Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cosmic Conflicts

Cosmic Conflicts
By Ed Komarek
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The idea that space faring civilizations have been involved in warfare is not new. Ancient sacred texts from around the world describe these heavenly conflicts between extraterrestrials. The bible itself talks about this battle in heaven where Lucifer and his degenerate angels, the losers, are cast down and confined to earth by the heavenly host who continue to occupy the high ground of outer space. I believe conflicts between extraterrestrial races continue to this day and are common.

I have heard stories from contactee friends about conflicts between extraterrestrial races on and about earth including shooting down of craft . Some UFO/ET researchers are now beginning to point out that there seem to be just to many crashed spaceships coming down to earth to be accounted for by just accidents. While some of these could be have been shot down by humanitie's security forces there seems to be another factor involved.

If the universe turns out to be highly populated by very diverse advanced civilizations as evidence and reason suggest, then we should expect conflicts to erupt frequently. Everything we see in nature suggests that both competition and cooperation are widespread in nature as I have discussed in several of my prior articles. I have also discussed societal evolution from a natural history and evolutionary perspective where super-civilizations evolve just like everything else in nature by the creation of larger bits from smaller bits. So it would seem that no matter how advanced the level of organization, as in a super-civilization, there are going to be both competitive and cooperative evolutionary pressures.

These competitive and cooperative evolutionary pressures seem to have created very diverse creatures about the universe just as they have done on earth. It should not come as an unexpected insight that many of these universal relationships are predator-prey
relationships. The only thing different might be order of magnitude as well as sophistication of these relationships especially when these conflicts involve conflicts between super-civilizations. These crashed saucers coming down seem to indicate some sort of quarantine of earth is in effect and violators can be shot down if they violate quarantine.

We can see that when overt power fails for a predator in the capture of prey the predator becomes more stealthy, deceptive, and secretive. The predator has to change tactics so as to capture the wary prey or get around a parents defensives to get to the more vulnerable young. I ask, if earth is a societal embryo on the way to becoming a super-civilization, might there be super-civilization predators who could be getting very sophisticated in breaking the quarantine if indeed one exists? This begs the question how would we expect a super-civilization predator to get at our vulnerable young embryonic civilization and perhaps feed on it as would a parasite?

Col. John Alexander "retired" was a special forces commander and is author of the book, Future War. He says that to deceive the enemy is a fundamental tenet of war. I believe the same is true for any predator from a virus attacking the body right on up to humans attacking each other in predator-prey, master-slave relationships in autocratic society. John is very clear in stating that, "The target of deception is the enemy's decision-making process." I would take this a bit further and say the target is the enemy's ability to conceptualize the situation first, then the decision-making process second. Before one can make a decision one has to conceptualize the environment one is in. We have to be able to see before we do.

I am thinking that the most sophisticated way to capture or parasitize prey is to attack or insert error into the adversary or prey's conceptual framework. I wonder if John has ever considered the possibility that mankind is under attack by some predatory civilization that is so subtle and clever that all it needs to do to weaken our civilization is to insert error into our minds and the language we use to communicate ideas and concepts. I wonder If people in the national insecurity establishment have ever considered the possibility and that their own minds are under attack and that they have made themselves vulnerable by practicing unethical or predatory deceptive warfare practices?

This then begs the question, what simple logical and conceptual errors would be the most effective and subversive to the mind of human beings. One would most definitely be that the lie, that the end justifies the means. In the case of warfare the error would be, deception is justified to attack and subdue a enemy. The adversary that is best able to deceive wins the war which could be true but what about what happens afterward? Just this one conceptual error alone could throw humanity into turmoil, conflict, and instability. Deception would beget deception creating more and more intense conflict between warring factions. What was once the national security apparatus become the national insecurity apparatus destabilizing and undermining the whole civilization.

I would hope that warriors like John Alexander will pay special attention to their own minds to see if they themselves are under attack by a very sophisticated, deceptive and dangerous enemy. They should ask themselves, are we who are supposed to protect and defend our countries simply spreading disinformation, lies and error so as to destroy our own society making humanity easy pickings for some cosmic predator? Perhaps a little humble pie is in order.

I say look to nature and consider the simple little aids virus that can shut down the bodies defensive systems and eventually kill the body. How does this virus do this? What if some cosmic predator craftily turned the national security apparatus back on itself, so as to attack the public it is sworn to protect just as does the aids virus. Could a crafty sophisticated predator be using these deceptive crafty means to get around the quarantine of earth.

Protecting extraterrestrial races who hold overt power may still have vulnerabilities that cosmic predators and parasites can exploit. Maybe there is something after all to the biblical stories of Lucifer and his fellow degenerates who were once highly evolved beings but for some reason began a process of devolution and had to be captured and contained. Maybe more advanced enlightened beings are unable to finish Lucifer off because it would destroy mankind in the process. Is there a enlightened cosmic plan that takes time to evolve meant to free mankind and afterward deal with the predators? Or is a cosmic super-civilization allowing the evolving embryonic civilization to get a little taste of what's in store as it expands into outer and inner space?

I think the bottom line is that there is only so much enlightened civilizations can do for an evolving still embryonic civilization. If we here on earth can't protect members of our own families from suicide or going to prison, why should we think that enlightened civilizations can do any better than we can with our families? The stark reality is that at some point free will kicks in and a person or a civilization is ultimately responsible for itself. So the vulnerability may not be with the enlightened civilizations but with our civilization.

This is what exopolitics is all about. We are struggling to conceptualize something that is greater than ourselves. We know there are many diverse advanced civilizations influncing mankind. We know that these advanced civilizations have interrelationships. We know all this from the evidence collected in the public sector. What we don't have are the details, and that is what we all are trying to find out both inside and outside of the national security apparatus. The problem is that secrecy and compartmentalization are so severe and the coverup so intrenched that everybody has a difficult row to hoe. The UFO/ET coverup needs to end now, for all of humanities sake? It takes an integrated civilization where everybody has the need to know to evolve further or else our civilization collapses back into a more primitive state.