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Exopolitical Info-war Articles

Why We Fight The UFO/ET Information War (Part 1 of a series)
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Article Why We Fight The UFO/ET Information War

My uninformed mainstream friends often ask me questions like, "Why are you so interested and involved with UFOs? Even if they are real and extraterrestrial, what is the big deal? We know you are an intelligent guy, why are you wasting your time on this? You could be so much more productive in other areas if you seriously want to help humanity." Sometimes I try to answer, but more often than not I just sigh and let the conversation move on to other subjects of interest.

Others in the field of exopolitics are subject to these same questions from the uninformed and propagandized public and they try their best to answer them as I do. Sometimes we just get so tired of having to do the thinking for other people and having to put up with all the denial and ridicule. We have to keep trying because the future of our humanity and our planet is at stake.

If humanity were to discover the truth, this is what I believe would happen. If people had substantial contact with ethical advanced stellar civilizations they would see that there is a more enlightened way to live and a better way to run a planet. People could see how much better off they would be if they were to cooperate amongst themselves rather than engage in mutual predation. They would understand that the way our society is presently structured is just like the pyramid food chain in nature.

At the top of the food chain we have the toughest meanest predators, sophisticated gangsters, that reward those lower down by moving them up in rank and benefits and punish those that do not cooperate by moving them down in rank and benefits. People would compare the way things are organized here on earth with how more advanced stellar societies are organized. They would think, if we follow these stellar societies economic, political and religious models rather than our own, we could be like they, and be much better off than we are now. It should not take a rocket scientist or "lawyer" to figure this out.

People in America have become so dumbed down and propagandized by the mass media and a public educational system that is structured to crank out obedient wage slaves rather than enlightened free thinkers, that most people really think America is a free society. The chilling truth is that America and the rest of the world is a sophisticated slave society run by sophisticated gangster families. Ben Fulford former Asian bureau chief of Forbes magazine has articulated this truth better than anybody I have seen of late. People really need to read the transcripts of the Jeff Rense interviews with Ben. Ben has the credentials and the high level contacts and should be taken seriously until and unless we hear otherwise. http://www.rense.com/general77/fulf.htm http://www.rense.com/general77/ful2.htm

The struggle for freedom, liberty and truth becomes ever more complicated and sophisticated as freedom loving truth seekers struggle to keep up with the ever more sophisticated forms of inter-species human predation worldwide. While some freedom loving people overtly battle and struggle against the denial of basic human rights and freedom around the globe, there are also those of us who find ourselves in much more sophisticated and complicated global covert battle and struggle.

We involved in exoploitics find ourselves involved in a struggle against very sophisticated tyrants and families of tyrants that seek to enslave humanity worldwide covertly. We have become drawn into this global political battle because these secretly ruling elites are not only harmful to humanity but to humanities relations with other extraterrestrial races as well. These elites have placed themselves squarely between us and the extraterrestrial races and so have become an obstacle obstructing further human evolution on earth.

The battle lines of our covert struggle extend from our external reality into the Internet and through our individual minds. Most people including our friends and relatives have trouble appreciating our efforts because our activities have moved beyond their horizons. Friends often become confused and even hostile to us, feeling that we have abandoned the world to escape into realms of fantasy. While this may be true for many in our field who lose their way amongst all the misinformation and disinformation, it is not true for all of us.

The mainstream public needs to begin to appreciate the fact that we in the UFO/ET community are fighting a formidable adversary with almost unlimited global resources, yet we may eventually win the war after losing every battle because we hold the moral high ground and we have the Internet. These sophisticated gangster families who secretly control humanity through corporations, foundations, governments, religions and secret societies for their own greedy, selfish and environmentally destructive ends no longer use food and simple propaganda to control the masses. Instead they control the money supply, the mass media and the public educational system so as to achieve the same aims as Fulford has articulated so well in his writings and interviews.

Society and its organizational structure has changed little over the thousands of years, it has just got much more sophisticated. Still there is hope that the truth embargo is ending. Governments around the world are losing patience with America's failure of leadership and are breaking ranks to bring out exopolitical truth to the public. Contrast the most recent Washington Post UFO propaganda article, cleverly designed to stifle political discussion, on the latest exopolitics conference near Washington DC., http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/09/17/AR2007091701780.html with the secret UFO files released and cooperation with civilian UFO/ET investigators in France http://ufos.about.com/b/a/256888.htm and Brazil http://www.rense.com/general65/braz.htm and the release of gun camera video by the Mexican government to the mainstream press. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDOOZ_IPb6Y

These families have their members and their servants well placed throughout society, and especially noteworthy, they control intelligence agencies around the world as Fulford has pointed out. Because the ruling elite monitor and control the intelligence agencies at the highest levels, they know that the earth is visited by higher intelligence with advanced technology for as least thousands of years, They know that earth humanities interaction both overt and covert throughout history has been massive and longstanding and that we ourselves are a product of not only natural evolution by artificial evolution as well.

