Thursday, November 08, 2007

Transition To A Post Disclosure World

Transition To A Post UFO/ET Disclosure World
By Ed Komarek
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There is going to be a large UFO/ET credibility gap in the minds of the general public in regards to established institutions post disclosure. More and more people are beginning to realize that their right to know the truth about intelligent extraterrestrial life coming to earth has been suppressed by establishment institutions both government and private. It is possible and even probable that much of the uninformed public will continue to be susceptible to mainstream propaganda even after the propagandizing institutions have admitted to lying and deceiving the public. The propagandists will say, “sure we lied and we are sorry, but now you can trust us to tell you the truth.” Yeah right! Many people are like the comic strip character Charlie Brown and want to believe in their institutions so badly that they will continue play the role of the perpetual victims. The truth is that propagandists and deceivers are not going to change their delusional habits overnight, but will only shift tactics to adapt to the changing external conditions.

On the other hand there will be those who will have lost what little faith they have remaining in their mainstream institutions. They will feel betrayed by their government, scientific, religious and journalist leaders and will look to new untainted leaders with a history of telling it straight to the public. I suspect that we involved in the field of exopolitics could be overwhelmed by the needs of the public for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We may not even get a lot of help from the UFO/ET establishment who remain mired in factional infighting with each faction in its own little clump of trees proclaiming indigently that they have the complete view of the whole forest and everybody else is wrong. It is the blind men and the elephant delusion played over and over again.

We in exopolitics who consider the broad model to be the model most in harmony with the facts catch hell from all factions.We exopoliticians need to do is build up a reserve of material that is easily accessible to all media that really want to both inform themselves and their readers, listeners and viewers. In fact I find that we are being guided to do just that. Credible website’s, online newspapers and internet radio are developing that have a interest in informing the public as to the overall perspective in regards to extraterrestrial life. Just recently a mainstream newspaper in Canada has played it straight in regards to exopolitics instead of propagandizing us like Washington Post did recently. Once some mainstream media begin to play it straight and get past the giggle factor, its going to put a lot of pressure on the rest of the media to play it straight also. That could result in a very rapid end to the UFO/ET coverup and a switch of tactics by the propagandists away from coverup toward misleading partial disclosures. Some of the public will be fooled, but I believe that more and more people will catch on to what’s being done to them and they are not going to like it at all.

What I find myself doing at present is building up a volume of exopolitical essays, articles and cases on my blog site that can soon be organized into a book format that will be freely available to individuals and the media. In my case mainstream and internet print media can come to my internet site and get what articles or cases they want to satisfy the needs of their readers as to the overall perspective or context. The media can go elsewhere for more detailed localized perspectives throughout the UFO/ET community. I think because of my ecological background I am best suited toward conceptualizing the overall perspective. I am a generalist like my parents and their friends and I will leave the details to the specialists. Part of gaining perspective is to know ones place in the scheme of things, what one is good at and what one is not. We each have our respective roles to play in the upcoming post disclosure world.

I am thinking that as disclosure unfolds I could also be useful to mainstream radio but I have my doubts about mainstream TV. I am not particularly photogenic nor do I have academic credentials which are important for mainstream media institutional credibility. I think people like Steve Basset, Dr. Michael Salla and Alfred Webre JD are best suited to be mainstream broadcast media exopolitical spokespersons. I most likely will continue to work behind the scenes on broad conceptual exopolitical infrastructure making it available free through the internet. I do feel that for exopolitics to do its job in the future it must struggle not to become autocratic and a closed society divvying out information for power and profit. I can see the way the UFO/ET establishment is going already and the forces of autocracy are already beginning to have a damaging impact on exopolitics. We must get our power from increasing information flows, not by restricting information flows, else we too like the UFO/ET establishment get side lined and will get dropped from the leading edge of both discovery and advancement in regards to extraterrestrial life. This is why I am so insistent on trying to keep all my material openly available to all.