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Local ET Contact Activity

Local ET Contact Activity
By Ed Komarek
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I have discussed in some previous writing some of the local ET activity in my area. Years ago I developed my own personal intelligence gathering network locally that at one time was bringing in about a couple of sightings a week over a 50 mile radius from my home near Cairo Georgia. When I started going out and researching these, what I call collateral sightings, I found that sometimes the collateral sightings lead to a contactee that was a source of those sightings. Some of these contactees that have ethical ET contact became my friends over the years and we share information between us. Mostly this detailed information was not to be disclosed to the pubic for ET security reasons and for the security of the contactees.

Recently things have begun to change for the better and my contactee friends are becoming more forthcoming for a couple of reasons. One reason seems to be that world governments have been breaking their promises to certain ethical ET groups to openly disclose extraterrestrial reality to the public in a controlled manner. There has been a lot of foot dragging over the years and the ETs have given the world governments an ultimatum either to disclose or they will do the job for them. A recent increase of ET activity worldwide seems to back up this assertion as well as what seems to be a corresponding increase in world government disclosure.

A second reason for a more forthcoming release of information from my contactee friends seems to be that warfare between their human and humanoid ET friends and a reptilian race is heating up over the future of this planet and some other worlds as well. I was recently surprised to learn that there really is something to these, outrageous speculations of reptilian carnivore ETs eating human and other animals from earth. I was told by a contactee that large numbers of people are going missing around the world. It would seem that these reptilian ET predators are living off the land so to speak when they are here.

Recently on 2/25/08 I visited some contactee friends of mine who live near Moultrie Georgia for some discussions and some sky watching. I also got to see some video tapes of different ET craft that have been taken recently by a contactee friend. One tape was very good showing what the ET humans call a five seat star-tracker craft coming overhead just over treetop level. It showed a good view of the undercarriage. The center of the saucer was bright white but out toward the edges there were other lights going on and off and that also illuminated the undercarriage. These lights were going on and off so fast that they change from pause to pause on the video recorder. This video is as good as anything on the net and we may try to get it onto the internet.

Sky watching that evening was also very interesting with a UFO flashing on its main lights quickly a couple of times to just let us know it was there. The ETs had to back off because there were so many fighter jets in the area. We watched a couple of fighters for a couple of hours looping back and forth over some chicken houses where craft have been video taped. Then they both traveled to the north and soon after that a huge craft of some kind came by flying toward Moody Air Force Base with a fighter escort of 8 to 10 craft trailing behind it. That was really interesting. The military jets do their best to harass and threaten my contactee’s ET friends in a game of cat and mouse which is really unfortunate but has been going on for a long time.

While at my contactee friends house we shared information that I will provide below. I left a printout of my e-book with my friends to give to the ETs when they were through with it. I am hoping I may gain face to face contact and be allowed to write about it in the future. My friends and I discussed amongst ourselves information on several ET races to which they were familiar. One friend said he was familiar with 5 different human or humanoid races and one reptilian race and knew about three other human races but only indirectly.

I would like to point out some interesting observations relating to my contactee friends. Two of these friends have relatives in the military and or the intelligence community that are involved in classified projects involving extraterrestrial reality. One of my friend’s biological father was Sam who I refer to in the Eisenhower Briefing article. These ET contact networks intersect not only through civilian networks and military networks but through generations of people as well.

Even more fascinating it would appear that we are all linked through reincarnation networks as souls incarnate together and the lives of individuals from different world intersect. I thought it interesting that a contactee on the Open Minds Forum said he remembered the time before he was born and was shocked that he was going to be born into a primitive world this time around. Of course all of this is just too much from some UFO investigators and enthusiasts to handle but that seems to be the big picture that is developing. I have discovered that a person will only get as far in this field as his or her own mind will allow.

The following is the information I received while visiting my contactee friends. I cannot verify the information personally because I have not had face to face contact with the ETs myself but rely on second hand information. I would like to point out that I just try to report on what I learn and am not interested in arguing with those who have closed minds. If one wants to stay on the level of chasing sightings that is fine by me. Some of us however have the mind to go deeper and we follow the collateral sightings of witness to the people the occupants of the craft are interacting with.