They know that the Bible and other sacred texts record not only mankind's history on earth but mankind's historic interactions with human extraterrestrial races. They know that some of these intelligent races are human and that the human race on earth is part of a greater humanity that long ago embarked on voyages of discovery through space and time and have since spread out and populated many diverse natural and artificial ecosystems.

The elite know that knowledge of our true origins and position in the cosmos will be liberating and enlightening and that they fear losing control over the masses of humanity. For this reason they use formidable public and private resources to maintain an information embargo on the truth so as to hold humanity in bondage for as long as they are able to do so.

It is not enough to just challenge the masters and point out the error of their ways, but we must also clearly and articulately address the slaves who do not believe themselves to be slaves in this modern era. This job may be just as difficult as dealing with the masters for very different reasons. Those of us that have penetrated the illusions of democracy here and abroad realize that masters and slaves continue to evolve their relationship of mutual self destruction into more and more sophisticated forms. Masters and their wage slaves now threaten the planet with atomic and environmental destruction. For this reason we who value freedom and liberty must win the information war and end the truth blackout imposed upon the world public about the extraterrestrial presence.

How To Fight The Exopolitical Info-War (Part 2 of a series)
By Ed Komarek
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In The American Chronicle http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=39894

I have found it interesting as I age how thinking evolves over time. When I first became involved with UFO/ET activities in the 1970's I saw the problem as a scientific problem. In the 1980s I realized that politics was interfering with the scientific investigation of UFOs so the problem was more than a scientific problem but a political one as well. I co-founded Operation Right To Know a UFO activist organization in 1991 to fight the UFO coverup. In the 1980's and 1990s I realized that UFOs were an intelligence problem deserving of intelligence solutions and became involved with Jack Sarfatti's Internet Stardrive Group.

I learned how to network the Internet from Jack and did my best to help Jack and his group get up to speed on UFOs. In the early part of the 21 century Alfred Webre coined the word exopolitics, Dr. Michael Salla got involved, and I found myself active on the Internet once again in support of exopolitics. I knew I had been thinking and publishing exopolitics from the 1980's onward before the word had been coined. Today I conceptualize that we activists and investigators all along have been embroiled in a longstanding UFO/ET Info-War that is now moving onto the Internet.

The first step and greatest step in wining a Info-War is to recognize an attack. We are helpless if we do not realize we are under attack. We now know that the public has been under a constant propaganda attack since the 1940's by some of the best minds money can buy. CIA documents from the 1950's clearly show the intent was to create a wall of denial and ridicule around the subject that has succeeded. The mainstream media, public education system, the scientific establishment have been scared into submission for fear of ridicule. http://archive.alienzoo.com/conspiracytheory/ufosoverwashington.html

Some brave souls like Colonel Donald Keyhoe publicly fought the official U.S. Air Force debunkers and propagandists in the 1950s. The official propagandists became more sophisticated when they became privatized in the 1960's with the creation of Intel counterintelligence front organizations like the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal whose very title is a lie. These turned out to be the first public battles in an information war that was lost to the great detriment of all of humanity.We may eventually win the Info-War after losing all the battles with the help of the internet. Of course if disclosure happens we may have another battle to fight, that of negative fearful spin and perhaps even a alien invasion false flag operation designed to scare the public worldwide into total submission and a total loss of human rights. Martial law could be declared and the internet shut down or severely controlled. Its not to early to begin thinking and planning for such a contingency. Carol Rosin assistant to Werner Von Braun heard about plans for a war on terror and then a alien invasion false flag operation while working for Fairchild Industries in the 1970s. http://www.illuminati-news.com/ufos-and-aliens/html/carol_rosin.htm

The exopolitical community is still a small insurgency but our numbers are growing as we gather public support from a public slow to awaken to the fact that they have been under a propaganda attack for 60 years. Those elites that are responsible for the attack are few in number but they have control of almost unlimited resources at their disposal to continue to maintain the propaganda attack and even move from coverup to negative spin if necessary.

