Friday, September 07, 2007

Do We Inhabit A Simulation?

Do We Inhabit A Simulation
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Article Do We Inhabit A Simulation?

The article by this NY Times reporter stimulated my thinking further on this subject of our living in a artificial virtual reality or simulation. The author makes a good case that within fifty years or more, simulations could become indistinguishable from reality if one were embedded in one. Furthermore, he makes the case that there could be far more artificially created simulations than realities and so the chances that are we are living in a simulation today could be high.

My thinking is that all the evidence accumulating with OBE's, NDE'S, reincarnation, UFO antics, etc. could be pointing to the fact that we could be living a simulation created by a very advanced super-civilization. For quite some time I have been thinking that reality seems to be a school that uses both carrot and stick to push individual consciousness and character forward. If we fault the lessons rather than learn and adapt we suffer, but if we learn the lessons we more forward into more and more satisfying lessons. That's the way it seems to work to me.

A very advanced super civilization could use simulations to great advantage. It could be used for the reformation of criminals for instance. :-) Other beneficial uses might be historical research, entertainment, character development, ethical development etc. On the other hand less beneficial uses have surely been thought up by our military. Simulations for interrogation, entrapment, enslavement. For instance could a simulation be cast upon a battlefield and so overlay the true reality? Even more disturbing are there cosmic predators prowling about the universe that might use simulations and virtual reality fields to catch and hold individuals to bleed them of their vita mental and emotional energies. So if one were to determine if indeed one was in a simulation or virtual reality field it might be very important to figure out just what kind of simulation one were in. :-) It's a brave new world out there. :-)

I think simulations have exopolitical ramifications. If we were to be living in a simulation how would that understanding effect our understanding of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood and the super-civilization that could be creating and maintaining the simulation? Could some advanced intelligent beings, citizens of advanced civilizations move in and out and otherwise manipulate our simulated world from time to time to study and tweak it from the inside as well as outside. Could some other ET's be more or less stuck in the simulation like we are and have to enter at birth and exit at death?

So can we determine if we are in a advanced simulation and if we can what might we do about it? The answer to this question is going to take much more brain power than I am capable of so best bring in other perspective to move this line of thought forward. Anybody want to elaborate on this?