Recently on The Open Minds Forum I saw were a neophyte was bemoaning the fact that they wished stuff was happening in their area just as around Stephenville Texas. The truth is that these contact networks intersect throughout society and chances are there is a contactee or two in your local area right under your nose that you don’t know about. It takes interest, an open mind and persistence to find these people. In my case it has taken most of my life to get this far. Hopefully others can build on and follow my trail so as not to have to reinvent the wheel. I also think that now that things are opening up more real contactees will be coming out of the closet and on to the internet.

The information bellow follows from my discussions with two of my contactee friends with some information relayed through one friend about another that was not there. This article is subject to revision for any errors I might have made.

1. The Setorians: These are contactee K’s ET friends that are short and barrel chested. Three of us saw their ship come down over a swamp and K met with them a short time while a contactee friend and I got close but no face to face contact. Two of the craft followed me home to see where I lived because I saw them cross the corner of my 60 acre property at the time when I arrived home that night. This happened in the early spring of 1992 I think. I have more written about them elsewhere in my blog. They are from about 7 light years away.

2. The Gorgon: These are fairly friendly humanoid ETs that speak with a bark, ears stick way out, have a squarish head, silver helmets, wear orange boots and breathe air and sometimes breathe some kind of liquid with green particles.

3. The Tytrains: All three of my contactee friends have these ETs as friends especially two brothers whose first names start with A. There are also two sisters one whose name starts with S. The sisters are more recent arrivals and one was injured in a battle with the Reptilians but is okay now. The men are muscular Hercules types five and half to six feet tall and the S one of the females is about five feet three inches tall. The men are around 800 years old, don’t leave fingerprints, are sexy, both men and women are vegetarians and come from the direction of the Horse Head Nebula. They are 4-5 light years away. These distances seem to be very close so I wonder if these distances are correct.

I was told a story by contactee M that contactee K told her. ET A and at least one other maybe his brother beamed down into K’s house and got stuck there for half a day because of some Air Force jets. They had a little party and drank some beer and had a good time. Finally a wrist band on ET A started beeping and they were able to beam out of the house. Contactee M says that K told her that the ship had to be exactly 300 feet above the house to do this and a blue beam was used in this instance. M says the beams can be different colors, blue, yellow and white I guess depending on the kind of ship being used.

The Tytrains mother ship is about the size of three football fields. The star-tracker is one of several types of ships that are kept on board the mother ship. If there is a mechanical problem or if jets get anywhere close the ship will automatically return to the mother ship. Usually at least two scout ships travel together one to keep a eye out for our military and one for the meeting. Some scout ships are the size of a auto and only carry two people others 5, 6, 8, or more.

The Tytrains and some of the allied groups are fighting the Reptilians in what is increasing being called a war over who controls earth and some other worlds as well. My friends say we will have to fight them also and we must win. I was also told the Stephenville Texas sightings are part of an ongoing program in which they are connected.

4. The Fytrillons: Related to the Tytrains, they have a bad body odor; they are human looking and have little buttons on their finger tips.

5. Reptilian races: The size ranges from three feet to eighteen feet, have scales under one half inch, human shaped bodies and head but with an alligator like snout and teeth, recessed ears, vertical pupils, and originate from the direction of the Cats Eye Nebula about 12 light years away. They are carnivores, only eat meat some of which are humans and are responsible for many missing people around the world. They are a militaristic violent race and are extremely dangerous. Contactee L is rather upset as are his ET friends as at least one Reptilian ship has been sighted locally. The friendly ETs have no fly zones and if one of these reptilian craft is sighted in one of these zones they will be shot down if possible no questions asked!

(Disclaimer: All to often UFO/ET investigators because they are concerned about their credibility don't report all that they have been told about a case. They report the sightings, interview the witnesses, and decide what they wish to report as credible information, and the rest they just sweep under the rug. This results in a certain shallowness of perspective and investigation common to mainstream UFO investigators.

I too am concerned about my credibility. In a case such as the one above that sounds like something out of Babylon Five I remain somewhat skeptical but feel I should report it, not sweep it under the rug. Because I have known these contactee friends for years and have had personal sightings of craft when I have been with them, I feel an obligation to report so that others may confirm or refute this information. Hopefully over time the facts will fall into place and what is just imagination can be discarded.)