution if he would only admit to his own cultist tendencies and lack of experience in the UFO/ET first pointed out by Mike Jamieson many years ago. I think Michael deludes himself into thinking he is some kind of authority on exopolitics but compared some UFO/ET scientists he is in kindergarten. I know Michael well enough that all this is very emotionally disturbing to him because he believes in civil society but does not recognize that he is projecting into Michael Horn his own suppressed not so civil angry inner barbarian. It’s the same with Paola Harris. This is just my considered opinion of course.

On the other hand I think Michael Horn is suppressing his more kind gentle civil nature that I know is not far beneath the angry crusty surface features of his subconscious. In a conflict like this everybody is right and everybody is wrong. The problem all around is that all the parties in this conflict have in some degree an underling dishonest subconscious that drives our collective self delusional violent human condition. But heck what does Ed Komarek know, he’s is no psychiatrist, right?

Well anyhow so much for psychoanalysis, back to the task at hand. Controversies in the UFO/ET community do serve to highlight underling unresolved issues that tend to get swept under the rug in more peaceful times. Michael Horn has been bringing up issues in this dispute that center around the need for some sort of vetting of contactees and abductees as well as exopolitical qualifications amongst investigators and researchers.

Michael Salla has also brought similar issues of exopolitical peer review and policing in the exopolitical field that suggest that academics, himself included, are the more qualified to sit in judgment as to the qualifications of exopoliticians and the vetting of contactees. Dr. Michael Salla offers through the Exopolitics Institute courses on exopolitics and how to qualify to be an extraterrestrial ambassador.

Dr. Salla charges a considerable sum of money that has elicited recently an article by Billy Cox in a mainstream Florida newspaper. In turn Dr. Salla has vigorously attempted to refute allegations. I briefly entered the fray with an, I told you so email, not being able to resist my better instincts.

Michael Salla says, "As for the Billy Cox and criticism of the Certification program, my rebuttal is here: Michael Salla also offers the following link for publication in regards to his position on Alex Collier. "

Alfred Webre was singled out by Michael Horn for publishing tabloid like articles in the Internet media that have little evidential basis like, NASA to Bomb the Moon, Reverse Speech proves Obama to Disclose, and One Billion Abductions Worldwide. Other investigators outside of exopolitics have expressed to me their dismay over this sort of behavior from Alfred who can write very well written articles involving the UN and UFOs.

Alfred Webre vigorously disputes this accusation. "I would take issue with the characterization in your article - that my articles for are "tabloid-style"These articles are intentionally written in popular journalistic style for a mass media on-line newspaper and vary between 750 and 3000 words. I stand behind all of the science in the articles. I am reaching the mainstream with these articles and last month my verified statistics showed over 100,000 readers.

My articles were the highest ranked Political Examiner articles in the USA."
Michael Salla has also been accused of writing articles with little evidential backing that serve to compromise the credibility of some good scholarly articles that he has written and published. This all raises the minds of many the issue of the ability of some exopolitical investigators to discriminate between well documented UFO/ET cases and cases with dubious value that are most likely hoaxes."

The issues and accusations raised by Michael Horn have stimulated counter accusations as to wither Billy Meier’s FIGU is a cult. One source of mine close to the action tells me that Billy has three wives and that there are allegations of child abuse at Billy’s farm. This source tells me that the occupants of the farm are required to sit naked together for an hour a day to meditate but I don’t know if this involves the children. I was sent an article by this source, on cults in Switzerland, which indicate cults are running rampant in that country.

Michael replies and says, "To report anonymous rumors about a "cult" is neither courageous nor accurate. it's simply cowardly and defamatory. Let your source step forward - as I have done with "exopolitics" - and make his, substantiated, claims openly. I've known these people for 10 years, recently back from another visit I couldn't find a "cult"."

Hopefully some good will come out of his feud when folks settle down to think about the issues involved and seriously attempt to resolve issues both in exopolitics and with FIGU. Now maybe its time I scramble up on the bleachers, having said my two cents worth, with the rest of the onlookers to see how this show plays itself out while attempting not get speared or knifed in the process.

Now really, all humor and entertainment aside, this kind of behavior amongst exopolitical researchers, hurts the emerging field of exopolitics and those quietly working to do credible work for the greater good. These failures by some prominent exopolitical investigators to deal with these issues turn the public away from exopolitics so that they are apt to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It also causes researchers quietly doing exopolitics to avoid being associated with the name exopolitics.

I hope over time to see less self promotion, snake oil and hoaxing and more serious research, introspection and better policing of the field to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let’s deal with and implement solutions to the issues involved rather than to continue this infighting. Why make it so easy on real CIA counterintelligence operators in the UFO/ET field to sit back and laugh at how we do their work for them without them even having to lift a finger.

I would like to add a few suggestions for those exopoliticians who would seriously deal with the issues being presented above. 1. Create an impartial scientific board of inquiry outside of the UFO/ET field. 2. Have this board of inquiry supervise a polygraph test and a detailed background check on the alleged abductee-contactee with this evidence available to both supporters and detractors. 3. Have the alleged abductee-contactee present before the board evidence of contact and argue their case in favor of being an abductee-contactee. 4. Have a skeptical detractor advocate present before the board to present evidence as to why the person is not a legitimate contactee-abductee and allow cross examination of the alleged abductee-contactee. 5. Have the impartial board of inquiry deliberate on the evidence and issue a statement to the public and the press that would rate the validity of the alleged contactee-abductee on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the least credible and 10 being the most credible.

Appended to this statement would be a transcript of all testimony during the hearing as well as the deliberations of the board to ensure transparency and so the evidence complied can be used for further arguments in the court of public opinion. It is my opinion that this kind of fair and honest inquiry would clear the air considerably as to the validity of the abductee-contactee experience. I wonder just how many contactee-abductees would even go so far as submit to a polygraph test let alone go before a board of inquiry. I don’t think the number of alleged contactee-abductees would be very large and a lot of useless static would be removed from the investigation of alleged contactee-abductees.

I am not saying this is the best way to go about trying to cull the self-deception and outright hoaxing that is rampant in the UFO/ET community but it could form a basis for a more honest discussion and less infighting in the UFO/ET community and could even be applied to witnesses to alleged extraterrestrial phenomena.

I would like the reader to know that there is now another very good way available to us to detect hoaxing of film and video in the UFO/ET field. Because of my involvement with a scientific team it is necessary for me to clear with them any of my articles on their activities. I have been allowed to publish the following article on UFO/ET Propulsion-Motion Signatures that allow a informed scientist to easily discriminate between fake film and video photographs of UFOs.