Thursday, November 08, 2007

Exopolitical Extremism

Exopolitical Extremism
By Ed Komarek
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A recent attack on exopolitics and exopolitical researchers by Bud Hopkins an abduction investigator and researcher on the radio show Coast To Coast recently caught my attention. Clearly Bud is losing credibility as a UFO/ET investigator and researcher by making such unfounded and emotionally virulent attacks. It may play well with other extremist abduction researchers and investigators, but he risks alienating many of the rest of us in the field. Investigators and researchers need to be working together to get the whole truth out to the public. Not only is Bud Hopkins extremist ideology damaging to himself, but also to the whole UFO/ET field. As always I must make myself clear that I tend to focus on friendly ET interactions while at the same time not ignoring the reality of unfriendly ET contact. One of the reasons I focus on the friendly contact cases is that I feel there is too much emphasis on unfriendly contact cases and I attempt to add balance. If the tables were turned I might be more inclined to change my position so as to work towards a balanced perspective.

The unfriendly ET perspective is not the only extremist position either. Over on the other side we have investigators like Richard Boylan and Steven Greer who just as vehemently espouse the friendly ET perspective, but at least they refrain from making false statements to the media as far as I know! I think all this division just reflects the general polarization going on within society as a whole. When we find powerful extremist positions anywhere, we can figure that folks on both sides of the issue are both right and both wrong. There is a tendency of the mind to take a position and then defend that position by concentrating on evidence that supports that position and ignoring and downplaying evidence that undermines that position. This natural tendency to jump to conclusions without viewing all the facts dispassionately and objectively is the bane of humanity. The problem is that once one takes a position without a broad enough perspective, the limited perspective begins to modify perceptions, hence the rose colored glasses syndrome. The net result is conceptual bondage, where one’s own little clump of trees obscures the view of the rest of the forest.

We in the exopolitics field that hold to the broad model that life is abundant and very diverse across the universe just as it is here on earth, catch it from both extremist positions. I guess this is a universal problem where those that take the middle ground and the largest perspective possible get caught in the crossfire between polarized extremist groups. Its pretty obvious in terrestrial politics and its just as prevalent in extraterrestrial politics as well. We have these same divisions in both the government and in the military over exopolitical issues as well a national issues. Because extremists won’t take a good look at themselves and their overinflated and often deluded egos, they have to blame others outside of themselves for their and others problems. In so doing they become violent, deceptive and delusional creating division where ever they can. Unity and understanding is their salvation but they do not want to have any of that. The best one can do is stay out of the way of extremists if possible, and if not one must defend oneself from their machinations.

In my blog I try to present the grand overview for both the novice in expert in the UFO/ET field. I think I am good at it because of my ecological background. I think it is noteworthy to point out that Bud Hopkins background is as an artist and Dr. Steven Greer’s background is a medical doctor. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not our backgrounds to have a large degree of influence on our perspectives on life and living. I hope my readers are well served by my concepts and perspectives and realize that while I do focus on friendly ET interactions because of reasons of balance, but more importantly the reason is that I think there is more to learn here. Unfriendly ET interactions teach us that we must protect ourselves from unfriendly ET’s, but that we must also evolve and use only ethical means to achieve our goals. We can’t fight evil with evil and expect not to become evil ourselves. Bod Hopkins needs to understand this. Its clearly over the top for Bud Hopkins to go to the mass media and make false claims against exopolitics and exopolitical investigators. I have been investigating UFO/ET long before he was ever involved. Some of the cases I have investigated personally are on my blog. Bill Hamiliton has been investigating friendly contact case since the 1950s.

So folks lets try to put a lid on this infighting, especially in the mainstream media. Neither we nor the public at large is well served by such damaging and uncivil behavior. We have enough of a problem dealing with the propagandists and coverup specialists without haveing to deal with it in our own exopolitical community as well. We are not going to be able to solve problems of abuse by being abusive to others within our respective environments. Lets keep our eyes on the prize of full UFO/ET disclosure.