Like a powerful invading army, time is not on the side of these sophisticated families of gangsters in Europe and America as they are faced with growing awareness of their plans and activities not only by the public but by gangster families in Asia that seem to have been cut out of the action as suggested by Ben Fulford past Asian bureau chief for Forbes Magazine.

Once we realize we are under a sophisticated propaganda attack the next step is to understand the adversary, its strengths and weaknesses. I believe that the Achilles heel, the soft underbelly, the missing scale on the great dragon is the internet. The internet by its very nature is a different and a more advanced form of organization than the autocratic pyramid organizational structure which it seems to be replacing around the globe. It's the shifting sand under the insurmountable castle. If autocratic organizations cannot get control over the internet they will be replaced and that will be good for humanity.

I believe the world today to be run by a few wealthy powerful gangster families at the top that dole out or withhold rank and resources in order to make the slave pyramid autocratic structure work. It's a structure of masters and servants. At the very heart of the autocratic organization is the need to control the thinking and actions of the servants, the slaves. In the south, plantation owners forbid their slaves an education for good reason and only doled out enough information for their slaves to do their jobs. Information was doled out on a need to know basis with the masters determining the need to know.

It should be easy to see that the National Security State with its emphasis on clearances and need to know is just a more sophisticated form of mind control than was used by the plantation owners in the south against their slaves. Today's masters control servants through finance, public indoctrination called public education, the mass media, national security and other organizations.. The free flow of information through internet networks works to undermine propaganda, so autocratic regimes must restrict and confuse information flow either by direct means or by indirect means. I believe we now have people deliberately inserting propaganda and disinformation secretly into the internet and encouraging conflicts amongst the informed and uninformed public so as to generally pollute and confuse the information flow.

Finally after we understand our adversary the next step toward winning the Info-War is to develop tactics that work in our favor and against the adversary. Right now our adversaries have a tight grip on the mainstream media and the public education system. I don't believe it is our interest to challenge the mass media where the adversary is strong and can counter any move we make toward informing the public but to challenge and inform where the adversary it is weakest, the newly emerging internet mediaI believe it is here we can fight and win the exopolitical information war. I encourage young people once they become informed to identify and engage the adversary and become Internet activists.

It is up to their generation now to struggle to win their freedom and escape the propaganda net that continues to enslave and restrain their minds as well as the minds of their fathers and mothers in regards to the extraterrestrial presence. A brighter future for all of humanity lies just around the corner if enough of us collectively stand up and fight for our rights of assembly and communication with the cosmic neighborhood. If we don't the growing dark age we are now in will become ever darker.

Defending Against An Info-war Attack (part 3)
By Ed Komarek10/09/07
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American Chronicle article: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=40578

This article is the third of a series on articles on Info-war. Colonel John Alexander, U.S. Army (retired) has a chapter in his book Future War called Information Warfare. Colonel Alexander is widely considered the Darth Vader of the national security state by leading exopoliticians, one who long ago succumbed to the dark side of the force. One well known individual involved in the UFO/ET field was rumored to have called him the most dangerous man on the planet, an exaggeration of course, but I have and still do consider him a formidable adversary in the ongoing Info-war within and without the UFO/ET community.

One of the main tenets of war is to learn from the adversary, so I consider John a teacher from the dark side. To me John is a microcosm of the national insecurity state and to understand how he thinks is to understand the national insecurity state itself. In the movie Star Wars, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force to believe that to fight evil and win one must use evil means. I realize that John and others like him believe they are doing the right thing, as do many of those working in the areas of national security around the world, but to me he is just another casualty of a cosmic info-war that extends right down into every mind on this planet. When John receives this I hope he is paying attention. :-) I learn quickly.

On page 111 John says, "In preparing for conflict, perception management is essential. The adversary should be led to believe that he is vulnerable and will lose if war is initiated." John goes on to say, "To deceive the enemy is a fundamental tenet of war. However, it was not until 1994 that doctrine on deception was published, and that was in response to the burgeoning field of command and control warfare. The target of the deception is the enemy's decision-making process. This may be done by directly influencing the leaders, or by manipulating the beliefs of the people who must support them"

This is such an important statement because when America's national security apparatus in World War Two and through the cold war used the same unethical means to destroy the adversary that the adversary was using, it moved the evil without into the evil within. As that happened the national security state became the national insecurity state and inadvertently began attacking its own public. One is reminded of Creon in the Greek Tragedies who destroyed his own family for the state, only to realize as a old man that his family was the state. The ancient Greeks were very aware how fundamental conceptual errors subvert the decision making process and leads to great suffering.

