Friday, July 10, 2009

Security Threats

Catastrophic UFO/ET Non-Disclosure National Security Threats
By Ed Komarek
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All of us are plagued by short sightedness and government policy makers are no exception. Policymakers involved in creating and implementing super-secret extraterrestrial policy since the Truman administration, have been quick to justify and rationalize the non-disclosure of extraterrestrial realities. The short term justifications cited for non-disclosure have evolved from simple public panic in the early days of the UFO cover-up to major disruptions in our social-political-economic systems and organized religion. Concerns have also been raised as to the importance of keeping extraterrestrial technologies out of the hands of terrorists.

As far as I can tell very little attention has ever been given to the long term National Security Threats involving non-disclosure. These threats revolve around the suppression of human evolution on earth through the denial of positive ethical extraterrestrial role models for our civilization while at the same time policy makers seem to have covertly become entangled in unethical unsavory relationships with some less ethical extraterrestrial races. There also seems to have been very little discussion of the very detrimental long term effects of lies and deceptions perpetrated on society necessary to maintain a long term UFO/ET non-disclosure policy.

An interesting example of how non-disclosure policies may have had disastrous effects on human evolution and national security is the so called, “burned memo”. This MJ 12 memo seems to implicate MJ 12 as playing a role in the great American tragedy the assassination of JFK. I would appear that JFK may have become aware of the potential catastrophic dangers posed by the covert extraterrestrial non-disclosure policy and attempted a end to the UFO/ET cover-up.

Highly respected major academic think tanks like the Brookings Institution have failed miserably in recognizing the long term catastrophic consequences of a long term non-disclosure policy that has now lasted over 60 years. It would appear that academic think tank research and conclusions have tailored to support and rationalize false assumptions inherent in an already developed but not well thought out secret extraterrestrial policy. There seems to have been few with the courage to challenge, confront and enlighten policy makers as to the long term catastrophic dangers involved in non-disclosure.

From the very beginning as indicated in leaked and declassified documents the public has been patronized, disempowered and generally been held in contempt by civilian and military leaders in charge of secret extraterrestrial non-disclosure policy. The running of counter-intelligence operations against he public to maintain non-disclosure seems to have started as early as 1947 as indicated in the Twining White Hot MJ 12 report. Another MJ 12 memo has the first head of the CIA Hillenkoetter congratulating MJ 12 member Donald Menzel for his newly published counterintelligence debunking book on UFOs and mentioning the breakdown of NICAP that was later shown to have been aided and abetted by the CIA.

What is so amazing is that the Truman and Eisenhower administrations seem to have been oblivious to the long term evolutionary consequences of non-disclosure to humanity. Perhaps they just assumed that non-disclosure would be temporary and never believed there would be or should be a long term UFO/ET cover-up. What ever the reasons for not realizing the long term national security threats of non-disclosure, all administrations have initiated and nourished a destructive, even catastrophic process that has been maintained to this day. Like any bad habit a destructive process such as this once initiated, gains momentum over time and is very difficult to stop.

At this late date global civilization’s very existence is being threatened by runaway overpopulation, environmental degradation, poverty and war. There seems to be precious little understanding amongst government policy makers or academic think tanks of the linkage between these macro-problems and our collective inability to solve these problems and the extraterrestrial non-disclosure policies of the past sixty years.

I suggest that those employed in secret policy making and research institutions set aside their contempt for the public and get down out of their comfortable but incestuous ivory towers once in a while to mingle and share ideas with the public. Not only will this begin to reverse the process of disempowerment of the public it will also stimulate and enrich academic thought as to how humanity may deal in a positive manner with extraterrestrial realities.

The protected bureaucratic and political elite may find this an initially uncomfortable process by exposing themselves to the rabble, but amongst the chaos and conflict may to be found great insights. If the sheltered elite can get past their negative expectations and contempt of the public and observe the benefits inherent in the public domain they and the public will be well rewarded.

Much can be said for the good King who in ancient times disguised himself and mingled with the masses to understand the true state of the kingdom rather than rely completely on filtered perceptions from bureaucratic advisors. Perhaps in time our society will change and become truly democratic and republican and not the autocratic sham it is today. One day hopefully we will move from what is still a society of masters and slaves to a truly advanced equitable and enlightened society with an empowered and enlightened public. A public lead by true public servants who empower rather than disempower those they serve.

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