Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mass Media's National Security Collar

Mass Media’s National Security Collar
By Ed Komarek
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In previous articles I have discussed mass media lapdogs that refuse to investigate or promote discussion on extraterrestrial realities having been brainwashed by Big Brother to keep their collective heads firmly embedded in the sand. This group includes mainstream newspaper editors and reporters who consider open debate on the subject taboo in their newspapers fearful of the ridicule surrounding the subject. There is however another group of mainstream broadcast media lapdogs like Larry King and news wire lapdogs like Reuters and The Associated Press who dance to the national security’s pied piper script of supposed gradual UFO/ET disclosure.

In recent months many in the UFO/ET field have been encouraged by newswire promulgation and reporting of UFOs and less trashing of UFO investigators and the UFO subject to the degree they have in the past. Even more interesting Larry King has aired several programs on the subject following up on some reporting he did many years ago. After all these years one would expect that Larry King knows plenty about this subject but can only play to Big Brother’s disclosure script because of his national security collar and short leash.

I have even heard that some in the UFO field have agreed to water down their reporting in order to gain access to mainstream media programs such as Larry King Live. It’s bad enough that Larry King and other media lapdogs are constrained by national security collars and short leashes but having our own compromise themselves to collaborate for media attention is also troublesome. I have likened this situation to occupied France in World War Two where French citizens collaborated with their Nazi occupiers. The truth is that for 60 years the public has been under an occupation of sorts as to extraterrestrial reality by Big Brother’s global entrenched interests.

Of course the UFO/ET cover up is just part of the elitist global control that is destroying not only our human freedoms and liberties but our global environment as well. Every day adults and children spend hours in front of their personal brainwashing machines. In childhood at a very early age the children are indoctrinated through the so called “education system” to be good servants and slaves to the local, national and global elite. When the children grow up as adults they are integrated into an autocratic system of elite control, a master slave society where the toughest meanest gangsters rise to the top of the chain of command and determine the flow or resources and the need to know.

Some people are gradually waking up to the seriousness of our precarious situation here on spaceship earth. What we really need now in the field of exopolitics is fewer sheep studying UFO/ET reality and more activists doing something about the cover up. We are in desperate need of people who are willing to sacrifice their individual comfort and resources for the good of the whole in the cosmic rights movement, just as the leaders of the civil rights movement did in the past.

My father was considered by some to be the father of fire ecology, a man who I used to think was obsessed with fire and the ending of the Forest Service’s Smokey the Bear anti-fire program that was doing so much damage to the natural environment. But in a large part due to his doggedly persistence and lifetime dedication he was able to facilitate a sea of change in society’s collective attitude toward fire and the natural world.

As I age I can finally understand his obsession with fire because I find myself doing exactly the same thing in fighting for the people’s right to know about UFO/ET reality. History has shown over and over again if people will quit wasting time complaining, refuse to go to the back of the bus, and just get to work, even one person can move mountains if they dedicate their lives to what they want to accomplish.

Young people should not be satisfied with just being another sheep, going baa, baa the world is going to hell! Young people need to do something about elevating human consciousness and cleaning up this planet because they are the ones that are going to have to live on it in the future. I believe a person can do no better than to help end this insidious 60 year cover up of extraterrestrial realities that is stifling humanities evolution and contributing to the national and global entrenched special interest’s social and environmental destruction of this planet.

I would like Larry King and other mass media personalities who are talking about extraterrestrial realities to show a little backbone and stand up to entrenched interests who use national security as a cover, a mechanism for Big Brother’s elite control. Do you really think that entrenched interests will ever release control if you and other citizens do not stand up for the people! This UFO/ET disclosure script is a farce, just more elitist manipulation, it’s been going on for 60 years and nobody is the better for it and it can go on for another 60 years unless like Rosa Parks you refuse to shut up and go to the back of the bus.

Mass media lapdogs need to quit playing to the disclosure script that the national security establishment controlled by entrenched interests is hawking, and be a true leaders, public watchdogs, not just another media lapdog tied by Big Brother’s apron strings. Control over disclosure needs to be put back in the hands of the people where it belongs and out of the hands of the special interests.

Larry King, become an activist, take back your government, your world, from the entrenched interests that are destroying humanity and nature, the biblical destroyers of the earth. No matter if one is religious or secular, stand up and fight for a new heaven and a new earth, don’t expect it to be handed to you on the propagandist’s silver platter. If you are religious then know that God helps those that help themselves, if not then just drop the God and fight for the truth so that you may be free.