Monday, July 06, 2009

Social-Genetic Engineering

Social-Genetic Engineering an Advanced Society
By Ed Komarek
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I believe some advanced ethical extraterrestrial human civilizations present a positive role model for earth humanities future. Only until there is full disclosure will the general populace be able to experience directly what I call a Type II civilization but until then some of us are able to speculate and prepare humanity based on indirect data derived from declassified or leaked government documents and contact witness testimony.

I call emerging global autocratic civilizations with a developing space faring capability such as ours a Type I civilization. I believe a civilization with macro-problems including overpopulation, inequality, autocracy, environmental and internal warfare can flourish only if it has room to expand. If its expansion is limited or contained and the people unable to deal with the above macro-problems then natural forces will force the civilization to collapse and reemerge from the ashes of its destruction like the proverbial phoenix legend. As the civilization reemerges from the prior collapse it sows the seeds of entrenched autocratic interests that later bring about collapse and reemergence again and again.

I think a Type I civilization is inherently unstable and relatively short lived in comparison to a Type II civilization. A Type I civilization is founded upon natural principles by which competitive forces soon overwhelm cooperative elements of society resulting in the primitive civilization cycling over and over up against a glass ceiling. In contrast a Type II civilization is organized cooperatively like the way individual cells are organized in our bodies giving great benefit to the individuals organized in such a society.

The problem is that individuals in a Type II society must sacrifice a considerable amount of freedom of choice and individual liberty to participate in this more complex society just as individual cells in the body are so limited in their movement and freedom of choice. But as one door closes to certain choices and liberties other doors open up for increased choices and freedoms brought about through the benefits of a more advanced civilization.

So what might be both the benefits and sacrifices of living in a Type II civilization? In a Type II civilization that fosters a lifespan of 800 years or more it is obvious that individuals must agree to severe restriction on reproduction. Obviously only a small percentage of people can be allowed to reproduce with such a long lifespan else overpopulation would force a collapse back down to a Type I society.

Even one child per couple would be way too many children for a sustained and stable growth of population unless the civilization was colonizing new frontiers. I suspect that things could be getting a bit crowded across a universe as old as ours. I can envision a situation where only a small segment of the population is involved in reproduction and childrearing and even then several children might be raised by an extended family of adults at different stages of their early lives.

I suspect that because of advances in genetic screening and engineering conception may begin in a test tube with embryo implantation into womb in an artificial manner. It might be considered to risky for the future well being of the child for reproduction to happen naturally. This might mean all citizens would be subject to a medical procedure to block natural reproduction before puberty.

We are not talking about the haphazard, indiscriminate creation of dysfunctional mutts anymore but of recreating ourselves into human thoroughbreds. This resurrects the uncomfortable notion of eugenics and the superman and woman in the minds of many. Were the Nazi’s on to something just that they perverted the concept? Are we ready to reengineer our bodies for maximum expression of our soul’s finer qualities? (I have suggested in other articles that we might be being mined as a primitive gene bank for just this kind of activity by other extraterrestrial races.)

Thus we can see that the benefits of a long healthy lifespan in a socially supportive environment would require individual reproduction sacrifices that many in a Type I society would consider severe restrictions on individual reproduction rights and liberties. Such restrictions on what we consider individual freedoms and liberties may not stop here.

I can envision a situation where we all are so telepathically connected that not only individual destructive actions have to be curtailed but even destructive thought processes as well. Even with our primitive Internet that has not yet become telepathic we can see problems developing that require restrictions of individual freedoms and liberty to say and do as we please without regard for others. I can envision a situation on a telepathic net where an individual is defaming another individual just by thinking bad thoughts about this other individual. Thought control and thought police will become a reality for such a civilization.

Still even with restriction on actions taken over the Internet most people would not be willing to give of the benefits of the Internet and so are willing to make the personal sacrifices. I think it would be the same for individuals in a Type II civilization. Once the benefits are seen and experienced of a Type II civilization it might feel like descending back into hell reentering a Type I civilization. In fact I believe contactees have experienced this by participating briefly in contact with ethical extraterrestrial races.

I am beginning to think that unless we have full disclosure soon where citizens can experience a Type II civilization directly and experience its benefits in mass we are headed for a population crash and societal collapse. Social engineers must try to steer humanity in the direction of the ethical extraterrestrial races and away from involvement with the less ethical races. An honest, truthful, full and open UFO/ET disclosure is a necessary radical step in the right direction. We must completely stop the lies and the deceptions now! We can’t build a healthy enduring civilization on a foundation of lies.