What John and the national insecurity state fail to understand is that the target of deception is the destruction of anybody who uses it!!!! It contaminates the mental battlefield and injures everybody. The true basic tenet is that in a conflict or in any other situation deception will attack and harm anybody who uses it for any reason. In the short term it may win a battle even a war, but in the long run it's corrosive and as a mental poison it will eventually damage and even ruin all those who use it.

John goes on to quote Colonel Richard Szafranski. His considerations for attacking include, "Every means by which an adversary arrives at knowledge or beliefs in that context." "Szafranski carries that argument to a logical conclusion, targeting every element in the epistemology of an adversary. This means attempting to undermine the organization, structure, methods, and validity of knowledge of that adversary. Deprived of valid information, a means to evaluate information properly, or a stable and reliable mechanism for decision-making places the adversary at great risk." John goes on to discuss manipulation of the media, how to do this properly without blowback.

I have to ask, is this not exactly what has been going on ever sense the national security apparatus began using deception against its enemies. I believe it is a basic tenet of war that to the degree that the national security state uses deception against the enemy it also correspondingly attacks it's public body incurring a corresponding loss of confidence by the public. One could also state that, to the degree that the national security apparatus uses ethical means and tactics against the enemies unethical means and tactics there is a corresponding increase in confidence, trust and support from a better informed and secure public.

Fanatical thinking just illustrates a very important point and that is in fighting evil with evil one unknowingly becomes evil oneself. John is an ultimate cold warrior and he reflects the thinking of the national security establishment elite that won the cold war through unethical means against a unethical adversary, thereby transferring the evil without into the evil within. The national security apparatus that was formed to fight the cold war in America is now the threat to true national security and stability everywhere. In fighting one beast with unethical means one has only created an even more powerful beast. Its all based on the lie that the end justifies the means. It's a lie because there is really no separation between past and future, the means and end are one.

This is information warfare at its most sophisticated, how do such errors of logic and conception get into our minds? Christians personify the corruption and inversion of the truth as Satan's domain. Did a group of immortals or very long living space beings lose a space (heaven) battle to be confined to earth in underground bases (hell) to haunt mankind to the end times as Christians believe? Are these errors in logic something inherent in mankind or has mankind itself been under a info-war attack for thousands of years? Are people like John Alexander unwitting pawns believing they are doing good but in fact doing just the opposite. John is talking here about mind control. I wonder if it has ever crossed his mind that his own mind and the mind of the national security state itself is in fact conditioned and controlled by powers higher up the autocratic pyramid. Who really occupies the eye in the pyramid?

So John, the question is, is there a better enlightened way to deal with a info-war adversary that uses destructive means against us. It's right there in the bible John, in the teachings of Christ. The way to defeat (reform)a unethical adversary is not to use unethical means but to use ethical means. This way one does not become the evil that one wars against! When an adversary uses a lie, then expose that lie with the truth. If one is deceived, then expose that deception. If the media is the weapon then disarm it through information warfare techniques of conceptualization and articulation of context projected into the media and internet to reintroduce coherence rather than incoherence!

Info-war, Defining The Adversary (part 4)
By Ed Komarek10/11/07
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Many years ago while I was playing chess I entered a higher state of consciousness and experienced the game of chess as the battle for mankind being played out on the board amongst the black and white chess pieces. I realize now that at that early age I experienced a most fundamental concept as to what the game of chess represented. It was a concept that I could not understand nor articulate at the time. The game of chess was not meant to be just a game. I think that the game was created by somebody who had a great depth of understanding of the overall context in which we live out our lives.

The creator or creators of the game saw the board as the mental battlefield. The white chess pieces represented good or creative power, while the dark pieces represented evil or destructive power. The white king was played by the light magician while the dark king was played by the dark magician. When the game was placed into motion a mental conceptual battle began between the powers of light and the powers of darkness across the mental battlefield. Each game represented a battle between the powers of light and darkness in a conceptual mental war that was ended with a checkmate or draw.

