Friday, July 10, 2009


Exopolitics, Patriots and the Republic
By Ed Komarek
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Some of my friends and associates in exopolitics are also involved in the patriot movement. The patriot movement is America is involved in the restoration of the fundamental democratic and republican values of the American republic. The exopolitics movement and the patriot movement overlap for a very good reason. The 60 year old UFO/ET cover-up has created a global environment of autocratic deception, secrecy and public counterintelligence that has undermined and contributed to the demise of global fundamental republican and democratic institutions and values.

It is true that the patriot movement has attracted some rather unsavory and dangerous racist individuals that in turn attract national security counterintelligence operations that also contain unsavory individuals with a fascist perspective. Both the racists and fascists can even be right sometime in their perceptions but both have a tendency to unfairly scapegoat those they oppose.

For instance, it is true that Jewish national lobbying favoring Israel may not necessarily be in the best interest of America . It is also true that both some black people and Jews attempt to use past human rights violation in their past to deflect valid and honest criticisms of their actions in the present by unfairly branding some opponents as racist or anti-Semitic.

The flipside is that racists and fascists tend to become narrowly focused and obsessed with scapegoating, demonizing and attacking some special interests only to lose sight of the big picture that also includes their sometimes damaging special interest as well. Its easier see the splinter in the eye of another that take the beam out of one’s own eye.

Of course exopolitics also has its problems as well. However, there should be more networking between patriot and exopolitics groups in the areas of common interest. In a recent series of articles I have also reached out to those with an interest in national security pointing out that the misguided UFO/ET non-disclosure policy has very serious national security implications.

One of the problems we have had in the field of exopolitics is that the wall of denial and ridicule built around the UFO/ET subject by 60 years of counterintelligence operations has been very effective in isolating the UFO community from other groups with common interests. We must work hard to break down this wall and network into other societal groups with which we share a common interest, that being a return to an open democratic-republican society operating openly under the rule of law and constitutional values.

All groups in all aspects of human endeavor have a common basis in truth. Truth and honesty forms the constructive basis of human society and anything that undermines and obscures truth is the enemy of us all. It would seem that many people simply do not understand the extreme destructive consequences of fear and lies on both the individual and society.

Every lie, every deception, every fearful or hateful thought and act, fragments both the individual and collective psyche. The wise know not do deliberately lie or deceive because that leads to self and collective delusions. These delusions then have catastrophic consequences that are very difficult to change.

I will continue to reach out to other elements of society as I try to make the case that these other groups need to study exopolitics because exopolitics applies to their interests. I think others in exopolitics need to do the same creating interlocking global networks necessary to build both consensus and courage for full and rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial realities. A good place for patriots to start investigating exopolitics is with these leaked and declassified documents that can be found at the following site.