Tuesday, March 18, 2008

UFO/ET Developing Nations

UFO/ET Cover-up Favors Developing Nations
By Ed Komarek
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While I believe that global society and the environment overall are the big losers because of public suppression of extraterrestrial knowledge and technology there are a few nation winners among the many nation losers. I believe the North American and Western European developed countries have been able to secretly control extraterrestrial innovation and use it to their own ends both in the private sector and for defense. Also some oil rich developing nations are favored by the cover up because cheap non polluting competing energy technologies are suppressed.

The nations that are losers are many and in particular the developing countries that need homegrown radical technological innovation without technological dependence on the developed world. The developing countries like Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and South America in general, the Asian countries like India, Southeast Asia and China, and Eastern Europe etc. need control over their own technological innovation in order to play catch up with the North American and Western European economies. While the cover up of extraterrestrial realities is in place the flow of technology derived from these realities is controlled by the developed countries just as is the flow of expensive energy placing the developing countries as a whole at great disadvantage.

Even the more developed countries like Japan and South Korea are at competitive economic disadvantage because they are most likely denied direct access to ET technologies. China and Russia are both also at an economic disadvantage technologically speaking but Russia because of its oil reserves is being cushioned somewhat. But both Russia and China are both at a huge national security disadvantage because Western Europe, North America and Australia have advanced their national defense far in advance of theirs because of secret exploitation of extraterrestrial realities.

The dynamics of disclosure on an international level is growing increasing more complex and competitive as more national losers catch on to how they are being taken advantage of by the national winners. This is just one more factor that bodes well for UFO/ET disclosure soon, one more significant leak in an already very leaky dyke.

The greatest winners in the suppression of extraterrestrial reality have been the global elite and the entrenched interests that they control. This situation could change drastically post cover up and these same global elite could experience a dramatic fall from power as their crimes against humanity and the environment become more and more apparent to all.