I have mentioned in a prior article that some consider Colonel John Alexander the Darth Vader, of the National Insecurity State. The dark warrior from pawn to king is still only a piece being played by the black magician, master of deception and illusion. The black magician is the psychological equivalent of black hole. The black magician is a very powerful degenerating personality on the way to oblivion and complete destruction and has destructive effects on anyone having contact. This would be an individual who once may have been a star a bearer of light, of understanding, but now has collapsed inward and become a psychological degenerate.
There is truth to biblical stories. As in the game of chess its all laid out in the bible as well as other religious texts around the globe. John Alexander has made trips to Tibet, I wonder why?
The struggle between the followers of the right hand path, goodness, and the left hand path, evil, is well conceptualized and defined in Tibetan religion, maybe even better than in the Bible.

As I have stated in a prior article the adversary should be the teacher and I consider John Alexander to be a teacher for the dark side of the force and my nemesis. George Lucas took old truths, myths and reconstituted them so as to be better understood by a modernsophisticated audience. Star Wars is entertainment, but it is much more than that. The movie is a story of liberation projected into the minds of an enslaved humanity largely under the control of black magicians. The same could be said of Star Trek. Stories are spells cast and woven by the black magicians of our time and are potent weapons to entrap, ensnare and enslave the minds of the unwary. While thrillers use fearful imagery to enthrall, deconceptualize and dumb down minds, sitcom stories trivialize minds. There are those that say this is just all harmless entertainment but is something much more sinister going on. Are things really as they seem, or are people's minds being manipulated by modern day story tellers, info-warriors for the dark side in the mental battlefield.

In previous articles I began quoting from John Alexanders book Future War the chapter on Info-war, page 111. On this same page John has this to say, "There will always be constant tension between the military and the media. Great care should be taken when developing a compelling story, to insure that the basic facts are true. Lies and partial truths will be found out. To be effective in the long run, it is absolutely necessary to be well grounded in facts. Spectacular stories may have immediate impact but, when found to be false they do far more damage to institutional credibility." John goes on to cite examples in relation to the Desert Storm stories of babies being thrown from incubators.

Moving on to page 112 John has this to say, "We know that world leaders obtain much information form CNN. In major campaigns, other news organizations follow their lead. Employing perception management techniques includes gaining the willing support of the major news organizations. This is a tedious process that must be developed over many years through trusting relationships." On page 113 John says, "The target of IW is the human mind. The only logical solution is to acknowledge perception management and execute it well. Of all the IW issues, perception management is the most demanding, contentious, and necessary." As John has pointed out so well, the media is a powerful tool of perception management a major tenet of the National Insecurity State and things are not always what they seem.

The black magician the master of deceit and illusion is a deluded creature who's thinking and actions are based on very basic conceptual errors. John says the objective of war is to impose ones will on an adversary. The error in this instance is that John is not being specific enough. The statement should be, the objective of the predator, the black magician is impose its will on the prey. The objective of war for the white magician like the prey is to ethically defend against this imposition of will being exercised offensively by the predator. This is a fine point but its critical. Only the predator imposes will, not the potential prey. A much more significant and crucial conceptual error that warriors like John make that is foundational to the National Insecurity State that I have touched on in other articles is that a dangerous deceptive adversary can only be defeated by employing even more dangerous and deceptive tactics. As I have pointed out elsewhere, this is a very major conceptual error that may defeat the adversary externally, only to find out that the real adversary delusion, error, has simply been moved from without to within. Delusion is a psychological disease effecting the mind and to attack it in the same way it attacks you is madness! The disease is contagious.

Conceptual errors are the foundation of delusion and are perpetrated upon others in mass by the deluded through information warfare across the mental battlefield. We can gauge the state of collective delusion within society by observing the language of society. Orwell pointed this out very well in his writings. I think we could say that the degree to which words are perverted reflects the degree of perversion and delusion within society. For instance, the National Security State is really the National Insecurity State, a state based on lies, fear and deception. Some words still have their correct meaning like, Department of War. If and when the Department of War inverts and becomes the Department of Peace watch out! The most sophisticated info-war adversary subverts language.

In exopolitics why do you think those with military connections replaced the term flying saucer with UFO once the truth was know by the military? The term flying saucer means extraterrestrial spaceship a known object. The term UFO degrades the term flying saucer to Unidentified Flying Object when in fact the objects have been identified by the military as extraterrestrial spaceships. The black magician the hero of the National Insecurity State is a master of the subversion of language, the means of information conveyance. The black magician claims to be the protector of mankind freedom and liberty when in effect the opposite is true.