Friday, September 21, 2007

The Fulford Revelations

The Fulford Revelations
Asian Secret Society Challenges Illuminati
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Alien Seeker News Article The Fulford Revelations

If the Fulford revelations and public challenge by a secret Asian society to the secret ruling families of earth is real, then we could be on the verge of truly unprecedented change and transformation. (See 110 page transcript of 6 hour interview by Jeff Rense. Part 1 Part 2 ), Part 3

Benjamin Fulford claims to be a member and spokesperson for a secret Asian society determined to stop the implementation of plans for very large scale mass genocide by secret world elites around the planet and in particular Asia. Fulford says that the secret Asian society is in particular targeting the American elite, the descendants of the Robber Barons of the 1800's, who did not disappear but simply went underground after they had established control over finance and the American economy by the early part of the 1900's.

Fulford is an author of over 20 books in Japanese and an ex Asian bureau chief for Forbes magazine. He makes the astounding and unprecedented claim that a secret Asian society has been secretly watching the American and European ruling families consolidating power over earth's humanity. This secret Asian society has been watching as these secret elites developed and implemented plans to subjugate all of humanity into a sophisticated slave society. Fulford says the thing that galvanized the secret Asian society of 1.8 million gangsters and one hundred thousand assassins into action was the implementation of a plan by world elites, Global 2000, to reduce the Asian population by as much as 80% through the use of bio-weapons and other methods of mass destruction. This Asian society believes that the SARS virus was introduced into Asia and was a genetically engineered virus made to kill almost exclusively people of Asian descent. The picture of the dead from SARS virus in Canada seem to confirm this view says Jeff Rense.

Even though there is little mention of UFO/ET in this long interview, it is, in my estimation, of great importance and interest to the field of exopolitics. People like myself and Dr. Michael Salla who also has a paper on the Fulford material believe that it is these very same secret world ruling families that have implemented and maintained the UFO/ET cover-up. Celestial visitors have been perceived to be threat to the elites because, they the ET's, are interfering with the elites plans of complete total dominion over the masses of humanity. I believe celestial visitors are mostly friendly and wish to have more open contact with earth's peoples but are being prevented from doing so by these sophisticated gangster families that now seem to be secretly ruling the world. I believe it is up to earth humanity to deal with this problem, because something like Star Trek's prime directive is in effect, that limits the actions of the cosmic visitors.

I believe that Fulford rightly points out that the secret societies, like the Masonic Order have ancient roots, and that many of the secret ruling families of today that use secret societies have ancestors that were Babylonian slave driver tyrants. (Some of us suspect that the lineages may go further back to a time where feuding human extraterrestrial families made themselves out to be gods and harmfully interfered in human evolution on earth. It may well be that some human extraterrestrials today are trying to straighten out problems that their ancestors were responsible for.) Fulford notes that when a ancient pastoral people in Babylonia, a society of farmers, were invaded by a pastoral people the Hixsoth, the Hixsoth discovered that people could be herded and exploited like their sheep and so began a process of subjugation that has become more and more sophisticated over the centuries. In early times slave masters controlled their slaves by controlling the food supply, today people are controlled secretly by controlling the money supply, wages and the use of sophisticated forms of Freudian/Pavolian mind control.

Today UFO/ET disclosure is accelerating and I suspect this disclosure coincides with a decline in the power of the world's ruling families as more people get on to them. Fulford points out that the world's ruling families are becoming desperate as they lose control and are taking extreme measure to reestablish their control. It is a very dangerous time for all of humanity and people need to be paying attention to what Fulford is saying. I believe it will be well worth everybody's time to read the Rense interviews of Benjamin Fulford as well as work to verify this material to see if it is truly authentic.