Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Health Activism and UFOs

Health Activism and UFOs
By Ed Komarek
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In the article Environmental Activism and UFOs I discussed the reason environmental activists should come on board with exopolitical activists to end the UFO/ET cover up. In this article I would like to address the health activists and why they also should join with the UFO activists to end the exopolitical cover up of extraterrestrial reality. The first question that the health activist is going to ask will be similar to what the environmentalist will say. What do UFOs have to do with health issues?

Some issues would be easy to understand if there was open public contact with advanced extraterrestrial races. For instance more advanced races might be willing to assist us to cure disease. I would not be surprised if extraterrestrial medical technologies are not already being covertly interjected into the medical community just as they have been into the electronic and defence industries. As to just how this is done I suggest the reading of the book, The Day After Roswell, by Col. Philip Corso who was involved in this process. In this way entrenched special interests have made in the medical industry huge sums of money the same as they have in other industry monopolies.

There is one area that I would like to talk about that had not entrenched interests suppressed extraterrestrial realities for their own benefit and at public expense, we would all be so much better off. This area is life extension. Some of us exopolitical activists understand that many ET groups live to around a thousand years of age. If this information had been shared with the public in the 1950s as might have been possible if world leaders had not rebuffed these more benevolent ETs in favour of less friendly ETs our medical industry would have been transformed.

Just think what knowledge of life extension would have done not only for quality of life but what a dent it would have put in age related diseases. Age related diseases drive up the high cost of health care making huge sums of money for the special interest drug companies, insurance companies and the medical monopoly in general. These entrenched interests have now become so strong they join the fossil fuel industries and arms industries monopolies in devastating human society.

While it would seem that it would be the fossil fuels industry and the arms industry that are primarily behind the cover up it should be easy to see that the medical establishment has a lot to loose if and when the UFO/ET cover up ends. The truth is that just about every institution on earth is going to have to restructure post cover up. It should not be hard to see why world leaders who take their marching orders from global entrenched special interests are dragging their feet on ending the cover up of the truth that has now been going on more that 60 years.

This whole issue is not about national security at all, because entrenched interests have created this fiction to hide from and manipulate the public. I suggest the uninformed reader read UFOs and the National Security State, by Richard Dolan if they doubt this. The declassified documentation is all there.

I would hope that heath activists, environmental activists, political activists, religious activists will break through the sixty years of public media brainwashing so that they can join the rest of us to end the insidious cover up of extraterrestrial realities. We have already lost so much over the years and we must not wait for disclosure to come from world governments because it’s never going to happen that way unless it is on their terms. The public must take control on its own terms or things won’t be much different post cover up as they are today because of a probable negative spin designed stampede the public ever deeper into special interest control.

(Note: This article is one of a series of articles addressing different factions within society as to the need to understand extraterrestrial realities and ending the UFO/ET cover up.)