Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heyday for Lawyers (Part 2)

Exopolitics: Heyday for Lawyers (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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In a couple of past articles I have speculated that the UFO/ET cover up could end up with a bang rather than a whimper should lawyers become increasing involved. I see two ways that things might proceed. General lawsuits could develop from what at first appeared to just be a specific conventional lawsuit involving one company criminally suppressing an invention developed by another company out of self interest.

This approach would be like starting on a tree leaf then following that leaf to other leaves and branches till one finally reaches the trunk and the roots of the tree. The trunk of the tree would represent a consortium of elite bankers, financers and industrialists who bore overall responsibility for knowing causing mass destruction of life and limb and to the global environment.

A second avenue might be a broader based lawsuit that started closer to the trunk of the tree and spread out to the branches and roots of the tree. Such a lawsuit might come from an environmentalist’s lawsuit against the fossil fuels industry that involved suppression of alterative conventional energy technologies. Such a lawsuit might then lead to allegations of the suppression of exotic extraterrestrial energy technologies.

I can envision that as more evidence accumulated from the processes of discovery and whistle blowers this could lead to allegations of industrial and government collusion to exploit ET related technologies at public expense. This in turn could lead to a general allegation against a consortium of wealthy global elite bankers, financers and industrialists might who be found criminally and civilly responsible for UFO/ET cover up and its destruction to global society and the global environment.

So it can be seen that their might be numerous avenues along which lawsuits could progress that would eventually expose criminal wrongdoing from the grass roots to the highest levels of government and industry. A third avenue might be a spontaneous development of lawsuits along a wide front like leaks suddenly appearing throughout the whole of a dam due to years of internal seepage. One can only imagine the billions and trillions of dollars that would be at stake should such scenarios develop in reality.

Extra terrestrially related lawsuits could bring about the collapse not of just companies but whole industries, scientific and religious institutions, and perhaps even nations. This in turn could open the door for the development of whole new industries and institutions that until now have been vigorously suppressed by the global entrenched special interests.

Out of the destruction of old entrenched industries and institutions could come a general renewal of society through a flourishing of innovation related to extraterrestrial reality. Not only that but a general enlightenment and rise is the overall consciousness of society could proceed without hindrance through interactions with more enlightened and ethically advanced ET races and the avoidance of less ethical ET predatory races.

Societal and environmental renewal may come at great cost to society because of the general overall suppression for 60 years of human consciousness and technological innovation. What should have been a more natural process of periodic renewal of the past 60 years must now necessarily be a catastrophic renewal.

Instead of denying the inevitable catastrophic renewal we should even at this late day embrace this process of renewal. Even now we can mitigate to some extent the catastrophic consequences of 60 years of lies, secrecy and suppression of extraterrestrial reality. Mitigation will require unprecedented cooperation between civilian exopoliticians, the military, and open constitutional authority.