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Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge

Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge
By Ed Komarek10/06/07
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When there is a sincere and profound desire to know and express truth, combined with discipline and focus, a particular state of consciousness develops that I have referred to as merging into the telepathic net. I have written about this in the past and it happens to me from time to time. I observe my consciousness shifting into that rarefied atmosphere where new concepts and ideas flood the mind.

Sometimes things move so quickly and profoundly it becomes difficult and a strain on the brain to get all the material down and fixed in 4D space. There is this very real problem of burnout, like putting a thousand watts through the filament of a one hundred watt light bulb. It takes time to tame this creative process and often one comes crashing down from these rarefied heights like Iscarus who flew too close to the sun. With time and experience one masters this discipline and somehow develops skills to handle these higher states of consciousness.

"In the depths of space huge clouds of interstellar dust swirl, the breeding grounds of new stars. The dust slowly aggregates becoming ever closer and hotter until suddenly out of the swirling clouds of dust and new star is formed that illuminates the space and dust cloudsaround it. Some stars quickly burn out in a few million years others slowly burn for billions of years before collapsing into black holes that congregate in the center of rotating galaxies." We ask, "Is not humanity like the spiraling clouds of interstellar dust where from time to time one individual or a group of individuals suddenly and spectacularly ignite for a time illuminating the rest of mankind through the darkness of space."

"There will be those that find themselves attracted to new concepts and ideas so as to find them enlightening and liberating as there will be detractors who will find these things hard to stomach or even consider them delusional." They scream out, "There is not a shred of evidence to back up these claims, these outrageous ideas!" We ask, "Is this not the history of mankind, new ideas spark intense controversy as those attracted to new ideas battle it out with those who find change hard to comprehend, cling to the old and are fearful of the new."

Detractors who are suddenly exposed to a flood of new ideas find themselves struggling with the same aberrations of personality they so passionately rave against. Because critics are often unable to discriminate between crackpots and visionaries they erroneously lump them both together in the same basket and even fanatically pursue and persecute these subversive heretics. (The Greek word for free thinker or one who thinks for oneself.)

Living exopolitics is living life on the cutting edge. Exopolitics is a new emerging field within a larger evolving field that I call astroecology or exoecology because human interrelationships and social systems are a part of nature like everything else. Those of us that work in the emerging field of exopolitics must stay focused and not become distracted by the detractors. We have to forge ahead, so as to illuminate the path ahead for those that come after us, then pass on what we have learned to the next generation who stand on our shoulders just as we have stood on the shoulders of those before us. This is more than just talk for me as I articulate and record ideas and concepts on to the Internet for all who wish to receive them.

These ideas do not just spring out of thin air, out of the telepathic net on their own, but are the essence of a lifetime of discovery. New ideas come into the minds of those that are prepared to receive them, much like a radio receiver, and it takes discipline and focus to then fix these ideas in 4D space so that they can be shared with others who find value in them.

I am just now beginning to appreciate the creative processes of visionaries like Gene Roddenberry who could rightly be considered the father of exopolitics. The Star Trek series has illuminated the lives of not just a few people but millions and billions of people through several generations. The accuracy of his positive vision of humanities future is becoming more and more apparent daily as his visions become reality. The same could be said of Jules Verne and Tesla, their visions have withstood the test of time and have illuminated and motivated mass human consciousness. These were men who truely lived on the cutting edge and made great contributions to the collective welfare of humanity.